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Frasi con scamper (in inglese)

  1. Petr felt Huff jump out of his hood and scamper.
  2. Petr tried to scamper away but got stuck in the roots.
  3. With a grateful, awkward scamper she crossed over and.
  4. Gloria shook her head as she watched her scamper up the ladder.
  5. He saw the females and the young scamper to the safety of the trees.

  6. It noticed him, but it was too late to flee, scamper, and shoot away.
  7. The flag fell and, huuh! off, scamper, the mare ran out freshly with 0.
  8. The rodents scamper away into the same cracks along the walls that the bugs did.
  9. The stool promptly hops backwards and begins to scamper around like a small dog.
  10. Stopping to watch a squirrel scamper up and down a tree trunk, Jesse tilted her head.
  11. Bundles of candles were procured, and straightway there was a general scamper up the hill.
  12. From here he found he was able to scamper up and up to where fewer and fewer trunks reached.
  13. There was worry in their eyes for the one they'd both watched scamper about the grounds as a child.
  14. They did not scamper up the rope ladders too quickly, concerned not only about the speed but also for silence.
  15. As she sat and watched her charges scamper around she realized that she enjoyed recess as much as any of them.

  16. He repositioned the skins and settled his pack on the rock; he sat down to rest as he watched the sheep scamper and graze peacefully.
  17. He didn’t even have to say a word; just the sight of him was enough to ensure that everyone would scamper back to their own bungalows.
  18. They charged outward from their tightly-locked ring and skewered six more of the goblins, causing the riderless Lykanthros to scamper to the deep woods in confusion.
  19. From the doorway, sweating through her gallery clothes and three hours late for work, she watched Claggart scamper to and fro among the piles, as if searching for something.
  20. It feels strange to enter my house and not hear Wingo scamper on down the long, dark hallway, to not hear the jangle of his collar against his metal bowl or his tongue slurping up water.
  21. She should have taken Puffy from his cage and allowed him to scamper around in her hair, which she fanned out for him over the bed like a curtain, her arms carefully hovering over him lest he scurry out of reach.
  22. One of his principle activities centered on the hunting of small animals like mice, rats, and rabbits along with a variety of insects that naively and foolishly chose to scamper about on the forest floor during the very wee hours of the morning.
  23. Hardly had she brought one gentleman into the little pantry behind the office on the ground floor and helped him off with his overcoat than the wheezy hall-door bell clanged again and she had to scamper along the bare hallway to let in another guest.
  24. Although some of them suffered fevers and several of them were infected by mosquito bites, most of them showed an unbreakable resistance as they faced the most troublesome difficulties, and even at the time of the greatest heat they would scamper through the garden.
  25. I scribbl’d my Romances, and nurtur’d my Beloveds, for I knew, after so many Losses, that Love is the closest we know of Heaven in this Weary World, and we must love the Human ere we may know the Divine! I liv’d for Lancelot, Belinda, my two Mothers, and the Merry Men; to tend my Garden, breed my Horses, feed my Turtledoves, scamper with my Dogs, and write my Books.

  26. Why, even the unhappy laugh, and the policeman, far from judging the drunk man, surveys him humorously, and the little boys scamper back again, and the clerk from Somerset House has nothing but tolerance for him, and the man who is reading half a page of Lothair at the bookstall muses charitably, with his eyes off the print, and the girl hesitates at the crossing and turns on him the bright yet vague glance of the young.
  27. But by and by, as said, this evening after sundown, the wind sitting in the west, biggish swollen clouds to be seen as the night increased and the weatherwise poring up at them and some sheet lightnings at first and after, past ten of the clock, one great stroke with a long thunder and in a brace of shakes all scamper pellmell within door for the smoking shower, the men making shelter for their straws with a clout or kerchief, womenfolk skipping off with kirtles catched up soon as the pour came.
  28. At Bâle there was hurry and bustle, the half hour they ought to have had there wasted away by some unaccountable loosening of the bandages of discipline on the German side to four minutes--the conductor when questioned said the engine had gone wrong, and explained, with a shrug that was to help hide his shame in this failure of the infallible, that engines were but human--and again there was an undignified scamper down steps and up steps and along platforms, and they arrived panting, pushed in by porters, only just in time into a compartment studded round with sleeping Swiss.
  29. Remembering those things as she prepared José Arcadio’s trunk, Úrsula wondered if it was not preferable to lie down once and for all in her grave and let them throw the earth over her, and she asked God, without fear, if he really believed that people were made of iron in order to bear so many troubles and mortifications, and asking over and over she was stirring up her own confusion and she felt irrepressible desires to let herself go and scamper about like a foreigner and allow herself at last an instant of rebellion, that instant yearned for so many times and so many times postponed, putting her resignation aside and shitting on everything once and for all and drawing out of her heart the infinite stacks of bad words that she had been forced to swallow over a century of conformity.
  1. They came scampering.
  2. Guzkat was already scampering.
  3. With Panny scampering ahead of them.
  4. Yes, there had been a scampering noise.
  5. Scampering over the sand when frightened.
  6. You have no trouble scampering over the ground.
  7. Yes, indeed, there was someone scampering about.
  8. The chickens came scampering down the path to her.
  9. The maids curtsied, scampering out without another word.
  10. The second thing he noticed was the penis crew scampering about as if.
  11. I jumped out the back door, but he was already scampering down a grassy hill.
  12. Dawn shuddered at the scampering above her head, looking up at the white ceiling.
  13. A Noiburst tore part of a tree and sent the Orderran there scampering for new cover.
  14. Senta rolled her eyes, Or it could be these 'cats' scampering around us wherever we're going.
  15. I know not why, but I recalled a detail of excluded sound: I had not heard my scampering of running.
  16. There was a child scampering, a smell of damp cement, and the sound of the wind out in the October stars.
  17. As Amy climbs the stairs with Fenrir scampering at her feet, she sees Beatrice’s door ajar, the light on.
  18. He could hear the waves beat under the piles and he could hear the scampering of white rats against the wire.
  19. Bruiser told me, I saw you scampering past me while I was waiting at the stoplight a couple of minutes ago.
  20. That view was supported by a scampering he was quite certain he could hear: doubtless the noise of claws on lino.
  21. A bevy of scampering newsboys rushed down the steps, scattering in all directions, yelling, their white papers fluttering.
  22. But both froze in their tracks when the rumbles they had heard earlier grew louder and were joined by a chorus of scampering feet.
  23. You would observe students scampering to different directions in the attempt to hide themselves whenever he approached any corner.
  24. I saw only animal tracks—the soft zigzags of rabbits or the scampering triangles of what I supposed were porcupines or raccoons.
  25. Exhaustion and great hunger forced them to dis-regard the lingering dangers evident in the scampering shadows and shuffles in the gloom.
  26. We went crashing on the floor because I bounced on him with my full force and fury, apparently scampering away from looming catastrophe.
  27. We all sat and stood there in serenity enjoying the afternoon, the sun, the clouds, and all the diverse critters that were scampering here and there.
  28. One by one, the trees of the forest fell, and animals were scampering to find a way out; their home as they knew it was being destroyed, burned to the ground.
  29. Scampering up to her feet and wiping her tear-stained face, she carefully closed the lid of the chest down over her newly found evidence and returned inside.
  30. Behind us, kids were scampering, and a Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner melee of screaming kite runners was chasing the loose kite drifting high above the trees.
  31. Of the swiftly scampering child, all that now remained were She was stout, pink-cheeked and silver-haired and always a little breathless from too tightly laced stays.
  32. As he spoke, they heard peals of distant laughter, and saw six or seven of the people who had been boating scampering across the moonlit lawn toward the nearest park gates.
  33. There had even been a time when he’d doubled back, crisscrossing his own trail before scampering up the stream to elude the strange visitors who’d invaded his beloved forest.
  34. Of course, twelve balls being thrown at the same time at twelve bases with twelve runners scampering in-between the bases will give everyone a chance to make the most hilarious mistakes possible.
  35. Then she took up the white foam, that streaked the line of the advancing tide, and threw it upon the breeze, scampering after it, with winged footsteps, to catch the great snow-flakes ere they fell.
  36. Joe Billie stiffened at the sound but settled back on his heels while his reluctant audience craned their necks in an effort to make out the two raccoons scampering around the base of their den tree.
  37. The surgeon’s non appearance at their prearranged dawn meeting had sent alarm bells ringing through the camp and triggered a wave of panic that had them packing hand baggage and scampering to the airport.
  38. It was certainly not very large, but it really was exciting, with its rocky little coast, its quiet inlet where their boat was, the ruined castle, the circling parrots, and the scampering rabbits everywhere.
  39. I took a full bow at the waist, the way The Beatles had on Thank Your Lucky Stars, unplugged, and walked straight off the set past the cameras before the applause ended, followed by various scampering Attractions.
  40. Big Ones of all sizes and ages strolled the paths between their homes, chatting with each other, their pets scampering about and visiting each other, too-- so much like Central Park in the old days, that I couldn’t watch for long.
  41. Most often they would then be seen to be falling over themselves or scampering off in a frightened, zigzagging, chaotic getaway, with the shock of a huge and sudden adrenaline release causing them to lose total control of their wits and any semblance of rational behavior.
  42. Once or twice the listeners thought they could distinguish the distant rustling of bushes, as bodies of some unknown description rushed through them; nor was it long before Hawkeye pointed out the "scampering of the wolves," as they fled precipitately before the passage of some intruder on their proper domains.
  1. Helios scampered to the door.
  2. He scampered over toward his tree.
  3. Bev shot up and happily scampered.
  4. The dwarf scampered along behind him.
  5. She scampered up the stairs to the.
  6. Tifa scampered across the square, her.
  7. The rats scampered madly about the cages.
  8. Then scampered over to the beach blankets.
  9. Sig nervously scampered from room to room.
  10. The monkey scampered up the tree to safety.
  11. The ‘coon hissed at them and scampered away.
  12. Panny excitedly scampered over to Bev’s lap.
  13. Up the slope a deer scampered into the forest.
  14. They scampered up and thrust in their muzzles.
  15. The judge scampered out the room and descended.
  16. Hank scampered to catch up with the angry vampire.
  17. The kid took one look at the man and scampered off.
  18. Jamaal scampered up the steps of Tyrone's two story.
  19. Shivering, he scampered over to his clothes to dress.
  20. The cat scampered for cover beneath the stand and a.
  21. Men scampered past the tent, running for the trenches.
  22. After a second, it scampered beneath their path, and.
  23. Alex called Astra to him and she scampered to his side.
  24. Lots of little creatures, that scampered about like Bambi.
  25. He gathered up the kittens and scampered out of the room.
  26. As the door closed after him, the three scampered up the.
  27. And the white rats scampered and scrambled in their cages.
  28. Then Sue said, Are you ok!? Panny scampered up and.
  29. Savannah got out and pocketed the phone as she scampered.
  30. This is so much fun he thought to himself as he scampered.
  31. The others also looked up as they scampered along the wall.
  32. Two old head-scarved women scampered past, huddled together.
  33. Panny and Lika quickly scampered towards the water before us.
  34. The insects that formed it scampered away back into the gaps.
  35. The rat scampered forward and peered over the edge of the desk.
  36. The child scampered away, running to catch up with her parents.
  37. They flew overhead, perched in trees and scampered at his feet.
  38. Yeah, I see it, she replied and scampered the twenty steps.
  39. A rat scampered across the stairway as Morse went up the stairway.
  40. From bush to tree they scampered along, seeking cover wherever it.
  41. She scampered promptly over to hop and beep for Jaume’s attention.
  42. Panny jumped off the couch and scampered over to me and jumped into.
  43. The two scampered about the palace halls, kicking the doors down and.
  44. They shrieked with happy fright and scampered up the path, laughing.
  45. Heather scampered down the hallway to her room, shutting and locking.
  46. The two mice, careering wildly, scampered cheekily over his slippers.
  47. They grabbed Samual and scampered out of the cavern, leaving Jason`s.
  48. Then it scampered down my arm into my hand and gave me a curious look.
  49. Panny stopped his play with Zem and scampered over the coffee table to.
  50. They fell over each other as they scampered back to their own bungalow.
  51. With that, the groundhogs were released and scampered off into the woods.
  52. The man scampered over and pulled a pile of clothes from behind the altar.
  53. It scampered off the railing and into the trees—real fur, real whiskers.
  54. The rearguard skirmishers had scampered back to the safety of their lines.
  55. The guard was not paying any attention and Andy scampered over towards us.
  56. At this point Panny scampered out a little ahead of us and kept pace with.
  57. With an angry cry, she scampered to her feet to hurl the handfuls of dirt.
  58. Zach left his long-board on the ground and scampered up the ladder, but Zoey.
  59. All these poisonous thoughts about Hiss conspiring against him scampered away.
  60. Goodbye! And she scampered out of sight, with all the mice hurrying after her.
  61. Dawn squirrels scampered out of their way, or chirped angrily as they raced by.
  62. I scooped it up and scampered across the clearing on my way back down the trail.
  63. They were dotted with outcroppings over which goats scampered and cattle grazed.
  64. Then he lifted his head, chirruped at Savannah, and scampered off behind a rock.
  65. A loud deep laughter came from behind and she scampered up almost instantaneously.
  66. It is! Yes… She scampered on ahead, halfway taking care to mind her steps.
  67. She nodded, scampered through and took the stairs to the next floor two at a time.
  68. In Joey’s jeep everyone scampered for the crates of ammunition under the benches.
  69. With that she scampered up the wooden stairs and entered her room, locking the door.
  70. Too stunned for words, Rad closed his mouth and scampered away, leaving Windsor to.
  71. Wickland’s jaw dropped, and he scampered to confirm the finding inside the folder.
  72. When we all got back into the house, Tom scampered up the stairs to his room without.
  73. It’d probably be best if you scampered off there girly! Said the hot girl as.
  74. She had gotten over the sting of my leaving and scampered out the door to play the pipe.
  75. I scampered up, falling to my knees at the excessive effort my body wasn’t ready for.
  76. Grover had scampered to the top like a mountain goat, but the lava had almost gotten me.
  77. Their lead climber scampered up the rope with the aid of special rope climbing equipment.
  78. The throng scampered from under their horses' hoofs, for they were the lords of Zamboula.
  79. Melvin turned, scuttled for the stairs and scampered up to the safety of his own apartment.
  80. A quick swish of minty mouthwash and she scampered downstairs, letting her nose be her guide.
  81. With all the speed their stiltlike legs could muster, fine fat bustards scampered over the slopes.
  82. She scampered up the stairs and, with a giggle, turned the knob of Ahndray’s room, and went inside.
  83. A chill of happy excitement flooded through me as two chipmunks scampered up a pine tree and a large.
  84. A few children scampered about, raising their arms in imitation of surrender and mocking the prisoners.
  85. Blazin' quickly scampered over by Bruiser with an urgent look on his face and asked, Hold what?
  86. Little animals scampered in the grass beneath the pyramid, playing hide and seek with their companions.
  87. She growled softly, but the man scampered off and a semicircle of empty space quickly formed around her.
  88. DoGuru scampered in front of her, causing her to come to an abrupt stop in front of a shit squatting dog.
  89. He looked around briefly and then scampered out of the shelter, holding up the edge for Lucy to follow him.
  90. He hoped, prayed, that the kids would make sure the zombie—he—was truly dead before they scampered away.
  91. Silently the fox gathered the severed fingers lying around the base of the tree in its mouth and scampered off.
  92. So, why aren’t you in class today? Judy asked after the young waitress scampered away with their order.
  93. Palomita flew ahead, while Squirrel Girl scampered toward some tall grass to hide in near the edge of the duck pond.
  94. The children scampered on without a word, but eyeing the brooding trees as they clutched each others arms and hands.
  95. She limped and stumbled and scampered, the branches parted for her, and she was grateful to The Great Spirit for that.
  96. Tomz scampered up to the tenth floor, pushing equipment out of the way in the corridor until he reached a door at the end.
  97. A late to hibernate squirrel dislodged more snow as it scampered up the trunk of a nearby tree and disappeared into its.
  98. Jeeter jerked to a halt with his jaw hanging, and when Caleb didn’t pause he scampered forward to block the seer’s path.
  99. Brixby scampered past the oxen and halted, irresolute whether to move forward to the treasure cart or back to help the rear.
  100. And they scampered about, looking for work; and the highways were streams of people, and the ditch banks were lines of people.
  1. Jerry submissively scampers to his boss and stands by her.
  2. Loki scampers up from where he’d been huddled on the ground.
  3. Too bad I don’t have smelly farts, she scampers away into the covers.
  4. When he tires of watching, he scampers back upstairs, returning at the precise time she finishes.

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