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Frasi con encounter (in inglese)

  1. And by this encounter becomes.
  2. But some would encounter his.
  3. This is the direct encounter.
  4. I remember the first encounter.
  5. After my encounter with God in.

  6. You encounter suns beyond count.
  7. That’s how this encounter went.
  8. It was an encounter with a she-cat.
  9. With every encounter, he saw her.
  10. Health to you and all you encounter.
  11. That first encounter of our tongues.
  12. And encounter that fiery man, Mr.
  13. I expected to encounter more ghosts.
  14. An encounter with a caustic dragon.
  15. King recalled this encounter as well.

  16. No, my hero will encounter Heracles.
  17. And of course I didn’t encounter any.
  18. She didn’t want to encounter a snake.
  19. Mark the encounter: if he love her not.
  20. His last encounter was still fresh in.
  21. The encounter with Calvin bothered her.
  22. In this encounter the serpent does not.
  23. That close encounter with boyhood heroes.
  24. In an unexpected encounter that was too.
  25. The encounter was no different from all.

  26. I just had an encounter the other day.
  27. His life has changed after an encounter.
  28. A nighttime encounter could be dangerous.
  29. You will encounter many things along the.
  30. The encounter is always with the unknown.
  31. Annie was fortunate to not encounter any.
  32. Her last encounter was with the blacksmith.
  33. Q: When did you first encounter the Orbs?
  34. Certainly he would encounter more of the.
  35. The encounter had not been left to chance.
  36. Since the UFO encounter, Garcia said.
  37. The next creature we encounter is the wolf.
  38. I chalked that up as a successful encounter.
  39. When you encounter ski-racing fanatics in.
  40. Liam described the encounter with the Teriz.
  41. You will encounter strong winds that will.
  42. It starts as we ourselves have an encounter.
  43. In the gateway I met with another encounter.
  44. He knew he would not survive this encounter.
  45. They encounter a schoolyard basketball game.
  46. Travis was amazed at this strange encounter.
  47. It real y mat ers on what mob you encounter.
  48. The first encounter with the language in a.
  49. Not many had survived that encounter, either.
  50. He was quite prepared for any such encounter.
  51. I’d even paid for an encounter in the city.
  52. We can be very sure that you will encounter.
  53. Another life change I had to encounter for 6.
  54. She clearly remembered their brief encounter.
  55. The following are terms you will encounter:.
  56. He was a little nervous about this encounter.
  57. Up until our encounter with Bill and his men.
  58. I want her take on the encounter with Bobby.
  59. He then got his second shock of the encounter.
  60. And that encounter radically changed his life.
  61. The Treasured Memoirs and the First Encounter.
  62. I was excited but also dreading that encounter.
  63. The encounter by the lake had a similar effect.
  64. It was their first encounter with the magical.
  65. This was not our first encounter with a gorgon.
  66. Andrew had a series of wonders to yet encounter.
  67. And he will be changed by the encounter, Alex.
  68. With every subsequent encounter a new unity is.
  69. I couldn't pass up this chance for an encounter.
  70. It’s also important that if you do encounter.
  71. They lifted their eyes together, to encounter Mr.
  72. Every time I encounter the term, I grit my teeth.
  73. Losers are those who deny the encounter with God.
  74. One of the fears that you may encounter as a new.
  75. In this encounter with Him, it seemed to me that.
  76. The innkeeper saw the encounter, but said nothing.
  77. I don’t recall much else about the encounter.
  78. Aiden's next encounter with demands that he find.
  79. It is an encounter that always leaves me feeling.
  81. Heal the sick—Give people an encounter with God.
  82. Did you survive the first encounter? he began.
  83. How the encounter can take place in this situation.
  84. Spelman regarding the previous evening's encounter.
  85. He told Monty about his encounter with the Warrior.
  86. Fill yourself with love and you will encounter God.
  87. The memory of the encounter was stamped in his head.
  88. It wasn't at that original encounter, but another.
  89. Of every encounter we have recorded the following:.
  90. I once had an encounter with God about His sight.
  91. His slight sword was snapped in the first encounter.
  92. She was still shaken up from our encounter with Lote.
  94. You will encounter numerous self-hating aristocrats.
  95. She explained her weird encounter with the face in.
  96. We influence the leaders of the people we encounter.
  97. You encounter these types of companies in the book:.
  98. You’ll also encounter proof that the Angel of.
  99. Every day presented a new encounter, or so it must.
  100. But as for your encounter with the Abraham Lincoln.
  1. He told Bush that he was encountering resistance.
  2. He had feared encountering a situation such as this.
  3. And yet he remembered nothing of encountering the wave.
  4. We aren't encountering any that appear to be orbiting Sol.
  5. He was alone in encountering the government; he had been.
  6. He owed her some money and felt afraid of encountering her.
  7. That night, as he was going to his room, he kept encountering.
  8. There is no way to get to him without encountering the natives.
  9. They kept on running in the building encountering some zombies.
  10. Wisdom never tasted a kiss as sweet as the one he was encountering.
  11. Clarence was not at all concerned encountering this total stranger.
  12. There is a way of encountering error while on one's way to the truth.
  13. I suppose reading about demons is quite different to encountering one.
  14. A ship in transit encountering such a body on the same plane would be as.
  15. This was enormously helpful, because one of the problems I kept encountering.
  16. Encountering that mysterious Presence at the end of Hanor’s remembrance was.
  17. I travelled only at night, fearful of encountering the visage of a human being.
  18. He took a step back, encountering the uneasy sensation that he was about to fly.
  19. He is not the kind of person you should ever have the misfortune of encountering.
  20. Thom wondered what the odds were of encountering that expedition randomly in the 1.
  21. Encountering nobody else for the rest of the turn, no surprises to test their purpose.
  22. Encountering women at events that he's treated is weird enough, but his ex-fiancée?
  23. These are just a few of the common issues that people report encountering during their.
  24. He had feared encountering aliens, warlike creatures in fast ships with powerful weapons.
  25. Rachel parked the ship in as low an orbit as possible without encountering the planet’s.
  26. There was little danger of encountering a word that wasn't in Alan’s vocabulary however.
  27. It was like encountering in the flesh some dream-image that had haunted one in nightmares.
  28. They reported that the Americans, upon encountering Japanese defenses, had fled in terror.
  29. Instead of encountering friends on this approaching ship, we would find only pitiless enemies.
  30. They reached the grass track which the prisoners had taken into the Great Forest, encountering.
  31. He’d been fascinated by her for decades and had dreamed at times of encountering her socially.
  32. We had a long talk about marketing – what she was doing, the problems she was encountering, etc.
  33. Did he himself never leave the Nautilus? Whole weeks had often gone by without my encountering him.
  34. She dug heels like she hadn't since encountering that skinny theirops cub out in the Kinsheeta pass.
  35. I once heard the word used by a pompous attorney on encountering a co-worker he needed to speak with.
  36. This engine, encountering a split rail one night, leaped a trestle and dived twenty feet into a mudhole.
  37. They got to it without encountering any problems as it was close to the place where they entered the Realm.
  38. The other option was to dress as usual and risk encountering someone who was oblivious to my gender situation.
  39. When lies follow angles that are unfit, then you can be assured that you would be encountering swinging errors.
  40. She felt a fuzzy nervousness, along the corridor; neither encountering nor hearing any other patient or doctor.
  41. Ha, tempter! Methinks thou art too late! answered the minister, encountering his eye, fearfully, but firmly.
  42. One of the hardest things to deal with was the possibility of people who knew me as Kenna encountering me otherwise.
  43. Next, encountering myself in the corridor, he took my hands in his, and gazed into my face with a rather curious air.
  44. She did have a mind and was quite knowledgeable about Zhlindu and everything else on the river they were encountering.
  45. She advised us to use the shuttle service rather than walking at night due to the possibility of encountering wild game.
  46. Along the way, they began encountering the sort of fanatical insurgency that would characterize the war after Baghdad fell.
  47. We did so, without encountering any adventure more thrilling than seeing an argument between a policeman and a late reveller.
  48. What he hadn’t counted on even for a moment was encountering the Imperial Charisian Navy less than seventy miles from Ki-dau.
  49. Some of the freight companies used cruisers to defend their convoys, but the likelihood of encountering one of those was slim.
  50. I look at these young ones here, and they're not only seeing God move, they're actually experiencing Him, and encountering Him.
  51. So they only said "Good-by," and Will quitted the house, striking across the fields so as not to run any risk of encountering Mr.
  52. On the other hand, fishermen have a well-known aversion to encountering enemy warships—for that matter, any warships—at sea.
  53. As for encountering the screw-galleys in the river, I’m no more interested in that sort of foolishness than either of you are.
  54. I would lay there worshipping, praising, enjoying, and being awed at how wonderful He is, as He was encountering me with His love.
  55. He too kept straight ahead, though the thought of encountering another of Set's 'sons' in the darkness brought a shudder from him.
  56. Spiritual experiences, revelation from the word, revelations of spiritual things must lead to encountering and working with people.
  57. They were now in a straight and long gallery, in a chasm of the rocks, where retreat without encountering the animal was impossible.
  58. Then, the Australians started encountering dispersed, feeble resistance from a few Japanese soldiers that had survived the airstrike.
  59. Along the way, they began encountering the sort of fanatical insurgency that would characterize the war after Baghdad fell.
  60. We are to be holy when helping others, cleaning the house, praying for healing, praising God, making dinner, encountering God, and more.
  61. Cassa travelled by bus across the south coast of Java, encountering police checkpoints where he would have to show his visa and passport.
  62. About a half mile into the hike, we started encountering more and more fallen trees so there was a lot of climbing, crawling, and detours.
  63. When one has a phobia, he will often anticipate encountering the circumstance that is apt to trigger it, which can set up persistent anxiety.
  64. The group then followed Nancy inside and down, encountering their first group of dead pirates at the foot of the ladder leading to the Lower Deck.
  65. It appeared that towns in either direction were located on the river, but Colling feared that entering them would mean encountering Russian troops.
  66. This was what I wanted and would alleviate Jennys fear of encountering spiders in the dark if she had to venture out to the amenity blocks nearby.
  67. There is little chance of encountering large animals such as elephants, rhinos and hippopotamus, or the larger big cats, outside wildlife reserves.
  68. The advancing line of Australians then started encountering dozens of wounded Japanese, along with pieces of human bodies littering the jungle floor.
  69. But Rohsail’s better coordinated than he’d expected—than I’d expected, for that matter—and with the wind conditions he’s been encountering.
  70. What I am teaching on right now is encountering Jesus on a visionary level either in the realms of the earth, His Spirit, or in the kingdom of heaven.
  71. As such this omnipresent Law ensures that we face our lesson by encountering similar scenarios repeatedly, until we are able to overcome it successfully.
  72. Resuming his advance, Jack walked past four street intersections, encountering or seeing only a few civilians who quickly hid or walked away on seeing him.
  73. It is hoped that this book can serve as a supportive resource for individuals encountering the pain of a serious conflict at their current level of awareness.
  74. Mom’s English wasn’t stellar, on account of her years of isolation, encountering America through a tube, but you wouldn’t have known that to look at her.
  75. She had been lucky in encountering decent weather soon after departure and had been able to make good time, helped by a rear wind that had saved her a lot of fuel.
  76. Each ship would then be tethered to one of the larger ships, while they took a circuitous route to avoid encountering any potential Kierd patrols around the Cluster.
  77. You could not now traverse the gallery, once so hushed, nor enter the front chambers, once so tenantless, without encountering a smart lady’s-maid or a dandy valet.
  78. There are several places where one can rest comfortably, except obviously, when encountering someone who snores…In addition, it offers free use of the Internet at set hours.
  79. The enemy attack became evident only fifteen minutes later, when KPRA soldiers who had advanced quietly under the protection of the smoke started encountering American trenches.
  80. Encountering excessive repeaters on a UTP network is a condition that you can test for by checking to see whether problems occur more often on paths with a larger number of hubs.
  81. The concept of soul, as early as I can remember encountering the term, was a gossamer kind of something that everyone seemed to know was there somewhere but didn’t fully understand how.
  82. He had a terror of Earnshaw's reputation, and shrunk from encountering him; and yet he was always received with our best attempts at civility: the master himself avoided offending him---.
  83. I’ll get there someday, he said, letting the adrenaline that had flooded his veins with the thought of encountering this particular world-class destination fade with the passing miles.
  84. Next morning I had the pleasure of encountering him; left a bullet in one of his poor etiolated arms, feeble as the wing of a chicken in the pip, and then thought I had done with the whole.
  85. Those assignments also gave him the most essential experiences of encountering the inevitable snags and snafus of planning, and finding the necessary work-arounds or redesign solutions in remedy.
  86. She was often defeated in her purpose, by encountering their watchful eyes, when it became necessary to feign an alarm she did not feel, and occupy the limb by some gesture of feminine apprehension.
  87. But the columns advanced for a long time, always in the same fog, descending and ascending hills, avoiding gardens and enclosures, going over new and unknown ground, and nowhere encountering the enemy.
  88. Are we really just at the edge of the unknown, encountering the outlying pickets of this lost world of which our leader speaks? I give you the incident as it occurred and you will know as much as I do.
  89. Franz, however, did not obey the summons till he had satisfied himself that the two men whose conversation he had overheard were at a sufficient distance to prevent his encountering them in his descent.
  90. The baser portion of the Bishop's brain was about to substitute another word for guiding when he was saved--providentially, the nobler portion of his brain instantly pointed out--by encountering the Duchess.
  91. I thought of the snow I’d soon be encountering if I continued on with the ice ax I didn’t yet know how to use and the white ski pole with its cute little pink wrist strap that had come to me only by chance.
  92. The route he proposed to take was shown on the roadmap as following narrow blue lines labeled local roads, which, in Colling’s mind, meant there was less chance of encountering Russian patrols or checkpoints.
  93. As he performed this office, he whispered his reviving hopes in the ears of the trembling females, who, through dread of encountering the savage countenances of their captors, seldom raised their eyes from the ground.
  94. In the wilderness, where a man's horse is his chief dependence, the traveller was surprised and distressed to see the beast sicken and die in convulsions, sometimes within three hours after encountering this little insect.
  95. Besides encountering the perpetual hostility of all those who were near to him, he would have to give up the service and his position, and sacrifice his hopes of being useful to humanity by his service, now and in the future.
  96. Nervously searching the big residence room by room and encountering only the headless bodies of armed bodyguards on the ground floor, the Russian policemen finally found the first live occupant once they went up to the first floor.
  97. The first assault wave, after breaking through the French wire, was seemingly encountering fierce, desperate resistance from the French soldiers in Muang Phin and was hesitating, with some of the Vietminh soldiers starting to retreat.
  98. Then I opened my eyes and all I could see was just kids everywhere, just with their hands raised, and these seven year olds to about 12, hands raised, just tears just flowing down their faces, because they were encountering the love of God.
  99. The 41st Bombardment Wing was sent earlier today to bomb a munitions factory in the Ruhr, but, apart from encountering the usual heavy German fighter and antiaircraft artillery response, was decimated by what seems to be a new German weapon.
  100. The count had devised this diplomatic ruse (as he afterwards told his daughter) to give the future sisters-inlaw an opportunity to talk to one another freely, but another motive was to avoid the danger of encountering the old prince, of whom he was afraid.
  1. He had encountered no tripwires.
  2. The issues they have encountered.
  3. He’d encountered it in TV series.
  4. In Rainbow Valley he encountered Mr.
  5. But we have encountered disruptions.
  6. He encountered a priest on horseback.
  7. I have encountered some decent lawyers.
  8. When break is encountered inside any.
  9. Every time they’d encountered them.
  10. He encountered a great deal of racism.
  11. Before I encountered Garcia, I was.
  12. On our way out, we encountered a horde.
  13. It was like nothing he’d encountered.
  14. Never had he encountered one such as her.
  15. But then, he encountered life’s harsh.
  16. He had encountered a lot of homosexuals.
  17. As they charged on they encountered the.
  18. Again we were encountered with each other.
  19. I encountered him only at rare intervals.
  20. He’s someone I encountered recently.
  21. The black ship they had encountered was.
  22. So He encountered God at His water baptism.
  23. We encountered each other again and again.
  24. When he encountered problems even before.
  25. Wherever they encountered personnel, they.
  26. Olin had encountered him on occasion in Mr.
  27. Abraham, the father of faith, encountered God.
  28. Ben Heinrichs encountered a fire on his land.
  29. Yet he encountered a situation that from all.
  30. Wherever shamanism is still encountered today.
  32. Only meanings actually encountered in the text.
  33. Most of the women I encountered were in their.
  34. I had never encountered poetry quite like this.
  35. I have not yet encountered a suitable candidate.
  36. She was taken by the technology she encountered.
  37. They encountered many sails, but none was Yankee.
  38. The next tribe we encountered was the Ayawak’a.
  39. It encountered next condition and checked that.
  40. Deeply colored amethyst was rarely encountered.
  41. The next day he encountered someone wearing the.
  42. By now the majority of pilgrims they encountered.
  43. Fourtranslations and adaptations are encountered.
  44. They quickly encountered another forest, and the.
  45. When the bean had encountered a crystalline lake.
  46. He had never encountered anything as strange as.
  47. Any staff they encountered darted out of the way.
  48. The next tribe I encountered was called the Kigzh.
  49. Until, when they encountered a boy, he killed him.
  50. The next tribe we encountered was the Catlo’ltx.
  51. As he left, he encountered Oswald the Oddbot who.
  52. I have encountered women who believe in something.
  53. She had encountered some people in the pass itself.
  54. Ghosteater had not encountered many dangers of late.
  55. Through the scriptures you encountered the living.
  56. But then again, he had never encountered any before.
  57. He encountered eight other guards but none of them.
  58. Well, the ones we’ve encountered so far, at least.
  59. But then the crossbowmen encountered another hazard.
  60. I have just encountered a brand new way of shopping.
  61. The next people we encountered were called the Wampo.
  62. Some other photos of what we encountered on arrival.
  63. The last time we encountered them was decades ago.
  64. But one day I encountered a new neurologist, a woman.
  65. The first group I encountered was standing next to a.
  66. She had never encountered another patient like Nicky.
  67. As they continued their march south they encountered.
  68. I have not previously encountered such a structure.
  69. On their way up they encountered the two men who had.
  70. Mikhail was a boy of 12 when he first encountered Karl.
  71. I've encountered some amazing cherubs over the years.
  72. Tarmon had never encountered anything like this before.
  73. He was struck by the very first entry he encountered!.
  74. It was but a coincidence I encountered him when I did.
  75. He cheered his good fortune at having encountered me.
  76. Christian document either of them had ever encountered.
  77. Well, we encountered them in their thousands in Bavaria.
  78. He’d encountered more than a few such in his travels.
  79. Appomattox Courthouse and about that time, encountered.
  80. One of the later ones I encountered though was during.
  81. As I approached the food counter I encountered several.
  82. Despite the evil you have encountered you remained pure.
  83. They had encountered the shift returning from the beach.
  84. They gave me this, the last time I had encountered them.
  85. The building of the temple encountered opposition from.
  86. This was not the sort of thing they usually encountered.
  87. His brows lifted as he encountered the hostility shining.
  88. On Sunday, August 20, 1854, Olin encountered by chance Mr.
  89. Navy, I have encountered more than my fair share of both.
  90. Jacob encountered God during the darkest time of his life.
  91. Anne when we did, she likely would have encountered death.
  92. Garcia turned to see a god he hadn’t encountered before.
  93. The older man nodded, I encountered him in the shadows.
  94. I have encountered immature women with all these things.
  95. On way he encountered Titania and Bluebel coming in the.
  96. That seemed the consensus, of all she encountered that day.
  97. Even old Ged, the dragon-hunter he had encountered in the.
  98. Treatise on the Materia Medica, Hahnemann encountered the.
  99. Sarah said she encountered the same trouble in trying to.
  100. Another problem encountered was that various system update.
  1. These encounters with the Roman.
  2. After that it encounters another.
  3. Close Encounters Of The Third-Kind.
  4. I have had many encounters with it.
  5. I found his flirtatious encounters.
  6. Each time the translator encounters.
  7. There many encounters like this that.
  8. The encounters I mentioned earlier were.
  9. Whenever the Psychological I encounters.
  10. On the trail, Strayed encounters mostly men.
  11. This is one of the scariest encounters that.
  12. I've had some close encounters with sharks.
  13. His MiG encounters with Frederick were legend.
  14. Our evening encounters were impromptu affairs.
  15. It told of lonely hills and strange encounters.
  16. Blessed with longevity, such encounters always.
  17. He has had no female encounters for a long time.
  18. I had the pleasure of two Internet encounters in.
  19. There are instincts for all the encounters of life.
  20. Thus, evidently, as one encounters decisions and.
  21. All three had unique encounters and visions of God.
  22. And he began to enlarge on his encounters with the.
  23. Maybe encounters with the police made them that way.
  24. He stands out in the mind of everyone he encounters.
  25. His encounters with the servants had exhilarated him.
  26. Volume 2 will be out soon – same wacky encounters!.
  27. In encounters with ghosts, it has been reported that.
  28. Man From Snowy River or Jeff Fahey encounters in the.
  29. Most of our encounters have been fraught with tension.
  30. This requires that encounters of Sophia-Analysis are.
  31. This, which is true of all great armed encounters, is.
  32. Encounters with plasma life forms can be classified as.
  33. It’s also the first day in a long life of encounters.
  34. I’ve had many encounters with members of the opposite.
  35. He also builds up to and encounters a Dark Moment within.
  36. I didn’t share those encounters with the family, which.
  37. It was definitely one of the more interesting encounters.
  38. The situation breaks her and this awkward encounters is.
  39. Such encounters were commonplace in his business, he said.
  40. The Vicious Brothers for Grave Encounters win Best Director.
  41. We had many encounters with people where they really heard.
  42. On the way to AZ, I had a few wild encounters in West Texas.
  43. In encounters with others you are totally absorbed in them.
  44. Besides, these encounters with the Elusivers had some value.
  45. These two encounters, this falling one after the other, from.
  46. Kenneth Ring, a psychologist who studies encounters with the.
  47. Within this theory the famous Four Encounters of Buddha and.
  48. Every face encounters a story of sex and troubles left behind.
  49. Alzheimer disease encounters some reality to such a production.
  50. What did the dear boy say about our nightly encounters?
  51. Pretty soon, after a few encounters with one another, neither.
  52. Jamie had no idea what those chance encounters did to Margaret.
  53. Each of these encounters left Colling dry-mouthed and on edge.
  54. This was no time for encounters with Komadze and his KGB thugs.
  55. She tried to explain about her encounters with the blue orb of.
  56. The spirit encounters a falled mind in stories and aliens faces.
  57. It will take many other encounters and new levels of processing.
  58. We fought a number of encounters, but our quarry still eluded us.
  59. She found Mayank a mother at heart and in very few encounters;.
  60. Talk of alien encounters and camel spit was lost on her but the.
  61. Perhaps more frequent encounters would deflate their infatuation.
  62. Mifroid's inquiry saved them from any such unpleasant encounters.
  63. I had to be, our encounters were only three or four times a year.
  64. Roi-de-Sicile, one almost immediately encounters a repulsive ruin.
  65. This is why he encounters possessive women like Circe and Calypso.
  66. The outcomes of such encounters can never be accurately predicted.
  67. The ball then falls down a level where it encounters another nail.
  68. Encounters between Rose and Rosemary were often short and scarring.
  69. When flying, one encounters various air currents and cross-winds.
  70. He lingered, studying the room with distaste, fearful of encounters.
  71. And he began to enlarge on his encounters with the new institutions.
  72. These encounters seemed to cause Boulatruelle a lively displeasure.
  73. Oedipus encounters the Sphinx, who asks him its riddle, but Oedipus.
  74. It tells of their encounters with previous Akons, Sages and Runners.
  75. Upaya knew that Rahu might come in handy during upcoming encounters;.
  76. It does not mean spiritual experiences, visions or angelic encounters.
  77. After one or two such menacing encounters, my Ma thought better of it.
  78. The encounters between your astral body and other astral beings would.
  79. Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Fin knew it would come back to him.
  80. On the other hand, when one encounters somebody who is apparently not.
  81. Entire planetary encounters of inhospitable refugees begin to feel the.
  82. At the beginning, group Sophia-Analysis encounters are only verbal, but.
  83. His job and the way he worked it led to many encounters with resistance.
  84. There has not been any record of previous encounters with the Orderrans.
  85. Usually a person first encounters their gifts when they are quite young.
  86. The more interesting thing about this is the timing of these encounters.
  87. When the frog encounters a bug, only one action is supported: it eats it!.
  88. She was beginning to hate the paparazzi after only two encounters with them.
  89. Not that she didn’t collect mementos to remind her of personal encounters.
  90. Yes, the Fife said, Brandor sharing a few tales about those encounters.
  91. The first encounters with the opposite sex may be the most awakening passion.
  92. If my son encounters him, he will do him all the good that lies in his power.
  93. Yes, but so far, in several encounters, he has bested them! This is a very.
  94. At one of these encounters, accidentally or purposely, Albert's mask fell off.
  95. The previous encounters were very formal, usually in group meetings where he.
  96. At the University of Auckland we had many encounters with the Islamic society.
  97. The first of these encounters happens with Polyphemus, who is Poseidon’s son.
  98. I am worried that the casual encounters she indulges in might bring her to harm.
  99. There are encounters which bind us, there are chances which involve us in duties.
  100. The while loop will continue until the condition is false or it encounters a break.

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