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Slope в предложении (на )

  1. Slope of the Slow Line.
  2. They slope with the trend.
  3. We are ascending the slope.
  4. We all live on the slope.
  5. Slope of a moving average:.

  6. Bruce nodded toward the slope.
  7. But that’s a slippery slope.
  8. He studied the slope once more.
  9. They topped each short slope.
  10. The Slippery Slope, Once Again.
  11. It is a slippery slope to be on.
  12. Pierre ran down the slope once more.
  13. Elowen picked her way down the slope.
  14. It landed, twisting, on the slope of.
  15. It struck a lone sapling on the slope.

  16. Practice walking up and down the slope.
  17. There was a gentle slope leading uphill.
  18. The land was beginning to slope upwards.
  19. The slope of this line is close to zero.
  20. He could see Nellie feeding on the slope.
  21. Once you establish which slope and snow.
  22. The regression slope coefficient equals 1.
  23. The slope is much more steep here as well.
  24. Hiro reached the bottom of the slope first.
  25. The Triodines crested the slope and rushed.

  26. Bernard’s old truck up the slippery slope.
  27. It is well down the slope of the mount, in.
  28. Vernon stalked down the slope and disappeared.
  29. We are above the north slope of your mount.
  30. Up the slope a deer scampered into the forest.
  31. The gentle slope of the grassy hill descended.
  32. They jumped it and went up the opposite slope.
  33. The intermediate, with two slope difficulties.
  34. This is a slippery slope to creating a monster.
  35. Slope of a Moving Average as a Trend Indicator.
  36. Straight up the slope they charged towards the.
  37. The crossbowmen stopped at the foot of the slope.
  38. The direction of its slope identifies the trend.
  39. The toxicity slope for inorganic arsenic.
  40. Awkwardly, he tumbled down the slope of the dune.
  41. Redhorn Gate, and stumbled wearily down the slope.
  42. They sat down on the grassy slope of the hillock.
  43. Wherever this slope strikes will decide what you.
  44. Staff knowing the restaurant on a downward slope.
  45. To follow to the slope is to arrive at the river.
  46. He started down the slope in a westerly direction.
  47. The board starts to move on its own down the slope.
  48. The slope coefficient of the regression line is 0.
  49. Aragorn raced down the last slope, but before he.
  50. Someday we might still make it to the North Slope.
  51. The skinny boy reached the slope and turned around.
  52. At least, you couldn't have a sty on such a slope.
  53. He took cautious steps up the gentle slope to the.
  54. The slope coefficient of the regression line is 1.
  55. The back yard was a small lawn on a moderate slope.
  56. She then ran up the slope leading out of the quarry.
  57. He galloped up the slope until he was on the brink.
  58. The slope that I was climbing became steeper, more.
  59. Instruct the patient to walk up and down the slope.
  60. HUCK said: Tom, we can slope, if we can find a rope.
  61. He was crossing the brook, going up the slope board.
  62. The garden is somewhere on the forward slope of the.
  63. Two hours later, the slope below Gillenhall gave way.
  64. It sprang away, then bounded up a rock-strewn slope.
  65. The slope was long but not what one would call steep.
  66. Vinny drove his truck down the winding slope exiting.
  67. Slipping, pushing, shoving, he scrambled up the slope.
  68. As he started down a long, gentle slope covered with.
  69. Working against the minor slope of the clearing, the.
  70. The slope of the earth makes it shallow enough to walk.
  71. Position yourself standing with a slope in front of you.
  72. A broad slope populated with trees led them further up.
  73. After half an hour they came to the top of a steep slope.
  74. I stood up and looked down the wooded slope, out across.
  75. He is said to be the richest man on the Pacific slope.
  76. Theo would take us all to a fairly steep slope with the.
  77. Although the slope coefficient of the regression line (0.
  78. I was running down the slope, ready to grasp at anything.
  79. He moved down the slope in steady and even great bounds.
  80. The gnarled form hobbled up the slope and stopped a few.
  81. And they were climbing the long slope between the river.
  82. After quite a while, the slope of the rise continuously.
  83. Elowen sped down the slope, nearly falling once but just.
  84. Suddenly, he heard something slide down the slope of the.
  85. With basically one slope and one snow, the beginner has.
  86. When your wedge turns are routine on the easy slope, and.
  87. We couldn’t stay up on the slope all this way anyhow.
  88. I waited, growing nervous, watching the land slope closer.
  89. Though, as the slope of the cliff tapered off, the crack.
  90. Big drops slid down the tent slope like beads on a string.
  91. Ladders shall be normally used with a slope of 45 degrees.
  92. Gritting his teeth, he began struggling up the steep slope.
  93. Then, at last, she reached the bottom of the slope and the.
  94. They won't sit sucking their thumbs as we climb this slope.
  95. I watch as Cherrie dips her board over the lip of the slope.
  96. There was this small clay slope going down to the outhouses.
  97. Jacob came jogging up the slope to the cave mouth with an.
  98. The Inka were formed in groups six li up the slope from us.
  99. With that he turned and began to make his way up the slope.
  100. He raised his arm and pointed down the slope to their right.
  1. Tapered waist sloping into hips.
  2. The cocks are in the sloping point.
  3. She sat lower, on a wide sloping rock.
  4. The only windows in the sloping walls.
  5. Use a chair with a steeper sloping back.
  6. The large lot, separated from a sloping.
  7. It was still guarded by a sloping hillside.
  8. They came to a low room with a sloping roof (a.
  9. By ten the road was sloping into a valley of sorts.
  10. The road was sloping down, it was sloping downhill.
  11. And with my vision I traced the sloping fall of the.
  12. The only entrance seemed to be a steeply sloping tunnel.
  13. From this point there was a pleasant meadow field sloping.
  14. The sloping roof he made out of sheets of corrugated metal.
  15. Like him was I, these sloping shoulders, this gracelessness.
  16. It was like looking down on to a sloping cloud-roof from above.
  17. He had thoroughly searched this cavern with the sloping tunnel.
  18. The bands are sloping upward, indicating, surprise, an uptrend.
  19. Yes, Wash answered, looking up at the sloping concrete ceiling.
  20. I pass it and pull the car over on the sloping shoulder of the road.
  21. But her arm was up, a taxicab sloping toward the curb where she stood.
  22. Uptrend lines are upward sloping, and downtrend lines slope downward.
  23. It’s a sloping site, but the entire priory is built on a slope, and.
  24. He has to brace himself against the sloping wall to avoid falling over.
  25. That crimped, tiny cursive, each letter sloping slightly farther uphill.
  26. The host passed through the breach and halted on the sloping sward above.
  27. The theater, sloping toward the screen, was somehow both bright and dark.
  28. It was paying off as he began to pick up his pace on the up sloping roadway.
  29. On a man, the receding chin, sloping forehead, and buck teeth are bad enough.
  30. It ran a dozen stories above ground at first, gradually sloping down to five.
  31. Both had receding hairlines, sloping foreheads and somewhat bumpy complexions.
  32. Making their way down the sloping pathway, they approached the edge of a cliff.
  33. Around the mountain, narrow and dark, sloping upward with the curve of the rock.
  34. I can't even stretch out my legs, I'm always bumping into some sloping cupboard.
  35. On sloping ground always approach up the slope—bringing you up below the blades.
  36. A long, sloping hillside, dotted with grey limestone boulders, stretched behind us.
  37. A long, sloping hillside, dotted with gray limestone boulders, stretched behind us.
  38. The bank was sheer red solid clay in front of them, sloping straight into the river.
  39. As she watched the trees and sloping hills pass by, her thoughts turned to her kingdom.
  40. Though he stood on the precipice of the platform, next to the sloping front window, his.
  41. Meanwhile, Mitchell cautiously drove to a sloping hillside overlooking Waimea Bay Beach.
  42. At the end of the jetty he built a wooden, sloping slipway, designed to fit his Hobie Cat.
  43. He had to lean towards Angela to keep his shoulders out of contact with the sloping walls.
  44. Round the outside of the crater the sloping ground was spattered with black and red lumps.
  45. Approaching the sloping bank of the river with Marah slightly in the lead, Moshe noted two.
  46. Up until now, the sloping ground and our momentum had kept us going, despite the blown tire.
  47. Beneath were sloping figures and at the foot a crooked signature with blind loops and a blot.
  48. The stack exploded in a shower of bricks, and masonry cascaded down the steeply sloping roof.
  49. As he stepped out of the crack he saw the man lying on the rocks - head sloping down and face up.
  50. Sefir takes it in her stride, appearing to enjoy the exercise presented by the sloping trackway.
  51. The shed in which we calcined the alabaster was built on a sloping and deserted bank of the river.
  52. Nothing could be seen in front of them - just the tunnel peacefully sloping away in a sweeping bend.
  53. Soon the passage that had been sloping down began to go up again, and after a while it climbed steeply.
  54. The T34 was at this stage immune to anti-tank shells that simply bounced off its thick sloping armour.
  55. A common variation of this box pattern is the diagonal trading range, which is a box with sloping sides.
  56. Conversely, when the term structure is upward sloping (in contango), roll return is negative [5].
  57. With a distinctive sloping roof, the house, sits on a higher level, allowing the best views of the ocean.
  58. To the left he saw a sloping descent lit up, and facing it a black knoll that seemed as steep as a wall.
  59. The pattern essentially is that the fast and slow lines of the indicator are sloping against each other.
  60. Sloping down like an amphitheatre, and drowned in the fog, it widened out beyond the bridges confusedly.
  61. It was high of stern, with a tall curving prow; broad in the waist, sloping beautifully to stem and stern.
  62. On the flanks it is cased with wood, and at top completely covered by a large, sloping, battened hatchway.
  63. Now imagine this: the computer "thinks" it has bought and it should be drawing an upward sloping trendline.
  64. After a dramatic increase in index volatility, the June term-structure graph again became downward sloping.
  65. A dozen or more packets, each wrapped in newspaper, were carefully laid out on a sloping patch of grass.
  66. This gave him a sloping appearance and a loping run, which looked awkward, but indeed the Toral was very swift.
  67. Aragorn looked at the pale stars, and at the moon, now sloping behind the western hills that enclosed the valley.
  68. Its general shape was that of a shallow funnel, all the sides sloping down to a considerable lake in the center.
  69. One of the walls was cut short by the sloping ceiling, though the room was not an attic but just under the stairs.
  70. The entrance is like that of the tomb of Seti I at Thebes; but the sloping passage is about half the length of that.
  71. Rows of white temporary tents scattered across a tiny valley surrounded, protected by mean yet gently sloping hills.
  72. Bob had built a long, gently sloping ramp beside the porch so that Ed could maneuver his wheel chair into the house.
  73. Those smaller tenth-floor apartments are directly under the roof, with steeply sloping ceilings and smaller windows.
  74. Entering Atlantic City, he had half expected to see a beautifully maintained expanse of lawn sloping down to the ocean.
  75. The gentle sloping hills were covered in snow, but she was surprised to see splotches of bare earth between the white.
  76. By a strange coincidence, our neighbours on the sloping dirt road at the end of our footpath had the same surname as us.
  77. His chubby little hands were attached to his fat little arms, and sloping down behind his waist protruded his fat butt.
  78. But because the trendline is sloping upward, the stop we placed above it when we opened the trade could be below it now.
  79. The graph is generally upward sloping, but the front-month implied volatility is still much higher than all other months.
  80. Under that sloping roof was a triangular void, its floor the hidden side, or extrados, of the aisle’ s vaulted ceiling.
  81. What’s this over here? He pointed at a blank volume of space with yellow and black sloping bars all over the place.
  82. Ahead of him, presently, he saw the dim outline of a stair sloping sharply upward, and knew it must be the stair he sought.
  83. Frodo thought he could hear the voice of Gandalf above, muttering words that ran down the sloping roof with a sighing echo.
  84. The crevice was narrow for about fifteen meters and was on a sloping angle, so it was difficult to edge their way through it.
  85. Contango is an upward sloping curve in which the contracts further away from the current month are trading at a higher price.
  86. Joseph could not believe his eyes as he stared at this wonderful machine with wide, sloping wings and a pointed nose section.
  87. At the beginning, when he first acquired the cat, he sailed up to the jetty, got off and dragged the boat up the sloping ramp.
  88. Finally he slammed over the bump of the sidewalk and down into the sloping tarmac parking area out in front of the stationhouse.
  89. Keep moving and I'll twitch, wavered the shark, holding his now Mary-facing pistol at the downwards sloping brim of her hat.
  90. Alternatively, if the term-structure graph is upward sloping, all calendar spread implied volatilities will fall above the graph.
  91. I only remember waking up back in that passageway, the long sloping one, with Andreas and Tholstan dragging me along behind them.
  92. It’s more than two hundred yards wide and thirty yards deep, and its sloping bottom is carpeted with mangled metal and concrete.
  93. A three storey-high construction apart from the attic, which was also subdivided into rooms with small windows and sloping ceilings.
  94. If the yield curve is upward sloping and remains unchanged, bonds earn capital gains simply by aging and rolling down the yield curve.
  95. Position the patient in sitting with their hips well forward and upper-back resting against the backrest of a chair with a sloping back.
  96. After a few minutes, Rave turned off into the woods, following an almost invisible trail up a sloping hillside and down the other side.
  97. From the above daily chart, we can see that the USD/JPY is trying to test the resistance level created by the downward sloping trend line.
  98. While sloping lines can be precise resistance and support levels, horizontal lines present the clearest picture of support and resistance.
  99. He was a large man with rounded shoulders, a massive head, and a broad, intelligent face, sloping down to a pointed beard of grizzled brown.
  100. Outside, a sloping trail led down the hill, away from the massive walls, and Aiden stopped, staring at the vast, rolling landscape before him.
  1. Here the beach sloped suddenly.
  2. Walking toward us on the sloped.
  3. The path leading to it sloped upwards.
  4. There was a point where the cliff sloped.
  5. The landscape sloped lower on the far side.
  6. Since the bin sloped away from the ladder.
  7. On either side, the gravel ground sloped up.
  8. Near the top, its walls narrowed and sloped in.
  9. The gravel beneath sloped gradually toward the center.
  10. Hoofs drummed down the street that sloped to the wharfs.
  11. At last they reached a place where the ground sloped up.
  12. The road sloped upwards to a large, flat circular plateau.
  13. The cop shrugged in the direction of the sloped front yard.
  14. Three tiny cobbled alleyways sloped gently down towards it.
  15. The color sloped down her neck to the hollow of her throat.
  16. The edges of the grassy bowl sloped upward at a steep angle.
  17. He pointed a thumb at a little shed that sloped off the barn.
  18. Given that the path now sloped down, that was understandable.
  19. Then he looked down the field that sloped gently to the river.
  20. Fortunately, the tunnel sloped slightly down towards the door.
  21. Only Zonda was interested and as she amused him we sloped off.
  22. The ceiling sloped down so much that he would have banged his.
  23. It sloped upward, which would keep the rare rain from flooding it.
  24. Two small, black eyes were lodged under a smooth, sloped forehead.
  25. The cockpit had a post-bulge over two feet wide, shiny, and sloped.
  26. They had gone only a mile or so from the cliff when the land sloped.
  27. The ground sloped fiercely down on the other side, covered with trees.
  28. TO THE SOUTH of the priory, the ground sloped steeply down to the river.
  29. The shoulders of the mountain to their right sloped down to bare hills.
  30. The outer fall was indeed no longer sheer, but sloped outwards a little.
  31. The mountains sloped sheer down to the sea, and there was no road across.
  32. The body was laid on a mound of grass that sloped into the brackish water.
  33. Like a pinball bouncing off the flippers in a heavily sloped machine, his.
  34. Things were changing and we sloped along getting high and all that and the.
  35. The forest behind Buttworst’s home sloped downhill to a small ravine with.
  36. The corridor sloped upward and eventually the end of the line became evident.
  37. The converging top line, defined by points B, D, F, and H, is sloped downward.
  38. After awhile, we sloped off to another crib which was all about 40s, the juice.
  39. To the right, the vineyards sloped away steeply downhill towards a distant farm.
  40. The lawn was gently sloped toward the boardwalk and boat landing along the riverbank.
  41. This alley sloped steeply down and turned, so that soon they were in a basement stables.
  42. The shoulder sloped down through thick forests and ended at a vast plain of tall grassland.
  43. On and on we ran, right at the water's edge where the sand was compacted and sloped slightly.
  44. Components and distribution lines should be sloped and fitted with drain points so that the.
  45. It must have been at least another two hours before the floor suddenly sloped down before us.
  46. Her hand slid slowly out from under the warm covers that sloped down the mound of her stomach.
  47. The forest sloped downward, growing more dense as they moved deeper and deeper in the forest.
  48. Tim contracted with the private sector to have his sloped floor cavern sealed and pressurized.
  49. The land sloped upwards and she followed a ravine that cut deep but it was devoid of moisture.
  50. The walls sloped in abruptly forming an arch above that ended in a jagged crack only inches wide.
  51. She quickly chose a small, shallow cave in the sloped, rocky ground as the best spot for her tent.
  52. William sighed, sloped his back and slowly walked up stairs and into his room closing the door slowly.
  53. It gradually sloped upward to a sort of plateau where I found the promised grassland on the second day.
  54. Slowly he walked up the sloped road toward Jose, who immediately reclined his seat completely downward.
  55. A walkway ran above a broad ramp down a tunnel that sloped beneath the palace proper and on to the city.
  56. The half-closed eye, bowed nose and row of jagged, sloped teeth were the only indication it was otherwise.
  57. The wedge is markedly sloped, and the breakout occurs in the direction opposite to its slope (See Figures 4.
  58. By the time he reached the faucet, runoff had snaked across the sloped floor, under the door, out into the hallway.
  59. The rough, weed-covered ground of the combe sloped away below them, a long dip bounded on the north by Caesar's Belt.
  60. The land sloped gradually up towards the rim, so that the highest point in Krull in fact slightly overhung the Edge.
  61. The new guns were … sleeker than the six-inch angle, Cahnyr thought, and fitted with sloped steel shields of some sort.
  62. The roof sloped down from over six meters from the front door to the two meter high window that looked out onto the lake.
  63. After a couple of minutes you arrived in the cave, sliding out-of-control down the sloped tunnel and landing on the ground.
  64. A wooden slipway sloped into the water and in the old days they used to winch small boats up the slipway into the boathouse.
  65. So we retreated through the crack, and found ourselves in a tunnel that sloped dangerously down into the depths of the world.
  66. Several openings in the walls directly below them sloped down into small chambers that could be closed off with bronze grills.
  67. The dust was choking and it was pitch dark, and to top that off, I felt myself sliding head first down a steeply sloped slide.
  68. The cliff sloped around fifteen degrees away from the vertical which was going to be an advantage when it came to climbing it.
  69. The path, rocky and verdant on either side, sloped upward and grew ever more promising while horse and rider continued their trek.
  70. He got up onto the low side of the rock and walked up the sloped top so he could see over the line of brush and the fields beyond.
  71. The building’s sloped roof was attached with explosive bolts that, when detonated, would cause the entire assembly to slide away.
  72. The cliff of red earth sloped swiftly down, through trees and bushes, to the river that glimmered and was dark between the foliage.
  73. For it was there, ahead of him on the path, among the trees at the top of the gentle hill that sloped up from where he was standing.
  74. The land sloped down from front to back and all the upper floor had been removed, leaving a sort of ramp for the trucks to drive up.
  75. We sloped through the pass, from time to time tantalized by a vision of the cerulean pure wet sea, deep and gleaming in the distance.
  76. The trees sloped their great green shoulders proudly; and inside the warehouse all the morning, the boy had a vision of spring outside.
  77. I guess it was something to do with the fact that the room was on the top floor, in the attic, because the ceiling sloped down to the shelf.
  78. No Diondra, but a photo of Ben that hurt: sloped shoulders, a loose half-mullet, and an Oxford shirt that he always wore on special occasions.
  79. Her eyes drifted appreciably out across the muscular sloped plains of his chest and the desire she had for this man only heightened in intensity.
  80. The plateau had one side which sloped gently enough for the MMARV’s to operate while the other three sides were unassailable steep sandy cliffs.
  81. Smiling, our officer took the criminal by the arm and led him down one of the alleys which sloped away from the festive crowd and towards the village.
  82. It was a long narrow box of a room, the ceiling sloped away from the wall at the height of my shoulder, and the top of it was within easy reach of my hand.
  83. But the ceiling was the great sky, with, two eagles ever so far up curving in its depths, and when they sloped their wings the sun caught them and they flashed.
  84. Did William know her from somewhere? Then his friend was leading him upstairs, to a tiny office whose ceiling sloped to one side, beneath another set of stairs.
  85. In reality, my truck should have hit that median, and jumped it or even begun a roll from the sloped medians we have on that road, and into the other lane of traffic.
  86. I ran into the water; shouting, laughing, carefree, splashing forward till the bank sloped away and felled me like a tree into deeper water, happy with the shock of it all.
  87. We took each other’s clothes off and I reclined with my bare rump against a sloped boulder, wrapping my legs around Jonathan until he turned me over and I gripped the rock.
  88. Apart from the aircraft hangars and of the technical depots and workshops, the majority of the buildings were single-storey prefabricated wooden structures with sloped roofs.
  89. Sadly, he had forgotten to put his seatbelt back on after dropping Aubree off at Christie’s in East Lyme, and the shoulder was loose gravel and sloped towards the guard rail.
  90. It seems that Henderson is attracted to older women and it has been suggested that rather than being abducted for profit, he has merely sloped of on a romantic assignation with one.
  91. Seeing this he jumped back up, straightened his shirt, thrust his fists into his pockets and sloped to the bar, his mouth buttoned to control any dignity left in his open, emptied heart.
  92. The plateau, whose sides fell away toward the wooded shores on the east, west and south, sloped upward toward the north to abut on a tangle of rocky cliffs, the highest point of the island.
  93. No one was in sight, the smooth road sloped invitingly before her, and finding the temptation irresistible, Jo darted away, soon leaving hat and comb behind her and scattering hairpins as she ran.
  94. The land sloped slightly, and if I remembered the neighborhood, there was an aquifer not too deep underground, so that the soil grew damp again each night, no matter what heat the Mojave sun blistered down on the land during the day.
  95. Taken by surprise by the appearance of the M20 armored cars, the first T-34 tank, which was climbing at slow speed the sloped road towards the town, fired its first gun shell more than twenty seconds after the start of the encounter.
  96. Outside our window, the view was just what you would expect from a Swiss restaurant, with meadows stretching away into the distance, dotted with traditional wooden chalets with their steeply sloped roofs, to prevent the snow from accumulating.
  97. The corridor sloped gently away from him, descending into further darkness, Byron peered uselessly down its length, abruptly he noticed a light to the side of the corridor coming from one of the antechambers, causing him to switch his torch off quickly.
  98. Planted with their broad ends on the deck, a circle of these slabs laced together, mutually sloped towards each other, and at the apex united in a tufted point, where the loose hairy fibres waved to and fro like the top-knot on some old Pottowottamie Sachem's head.
  99. As they were crossing a large meadow that sloped away from the sun, along a path embedded with innumerable tiny glittering points, Paul, walking alongside, laced his fingers in the strings of the bag Miriam was carrying, and instantly she felt Annie behind, watchful and jealous.
  100. In looking at the putt putt green, in front of him were two tunnels, three sloped curves, a bridge crossing a small stream, and a huge, orange, mechanical monster who stomped his foot every three seconds – thus effectively blocking the path to the hole should one’s timing be slightly off.
  1. He slopes off to his room.
  2. Beyond it were slopes covered.
  3. The slopes of the position are.
  4. It's okay to use steeper slopes.
  5. There were slopes and on the roofs.
  6. The harder slopes had bench chairs.
  7. Ever nearer the tree-clad slopes of.
  8. Then the advanced slopes often have.
  9. Steel-clad forms littered the slopes.
  10. Still, more kept coming up the slopes.
  11. The ground slopes slightly downwards.
  12. Gullies or concave slopes may be com-.
  13. Deer on the slopes, an eagle in flight.
  14. I beheld the last combat on the slopes of.
  15. There is a saying on the ski slopes, your.
  16. Besides, the slopes are incredible, there.
  17. There can be varying degree of ground slopes.
  18. When the sun is bright on the upland slopes;.
  19. We can calculate the total slopes as follows:.
  20. The slopes were covered with trellises and roofs.
  21. For on those slopes stood the army of Prester John.
  22. The wounded on the slopes screamed vainly for water.
  23. The snow had melted on the slopes, and was going fast.
  24. They also passed vineyards on the south-facing slopes.
  25. The land ahead rose in long shallow slopes, barren and.
  26. At last Haldir led them down the southward slopes of the.
  27. They choked the neck of the Pass, they littered the slopes.
  28. As we ascended the slopes of the Cascade Range, the change.
  29. I mark the vista of waters, I mark the uplands and slopes;.
  30. It is also desirable that this area has wide, gentle slopes.
  31. A week on the slopes and we can still be home for Christmas.
  32. They had explored the small dell and the surrounding slopes.
  33. Trees perched on the edge of the slopes, trees older than the.
  34. And so the easy slopes are often way too neglected, especially.
  35. We can summarize the slopes of the basic positions as follows:.
  36. They followed him as he stepped lightly up the grass-clad slopes.
  37. One or two pine marten swept across the cliffs and steep slopes.
  38. The steep granite slopes of the conical-shaped island climbed to.
  39. Its two slopes have been appropriated for the monumental hillock.
  40. Matt scanned the steep slopes of Malahat Mountain hoping to spot.
  41. After my fiasco with Cherrie’s goggles up on the slopes of Mount.
  42. Master Hogen, still alive, who has a Temple on the slopes of Mount.
  43. That’s why we’re following the lower slopes now, said Stan.
  44. We had lived for a year now in the lower slopes of the Holy Mountains.
  45. On both sides, the slopes were patterned with grids of darkened vines.
  46. A few mountain cabins were incised into the steep slopes, but not many.
  47. Hot as it was, not all the snow had melted off the north-facing slopes.
  48. At length they came to land again upon the southern slopes of Amon Lhaw.
  49. Staddle on the gentler south-eastern slopes of the hill; down in a deep.
  50. They crawled up the slopes, and the low twisted trees covered the slopes.
  51. The cave slopes up out of the water swiftly and leads through the cliffs.
  52. By night they had reached the feet of the westward slopes, and there they.
  53. I smiled back at him, and followed him and Andy to the harder slopes line.
  54. Bushes looked like gigantic trees and level ground like cliffs and slopes.
  55. And Jesus lived alone with God for six weeks on the slopes of Mount Hermon.
  56. And higher up on the slopes the smaller Aquilonian host stood grimly silent.
  57. As they began to climb its first slopes they looked back and saw the lamps.
  58. Convert it to grazing, cattle on the lower slopes and sheep on the higher.
  59. I looked through the telescope and surveyed the slopes and the mountain faces.
  60. He descended the rugged mountain slopes and filled his canteens in the stream.
  61. He raised his eyes with difficulty to the dark slopes of Mount Doom towering.
  62. You would need to measure terrains and take notes of the inclines and slopes.
  63. So Bloom slopes in with his cod's eye on the dog and he asks Terry was Martin.
  64. When marginal revenue equals marginal cost, the slopes are the same, and the.
  65. Dazedly he saw a crimson conoid cloud spinning up and over the mountain slopes.
  66. The slopes that seem so steep from a distance seem to level off as we near them.
  67. We camped on its wooded slopes while I proceeded to the somewhat cleared summit.
  68. Shingles wear out faster where there are lower slopes and with more sun exposure.
  69. Yes, I’ve been taking him up to the ski slopes on the weekends and teaching.
  70. The most important temple on Bali, is located high on the slopes of Gunung Agung.
  71. Conversely, greater spaces between the contour lines indicate gentler slopes (b).
  72. A few trips up the main slope convinced Ted that I was ready for the harder slopes.
  73. And then the tall trees began, and the cars spouted steam and labored up the slopes.
  74. In CROX’s case, the neckline slopes downward, and hence is a descending neckline.
  75. Its chief village was Bucklebury, clustering in the banks and slopes behind Brandy Hall.
  76. The effect is worse on the south side simply because the site naturally slopes that way.
  77. Year, so he can represent the Johnsons to the rich and famous at the ski slopes this year.
  78. Rick is our horticulturalist and is busy up on the slopes tending to some medicinal crops.
  79. A short distance from the river, the trees began and climbed up the slopes to the mountain.
  80. Down the slopes washed the tide of battle, the dazed Nemedians swept on the crest of the wave.
  81. When climbing steep slopes lock your knees together after each step—this rests the muscles.
  82. Dal forced herself to bank away, angling back toward the forest that climbed the steep slopes.
  83. The accommodations at the Alpine Village located at the foot of the ski slopes are top notch.
  84. There’s nature reserve all around us, on the mountain slopes and down into the nearby vlei.
  85. The vale pitched upward as it narrowed, to come out on a plateau, flanked by gully-torn slopes.
  86. I don’t know how far down it goes, but this probably slopes down all the way to the bottom.
  87. Areas having rocky soil, or steep slopes, or the areas where water is stagnant must be avoided.
  88. As wet June days passed Confederates from the steep slippery slopes, hope again raised its head.
  89. We found the camp situated on the cleared slopes of a hill about fifteen li north of the Bio Bio.
  90. This creates the problem that the slopes behind the ridges may be hidden as the plane approaches.
  91. Traverse steep slopes in a zig-zag and as you change direction always set off with the uphill foot.
  92. Across the moors ran several flocks of red deer roaming the moors and mountain slopes of the glens.
  93. Later, we slalomed down the steep, brick-‐paved ski run that slopes off the bridge.
  94. The most obvious example is where mountains force air currents upwards, rain falling on the slopes.
  95. With all the speed their stiltlike legs could muster, fine fat bustards scampered over the slopes.
  96. And the combined slopes are equivalent to a long call (Figure 14-2b) and a long put (Figure 14-3b).
  97. Long slopes ran swiftly down to where the river spread in stony shoals between high grassy terraces.
  98. It was he that made the dwarves begin the dangerous search on the western slopes for the secret door.
  99. This hill slopes to West Brook, where quartz often forms perpendicular banks from 50 to 100 feet high.
  100. Fallingwater was like something out of a story book as it lay snuggled against the snow covered slopes.

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