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    1. She scurried across the car park as if it were the

    2. He scurried off to take the call

    3. Two rats scurried across on

    4. After awhile it became apparent that they were going to have to just leave, so when the bottle ran dry and hSkaiyia got up to get another, they said they didn’t want to drink her out of house and home and scurried out the door

    5. It was musty and occasionally something scurried out of their way

    6. Guzkat scurried through the corridors that lead,

    7. It fell to the mattress barking, “Alanཀ” using the voice of that waterfront dyke, “Alan, if you're going to get me up in the middle of the night you'd better have something to sayཀ” while she scurried over to the corner of the room as far from it as she could get

    8. Jane scurried back to Li-Li with the Malaysia Airlines ‘children package’

    9. The agents scurried back to their seats

    10. Creatures scurried into the shadows as she entered, hiding within the crumbling walls and pieces of decaying furniture

    1. Then they head up the street, just as Bolt scurries from the shop, muttering loudly to himself, face twitching

    2. There were comfortingly few scurries

    3. bill, smiles and scurries away

    4. scurries in and out of the room

    5. Rapunzel scurries in that night, bounces onto his bed, and grins at him

    6. Behind him scurries a second man with eggshell skin and an evident terror of eye contact

    7. Etienne crouches on his popping knees beside Madame, then scurries to the telephone and speaks a few words

    8. The body of the late Senor Hirsch dwelt alone for a time in the dismal solitude of the unfinished building, resounding weirdly with sudden slams and clicks of doors and latches, with rustling scurries of torn papers, and the tremulous sighs that at each gust of wind passed under the high roof

    1. They scurry over and grapple with the door, wresting it back into position

    2. hunting the last of the night scurry twitchers

    3. of car exhaust fumes and the scurry

    4. nonetheless, stopped trying to scurry away

    5. She heard only a few small animals scurry behind the furniture as they sat down

    6. The words 'Gale Force' was introduced into the language by one strong limbed poet who tried to clamber over the ramparts to reach the tenuous safety of a large clump of scurry bush, only to be thwarted and bowled back over the edge at his every attempt

    7. Horrifying Hippo would simply open his mouth wide—but in this case, with a special body position that would clearly communicate that he was not feeling threatened but inviting the Cleaners to give him a hand—and with that, a whole school of the rambunctious, proficient little helpers would scurry over and begin their laborious process with great dedication and skill

    8. the plants and to scurry down to the

    9. And this new back of his– it was flexible, pliant, which meant that he could walk properly and was no longer forced to scurry about like a crab because of his bent and twisted frame

    10. The Witch and the Black Fox would scurry around, frantically listening for a distinct sound

    1. With the night sky calling forth the hunter in her soul, she opened the curtains, stepped out onto the balcony and gazed down the dusty little lane that ran towards the local coastal strip, with its bright lights, its noise and its scurrying human possibilities

    2. The scurrying of sharp little claws on flagstones was a reminder of life and the slightest feather touch of frayed rags on his bare legs was a breath of civilisation, a small memento of his humanity

    3. Gerde was indeed delighted with the flowers, scurrying around happily finding vases and chattering about the latest gossip

    4. More scurrying as he entered, he hoped it wasn't that larger animal

    5. Abandoning their clothes in a heap, the young serving girls leapt naked from the bed and went scurrying out of the room

    6. The wall was alive with motion, hundreds of shadows scurrying up and down its dark tube shaped interior

    7. the hurrying and scurrying passengers

    8. “Actually they’re on the walls, in the cupboards, scurrying on the floors, and can be found most anywhere at any time…”

    9. Dark brows furrowed and he bettered his sword grip when he thought he saw shadows scurrying in one of the far corners of the room

    10. And the mere whisper of the Elf's name would be enough to send them scurrying to cover

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