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Spicy in a sentence

bitter, sour, so spicy.
Jack In The Jack's Spicy.
Ahhh, those spicy dishes.
"Won't that be awful spicy?".
For the Spicy Tomato Sauce:.
sauce that was spicy to the taste.
The soup was rich, creamy and spicy.

‘It’s too spicy, but actually nice.
The Mexican salsa was fresh and spicy.
spicy chutneys that dot the Indian meal.
The young ferns were spicy in the hollow.
They have a spicy flavor I find refreshing.
It was spicy and had a fine mix of flavours.
Maybe the spicy pizza had given me a bad dream.
She took a mouthful of the sweet, spicy soup.
matic cigars all mingled with spicy aromas from.
very typically surrounded with warm, spicy aromas.
Spicy aftershave and warm, male smell assailed her.
But a certain spicy and addictive smell made her stop.
He evidently shared Humphrey’s passion for spicy food.
They were served a meal of hot spicy Hungarian Goulash,.
My best friend in the whole world and I can’t handle spicy.
the aroma of something spicy from a dimly seen tray, and the.
Tell her to make it short and spicy, and never mind the moral.
date at the Chinese restaurant, Roger a great fan of spicy food.
the train set off, but inside the train things got rather spicy.
‘’That could effectively be quite spicy: Dows as a bisexual.
As a rule, the purer the chilli powder is, the more spicy it is.
her cheek so the pale scent of spicy aftershave filled her nostrils.
his aftershave lotion wafted to her nostrils, a spicy smell that was.

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Synonyms for spicy

blue gamey gamy juicy naughty racy risque spicy hot