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Anatomy in una frase (in inglese)

The Anatomy Of A Mix CD.
Eye, anatomy of the, 105.
Year 10 anatomy was coming back to.
Interesting part of the female anatomy.
At the core of her anatomy, protruding.
It travels on another part of the anatomy.
Anatomy, study of, its importance, 36, 122.

Read Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins.
Well…it was designed for Stargazer anatomy.
She had studied well her book of human anatomy.
Loving in the Moment, What About Now? Anatomy of.
Tony Fripon, a Ghanaian, taught us human anatomy.
My only hope now is in anatomy, by Jove, it is!.
Other parts of my anatomy were responding as well.
The functional anatomy of the running training shoe.
Let’s take a moment to look at the anatomy of a hook.
How much more directly tied to anatomy could destiny.
This, by the way, is the anatomy of a Mindy Kaling crush.
Sarah teaches biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology.
I knew we were at the anatomy lab because the translucent.
Then he sat up and felt of various portions of his anatomy.
Anatomy of the American Wild Swan, (Cygnus americanus,) 83.
Samuel Brown of Alabama is named as Professor of Anatomy, Dr.
From Head to Toe: Uncovering the Anatomy of a Commodity Index.
There was one part of my anatomy that was dying to show her a.
Fripp on this subject, entitled Human Anatomy for Art Students.
And her head was not the only part of her anatomy that was shaking.
The anatomy is close in reflective thoughts far more than monogamy.
The Quigg anatomy requires the act of cleaning to keep itself alive.
You just have to study the anatomy of the bear and be able to shoot.
Anatomy of the Spirit, talks about being plugged into the past.
Anatomy given meaning in our society becomes destiny, for this is the.
In 1959, he won three Grammys for the motion picture Anatomy of a Murder.
It was his contribution towards her education regarding the male anatomy.
You’ve heard of the fall of Enron, chronicled in the book, Anatomy Of.
Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine in 1973, where his.
But I hardly think the case for anatomy needs much stating at the present time.
If you prefer I could pick a different part of your anatomy to concentrate on.
That evening, I showered fastidiously, soaping every inch of my anatomy, just in.
I think it a very satisfactory one, ha-ha! They go to the Academy, study anatomy.

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