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Frasi con spike (in inglese)

1. I saw Spike in the distance.
2. After the spike came a freeze.
3. It was a silvery spike lying.
4. There was a spike of radiation.
5. He carried a pole with a spike.
6. PREP: So the news spike comes in.
7. Peduncles scabrous near the spike.

8. But the spike is over in an instant.
9. Elephants, gibbons and Spike Jones.
10. A spike of jealousy crawled up his.
11. The base of which had a short spike.
12. But it did not make the spike to $46.
13. I resisted the urge to spike the pigeon.
14. Otherwise, Spike and Joe Bear were dead.
15. Spike was still in the room next to mine.
16. No, he's got Hatchet and Spike experience.
17. One day Spike didn’t greet me after work.
18. Each spike well over the maximum safe level.
19. The spike of jealousy she felt surprised her.
20. What was the news that caused JCP to spike?
21. Really? Spike asked, sounding surprised.
22. If I could, I would have your head on a spike.
23. Every day, Spike would sit on the table purring.
24. Carbohydrates are the macronutrient that spike.
25. Invite her over to dinner and spike her food.
26. This volatility spike is a very rare occurrence.
27. It was Spike here who found you in the mountains.
28. It had a sharp spike in the back and hammer head.
29. Spike and the dogs found you in the nick of time.
30. They all look the same after a few days on a spike.
31. This should mute much of the IV spike from the ATMs.
32. Eating too many carbohydrates will cause a spike in.
33. The most easily spotted of these is the price spike.
34. A volume spike is a reliable sign of coming reversal.
35. You bet your bottom dollar he has, laughed Spike.
36. Thus, when interest rates spike above the debt issue.
37. It can be used over a spike anchor for a belaying rope.
38. There is a volume spike on the one- or two-minute chart.
39. These are rules and a checklist for the gold spike trade.
40. Volatility seems to make spike tops and rounded bottoms.
41. It is as if someone had driven a spike into one's spine.
42. A fresh spike of terror ran through her as she remembered.
43. Yes it is, Spike affirmed, shaking the Texnos hand.
44. Oh Spike that is awful, but now you have me, I said.
45. Furloughs resulted in a spike in sexual intercourse with.
46. The impact registers in Ciere’s mind as a spike of pain.
47. Note the strong one-session spike above rising resistance.
48. As he rounded the corner of the house he saw the spike of.
49. These forced marriages are causing a spike in divorces in.
50. Spike and another figure in a white coat both bent over me.
51. After all, what is a volatility spike but a run on puts?
52. We call this a Spike bounce signal (see Chapter 54).
53. The significance of the spike is confirmed in price changes.
54. This volume spike confirmed the bullish candlestick signal.
55. Spike said in the most genuine voice that I have ever heard.
56. Once again the spike strikes him squarely in the testicles.
57. The fact that the stock might spike is a reason to be in it.
58. Let me in! said the voice, that turned out to be Spike.
59. The shaft, the head, the spike, the pick, the ad, I said.
60. This signal was confirmed by the volume spike on the same day.
61. The resulting insulin spike is a double-edged sword, however.
62. So the Hare was telling the truth and Spike was an honest man.
63. Soon after the volume spike, two additional signals appeared:.
64. A massive spike would be recorded on the radio relay stations.
65. Yer'll need ter spike it, he said around a mouthful of fingers.
66. Alex proceeded to spike his own coffee with a generous pour of.
67. If a spike is used it should be higher than the belayer’s head.
68. I tapped Spike on his back and he jumped about six feet in the air.
69. This second spike is indicative of true fear coming into the markets.
70. Another tingle swept through her body, and with it, a spike of panic.
71. Then there was a beep! Beep Beep! and Spike lifted his pager to check.
72. She stood back, raised her foot and aimed the spike heel at his groin.
73. Despite knowing his brother’s nature, he felt anger spike up in him.
74. The biggest problem would be distracting Spike from my true intentions.
75. Look at this Spike! I said as I saw him opening his own package.
76. Spike said yes and I punched in Open sesame but nothing happened.
77. PREP: News spike comes in and I actually got stopped out of my position.
78. Yum this is really special, and what have you got Spike? I asked.
79. The plane began landing procedures and Hunter felt his nervousness spike.
80. The spike hit the ground some steps behind her as she was spirited along.
81. And this is the spike, he added, touching a finger to the sharp end.
82. Terrified that she might get caught, she felt adrenaline spike through her.
83. Now what was that all about, Spike? I asked softly, looking at Spike.
84. As Thenardier was kept in sight, no objection had been made to this spike.
85. There were four of the metal spike things that our hands had been tied to.
86. However, a second, stronger volume spike marked the start of a new uptrend.
87. The volume spike was a convincing signal that an uptrend rally was underway.
88. Gosen lunged in and stabbed the Kolor in the stomach with the spike on its.
89. Up above the gateway a traitor’s head had been impaled upon an iron spike.
90. The ERP has been more stable but only around 2%, except for a spike in 1994.
91. Why thanks Spike, you really look after me and it is very much appreciated.
92. With each blinding flash, Light pulsed into the spike and shot out of the top.
93. In history, the sons of great kings normally end up with their head on a spike.
94. I woke up several hours later, or about that, and spike was sitting next to me.
95. By selecting closing price for the MA, the spike would be removed from the MA.
96. With a spike affixed to his head plate, Phalon gored into another giant guard.
97. Sure, Spike said as he picked up the two candles that smelt like lavender.
98. It is a long story and I will tell you tonight, is that OK Spike? I asked.
99. By now, you probably think that my friend Spike was a terrible cook, but not so.
100. Sorry about this Spike, what time is it? I asked sounding puzzled and groggy.
1. Spiking the punch, said Alice.
2. The thought sends a chill spiking through me.
3. After spiking is done, the lawn grass should be.
4. However, he is spiking temperatures as high as 103°F.
5. Before spiking, the lawn should be mowed as low as possible.
6. To rectify this condition "spiking" of the lawn becomes necessary.
7. Remember refined sugars unnaturally spiking and elevation of insulin and.
8. Spiking was achieved by packing a cannon with gunpowder and blowing it to pieces.
9. Spiking is a process in which the lawn surface is poked with a pointed instrument.
10. It was mostly vapid anyway: What a long winter it’s been! Heating oil’s spiking.
11. Trinity Mirror’s Interim Management statement went down a storm, spiking the stock 12%.
12. A wind sighed out at them and the two Arkenians froze, their fear spiking through Aesa's mind.
13. It washed through the spiking pain that stabbed at him, and he drew in a breath of air, letting it fill his aching lungs.
14. Tail risks refer to non-normal market moves such as abnormally large price changes or correlations spiking higher during crises.
15. So far Lloyd Adeft had determined that three of the cannon were defective and needed spiking, and two were satisfactory for firing.
16. Although the effect of removing the spiking day would be minimal in this case, over a longer period of time it could be significant.
17. Measured IRP became negative again but this development was more reflective of a spiking illiquidity premium than of actual deflation fears.
18. The MAGIC of the Wolf Trap Kiss Close is that it's a series of general and sexual compliance tests combined with BT spiking and disqualifying.
19. This is theoretical pricing for these option contracts based on the near-term future spiking up and the longer-term future contract being at a significant discount.
20. Protecting his new mother—Ashley—Pixie leapt over her legs into the bathroom, claws extended, hissing like a tea kettle, back arching, hair spiking, white teeth glaring.
21. Sun flares are normal, but these were unprecedented, massive, spiking higher and higher—and once they were noticed, it was only minutes before their heat slammed into Earth.
22. Visually, this means that there should not be a lot of big, spiking down-volume bars in the chart over the prior 10 days as well as the stock’s overall base formation.
23. When gasoline was above $4 per gallon in 2008, it was not uncommon for me to receive several calls a week from investors asking how they could profit from gasoline prices spiking.
24. When he recovered himself and glanced about him, there were blue uniforms in front of him on the ramparts; two Frenchmen were even spiking a cannon not ten paces distant from him.
25. Oak’s nose twitched as he smelled something different in the air, he picked up his step to find out what it was and the boys following did the same, their excitement spiking a little at not knowing what they were going toward.
26. In the bush, a roll of waterproof adhesive tape is handy for repairs and can also be used to form temporary eyelets by overlapping the tape across the edge of the tarp, and spiking or cutting a neat hole through the double thickness of the tape.
27. Though it was not clear what the artist meant to express by depicting the so-called King of Rome spiking the earth with a stick, the allegory apparently seemed to Napoleon, as it had done to all who had seen it in Paris, quite clear and very pleasing.
28. The average yield spread of private money market paper—whether repos (RP), commercial paper (CP), certificates of deposit (CD), or eurodeposits (ED)—over Treasury bills (TB) more than halved between the 1980s and the 2000s, despite spiking back to the 1981–1982 level in 2008 (see Table 3.
29. Though it was not clear what the artist meant to express by depicting the so-called King of Rome spiking the earth with a stick, the allegory apparently seemed to Napoleon, as it had done to all who had seen it in Paris,.
1. The humanoids had spiked hair.
2. Her drink was spiked by col-.
3. She landed on the spiked fence.
4. This has spiked the price nicely.
5. The spiked and winding cold seahorn.
6. Not a spiked hair was out of place.
7. The lights on the bridge spiked the.
8. The rapid beating of her heart spiked.
9. Just two days ago she had spiked a high.
10. Christian Louboutin Bow spiked lady nails.
11. I glanced over at a guy with a spiked hair.
12. From his spiked shoes, all the way to his cap.
13. Then in July it spiked to well over 300 backlinks.
14. They were too spiked to be from any species of cat.
15. A burst of chuckles spiked and ceased just as quickly.
16. Del was only twenty, green eyed with spiked sandy hair.
17. Spiked increases and decreases in current fl ow would.
18. And remember that you can be handed a spiked drink an-.
19. Pretty Boy, the snow cones aren’t spiked with booze.
20. He lands one of his spiked knuckles to her left breast.
21. Zac placed the bottle he'd spiked next to Liz and winked.
22. While he watched, he sipped on rum spiked with gunpowder.
23. Problem is, who will be the first to down the spiked drink.
24. Today’s BOE news spiked the Nikkei from 12,200 to 13,000.
25. The first graduate to step was a black man with spiked up.
26. He would replace the drink, with a spiked beer, in apology.
27. The Pastor ran a hand over the top of his short spiked hair.
28. Theo had seen a gored body, spiked again and again to pulp.
29. Stranger with spiked hair: Chill out! Leave her alone!.
30. Light pooled on piles of prospecti and spiked phone messages.
31. Peter's hair spiked and his freckles turned even more orange.
32. The roof was made of panels of glass, topped by a spiked pole.
33. Just help me stroll along even if the future route is all spiked.
34. Grooming its spiked mane with a heavy paw, brushing against the.
35. He was a wiry nine-year-old with orange freckles and spiked hair.
36. Anger spiked through her and she halted outside the bedroom door.
37. That’s the reason her pheromones spiked when I entered the room.
38. The Cavalry member set her down and she spiked the ball and did a.
39. One held a spiked ball hung from a chain, the other a broad saber.
40. The roof was made of panels of glass, topped by a spiked pole.
41. He raised his spiked mace threateningly, patting its large steel head.
42. The stock spiked with eager buy-out groupies running the price to $17.
43. It spiked in March at a temporary bottom—Bear Stearns implosion week.
44. The noises continued, her senses spiked by the arrival of the creatures.
45. Then what's inside here? he pounded on his chest with spiked cuffs.
46. She paired it with Christian Louboutin booties bridge back spiked silver.
47. He could have spiked them but he left 'em for the Frogs to use against us.
48. Rick unscrewed the lid further, his spiked hair trembling with every twist.
49. Bridge there was a great spiked gate; and on the further side of the river.
50. I think my bullshit meter would've spiked at some point if that were the case.
51. Her face was round and full, and atop her head was a spiked mess of pink hair.
52. Dread spiked through his chest but he forced himself to look Harlan in the eye.
53. As I watched that scene, my blood pressure spiked even higher than it had been.
54. The Congressman sang "Hail, Hail To Old Purdue" while she spiked him again and.
55. Danton looked at the man in horror and as he did so the spiked head’s lips moved.
56. As I watched that scene, my blood pressure spiked even higher than it had been.
57. They wheeled out a trio of catapults and armed them with packages of spiked steel balls.
58. Stefyny’s fear spiked as the tall priest’s face hardened and his eyes turned to flint.
59. And then, I got the alert that it spiked out of the range that it was in for most of the day.
60. When the stock price spiked, long call positions paid off handsomely, as evidenced by the 701.
61. It was as if a bit of the legend had already worn off, dusting Nicky’s spiked hair with gold.
62. But Siri mistakenly ran into a dead end, a street ending with a damaged spiked iron rail fence.
63. Zamperini, for we know all the lovers of the (spiked shoe) sport will b [sic] glad to hear this.
64. I could even see large, spiked, infernally hot chains, the ones meant to shackle me where I stood.
65. He noted that his emotions had been greed and loathing, they had also spiked to self-satisfaction.
66. They were dressed in brightly colored robes, and had black hair that spiked away from their scalps.
67. Needless to say, that article spiked my interest and gave me a good understanding about the mantra.
68. So, I can’t control when she switches to the spiked cartridge, but when she does, she’s a goner.
69. His grimy hand went out and grasped the spiked halo and held firmly while the little beast struggled.
70. The milk thistle resembled a medieval flail with its thick green stem topped with a green spiked head.
71. And as the pain in her arm spiked again, she knew she needed to initiate a careful retreat to the cave.
72. While he eats pizza, I tease my fingers through his spiked brown hair and finger the new stud in his ear.
73. Through his fingers, he glimpsed a dragon flying, and a spiked morningstar whirling on the end of a chain.
74. They had four people with them, all of them on leads attached to spiked metal collars around their necks.
75. The scent of shawarma drifted on the light breeze to their nostrils and their appetites immediately spiked.
76. Gun sales spiked and threats to assassinate him are so numerous the Secret Service cannot handle them all.
77. The pink of her glasses matched the pink tips of her hair, which was short, spiked, and dyed a severe white.
78. Meanwhile Promethean spiked on an update, the first positive reaction to an update they’ve had since forever.
79. My blood pressure spiked as the female warrior approached, still smiling, as she bent over to help strap me in.
80. The wine and the food had been spiked with something that Zac’d obviously thought would have an effect on her.
81. Oh she’s not mad at you, Desa said, it’s Luray that spiked her, and I’ve never been popular with her.
82. He now stood in the middle of the intersection, naked except for the 4ever FuKu spiked cuffs of anger and defiance.
83. Why don’t you tell me the real reason why you’re here princess? He said softly and my heart rate spiked up.
84. I swiveled my gaze to fix it along the great stretch of crossbar where an arm and a wrist and a hand could be spiked.
85. Special Projects: When it got above there, you see it spiked and came back and consolidated really tightly, right here.
86. The robots jump to the roof of the tunnel and grab on with their spiked, spiny legs and disappear through the top opening.
87. When Harry mentioned the 1938 NCAA Championships, when rival runners had spiked Louie’s legs, the pretty woman stopped him.
88. It took me a minute to recognize him: the weird old guy in the spiked leather jacket that cruised my street for cans every week.
89. On one preholiday afternoon, the company reannounced a previously announced asset sale, and the stock spiked a couple of points.
90. However, once volume spiked higher and the $TICK hit its first –1,000 reading into the close, the nature of the market changed.
91. Once volume spiked above 25,000 contracts and then stayed above that level, it indicated that bears were swooping in for the kill.
92. She was dressed as a dominatrix wearing a spiked dog collar and stiletto boots with her eyes a smoky black and her lips cherry red.
93. About my only option is jumping from the balcony and hoping I avoid the spiked fence, hoping I survive with just some broken bones.
94. He met a Russian agent, as arranged, to hand back the gun he used last night, and the man spiked his coffee with something or other.
95. Because of the rise in volatility, premiums on options have also spiked, making it more expensive for investors to buy calls and puts.
96. Volatility as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) spiked to the highest level since the 1987 stock market crash (see Figure 15.
97. Adrenaline has spiked through my body, from the near miss with the cyclist or the heady proximity to Christian, leaving me wired and weak.
98. That is why the VIX spiked to an all time high amid the huge one day gains in stocks and the fear that was running rampant on Wall Street.
99. Note how volume spiked as the stock went from the first touch point on the lower boundary to the second touch point on the upper boundary.
100. When the VIX spiked in November 2008 to close at the highest level in decades, it was coinciding with the market finding a short-term bottom.
1. It filled him with icy spikes.
2. And desert flowers have spikes.
3. Spikes two to three inches long.
4. Insulin spikes to process the sugar.
5. The red one with the little spikes?
6. High-volume spikes with upside action.
7. Him with long metal spikes to the cross.
8. Still spikes, but is dropping steadily.
9. David produced a thing with spikes all.
10. Impaled on the spikes on the top of the.
11. Blood and skin still clung to the spikes.
12. It was riddled with big metal spikes and.
13. The links of which had small spikes on them.
14. It was as if I were lying on a bed of spikes.
15. Spikes in suicide cults rose sharply in 2013.
16. Sunlight glinted off the spikes on top of it.
17. Garcia cursed as the spikes erupted once more.
18. The spikes are not axillary in either of them.
19. The clicking of spikes against the hard stone.
20. When I take a closer look, my heartbeat spikes.
21. RSA on the other hand spikes all over the black.
22. Arin in the bath, rolling my wet hair into spikes.
23. Cacti are more dry and thorny with spikes or hairs.
24. Backed by thin leaved azaleas, budding red spikes.
25. The Dog, with punk spikes bristling in his wet fur.
26. A massive debilitating pain spikes within TK’s arm.
27. He told me that these metal spikes I had pushed into.
28. When that stock spikes during the day, he shorts it big.
29. I'm constantly looking for divergences and buying spikes.
30. Oh, to have strong teeth, with incisors like steel spikes.
31. Jungle vegetation seems to be covered in thorns and spikes.
32. A six-foot wall surrounds the estate with spikes at the top.
33. The ceiling was studded with white spikes of dripping stone.
34. The spikes had such a large diameter that upon penetration.
35. The front sported two huge iron wheels with spikes sticking up.
36. One should understand how volatility spikes affect volatility.
37. You guys okay? Cloud croaked, brushing the matted spikes.
38. Did they look for energy spikes in this area, Asked Heidi.
39. Horns grew from the top of the head, curling in menacing spikes.
40. Its leather collar with the many silver spikes shined, and she.
41. There are as well three heads planted on the spikes of the gate.
42. As she moved her head the spikes from barbed wire scraped through.
43. The only exit was a single steel door speckled with silver spikes.
44. The first house was impossible: vicious palisade with peeling spikes.
45. This time, however, it spikes every piece of flesh on Mary’s body.
46. Option trading volume typically spikes around earnings announcements.
47. Her silken voice, honey-sweet, helped smooth over the spikes of rage.
48. The shoes were long spikes and the stockings had seams down the backs.
49. Joey rubbed his fist where he felt phantom pains from Podge’s spikes.
50. It can help regulate your blood sugar levels and avoid insulin spikes.
51. The Griever’s spikes popped out; its body rolled toward Thomas and Alby.
52. There were hinged hoops about six inches around, with long spikes brazed on.
53. This regulates the release of blood sugar and prevents the dangerous spikes.
54. Such funds benefit in normal times but underperform when correlation spikes.
55. They thrust deadly spikes through the smaller barriers, killing those within.
56. Garcia good hand was torn by the emerging spikes, but he was able to dodge the.
57. Its success depended on capturing the infrequent large, unexpected price spikes.
58. No spikes, no hooks, nothing but going about their business with no one watching.
59. Does he indicate what happened to the spikes, or pieces of iron? asked Olin.
60. MRock! he said again, and punched the Captain in the Chest with the spikes.
61. These spikes can make it difficult to precisely define risk in with-trend entries.
62. Common sense says that a buy-write becomes more attractive when volatility spikes.
63. The spikes withdrew, hurting almost twice as much as when they had first deployed.
64. The price spikes almost immediately and rises in seconds to a new level of balance.
65. MRocK! Garcia yelled, and as the spikes launched out, Garcia hit the Captain.
66. MRocK! Garcia yelled again, withdrawing the spikes and hitting the Captian in.
67. He could not replace the rail and could not drive in the spikes with his bare hands.
68. This short covering often causes these big spikes but blink and you’ve missed them.
69. Keep feet covered to protect them from sapling spikes, snakes and chigoes (chiggers).
70. Spikes in volatility happen quickly, and then the market returns to normal over time.
71. The mRocK hit the ground, and it erupted in spikes, shooting them out like a grenade.
72. But whatever you harvest, leave it in its spikes, except for the little that you eat.
73. Towards the tip of her tail, the spikes got smaller as the tail sharpened to a point.
74. And then two volume spikes appeared, and in between was a strong bearish harami signal.
75. Kato was amazed by the many outrageous spikes happening at random every once in a while.
76. Perhaps the Almshouse Witch would be put in an iron cage with spikes that poked inwards.
77. It walked on all fours like a hound, but had no lips, only shiny spikes as black as its.
78. In selecting the MA method, spikes can also be removed by picking a different price point.
79. And at worst, buy-writing into volatility spikes is a good idea when the market goes lower.
80. Spear-fighters held their long spikes overhead and jabbed forward over shield-tops at faces.
81. The pullback to the entry price may occur for a few hours before it spikes higher once again.
82. When the VIX spikes higher, it often indicates fear in the markets-- but we don't stop there.
83. Both Grievers had righted themselves and extended their spikes, had started moving toward them.
84. The way out of court lay in that direction, and Jerry followed him, all eyes, ears, and spikes.
85. The pieces of the war-ships were propped up on the beach and fastened together with iron spikes.
86. Their legs have small metal spikes coming out of them and a metallic claw coming out the mouth.
87. Then the clicking of its spikes against the stone suddenly turned into a deeper, hollower sound.
88. Whenever the indicator spikes lower with a purple bar, it indicates that sellers are aggressive.
89. God driven into our hearts, as our dearest Jesus had the spikes of His victory over satan driven.
90. Spikes hidden in fake turtles and rabbits would also go a long way toward teaching consideration.
91. The all-purpose weapon consisted of a pole with two vicious spikes and a hook at the business end.
92. Salt crystals dried on my forehead causing atoms of magnification like pricks from burning spikes.
93. Look for the toothed, narrow oval leaves covered in stinging hairs and the spikes of green flowers.
94. With the exception of a couple of spikes in the VIX, the VXV is consistently at a premium to the VIX.
95. His hair was done up in shoddy spikes, the telltale white crust of Elmer’s glue drying on the tips.
96. The monster let out an angry shriek and pulled back several feet, its spikes retracting into its body.
97. Near that stump rose a heavy cross, and on that cross a man hung by spikes through his hands and feet.
98. A wall of steel and silver spikes plummeted toward her waist but she no longer had the strength to move.
99. The false signal provided in the candlestick sessions, confirmed by the volume spikes, was encouraging.
100. Conan squatted beside the cactus, cutting off the thick pears and dexterously twitching out the spikes.

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