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    1. The floor was a slope of benches and tables with bars like the one she was seated at on each of a dozen levels

    2. At times we’d ride the bikes down the slope of Wavering Down there, seeing who would hit a rabbit hole first

    3. There's three tape-reseller khumes coming off the southeast slope of Rankor Hill toward the Karthuum Valley that are bigger than this

    4. By the time she was walking up the cobbled slope, having negotiated successfully the vagaries of the Bristol bus service, she was feeling quite pleased with herself

    5. she visualised it … a slope down to a culvert tiled on both sides, then roofed over

    6. Alone, with the busy slope of backpacks,

    7. Agile and talkative she led me through winding streets and alleyways, turning left - then up some steps, then right - and down some more, then a little slope until at last she pointed to a restaurant nestling in the corner of a shaded square and proudly announced, “Restaurant Virrgenia

    8. Before he realized it, she had jumped him and they went tumbling down the slope before them

    9. The track leads gently down the slope of the hill; the woods preventing us from seeing any great distance, but as we round a bend in the way, I spot a building a couple of miles away

    10. ‘How about giving me a go?’ Chas said, appearing at the top of the slope ahead of Chrissie

    11. The slope of this beach was steep and the rocks were quite large

    12. top,’ he pointed up the slope, ‘we’ll see if your

    13. The Triodines crested the slope and rushed

    14. Without missing a step, the horse started up the slope, leaping through the flames

    15. Once off the bridge, the third Hyondahi was less than a mile away up a relatively steep slope

    16. Julia loved the feel of the wind in her hair as she biked down a slope and she and Jack returned back to the Kingston Mansion

    17. The forest was dark and damp, the sun was behind the mountain as he climbed down it’s steep eastern slope

    18. “The house will be set up the slope far enough and so secluded from the more publicly accessible school that I am sure the Village Council and the School Committee will approve the location

    19. We sent him around on the east side where we sense a gentler slope

    20. The end of the path on the four house side was taken up with an ancient vine-covered stone building built onto a slope overlooking the center of the village

    21. "Then I can see what people say about the parks on the eastern slope," Desa said

    22. She got a good view of the rugged mountain slope below this castle with plains in the distance

    23. He fell the last thirty feet down the near ninety degree slope

    24. The views of the canyons of the upper south slope were fine, the bridges sometimes dizzying

    25. They rode that to the southern end of the Eastern Slope, then walked down Gense Spiral and reached a streetcar that ran out of the mountain thru the Eastern Breech and out onto a route where streetcar, cargo and foot traffic converged into a great avenue that leapt out of the mountain on a fanciful crystal bridge thirty five stories above the inner branch of the Imoneea river

    26. Her nibs were dark for her coloration and they lingered there for awhile, she asked him the names of some of the megastructures and chimneys on the Eastern Slope but he wasn't very interested in that

    27. The Petrol's were a few hundred yards up the road and Stephen Cleary clapped his hands in glee for Richard his elder brother told him that fire races up a slope whereas on a downward slope it takes its time unless blasted by the wind

    28. In the days of the island this had been the outskirts of the city of Hyadrain that encircled the bay of the same name, and this factory had been deep in a back canyon that lead back into the slope of the then uninhabited Rankor Hill

    29. Clothier gently eased their horses forward back down the slope

    30. Fizzicist did as he was told and followed the wide cobblestoned path down the eastern slope until eventually they reached the rolling hills of Top Farm

    31. "Who'd have thought they'd beat the slope of the southern route, why its bad enough walking up it," said Mr

    32. Suddenly, he heard something slide down the slope of the

    33. negotiated the slippery slope of the riverbank down to the

    34. because the slope is les steep

    35. Meanwhile, sheep were loose among a grove of lemon trees on the steep slope behind

    36. Fortunately, a different vineyard spread along the slope uphill from the crumbling

    37. The terrain appeared much more hospitable, with a thick forest and a clear stream running down the central mountain’s slope

    38. “Not far north of Jeremos's farm, there’s a small cave on the slope of Neriton

    39. Nerissa found the cave just as the worst of the storm began to lash the slope with sheets

    40. They heard the crackle of a broken stick, and then the skitter of a rock tumbling down the slope

    41. She left the flock grazing behind her as she climbed to the forest on the upper slope

    42. It struck a lone sapling on the slope

    43. Late into the afternoon, Nerissa stopped to rest at a brook that bubbled down the slope

    44. Odd, because with snow covering the slope outside, you’d

    45. It sprang away, then bounded up a rock-strewn slope

    46. She couldn’t stop her legs as they crashed down the broken slope and through the forest

    47. Danny did a nifty turn to face the struggling Carol as she pushed Ben up the slope in his small manual wheelchair

    48. He clambered up the slope and crawled into an oval shaped opening

    49. paths that jut out, curve back, and then reconnect with the main slope further down the hill

    50. Scott could just discern a man in a T-shirt and shorts scrambling up the slope towards the waterfall

    1. The cockpit had a post-bulge over two feet wide, shiny, and sloped

    2. I ran into the water; shouting, laughing, carefree, splashing forward till the bank sloped away and felled me like a tree into deeper water, happy with the shock of it all

    3. We sloped through the pass, from time to time tantalized by a vision of the cerulean pure wet sea, deep and gleaming in the distance

    4. This alley sloped steeply down and turned, so that soon they were in a basement stables

    5. Several openings in the walls directly below them sloped down into small chambers that could be closed off with bronze grills

    6. decent-sized back yard that sloped down toward the lake

    7. He got up onto the low side of the rock and walked up the sloped top so he could see over the line of brush and the fields beyond

    8. The forest behind Buttworst’s home sloped downhill to a small ravine with

    9. The half-closed eye, bowed nose and row of jagged, sloped teeth were the only indication it was otherwise

    10. The path, rocky and verdant on either side, sloped upward and grew ever more promising while horse and rider continued their trek

    11. The corridor sloped upward and eventually the end of the line became evident

    12. Then he looked down the field that sloped gently to the river

    13. The cliff sloped around fifteen degrees away from the vertical which was going to be an advantage when it came to climbing it

    14. After a couple of minutes you arrived in the cave, sliding out-of-control down the sloped tunnel and landing on the ground

    15. Near the top, its walls narrowed and sloped in

    16. sloped up to an irrigation canal

    17. Outside our window, the view was just what you would expect from a Swiss restaurant, with meadows stretching away into the distance, dotted with traditional wooden chalets with their steeply sloped roofs, to prevent the snow from accumulating

    18. To the right, the vineyards sloped away steeply downhill towards a distant farm

    19. It sloped upward, which would keep the rare rain from flooding it

    20. It gradually sloped upward to a sort of plateau where I found the promised grassland on the second day

    21. The ground sloped down

    22. The ground sloped fiercely down on the other side, covered with trees

    23. At last they reached a place where the ground sloped up

    24. Sadly, he had forgotten to put his seatbelt back on after dropping Aubree off at Christie’s in East Lyme, and the shoulder was loose gravel and sloped towards the guard rail

    25. ” The deck sloped toward the scuppers and was interrupted by cylindrical shafts three feet high and about four feet in diameter spaced regularly over the storage tanks below

    26. I guess it was something to do with the fact that the room was on the top floor, in the attic, because the ceiling sloped down to the shelf

    27. my head against a two-by-four in the sloped ceiling of the

    28. The gravel beneath sloped gradually toward the center

    29. The gravel beneath sloped

    30. become unnerving; while the rest of the room sloped in all other

    31. There was a point where the cliff sloped

    32. the land that gently sloped away until it met with a few hills at

    33. Since the bin sloped away from the ladder

    34. consolidation itself is bordered by a support line and a resistance line, which are parallel to each other or very mildly converging, making it look like a flag (parallelogram) and tends to be sloped in the opposite direction from the slope of the original trend, or is simply flat

    35. The converging top line, defined by points B, D, F, and H, is sloped downward

    36. The wedge is markedly sloped, and the breakout occurs in the direction opposite to its slope (See Figures 4

    37. The roof sloped down from over six meters from the front door to the two meter high window that looked out onto the lake

    38. The landscape sloped lower on the far side

    39. The plateau, whose sides fell away toward the wooded shores on the east, west and south, sloped upward toward the north to abut on a tangle of rocky cliffs, the highest point of the island

    40. The land sloped upwards and she followed a ravine that cut deep but it was devoid of moisture

    41. Hoofs drummed down the street that sloped to the wharfs

    42. immediately it sloped upwards but kept the same size

    43. The plateau had one side which sloped gently enough for the MMARV’s to operate while the other three sides were unassailable steep sandy cliffs

    44. The tunnels sloped downward

    45. The land sloped down from front to back and all the upper floor had been removed, leaving a sort of ramp for the trucks to drive up

    46. A wooden slipway sloped into the water and in the old days they used to winch small boats up the slipway into the boathouse

    47. Slowly he walked up the sloped road toward Jose, who immediately reclined his seat completely downward

    48. On and on we ran, right at the water's edge where the sand was compacted and sloped slightly

    49. � Its armor is to be well sloped, with possible use of new, special armor that I will describe in a few moments

    50. Half way through the night, I was not so sure my bundle was worth the trouble, my shoulder where the strap had rubbed was beginning to bleed and I breathed a sigh of relief when the hairy one stopped to drink and eat the food he had taken from the two warriors, he had food, I had trophies, I had a lot to learn from this strange ally, after sharing the food, my moon skinned friend picked up my bundle and effortlessly threw it on to his shoulder, we marched on through the rest of the night and as the false dawn shed its light, we began to scout around for, hopefully, our last hideaway in enemy country, the day passed without incident and when evening came we again set off to the east and in the false dawn as I scanned the horizon looking for a glimpse of the Hill of Setvic my hairy companion began to scout around for a place to stay, the land had sloped for the last two nights and we followed the incline and eventually reached the plateau, two nights later before we lay down to rest I thought the lie of the ground had a familiar look to it, the next evening before the sun went down I looked around and my heart leapt, the Hill of Setvic was there in the distance, tomorrow we would be on Toltec land, but we were not safe yet we had to survive the night, oh, what a cruel fate if we were to fail with the prize in sight, that night I was followed by demons, jumping in alarm at every noise, every animal call, when the morning star appeared I dropped to the ground, totally overcome by the sight of the outline of the Hill of Setvic in the near distance, a sight I never thought I would see again, my friend, misunderstanding, rushed up and stood astride me, his shiny sticks in his hands, I started to laugh and laugh, uncontrollably; he bent and shook me, I leapt up and hugged him whirling around and around, he put his hand over my mouth, the terror and permanent vigilance of the last few weeks seemed to roll from my back like a worn tattered cloak, I stopped my antics and tried with signs to make him understand that we were safe, not knowing if he understood or not, I walked towards home and he followed

    1. It was one of those weird, triangular rooms at the top of the house that is shaped by the way the roof slopes down

    2. and slip boot slopes of their battered home

    3. the coldness of the mountain slopes, opening heavy crystal lids,

    4. He slopes off to his room

    5. The slopes were covered with trellises and roofs

    6. The grounds were roughly walled with loose stone and the lawn was nothing but some mossy slopes leading up to the doors between the trunks

    7. onto the slopes of the mountain

    8. slopes of Anwaite Hill

    9. In here now they seemed to float only fifty miles or so above where Alan was supposed to be by now, a desolate patch of high ground on the upper slopes of a mountain

    10. the town, and on all sides were the forested slopes of the

    11. Beyond the grassy slopes surrounding the wall the tree line began, hundreds of yards distant, a vast forest thick with evergreens and oaks

    12. more sheltered forests of the lower slopes

    13. green plains to the north and forested slopes to the south,

    14. flower grew only on the slopes of Mount Olympus

    15. Besides, the slopes are incredible, there

    16. Fallingwater was like something out of a story book as it lay snuggled against the snow covered slopes

    17. The valley had been gradually swinging around to head almost due east and this sudden incline travelled east-to-west across it, continuing part way up the rocky slopes on either side

    18. shape, the curves and edges, the slopes

    19. The grass was getting a little denser and small withered shrubs started to appear as they strode toward the slopes of the mountains before them

    20. Peaceful tree-covered lanes gave way to narrow paths cut into the side of steep slopes that would suddenly open to glorious views of the gorge

    21. “That’s why we’re following the lower slopes now,” said Stan

    22. As we ascended the slopes of the Cascade Range, the change

    23. Across the moors ran several flocks of red deer roaming the moors and mountain slopes of the glens

    24. One or two pine marten swept across the cliffs and steep slopes

    25. He looked at the thin, green line of light and then looked at the faint mountain path that made a zig-zag through the ever rockier slopes

    26. And then rolling hills of auburn slowly lifting off the ground as if the very hand of God had touched and pinched the lands, his hand print faintly echoed in the timid, graceful slopes

    27. Winding their way past ski slopes that were closed for summer, they drove for nearly three hours before being stopped by road works

    28. hand at the most difficult of slopes

    29. There’s nature reserve all around us, on the mountain slopes and down into the nearby vlei

    30. Beyond, on the slopes of the Glen, were blossoming orchards, sweet and mystic and wonderful, veiled in dusk

    31. ” The highest point surrounding it was on the slopes of the mountains to the south, but it proved to be too far away for the shot to reach the walls of the fort

    32. We were filing into and around the deserted capital of the latter when word finally came that the Inka were in position a little to our south on the gentle slopes of a snowcapped mountain

    33. At times we could see bears along the shore, we could almost always see the white-headed eagle, and once in a while we could just make out one of the mountain goats way up on the rocky slopes of the mountains

    34. Finally we came to a more level area on the northern slopes of the mountain and again had to camp under the stars or rather the trees along the path

    35. “Yes, I’ve been taking him up to the ski slopes on the weekends and teaching

    36. We rode north along the eastern slopes of a range of hills and then into another small range that blocked our path

    37. Some four days later we crossed over a pass to the western side of the mountain range and gained the road that skirted the coastal desert by hugging the slopes of the mountains

    38. We camped on its wooded slopes while I proceeded to the somewhat cleared summit

    39. Before he could reach us, however, the middle force charged out of the wooded slopes to our south and stopping at arrow range let loose a volley and retreated just as our cannon fired into them

    40. We found the camp situated on the cleared slopes of a hill about fifteen li north of the Bio Bio

    41. She made her way cautiously through the streets of the plateau, where Pravik Castle stood watch over the slopes

    42. The lower part of Mount Wellington slopes is covered with thirty-two varieties of eucalyptus trees and exhibits dense and sappy vegetation

    43. At about ninety miles before reaching Juneau, the effect of the sun rising on the slopes of the mountains reminded Roger, in their beauty, of the awe- inspiring setting of Villafranca del Bierzo in Spain, approaching that fine city from Cacabelos

    44. Seeing the Bald Eagle and many other wild animals on the slopes of the mountain with binoculars, which in Alaska are

    45. They had the opportunity to relax and admire the beauty of the surrounding top-snowed mountains, source of many cooling waterfalls with green slopes where mountain goats and elks could be observed grazing

    46. Seated at the outer edge of the Pacific Ocean and comfortably nestled in the slopes of Mountains Coast topped with snow, Vancouver shines as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in North America

    47. You own the peak and it’s slopes down to the bottom of the valleys to the north and southeast, and to the edge of the river that runs in the valley to the southwest, which may be polluted by eruptions upstream

    48. We’ll build a resort on the outer slopes of the volcano, above the treeline only, again by excavating into the stone

    49. He lifted the entire mass of debris from a length of the valley floor, exposing the bare rock where the two slopes met, then added more and more, clearing the bedrock for hundreds of meters

    50. It was indeed an extinct volcano capped with a steel dome, situated beside a vast metropolis whose suburbs covered the lower half of it’s slopes on that side

    1. Slowly, as if a soft, breezeless tide were creeping up a gently sloping sandy shore line, I became aware of waves in the distance, and slowly I tuned into the echo of my exhalations

    2. As long as she was in the main thoroughfare it would be difficult if not downright foolhardy for anyone to attack her … but there was a stretch just the other side of the river where the pedestrian path separated from the road, sloping down into a sort of culvert … a subway … if I were going to ambush someone, that’s where I’d choose

    3. sloping into wire caught tufts of white and black,

    4. Sefir takes it in her stride, appearing to enjoy the exercise presented by the sloping trackway

    5. steeply sloping in some places

    6. approached by a long sloping section of the causeway which allowed

    7. considered, as he walked up the sloping roadway to the main gate

    8. You couldn’t see down into the canyon itself, but you could see the plot-covered hills on the far side miles away and see that the land was sloping down

    9. It ran a dozen stories above ground at first, gradually sloping down to five

    10. It was still guarded by a sloping hillside

    11. It was paying off as he began to pick up his pace on the up sloping roadway

    12. Looking down to the trail where it was exposed in some spots, he could see lots of debris, mostly tree limbs mixed with sloping piles of leaves

    13. The overhang itself was barely half a metre deep, sloping outward at approximately forty-five degrees, but was well beyond his somewhat limited climbing experience

    14. We walked up that sloping valley of death with bullets whizzing and ricocheting all over the place and it was just as we got closer to the top that we lost Charlie Slater

    15. The only entrance seemed to be a steeply sloping tunnel

    16. He had to lean towards Angela to keep his shoulders out of contact with the sloping walls

    17. The only windows in the sloping walls

    18. They both had long, blue-black hair, and their faces had the same oval contours, with soft, pale blue eyes, gently sloping upwards at the edges

    19. small island of stone joined to the path bordering the room by small, thin pathways sloping

    20. out front was safer than the sloping VW hood

    21. From this point there was a pleasant meadow field sloping

    22. The stack exploded in a shower of bricks, and masonry cascaded down the steeply sloping roof

    23. The creek, crystal clear, unlike the river a few hundred metres away, came out of a little hole in the bushes, across a sloping rock of which no more than a metre could be seen

    24. Finally he slammed over the bump of the sidewalk and down into the sloping tarmac parking area out in front of the stationhouse

    25. Open to the black sky overhead, it was a long row of obelisks, with the weird alien runic-hieroglyphic inscriptions running up and down, yet sloping backwards

    26. On a man, the receding chin, sloping forehead, and buck teeth are bad enough

    27. “What’s this over here?” He pointed at a blank volume of space with yellow and black sloping bars all over the place

    28. Both had receding hairlines, sloping foreheads and somewhat bumpy complexions

    29. The poor guy, with those big round ears, and the receding hairline over the sloping brow, he probably thought he was God’s gift to all the female Lacertabians in the world

    30. It was a small building in boring white brick, riddled with smoked gray windows, three stories high, with a sloping, brown mansard roof complete with little rows of gabled dormers along it

    31. Up until now, the sloping ground and our momentum had kept us going, despite the blown tire

    32. brow, casting repeated glances back towards the sloping rooftops

    33. sloping edges that merge with normal skin

    34. With a distinctive sloping roof, the house, sits on a higher level, allowing the best views of the ocean

    35. and for the poppy fields that filled the nearby sloping hills,

    36. swerved to the left to avoid the maze, and hit the sloping

    37. The road was sloping down, it was sloping downhill

    38. Approaching the sloping bank of the river with Marah slightly in the lead, Moshe noted two

    39. the uniformity of the walls and only one that appeared on the sloping roof

    40. Around the mountain, narrow and dark, sloping upward with the curve of the rock

    41. young children who far on their faces at the sloping shoreline and

    42. for climbing that it could only access the fruit from a sloping

    43. as there were already new fruits forming on the sloping trees

    44. The sloping underwater part of the beach—the submerged area that slows down and diminishes the effects of waves and currents—was dredged and used for fill elsewhere

    45. Jane and Kaite live in a sprawling Snow White style cottage blown up to monster proportions with oversized wooden mushroom tops crashing into each other, sloping down into the earth, and wrap back around the property line

    46. The land varied from sloping rough grassland dotted with ancient eucalypts, to low hills and increasingly dense rainforest that became steep forested slopes down which tumbled several streams and waterfalls creating excellent pools

    47. them, faces aimed upwards at the sloping metal ceiling

    48. Though he stood on the precipice of the platform, next to the sloping front window, his

    49. side, and it occurred to her that the floor was sloping downward as

    50. The sloping roof he made out of sheets of corrugated metal

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