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Frasi con season (in inglese)

  1. This is a bad season.
  2. Not by a long season.
  3. It was the dry season.
  4. The Only Season is Now.
  5. The Season from 1990 on.

  6. The Season from 1941 on.
  7. The Season from 1859 on.
  8. The Season from 1908 on.
  9. The Season from 1809 on.
  10. Tax season is here again.
  11. The Season from 1957 on.
  12. The Season from 1479 on.
  13. The Season from 1909 on.
  14. Easter season is upon us.
  15. The season had ended on.

  16. Season to taste with salt.
  17. It turns from one season.
  18. The Killing season is over.
  19. Season with salt to taste.
  20. It was the wet season, Mr.
  21. The Bad Season After 1595.
  22. After all, 'tis the season.
  23. It was now the season for.
  24. Season with salt, to taste.
  25. How long will this season.

  26. We only have a season left.
  27. The Bad Season from 1957 on.
  28. The Bad Season from 1990 on.
  29. Season with salt and pepper.
  30. Our season together is over.
  31. But he was in a good season.
  32. The Bad Season from 1809 On.
  33. The New Season from 1957 on.
  34. Also the peas, if in season.
  35. Season with the salt; drain.
  36. The Bad Season from 1958 on.
  37. The Bad Season from 1875 on.
  38. They can kiss their season.
  39. The Bad Season from 1496 on.
  40. Winter was the season when.
  41. To visit Moscow in the season.
  42. The Season from 1776 to 1792.
  43. Only during the mating season.
  44. It was the end of the season.
  45. But not during the dry season.
  46. A weary season was at hand—.
  47. November 2005: THE OFF SEASON.
  48. Rare, for the Horseman season.
  49. He shopped at the Fifth Season.
  50. The Third Season from 1859 on.
  51. But the bad season continued:.
  52. The Second Season from 1842 on.
  53. They refuse to season anything.
  54. The 2006 hurricane season was.
  55. But when the winter season came.
  56. Season with fresh ground pepper.
  57. It is fall; it is hunting season.
  58. The Bad Season from 1973 on ***.
  59. This season has been bittersweet.
  60. Consider The Best Launch Season.
  61. During the mating season males.
  62. The New Bad Season from 1925 on.
  63. To everything there is a season.
  64. The big fair season is coming up.
  65. That year the autumn season late.
  66. In the rainy season they'll live.
  67. Cup in a single season - for the.
  68. The season finished last week.
  69. So while I've had season tickets.
  70. When he too, was in a bad season.
  71. But the bad season couldn’t be.
  72. This is our season, God has spoken.
  73. When she was in a good season of.
  74. And thus in season the rich field.
  75. Spring was Grey's favourite season.
  76. Alas, it was not the right season.
  77. The autumn season was in full swing.
  78. But the season was a good one for.
  79. Add the tequila and season to taste.
  80. And to each season there is a time.
  81. Now the season would really begin!.
  82. The Second Bad Season from 1975 on.
  83. One season he threw out perspective.
  84. The building season was nearly over.
  85. The season of the assizes approached.
  86. Wishing you the best for the season.
  87. Most home wins to start a season.
  88. In any Season it would listen to him.
  89. At this season I seldom had a visitor.
  90. He had a point, for once, this season.
  91. It's the hap-happiest season to drink.
  92. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  93. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  94. Season with garlic powder, stirring.
  95. And the cold beauties of the season:.
  96. But this good season would end in 1990.
  97. The season and duties which brought Mr.
  98. It has been a good season, Zoran mused.
  99. As the season progressed I did improve.
  100. Once this season is over, you better.
  1. Top with seasoning as explained in.
  2. Brown the beef, drain and add seasoning.
  3. This seasoning is a reflection of this TRUTH.
  4. Onion Powder: This seasoning can help prevent any.
  5. If this dressing is flavored with Bell's Seasoning.
  6. Stir in ketchup, green onions and seasoning; heat through.
  7. Here are some things to consider seasoning your soups with:.
  8. Here's a good lump of thyme seasoning under the apron for you.
  9. He snatched a seasoning shaker off of the table and threw it across.
  10. When slightly tender, add the saluyot and any other seasoning to taste.
  11. Now add the sour cabbage and stir for a minute or so while seasoning with.
  12. When the rice is cooked, fluff with a fork and add seasoning before serving.
  13. After the second hour, arrange baby carrots around the meat, seasoning with.
  14. Most people know garlic simply as a seasoning, but it is much more than that.
  15. What would all that eternal festival be without this seasoning? Our laws are.
  16. It was obvious I needed a lot more seasoning before I could call myself a traveller.
  17. Most of their combat seasoning came from putting the boot in on a cowed or fallen foe.
  18. And a tree springing out of Mount Sinai, producing oil, and seasoning for those who eat.
  19. Chicken is so naturally flavorful that you can bake it without salt or any other seasoning.
  20. A nice variant is to instead of Rosemary and thyme, use only "Old Bay" or only Italian seasoning.
  21. Combine tomato paste, Italian seasoning, and garlic; stir well, and spread over the cut sides of.
  22. This time he was questioned about the Hawaiian seasoning salt he had purchased in the museum shop.
  23. However, she also knew that he was now a man of God and this may well be some good seasoning for him.
  24. Mix the cooked fish with all the other ingredients, seasoning with the chili, vinegar and salt to taste.
  25. At positive temperature seasoning reduces to 1 months at conditions of subsequent grinding of wood into chips.
  26. For a less aggressive, salt-free kick, try seasoning grilled fish, meats, and eggs with just a pinch of cayenne.
  27. Nor was there any lack of olives, dry, it is true, and without any seasoning, but for all that toothsome and pleasant.
  28. Seasoning is usually defined as an objective quality, arising from a demonstrated ability to weather business storms.
  29. Meals among them were generally an adventure, but I found I could eat anything with sufficient ground chili seasoning.
  30. The tuberculosis he has carried since youth has calcified as tiny seeds—minute black sesame liberally seasoning his lung.
  31. Fortunately after he told them that he had seasoning salt in his luggage they permitted him to move on and into the airport.
  32. The leaf of a plant grown in Southeast Asia that is a seasoning ingredient often used in Thai soups, stir-fries, and curries.
  33. You’ll find recipes for curry seasoning and Cajun seasoning in this book, but you’ll have to buy the gumbo file at the store.
  34. The element of seasoning plays a very small part as between the various senior issues of the railroads; and in the public-utility group proper (i.
  35. They were the men with the leather-ribbon whips who sweated up the Pyramids seasoning it with other people's salt and other people's cracked hearts.
  36. Salt: Purity; protection from sin and evil; covenant that never ends; unfruitfulness which leaves a void; that which remains and is lasting; seasoning;.
  37. You can also make a few additions to the recipe such as tomatoes, peppers, smoked sausage and the appropriate seasoning and have a Cajun soup or turkey gumbo.
  38. It is well known that at the coronation of kings and queens, even modern ones, a certain curious process of seasoning them for their functions is gone through.
  39. Add the prepared col ard greens to the pot, stir, then add the stewed tomatoes with their juice and the seasoning; cook stirring to combine just until the collard greens wilt.
  40. Sometimes even, half-rising, he delicately pointed out to madame the tenderest morsel, or turning to the servant, gave her some advice on the manipulation of stews and the hygiene of seasoning.
  41. Both cooks in the village set up at his fireplace, one with a hearty thonga stew and the other with some crispy, tasty, spicy, thin rolls with lots of lorv and kalic seasoning the thonga strips.
  42. To add a little seasoning to the visual feast, there was a constant parade of sails and every other type of floating craft imaginable, there were sun crystals shimmering on the water in the afternoons, and occasionally, there would be a southerly squall rampaging furiously up the harbour.
  43. This popularity reflects in a general way the investors’ view as to the risk involved, but it is also influenced largely by other factors, such as the degree of familiarity of the public with the company and the issue (seasoning) and the ease with which the bond can be sold (marketability).
  44. The day finally came for Coatl’s departure, this would be the first time for years that I wouldn’t have him to lean on, I promised I would follow him as soon as mother was up and about, I arranged for runners to keep me up to date with Coatl’s progress towards Chichen Itza and I eventually heard of his arrival and the tumultuous welcome that he received from the Itza people, despite the celebrations that went on for days Coatl managed to visit the coastal town of Jaina where his stockpile of green timber was seasoning.
  45. This opportunity of discussion of the answer to an address, however exceptionable the address might be when it had received the last seasoning for the Presidential palate, did afford the best opportunity to take a review of the measures of the administration, to canvass them fully and fairly, without there being any question raised whether the gentlemen were in order or not; and I believe the time spent in canvassing the answer to a speech was at least as well spent as a great deal that we have expended since we discontinued the practice.
  1. For more gifted and seasoned.
  2. Price Inertia of Seasoned Issues.
  3. She’s bested my most seasoned Knights.
  4. What spices are used in seasoned firewood?
  5. Without it we will not become seasoned, nor.
  6. Seasoned ski instructors in their 20s and 30s.
  7. Finally, a more seasoned looking doctor appeared.
  8. Fresh air seasoned with wildflowers and sunshine.
  9. The cook had seasoned the roasted fowl with several.
  10. Fonda, the retired seasoned sheriff coaches him with.
  11. The seasoned farmer washed his bite down with another.
  12. In my more innocent days, a seasoned trader once told.
  13. He is an exemplary, problem free and seasoned traveler.
  14. One law abiding citizen against a seasoned criminal!.
  15. And I treasure it even more now as a seasoned investor.
  16. After all, he is a seasoned politician and businessman.
  17. Rendezvous seasoned with a bit of mass are the best sort.
  18. She tore up the street with the ease of a seasoned racecar.
  19. He was one of those seasoned tramps I've spoken about earlier.
  20. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens.
  21. This is a concept that escapes even the most seasoned investors.
  22. The inside was well seasoned with many bouts with melting butter.
  23. The seasoned policeman took a breath and felt the adrenaline flow.
  24. Not even the seasoned mortician, who turned to adjust the flowers.
  25. And like Robin Hood, I gathered a crew of seasoned savvy woodsmen.
  26. Serve with a brush of melted butter and seasoned with garlic salt.
  27. Pick only the seasoned men who have seen action and have at least.
  28. A lot of seasoned ski instructors, if not most, avoid skiing with be-.
  29. More active and seasoned investors might consider limited short selling.
  30. I drove the Greyhound bus with perfect precision, like a seasoned veteran.
  31. O’Neil is one of Wall Street’s most seasoned and successful veterans.
  32. These guys seem pretty seasoned and weren't stopped by the guy they hired.
  33. He said an army ought to be seasoned before it was carried into the field.
  34. What he was concerned about would frighten even the most seasoned spiritualist.
  35. The more seasoned the artist, the more capable he is of responding in the moment.
  36. Weathered hide-boots indicated a seasoned traveller who had spent many turns on.
  37. Once our car met the road, I knew that Jan was a seasoned driver … in riding on the.
  38. Listen to what seasoned prophets are saying and see if it confirms what you are hearing.
  39. For a seasoned traveler of the first century, the room was actually more than acceptable.
  40. Their parents were seasoned veterans of the Federation’s Pirate Interdiction Campaigns.
  41. Watch Mom! Lauren took the first and second fences with the grace of a seasoned rider.
  42. That same year he was also in Seasoned Greetings – use your imagination or get the video.
  43. He smiled roguishly as he imagined the fur flying in that closed room of seasoned military.
  44. Gruesome could tell this one was a seasoned veteran, and clearly the captain of this troop.
  45. Her breakfast of mushy oatmeal, seasoned with sugar and cream, was also not sitting so well.
  46. It had been a long trip on the water, and the seasoned seamen were used to working inhuman hours.
  47. Only his huge hands and the bulge, where his sword hung, suggested that he was a seasoned warrior.
  48. She has the body of a twenty-year-old, the face of someone older, more seasoned, more worked over.
  49. My face slowly lost the look of an inquisitive child and took on the demeanor of a seasoned gigolo.
  50. Though their actions appeared to be seasoned with cowardice, their true intentions were honourable.
  51. That fish, seasoned with salt and pepper, had proved excellent, on top of there being plenty of it.
  52. In Arabic, Juliana asked for two servings with tabbouleh, the Arab finely chopped and seasoned salad.
  53. As seasoned travelers, you surely must have encountered such a problem before in the past, gentlemen.
  54. Therefore, salt is good; but if even salt has become tasteless, with what will it be seasoned? 35.
  55. If tones of falsity rang though his heartiness, not even a seasoned scammer’s ears could hear them.
  56. Bear followed them upstairs, placing his prize fish on alfoil, already buttered, peppered and seasoned.
  57. Its meat is highly prized as seafood and sturgeon eggs or roe, is salted, seasoned and served as caviar.
  58. She was moving, if not like a seasoned professional, at least like a woman who knew what she was doing.
  59. All we ate was dried meat and centli meal seasoned with whatever we had, chili in my case and salt in his.
  60. A seasoned issue may be defined as an issue of a company long and favorably known to the investment public.
  61. It was, especially for a seasoned reporter, quite possibly one of the dumbest questions that could be asked.
  62. If they are seasoned warriors of the delivery room, they perhaps have saved a hundred lives, maybe even more.
  63. Ser Argrave was a spare, leathery man, a seasoned household knight in dinted grey armor riding an unbarded horse.
  64. All that night Huldah Sarvice worked, with the strength of a man and the knowledge of a seasoned frontiers-woman.
  65. When Napoleon’s departure became known, discipline suffered a severe blow, even among these seasoned veterans.
  66. For old corporate yields I use Moody’s yields of seasoned, long-dated non-financial corporate bonds since 1919.
  67. Although, they were somewhat encouraging words from a seasoned detective, the unthinkable was still a possibility.
  68. He was near the front lines of an intense battle and in front of him was a seasoned intercessor holding the front.
  69. She managed to convey the confidence of a seasoned litigator and never hinted that this was her first real lawsuit.
  70. By making use of our seasoned impulse we can understand people’s sentiments and maneuver them so as to engage them.
  71. The popular imagination seasoned the sombre Parisian sink with some indescribably hideous intermixture of the infinite.
  72. An old Modi associate recalls how the seasoned politician was almost childlike when he was gifted an electronic diary once.
  73. The Wehrmacht was the most highly trained and battle seasoned fighting force in the world with superior skills at all levels.
  74. We have timber for four seventy-fours, seasoned and ready for use, which could not be applied to frigates, without great loss.
  75. These are the Elite, without the Enhancements, but much more seasoned and natural instincts the rest of us only wish we had.
  76. This Nancy Laplante is a seasoned war correspondent and ex-military officer and has a reputation about being a very tough woman.
  77. More important, perhaps, is the broad distinction of size and prominence that can be drawn between seasoned and unseasoned securities.
  78. As a seasoned politician, he knew that when people ate, they usually liked to be close to those with whom they felt most comfortable.
  79. Like Greg, Albert and Matt had started hiking at the Mexican border and were by now well seasoned, logging twenty-some miles each day.
  80. His first impression was one of comfort: the seasoned blend of early 1900’s charm with flashes of contemporary art and architecture.
  81. He knows that most of it is bluster, done for effect, but he carries it well, a seasoned campaigner with scrambled egg on his shoulders.
  82. Travis lifted his gaze from the shop floor and looked into Theo's eyes with a malice that took even the seasoned investigator by surprise.
  83. What's the difference? What is the most important factor separating the seasoned traders from the amateurs? The answer is money management.
  84. Every Senior Monitor is also a Senior Trainer, helping shape Junior Monitors into sales champs and, in their time, seasoned trainers, too.
  85. Prior to his prison term, he was a seasoned drug dealer and jewel thief, and he had been living on his own as an adult at fifteen years old.
  86. Thus, to give an example, the popularity of Mademoiselle Mars among that little audience of stormy children was seasoned with a touch of irony.
  87. So much for adventure! Looking back on it, I felt stronger, certainly more seasoned, enriched by knowing the Connors and the LaTrue family too.
  88. So, not even a seasoned Agent could resist the power of adulation? Locke stashed the information in his mental backpocket for future reference.
  89. Example: This trait of seasoned issues is well illustrated by the market history of the United States Rubber Company 8% Noncumulative Preferred.
  90. Unfortunately for Bellack, their mindless assaults had failed to breach the thick reinforced doors and the most seasoned of troops defended the gate.
  91. Although this definition is not entirely accurate, there is enough truth in it to justify in good part the investor’s preference for seasoned issues.
  92. Unless you are a seasoned investor or have a large appetite for risk, concentration is not the most prudent strategy for the average individual investor.
  93. With his hood up he towered over her by a good sixty centimeters, but he doubted an innkeeper as seasoned as she looked to be was intimidated by mere size.
  94. If you are a seasoned professional and have done your homework, you will find yourself in the upper 10% of the elite that consistently succeed when trading.
  95. By their very nature, futures markets, contracts, and products are extremely complex and require a great deal of mastery by even the most seasoned investors.
  96. The same is true for managed futures, which are growing at a torrid pace as investors look for seasoned professionals to trade futures and/or options for them.
  97. Principal registration forms are the S-1 (a generalized form) and the S-7, a short form used by seasoned companies with relatively healthy operating histories.
  98. Raps with the stick, repetitions, placings, corrections of the singers, of the orchestra, of the procession, of the dancers,—all seasoned with angry scolding.
  99. This is important since traveling with too much appears you aren’t a seasoned traveler and you are more likely to become a target for crime in foreign locales.
  100. They had a way of scrapping and lunging from the shadows like cornered beasts and even the most seasoned warriors could be caught unaware amid their carelessness.
  1. The Seasons of Our Life.
  2. But there are off seasons.
  3. The power of All Seasons:.
  4. Watch the times and seasons.
  5. They are the seasons of life.
  6. The seasons have been harsh.
  7. The seasons are always changing.
  8. And seasons in the well of self.
  9. Seasons spent bathing in the sun.
  10. As in their turn the seasons roll.
  11. Then the seasons would suspend.
  12. Both seasons of the hit web series.
  13. Seasons changed, faster and faster.
  14. Time balanced as the seasons tilted.
  15. Without it there would be no seasons.
  16. Learn when their growing seasons are.
  17. The seasons change, but not the tree.
  18. Seasons passed, more and more of them.
  19. The seasons are given to us so we may.
  20. Men of All Seasons series, Athens, 1966.
  21. The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts.
  22. How Your Seasons Will Be in the Future.
  23. For seasons which don’t stay the same.
  24. The hearing of the Law at due seasons;.
  25. Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons.
  26. My life has had many seasons and there.
  27. Grew lean while he assailed the seasons;.
  28. Then she sang a verse about the seasons:.
  29. And not the full four seasons of the year.
  30. After finding that his life’s seasons.
  31. Flowering houseplants with short seasons.
  32. That reversal of seasons is not a unique.
  33. To find, therefore, how your own seasons.
  34. Just as there are four seasons, there are.
  35. Slack seasons and wretchedness were unknown.
  36. It is the jewel that controls the seasons.
  37. True friends are there no matter the seasons.
  38. This book looks at times and seasons and ex-.
  39. Can the Aesira Jewel…shift seasons?
  40. Watch the times and seasons Guard your heart.
  41. The same phenomenon happens with the seasons.
  42. Whoever said there were no seasons here, lied.
  43. I have heard it’s what shifts the seasons.
  44. It also shows the seasons and the time of year.
  45. Our seasons alternate, therefore, without any.
  46. Summer seasons and late night motorway cruises.
  47. The seasons passed by and another was upon them.
  48. The Pros and Cons of Different Wedding Seasons.
  49. Sometimes she changed the seasons on the viewer.
  50. Nole had been born a full cycle of the seasons.
  51. Mature of seasons, Hanor wondered how old he was.
  52. Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy.
  53. But our emotions change with the seasons of our.
  54. Within two seasons the entire crop will die out.
  55. To watch the times and the seasons (Habakkuk 2:1).
  56. This book looks at times and seasons and explores.
  57. The sun follows its endless path and seasons change.
  58. Still it was good to leave seasons behind in a way.
  59. In life we observe that there are seasons and cycles.
  60. No seasons, no stars visible to create a chronology.
  61. I passed nineteen seasons in my mother’s village.
  62. Commands will suggest themselves in seasons of doubt.
  63. The knowledge one gains throughout life seasons the.
  64. Beela Period - The previous Age of a thousand seasons.
  65. As the seasons grow wild and the ground undisturbed.
  66. As time inevitably moved on, we passed through seasons.
  67. I miss having fruit, a small voice seasons the air.
  68. In between the seasons of winter and summer, she would.
  69. Will prepare for seasons and seasons where overcrowding.
  70. I noticed that the seasons were even more confused here.
  71. The chowder will taste better the next day as it seasons.
  72. Times and Seasons and Divine Reflections in Living Things.
  73. We can apply the concept of seasons to financial markets.
  74. As God builds His Church, there will be seasons that He.
  75. They were unbeaten for these two seasons and had won the.
  76. Cameron loved the holiday seasons that she had such great.
  77. The seasons were changing and it was no longer high summer.
  78. We travelled through all seasons and great times of length.
  79. I just spent a couple of seasons here, Garcia answered.
  80. Her visits, not the tilt of the planet, create the seasons.
  81. HUSBANDMEN, who will render him the fruits in their seasons.
  82. A dream that recurred repeatedly over the following seasons.
  83. This phenomenon is also true with the seasons in our earth:.
  84. This book looks at times and seasons and explores how every-.
  85. Everything went swimmingly for Terry over the next few seasons.
  86. It lasted only three seasons, but later became a cult classic.
  87. With opposite seasons to the Northern hemisphere, Namibia’s.
  88. We start by seeing how the seasons alternated in the life of.
  89. I found that the alternations of good and bad seasons always.
  90. This is the time of the Seasons Change, Ardor son of Theron.
  91. The attic dust simmered with heat left over from other seasons.
  92. The first letter of months, days, and holidays (but not seasons).
  93. They bore the Horae (Hours), which represent the seasons (OCD s.
  94. I was used to reporters from the previous two seasons at Central.
  95. I am the protector of the seasons and the lord of nature itself.
  96. Consequently there would be no night or day or the four seasons.
  97. On Mars there were no seasons and all food could be grown year.
  98. On his bottom you could see depictions of the four seasons, each.
  99. Over the many seasons, Drola had become disturbed by the outcome.
  100. This is true not only for the last seasons of persons whose the.

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