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Frasi con shock (in inglese)

  1. I was in shock too.
  2. It came as a shock.
  3. But he was in shock.
  4. Gave me a shock too.
  5. It was such a shock.

  6. I sit there, in shock.
  7. But it needs a shock.
  8. A shock of cold water.
  9. It was indeed a shock.
  10. He was still in shock.
  11. He looked up in shock.
  12. I was frozen in shock.
  13. And in a shock result.
  14. I stood there in shock.
  15. The shock left me numb.

  16. He was frozen in shock.
  17. Lil’ B stood in shock.
  18. Let the shock wear off.
  19. He gapes at me in shock.
  20. I saw him sat in shock.
  21. She was still in shock.
  22. We both froze in shock.
  23. His mother was in shock.
  24. A shock ran through her.
  25. Since shock is NOT the.

  26. Perhaps he was in shock.
  27. I stare at her in shock.
  28. I looked at him in shock.
  29. I stared at her in shock.
  30. You must be in shock.
  31. He stares at me in shock.
  32. The shock of seeing him.
  33. It was a shock absorber.
  34. She was in severe shock.
  35. A shock goes through her.
  36. I know what the shock is.
  37. He looked at me in shock.
  38. Jack was in shock as he.
  39. Then he suffered a shock.
  40. He looked at her in shock.
  41. Change the shock by money.
  42. I just sat there in shock.
  43. No, just the shock of Mme.
  44. He is in a state of shock.
  45. No shock or horror at all.
  46. I looked at her with shock.
  47. She appears to be in shock.
  48. It gave her quite a shock.
  49. The darkness was a shock.
  50. To our utter shock, what.
  51. A kind of repressed shock.
  52. They looked at me in shock.
  53. It's all a bit of a shock.
  54. I stared at them in shock.
  55. I was still in shock myself.
  56. Roman stood there in shock.
  57. This is an unexpected shock.
  58. It was a devastating shock.
  59. She stared at him in shock.
  60. There was a moment of shock.
  61. She stared at them in shock.
  62. I was told I was in shock.
  63. I got the shock of my life.
  64. This waiter came as a shock.
  65. In fact, to our shock and.
  66. Donna looked at it in shock.
  67. He appeared to be in shock.
  68. Orland in a state of shock.
  69. He staggered back in shock.
  70. Habib was silent with shock.
  71. Jesse stared ahead in shock.
  72. My skin tingled with shock.
  73. The lil bomber was in shock.
  74. The water was a bitter shock.
  75. The shock of the flash was.
  76. Kenichi stood there in shock.
  77. They looked at her in shock.
  78. What? I said, in shock.
  79. Tell them you were in shock.
  80. I am in shock, she realised.
  81. I went into immediate shock.
  82. He expressed his shock and.
  83. It wasn’t a complete shock.
  84. To my shock, she said, No.
  85. She was in a state of shock.
  86. I looked up at him in shock.
  87. I saw the shock in her eyes.
  88. Perhaps it was due to shock.
  89. It was something of a shock.
  90. What I got was more shock!.
  91. Seth looked at Tony in shock.
  92. Jakon? I was in shock.
  93. But what a shock for them!.
  94. Shock registered on his face.
  95. To my utter shock, the wall.
  96. The shock would be too great.
  97. Yazadril also stared in shock.
  98. Yuki felt shock and disbelief.
  99. Shock was giving way to fear.
  100. His confusion, shock at his.
  1. It was a shocking mess.
  2. It was a shocking thought.
  3. But this is shocking News.
  4. This was a shocking rejection.
  5. That will be a very shocking.
  6. Not shocking though, he could.
  7. It was a quite shocking cock-up.
  8. My glance was short and shocking.
  9. It was too fast and too shocking.
  10. It’s shocking bad taste, really.
  11. As shocking as it may sound, they.
  12. No, more than that, it is shocking.
  13. It was really all shocking and at.
  14. It was as shocking as it was painful.
  15. It was a strange and shocking sight.
  16. The battle scene itself was shocking.
  17. But then, something shocking occurred.
  18. This was quite a shocking development.
  19. I appreciate how shocking that news is.
  20. The doctor’s reply was a bit shocking.
  21. Shocking the powdered form of one gram.
  22. He was trembling and shocking very hard.
  23. However, there’s more shocking news;.
  24. But I am anticipating in a shocking way.
  25. It is a shocking and incredible insult!.
  26. Melodies are betrayed by shocking timing.
  27. Only something shocking would break the.
  28. This may sound shocking to you, but the.
  29. Shocking it didn't always have mud in it.
  30. But then, something very shocking happened.
  31. After the shocking results and success I.
  32. This cultural perspective may be shocking.
  33. It was shocking to see the Great White Owl.
  34. It is shocking how often I have to do this.
  35. Please rest, you look shocking, do sit down.
  36. Lucy decided it was probably pretty shocking.
  37. This was as shocking as it was unprecedented.
  38. It was shocking, recalled Mira Bradford.
  39. At this shocking impiety, the tumult died away.
  40. So it was certainly shocking to find Hymie here.
  41. After the rainforest the contrast was shocking.
  42. Here is a fraction of the shocking statistics:.
  43. You would be surprised how shocking that can be.
  44. To hear those words from his mouth was shocking.
  45. Her words had the desired effect of shocking him.
  46. Such a topsy-turvy state of society was shocking.
  47. I scanned the area but noticed something shocking.
  48. So, although it was shocking the way in which it.
  49. Only, what happened seemed all the more shocking.
  50. Another, shocking, mysterious information for him.
  51. However, it’s shocking to see how poorly he did.
  52. Annabelle's words had come all too shocking to her.
  53. These incidents were very tragic and heart shocking.
  54. The thought of her sister owning a gun was shocking.
  55. Nothing shocking about that, the representatives in.
  56. It is shocking to see how often our love for others.
  57. But the most shocking thing that I saw was sun-like.
  58. That is no longer deeply buried at the shocking news.
  59. And given the recent shocking allegations of sexual.
  60. That was a shocking revelation coming from my father.
  61. The most shocking feature in this story is that the.
  62. And that Sachin has accepted it is even more shocking.
  63. In 2007 a shocking story of child abuse was exposed by.
  64. This horrible series of acts was so shocking that soon.
  65. So Jesus is not above shocking the hypocritical law.
  66. It was during this time that we heard the shocking news.
  67. It was very shocking to have this sudden sensation of.
  68. As I was pondering about my life I received a shocking.
  69. And it felt shocking – even though he had been doing.
  70. My sudden shocking behaviour was too much for the police.
  71. WITHOUT CONSCIENCE explores their shocking patterns- and.
  72. The shocking news whipped the press into a serious frenzy.
  73. In the past month, there have been a series of shocking.
  74. As shocking as this may sound, I went ahead and tried to.
  75. This was one of the most shocking getaways ever! Rebecca.
  76. The most glaringly shocking event in this context was the.
  77. But more shocking to me was an unexpected response by the.
  78. This can be a little unnerving, even shocking and painful.
  79. It was most shocking to behold, when these beasts demanded.
  80. In a little over five minutes he came to the shocking and.
  81. Her story was shocking then, and it all came back to me now.
  82. With a shocking strength he suddenly grabbed Abdul's wrist.
  83. Jimmy greeted the large man in his native dialect, shocking.
  84. The condition of the women working in the mills is shocking.
  85. As Thomas continued running something quite shocking happened.
  86. The water was shocking, but Blayney was loving this encounter.
  87. We have to change the shocking laws in this pathetic country.
  88. To me it was a shocking discovery and it prompted me to try.
  89. This is indeed very shocking news, stated Wilx solemnly.
  90. This shocking revelation totally put the cat among the pigeons.
  91. His kiss was shocking; he kissed her with a hunger she matched.
  92. This shocking image caused international repulsion and outrage.
  93. Now I had to test my shocking little speech to see if it worked.
  94. I believe you, Miller said, shocking both Kevin and Holly.
  95. What was shocking was this man had formerly been hailed by the.
  96. A vice president of the company called the verdict shocking.
  97. Although it was a shocking event I was relieved that I was home.
  98. Her head was slapped to the side, shocking everyone in the room.
  99. Those fifteen years of deception, however, were not as shocking.
  100. After the shocking results and success I had with it, I thought.
  1. I was shocked as I.
  2. I woke up in shocked.
  3. I know I was shocked.
  4. I look at him shocked.
  5. I am as shocked as you.
  6. Vicky was a bit shocked.
  7. KC looked shocked and A.
  8. Not that I was shocked.
  9. He was a little shocked.
  10. He was shocked as well.
  11. At first she was shocked.
  12. He was hurt and shocked.
  13. I was shocked and scared.
  14. What he saw shocked him.
  15. I was a bit shocked by.
  16. She looked shocked at me.
  17. He was shocked to find.
  18. She looks at him, shocked.
  19. I was so shocked I froze.
  20. He turned to her, shocked.
  21. He was shocked when she.
  22. Both of them were shocked.
  23. I am shocked and appalled.
  24. I was shocked and annoyed.
  25. A shocked look came over.
  26. No, I'm not shocked, Davy.
  27. What! I was shocked! The.
  28. Anne WAS shocked this time.
  29. The Chief shocked him then.
  30. I was too shocked to speak.
  31. I was a little bit shocked.
  32. Gould, in a shocked voice.
  33. He was shocked; I was hurt.
  34. He was shocked and angered.
  35. Jason was shocked at first.
  36. My mother was shocked by.
  37. There was a shocked silence.
  38. I was shocked beyond belief.
  39. I was shocked to hear the.
  40. It shocked and beat at him.
  41. And that alone shocked her.
  42. She was still so shocked.
  43. I’m as shocked as anyone.
  44. I was shocked I could not.
  45. The drunks were shocked to.
  46. It shocked me to my spirit.
  47. I was shocked and confused.
  48. Then, he was shocked again.
  49. Danny was a little shocked.
  50. When I saw it I was shocked.
  51. He was shocked at her answer.
  52. He was shocked and appalled.
  53. I was silent, shocked, dazed.
  54. I was shocked by what I saw.
  55. Shocked, I glanced up at Ben.
  56. Chris was shocked and amazed.
  57. I was shocked to hear that.
  58. I was truly shocked by the.
  59. I stared up at Alex, shocked.
  60. In response to his shocked.
  61. They seemed to be too shocked.
  62. Just shocked me a bit is all.
  63. She was so shocked that she.
  64. I was shocked and taken aback.
  65. I was shocked at our bad luck.
  66. The other woman were shocked.
  67. Ah, ah! I was really shocked.
  68. I was shocked by who it was!.
  69. What happened next shocked him.
  70. The shocked Propriety took a.
  71. They are all shocked about it.
  72. It had infinitely shocked her.
  73. Surprised and shocked by this.
  74. She is shocked by this sudden.
  75. Her eyes were wide and shocked.
  76. I am shocked to say the least.
  77. She seemed shocked by my tone.
  78. What he saw also shocked and.
  79. He was shocked and frightened.
  80. The bodyguard was shocked at.
  81. He was shocked at what he did.
  82. One shocked my best mate once.
  83. This small discovery shocked me.
  84. I’m as shocked as you are.
  85. I was shocked, and I showed it.
  86. Her aunt was painfully shocked.
  87. Ahndray was too shocked to move.
  88. Shocked, Selma pulled off her.
  89. You will? She was shocked.
  90. His beard shocked her a little.
  91. I was so shocked I couldn’t.
  92. Kern was a bit shocked by that.
  93. I was too shocked to say a word.
  94. But I’m shocked that Vernon.
  95. Will's father was truly shocked.
  96. Raghu was terrified and shocked.
  97. I was shocked to discover that.
  98. I was utterly shocked by what.
  99. He fell backwards, shocked by.
  100. What is it? I was shocked.
  1. And that is what shocks me.
  2. What, this shocks you? Read.
  3. The fact that I like it shocks me.
  4. We’d endured quite a few shocks and.
  5. She had had too many shocks for one night.
  6. It was suggested to use electric shocks.
  7. It was one of the biggest shocks of his life.
  8. The farther I got, the less I felt the shocks.
  9. Yet it has absorbed the shocks and influenced.
  10. The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks.
  11. One of the biggest shocks to my system was when.
  12. Lucy felt she could bear no more of these shocks.
  13. They stood the worst shocks and emerged undamaged.
  14. Once you do that job, nothing shocks you anymore.
  15. An example is an electronic belt that shocks your.
  16. Nothing is more real than these great shocks which.
  17. What even shocks me more, being amused at the fact that.
  18. The impact shocks him, and his gun topples from his hands.
  19. It was among the worst nervous shocks I have ever encountered.
  20. There is plenty of growth, but what shocks me most is the general.
  21. I’m slammed by a one-two punch of shocks and my mouth drops open.
  22. While I felt wave after wave of shocks, I was thrown to the floor.
  23. This is something that always shocks and only makes sense after the.
  24. Karan did not have time to wait for them to come out of their shocks.
  25. That's what shocks the crap out of me, because when I heard about it I.
  26. Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers on the electric line will prevent shocks.
  27. The gayety of Geronte shocks and exasperates the melancholy of Werther.
  28. I gave her electrical shocks to produce reactions of pain and terror.
  29. Maybe stress the importance of not slipping her guard, though it shocks.
  30. The shocks kept coming until she lost consciousness and slumped forward.
  31. Thus, this for lack of better terms, SHOCKS your muscles into responding.
  32. If you think that this is something, prepare yourself for some more shocks.
  33. Our researcher was able to witness how they beat and gave electric shocks to.
  34. The coolness of her voice in his thoughts shocks him to action and he lets her go.
  35. Henry's apparatus for obtaining sparks and shocks from the calorimotor, xxxi, 137.
  36. It’s really very difficult to express in words all the agony these shocks produce.
  37. There's something about violence that shocks our spirit, see? We're not made for that.
  38. I took his fingers as if they contained electric shocks, shook them quickly, pulled back.
  39. Ladislaw, that we none of us ever thought you could marry? It shocks James so dreadfully.
  40. His imposing gesture gently shocks her through with his electrifying touch of titillation.
  41. Shocks stabbed at the air as if his rage was of bolts of lightning that he hurled her way.
  42. There had been several other shocks as well, about 500 miles north and 400 miles northeast.
  43. The study uses surprises in the market-wide ILLIQ series to measure liquidity shocks among U.
  44. He lifted her chin and pressed his wet lips against hers, sending shocks of heat through her.
  45. It was one of those little shocks to the system of which he had many since arriving in Slough.
  46. I can't believe it another five thousand I said grinning at Chris but he shocks his head.
  47. Other methods such as electric shocks, beatings and pro-longed sleep deprivation were also used.
  48. It needs painting, and I'll have one of the guys at the station put in new shocks, but it runs.
  49. A series of internal shocks rocked the ship until it lay still, a dead hulk coasting through space.
  50. But you know, you could feel the violence that was about to erupt there, and it shocks your system.
  51. He wondered if this captain knew that shocks like these could kill a human more easily than a Rotham.
  52. But this fastidiousness and irony which he preserved in spite of all shocks reassured me at the time.
  53. This was done, and the princess in her chamber only felt two little shocks, and she was at home again.
  54. Such encounters are shocks, and the memory that they leave behind them resembles a thorough shaking up.
  55. Central bank credibility is essential to contain second-round effects and to keep any shocks transitory.
  56. After all, what could one expect at her age? Many a husband had had worse shocks than a curl coming off.
  57. The recognition came creeping into her heart and sent shocks through her whole body as it became conscious.
  58. From what the doctors told me, I almost died the other night suffering all those shocks to my body at once.
  59. This has been one of the most terrible shocks of my life to me I hardly can believe it that it is true at all.
  60. What shocks me about you, she said, smiling, is that you always say exactly what you shouldn’t be saying.
  61. She received some electric shocks early on, I was told, but I examined and treated her and she is now fine, miss.
  62. I chuckled without humor You know what shocks me the most is that he hasn’t presented me with divorce papers yet.
  63. She is taught mind control lessons while sitting on a chair that allows electric shocks into whatever is sitting on it.
  64. Remember what you just said? If this is all a dream created by the shocks in your brain, the whole heart issue is moot.
  65. This it was which had caused the regular beating noise, and the rhythmic shocks that had kept our ruinous refuge quivering.
  66. The most pain-filled shocks are the ones most remembered, the ones that are etched most deeply in the psyches of the undead.
  67. The irony is that what appear to be large shocks on one time frame are often strong, tradable trends on the lower time frame.
  68. A few shocks of corn in a corner of the fallow stood up as if alive; she imagined them bowing; perhaps her son would be a Joseph.
  69. In 1985, three hundred children were held at Fusailyya Prison, where they were whipped, sexually abused and given electric shocks.
  70. The movie has a few shocks built into it and one of them shook her so hard her foot shot up and landed a bit too hard in my groin.
  71. The oil price shocks of the 1970s and their debilitating effects on the global economy underscored crude oil’s indispensability.
  72. Habits, in her experience, if punctually kept to, were invaluable as reminders that there were other things in life besides shocks.
  73. Again and again the piercing metallic vibrations, like charges of raw electricity, fell in paralyzing shocks from the stunned trees.
  74. The modified MACD is constructed from simple moving averages, so it suffers from the problem of dual inflections to single price shocks.
  75. Conan looked to see Amalric's lancers rounding the western ridge, but they did not come, and the pikemen began to reel back under the shocks.
  76. The next day, prices open higher, which shocks many complacent bears, and many shorts are quickly covered, causing the price to rise further.
  77. The shocks of youthful minds among themselves have this admirable property, that one can never foresee the spark, nor divine the lightning flash.
  78. Liquidity conditions vary over time and liquidity shocks exhibit commonality across assets, suggesting that liquidity may be a priced risk factor.
  79. Nevertheless, it was indispensable that he should take a look into his conscience, after such shocks, and render to himself an account of himself.
  80. These levels are often rough and poorly delineated, and price action within the range tends to be more random and subject to sudden, large shocks.
  81. So I kept on getting repeated shocks with her stories of household chores, grocer's bills, servants' problems and generally keeping house for Talaat.
  82. Opening the top box, she found inside a number of body armor parts carefully sealed in plastic bags and insulated from shocks by plastic foam inserts.
  83. When she lifts her dress and shows the audience her tiny, tight, teen-aged twat tied together with titanium twine is when she finally shocks everyone.
  84. A strange kind of a chuckle deep down in Morgan's throat, jolted his body with shocks as he squirmed in ecstasy and held out his hands to his new asset.
  85. Now and then, she heard sharp shocks in the distance, and she said: It is odd that people should be opening and shutting their carriage gates so early.
  86. If required, there are fertilizers like Super Thrive that strengthens the young plants during its germination process thereby reducing transplant shocks.
  87. However, illiquidity shocks based on the Amihud measure are only mildly negative in January, and the Pastor–Stambaugh portfolio of high-liquidity-risk vs.
  88. My property was no longer in more or less insecure speculative securities, but was, as I had told Langdon, in forms that would withstand the worst shocks.
  89. This is a tumultuous kind of month with many shocks and surprises (many of them good, but good things can be as stressful, and time consuming, as bad things).
  90. If traders were using historical volatility in 1987, that is, if they expected prices to stay in a range similar to 1986, they would have received a few shocks.
  91. At the same time certain circumstances being given, certain shocks arriving to bring his under-nature to the surface, he had all the requisites for a blackguard.
  92. The events of the last few days, the sudden shocks, the ongoing stress and continuing uncertainty, plus the matter of divided loyalties, were eroding her sanity.
  93. Initial models focused on the idea that volatility comes in clusters—large shocks tend to be followed by large shocks and uneventful periods by more of the same.
  94. Lacing through his nervous system like a bat out of hell, the pain connected to his brain in a series of electromagnetic shocks, forcing him to realize his action.
  95. The degree of the punishment outrages all ideas of proportion between guilt and punishment, and the number of the victims shocks all feelings of humanity or mercy.
  96. Energy use decline throughout the period, although there were noticeable reductions in consumption in the years following the two oil price shocks in 1973 an 1979.
  97. Walter de la Mare said of him, when he returned from Antwerp, Ulysses himself at the end of his voyagings was not more quietly accustomed to the shocks of novelty.
  98. The ego cooks up any number of reasons to dish out fear, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, despair, and all of the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.
  99. It isn't, of course, in any way a bad thing to trail shawls after you on country walks; there is nothing about it or him that shocks or grieves; he is very lovable.
  100. It almost shocks me how negative Annie has become, and how positive Phil is, and how the relationship between both of them and myself has turned around so considerably.

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