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    1. scuttle away from the approaching horses or call out in

    2. He was falling in love with Helez, but his secret love affair with Xonia was about to blow up in his face and would certainly scuttle that relationship

    3. ” I was just about to say that this wasn’t good enough when S/Sgt Ted Wallace came around the corner Stanley’s face went white and he tried to scuttle off faster than a frightened spider

    4. went with Willie to the low attic, where a scuttle door opened onto the

    5. "I can reach the chimney from the scuttle with a shovel," said Willie

    6. The story is that the patrol was killed by the Selous Scouts to scuttle the truce

    7. up, Willie ran up to look out of the scuttle, as he had every hour of

    8. He stared her down with his big eyes and she would scuttle away like a rabbit

    9. He strides from the bedroom and runs through the darkened corridors of his home, hearing occasionally the scuttle of a river-rat as it flees from his approach

    10. they didn’t win the race to the bottom of the slope and scuttle to

    11. "It was decided to scuttle the Gaspar for security reasons -- the Bolsheviks would surely have followed us," said the old man

    12. As they scuttle about searching

    13. crab and it would scuttle back

    14. The crab would scuttle out and

    15. They have set the ship adrift and had planned to scuttle it

    16. Due to technical problems another was forced to scuttle the craft and the crew taken on board the submarine

    17. She heard him scuttle out of the room

    18. Frustrated, I turned and ran into Nefer, who was holding an empty coal scuttle

    19. Good for stealth, but I don’t know about fightin––” He walked toward the door with his smoking scuttle

    20. Soldiers fled from the barracks by the dozens, across the bridge, and I had a keen idea about what Nefer had done with his scuttle of coal

    21. To that end, Drasav had requested that he be able to transfer the passengers to some of the warships, then quickly scuttle the refugee ships

    22. All that fool Trager had to do was collect the refugees, scuttle the ragtag ships, and then make way at full speed, thought Ancor

    23. ”What about your studies, I hope you are doing your best?” “I hope you do not have any re-sit and when are you completing your Degree programme?” “I hope you are careful about your relationship with men, they scuttle ambitions, and as you know, the life of women is delicate in nature

    24. Therese filled with hope and enthusiasm when it dawned on her that she could scuttle along this canyon wall beneath the cliff edge and make her way to the roaring fall behind Hephaestus without being seen

    25. He picked up the coal scuttle and poured more coal onto the dwindling fire

    26. " He set down the scuttle and, still crouching, watched the fire blaze to life

    27. In awe stricken terror she watched, as he became clearly visible and then she started to scuttle backwards across the floor

    28. She tried to scuttle off of it, but I pulled her back and pinned her beneath me

    29. Water sheeted off everywhere and I gasped for air for a few brief moments before making my way below decks for the open scuttle cocks near the rudder even as Jim went for the one at the forward prow

    30. Sheets of blackened paper scuttle past their feet

    31. Then shards of stone and wood and metal streak past, ringing against his helmet, sizzling into the wall behind them, and Volkheimer’s barricade collapses, and everywhere in the darkness, things scuttle and slide, and he cannot find any air to breathe

    32. He was not surprised to learn that Ralph had tried to scuttle the project: Ralph was like most noblemen in his contempt for anything connected with manufacture or trade

    33. as to the thing itself, the less said of it was the better; but that though she might be suspected of partiality, from its being the common cause of womankind, out of whose mouths this practice tended to take something more than bread, yet she protested against any mixture of passion, with a declaration extorted from her by pure regard to truth; which was, that whatever effect this infamous passion had in other ages and other countries, it seemed a peculiar blessing on our air and climate, that there was a plaguespot visibly imprinted on all that are tainted with it, in this nation at least, for that among numbers of that stamp whom she had known, or at least were universally under the scandalous suspicion of it, she would not name an exception hardly to one of them, whose character was not, in all other respects, the most worthless and despicable that could be; stript of all the manly virtues of their own sex, and filled up with only the worst vices and follies of ours; that, in fine, they were scarce less execrable than ridiculous in their monstrous inconsistence, of loathing and contemning women, and at the same time apeing all their manners, airs, lisps, scuttle, and, in general, all their little modes of affectation, which become them at least better, than they do these unsexed, male misses

    34. She never felt it scuttle gently, silently across her hair to the side of her neck

    35. The cabin skylight was open, wind scoops had been rigged, the stern door and scuttles—and every internal doorway and scuttle, as well—stood wide, and the cabin was still hotter than the hinges of Shan-wei’s hell

    36. Still, she was unwilling to scuttle her mission, Richard’s mission

    37. Cops scuttle through the disco whirl of red and blue, but they seem preoccupied with the car hanging half-out of the smashed glass, and Regan ignores them

    38. He did not at all like the look of the cavern-mouth and he only made up his mind not to desert his friends just in time to scuttle over at the heels of the fast elves, before the great gates of the king closed behind them with a clang

    39. There was a garret above, pierced with a scuttle over his head; and down through this scuttle came a cat, suspended around the haunches by a string; she had a rag tied about her head and jaws to keep her from mewing; as she slowly descended she curved upward and clawed at the string, she swung downward and clawed at the intangible air

    40. Buxhowden pursues us- we scuttle

    41. Smiling, he had climbed to scuttle the iron, dare any storm to strike his house! Afraid? No

    42. In it copper bats fly on electronic beams, brass rats scuttle in plastic cellars, robot skeletons dance; robot vampires, harlequins, wolves, and white phantoms, compounded of chemical and ingenuity, live here

    43. Stubb," and descends the scuttle

    44. "As the Lakeman's bare head was just level with the planks, the Captain and his posse leaped the barricade, and rapidly drawing over the slide of the scuttle, planted their group of hands upon it, and loudly called for the steward to bring the heavy brass padlock belonging to the companionway

    45. "All night a wide-awake watch was kept by all the officers, forward and aft, especially about the forecastle scuttle and fore hatchway; at which last place it was feared the insurgents might emerge, after breaking through the bulkhead below

    46. "I have heard," murmured Starbuck, gazing down the scuttle, "that in violent fevers, men, all ignorance, have talked in ancient tongues; and that when the mystery is probed, it turns out always that in their wholly forgotten childhood those ancient tongues had been really spoken in their hearing by some lofty scholars

    47. Nor, at any time, by night or day could the mariners now step upon the deck, unless Ahab was before them; either standing in his pivot-hole, or exactly pacing the planks between two undeviating limits,—the main-mast and the mizen; or else they saw him standing in the cabin-scuttle,—his living foot advanced upon the deck, as if to step; his hat slouched heavily over his eyes; so that however motionless he stood, however the days and nights were added on, that he had not swung in his hammock; yet hidden beneath that slouching hat, they could never tell unerringly whether, for all this, his eyes were really closed at times; or whether he was still intently scanning them; no matter, though he stood so in the scuttle for a whole hour on the stretch, and the unheeded night-damp gathered in beads of dew upon that stone-carved coat and hat

    48. At times, for longest hours, without a single hail, they stood far parted in the starlight; Ahab in his scuttle, the Parsee by the mainmast; but still fixedly gazing upon each other; as if in the Parsee Ahab saw his forethrown shadow, in Ahab the Parsee his abandoned substance

    49. Slowly crossing the deck from the scuttle, Ahab leaned over the side and watched how his shadow in the water sank and sank to his gaze, the more and the more that he strove to pierce the profundity

    50. Thundering with the butts of three clubbed handspikes on the forecastle deck, Daggoo roused the sleepers with such judgment claps that they seemed to exhale from the scuttle, so instantaneously did they appear with their clothes in their hands

    1. Creatures unseen slithered and scuttled out of his way as he gingerly

    2. MacKenzie scuttled back against the wall when he heard Danton speak, feeling the chill of stone on his skin through his rags

    3. and frogs and all sorts of wildlife scuttled around the banks

    4. I could hear a faint, “Virr-genia,” and then she reappeared, signalled me to follow and before I could see which way, scuttled off into the ether

    5. The scientist scuttled out of the room to obey, leaving the two women alone

    6. After forty minutes of careful crawling she got to the edge of the forest and scuttled into the shelter of the trees

    7. which scuttled away in all directions

    8. The early shift domestic picked up her empty tea-cup and scuttled off with a cheerful, ‘Morning love!’ She would go and see that boy, as he had requested, just as soon as she was able

    9. He then faced the rest of the monster goblins as the small one scuttled off into one of

    10. of the goblins that had scuttled into a different doorway the one who had been sent to spy on the

    11. He then scuttled into the kitchen, scuttled out moments later and followed the one that

    12. The rat scuttled between the legs of his men,

    13. A few hours later, there was nothing left of the Edward; it had been burned and scuttled

    14. all livestock was taken from the Delphine and the ship was burned and scuttled

    15. On the other side of the coin, the Milo was in grave jeopardy of being scuttled and lost forever

    16. "Some inconsiderate bugger's put me out o' action, ain't they?" Finished, he scuttled out of the kitchen before either of us could reply

    17. The rather pathetic Confederate Navy was always small, most of them destroyed by the US Navy, scuttled, or unseaworthy

    18. Servants scuttled to and fro; laden with shiny-domed plates, full of this, that and the other

    19. So saying the beetle scuttled off towards a large hole in the ground and disappeared, leaving the moth alone with its sadness once more

    20. A tracked, robotic gardener scuttled along the path down the hill to the right, with a dull whine covering his own noise

    21. She had scuttled away quickly like a crab

    22. Adam scuttled through the hall as the minister came in

    23. rose hurriedly and scuttled into the next car, leaving the hard

    24. staff that scuttled across the expansive hall behind her

    25. She walked out to get something she had left in the car, and noticed the movement, as he scuttled away from the windows where he had been standing in the open

    26. I bent my head to my shoulder, hunched over and scuttled to Lope,

    27. Toivo quickly scuttled to

    28. Rabbits were everywhere! They scuttled about as the children appeared, but did not go into their holes

    29. two scuttled across the roof to the door he had instructed Becky

    30. and the chatter of crustaceans as they scuttled across shining

    31. hallway wall scuttled a giant reddish land crab, its hard legs clacking loudly on the tiles as it

    32. A swarm of scorpions scuttled across the floor and merged to form

    33. A few live critters scuttled out of the wreckage

    34. He scuttled away and disappeared

    35. A cockroach scuttled out with it but the rest of the biscuits looked clean enough so we shared them, returned to the relatively clean air on the verandah, thanked our hosts, avoided a handshake, promised to give the phone-boys a buzz, and followed vague waves in the direction of a distant gate

    36. I scuttled across to Jon and whispered, „They shot Scumble

    37. Birds soared, butterflies fluttered on shrubs, skinks scuttled and they warmed their bums in silence

    38. Lizards scuttled after prey, ignoring him

    39. He put his little pet in a box and it slowly scuttled about in its new home, testing every nook and cranny

    40. They scuttled away to class

    41. The men yelled and gave back suddenly, and the creature scuttled into a crevice of the rocks and disappeared

    42. With a curse the Cimmerian sprang toward him, but the old watchman, abandoning both lantern and pike, scuttled away down the corridor, screeching for help at the top of his cracked voice

    43. That spring, my soldiers blasted thousands of tonnes of rock from the mountains above, effectively covering the scuttled ship

    44. The attorney scuttled out the door

    45. The crab scuttled into the hole

    46. Even then, once her missions settled into a successful routine, the Federation had stepped in and scuttled her plans

    47. Keeping low, he scuttled towards the top of the boarding steps and waited; ready to ambush anyone climbing up

    48. Lachesis closed the front door and scuttled in front of the guests

    49. With a gleeful ‘ Hah! ’ the bait ducked and scuttled and immediately the brick corner

    50. Churchill gave Blessing a little shove on the shoulder as she scuttled past

    1. with that he scuttles off to see what is going on, the girls following closely in his footsteps

    2. Helen throws him his shirt and, holding her skirt in front of her chest, she scuttles into a corner, away from the glass eye in the wall

    3. A beetlelike man in a yellow-stained coat scuttles towards me

    4. It scuttles about every which

    5. was over, scuttles back out onto

    6. straight 4 foot voice tubes” she shouted, and “A dozen brass scuttles”, which Jack could tell was

    7. Then she scuttles under the blankets to press against him

    8. She was easy enough to find, picked out of the night not just by her masthead lights but also by the lamplight spilling from the scuttles and skylight of her large, midships deckhouse

    9. She was close enough Ahlkofahrdoh could just see the lantern light gleaming from her scuttles and the half-dozen gunports which had been opened for ventilation, even from deck level, whenever waves lifted both of them simultaneously

    10. We both turn to stare at her, and she flushes crimson again and scuttles away

    11. everywhere in the house like a fire deep in the hold of a ship, below the water-line, black and red in the darkness, coming to in acrid wisps of smoke that oozed under hatches and billowed suddenly from the scuttles and air pipes - with Brideshead, I was in a strange world, a dead world to me, in a moon-landscape of barren lava, a high place of toiling lungs

    12. So from one man here, one man there, walking as swift as his oily glances, it became scuttles of dogmen begging gifts of trouble, pandering misery, seeking under carpets for centipede treads, watchful of night sweats, harkening by all bedroom doors to hear men twist basting themselves with remorse and warm-water dreams

    13. Scullery maids were machines who carried coal scuttles and made fires

    1. She heard them scuttling through the pipes, turned off the flashlight, and held her breath

    2. “Which one was it?” he murmured, scuttling about his bookshelves

    3. looked like a horde of insects scuttling about the

    4. He enjoyed the countryside scuttling passed the window and had to remind himself that he was viewing the Great Plains roll passed him just the month before; and now, here he was on another train, bound for Paris, in the company of two people he had not met before that last journey seemingly so long ago

    5. rats scuttling through the rotting straw in the corner and

    6. The night before that I was surrounded by scuttling beetles, huge ones

    7. Scuttling over on all fours, I retrieved the clip and re-plugged the lamp

    8. His mind ran wild with the fear of disease, germs, vermin… He shuddered with disgust and, as he did so, a tiny, scuttling noise caught his attention

    9. The news spread down the line from brigade to brigade, and the worn men raised themselves in the trenches and gave a cheer that sent the enemy scuttling back to the trenches they had left

    10. Soffen slapped her paw on the ground, giving a grunt of satisfaction as she caught a beetle scuttling from beneath a nearby stone

    11. Outside, the streets were quiet, with only small groups of people keeping to the shadows and scuttling home

    12. Once he saw a small, brown creature, with a hard body and strange talons, scuttling to shelter as he all but stumbled across it

    13. scuttling through the trees, found themselves breaking into a full

    14. Scuttling along the shallow riverbed was the severed black hand with two claws that had fallen into the water earlier that afternoon

    15. There was a severed black hand sinking its thorny claws into the nape of the Dangler’s neck—the three gnarled fingers had the same volcanic, crusted skin as the dark hand the children had seen fall into the river by the first hole in the water, then again more recently scuttling along the riverbed in the Soridwood

    16. Scuttling back, weeping, I crawled into the corner and nearly into the back of the fireplace trying to escape from his insanely powerful blows

    17. By the time anyone realized the ship was empty, Luther and David had cleared the perimeter fence and were scuttling along the drainage ditch on the far side of the highway

    18. There were scuttling scorpions at night and the occasional lizard during the day, but no other terrestrial animals were evident

    19. “We continue with our original plans of scuttling the next ship, in hopes of

    20. I fixed my eyes on his shiny buttons and gave an awkward curtsey before scuttling off down the corridor towards the safety of my study

    21. Mary leaned back, searching through the wide open door to see Best, Johnny and little Nigger scuttling upon the heels of Caesar who had apparently helped himself to the healthiest horse in the stable

    22. Elliot wondered, if it would have served him better to be "a pair of ragged claws/ Scuttling across the floors of silent seas

    23. been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas

    24. The creeping, crawling, scuttling of insects

    25. Elowen saw him in the corner of her eye, scuttling towards her

    26. Those words had him turning and her scuttling for safety inside

    27. Had she imagined it? It had sounded dry and raspy--a spider scuttling over a sheet of sandpaper

    28. For nearly two years I've been scuttling about among the publishers, and now I know every detail of their business

    29. tim e to look a round inste a d of scuttling for the ne a re st cha ir! He could ha ve sa t

    30. It was different from the scuttling beetle that had led him to the forest, but just as odd

    31. They’re scuttling ships at the port, they’re shelling the cathedral, and there’s no water at the hospital

    32. I could hear the rats scuttling across the rehearsal room floor

    33. The next morning it was already falling away under the silver wing of a plane rising out of Idlewild, or JFK it now was, the thousand square miles of ravaged earth, highways, power plants, apartment blocks, and the tiny, scuttling selves he’d been this close to becoming one of

    34. And Bilbo? He could not get into any tree, and was scuttling about from trunk to trunk, like a rabbit that has lost its hole and has a dog after it

    35. As Bilbo's sharp inquisitive eyes got used to seeing things he could catch glimpses of them whisking off the path and scuttling behind tree-trunks

    36. “Tandy!” he shouted, scuttling back on his hands and feet like a crab, a look of sheer terror on his face

    37. Largest scuttling of ships: On 27 November 1942, in Toulon, France, 73 ships of the French fleet were sunk to avoid capture by German forces

    38. The fear of having their retreat cut off brought them scuttling back like handroaches

    39. Then he marched grandly on out the door, Mondragón still scuttling behind

    40. He had about what he wanted now and the rest of the time he looked under stones, leaned down and peered into the tide pools with their brilliant mosaics and their scuttling, bubbling life

    41. Considering, therefore, that squalls and capsizings in the water and consequent bivouacks on the deep, were matters of common occurrence in this kind of life; considering that at the superlatively critical instant of going on to the whale I must resign my life into the hands of him who steered the boat—oftentimes a fellow who at that very moment is in his impetuousness upon the point of scuttling the craft with his own frantic stampings; considering that the particular disaster to our own particular boat was chiefly to be imputed to Starbuck's driving on to his whale almost in the teeth of a squall, and considering that Starbuck, notwithstanding, was famous for his great heedfulness in the fishery; considering that I belonged to this uncommonly prudent Starbuck's boat; and finally considering in what a devil's chase I was implicated, touching the White Whale: taking all things together, I say, I thought I might as well go below and make a rough draft of my will

    42. For nearly two years I’ve been scuttling about among the publishers, and now I know every detail of their business

    43. The order "Diving stations" was given and, hastily scuttling down the conning-tower, the crew rapidly had the boat submerging, to leave only the periscope visible

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