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Frasi con pin (in inglese)

  1. Could hear a pin drop.
  2. Pin as much as you can.
  3. It was a beautiful pin.
  4. Fold half over the pin.
  5. You could hear a pin drop.

  6. He wanted to pin it on me.
  7. They can pin nothing on us.
  8. Pin it together (with this).
  9. I don't care a pin about them.
  10. O, Mairy lost the pin of her.
  11. The output pin (÷ by 10), 8.
  12. Wait he put a pin in the map.
  13. There is a split pin through.
  14. And when he struggled to pin.
  15. With a rolling pin, roll out.

  16. You could have heard a pin drop.
  17. Pin pictures that are humorous.
  18. Suppose he lost the pin of his.
  19. I have only my cap to pin on.
  20. Pull the pin before you leave.
  21. Work the action to cock the pin.
  22. Chin dropped the pin to one of.
  23. I, her tutor, held the pin tray.
  24. One could have heard a pin drop.
  25. We can never pin nothing on him.

  26. Leaning in to pin the third man.
  27. You would be able to hear a pin.
  28. Stick a pin in a map like I said.
  29. When mains resumes, pin 1 of iC2.
  30. O, Mary lost the pin of her drawers.
  31. Shiva's dance on the head of a pin.
  32. Who will pin them and their pride?
  33. The pin was probably a cloak clasp.
  34. Weave the pin back out from under.
  35. But the answer was hard to pin down.
  36. Lines of string ran from pin to pin.
  37. She said, Do you have a pin?
  38. With shaking hands, she put the pin.
  39. There is pin drop silence in the hall.
  40. Then, pin some pictures on other days.
  41. You could hear a pin drop on that stage.
  42. They'll pin everything on that boy!.
  43. This is why there was pin drop silence.
  44. O, Leopold lost the pin of his drawers.
  45. Common pin, eh? He threw it on the road.
  46. Pin from a variety of different sources.
  47. Waiting is a hair pin trigger for panic.
  48. Even the rolling pin lady stopped still.
  49. Hotaki pulled the pin and began counting.
  50. The pin was wired to the driver’s door.
  51. When you were about to feed he would pin.
  52. The mother was so relieved to see the pin.
  53. There was pin drop silence when she began.
  54. Chip (also known as Chip and PIN) cards [j.
  55. Could we pin everything on that? I wonder.
  56. The Trezor will ask you to enter your PIN.
  57. The lens was about the size of a pin head.
  58. You have 500 characters to describe a pin.
  59. A tiny brown pin that said " Coffee Day".
  60. You don’t need a PIN number or anything.
  61. So reset switch is connected to reset pin.
  62. You are so small that nothing can pin you.
  63. Stick a pin in a map, said the PR man.
  64. Pull the pin and wait for me to yell "now".
  65. They pin all their hopes on their children.
  66. Be sure that the very tip of the pin does.
  67. Weave the pin back out of the fabric once.
  68. He handed her a pin and put it on her hair.
  69. The numbers on paper bills: are pin numbers.
  70. Chin dropped the pin to one of his grenades.
  71. A horse will normally pin its ears before a.
  72. The reset pin is normally connected to the.
  73. That way we could never pin anything on her.
  74. Put a pin in that chap, will you? My tablets.
  75. Remove the pin, or turn to the fire position.
  76. Cherrie has taken a pin and pricked a balloon.
  77. What happened afterward was hard to pin down.
  78. I’ll just pin a little card to the door.
  79. The probe pin should be firmly clamped using.
  80. Don’t try to pin this on me, Bohdan said.
  81. I pulled the pin and threw it under the truck.
  82. I couldn’t pin it down exactly, but I felt.
  83. She clenched a pin in the middle of her teeth.
  84. Using his thumb print and a six digit PIN, he.
  85. So he reached out and lent a hand with his pin.
  86. I had to do an urgent surgery to remove the pin.
  87. Well, they are forces for a pin, on the margins.
  88. He walks out to the horse pin, where Kantaka is.
  89. The pin snapped off automatically in those days.
  90. HINT: I also chill the wax paper and rolling pin.
  91. It sounded like the faint noise of a pin drop-.
  92. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop;.
  93. I mean - you really could have heard a pin drop.
  94. It's always a good thing to have a pin about one.
  95. Pin risk is the only risk inherent in a reversal.
  96. Place the rolling pin in the center of the dough.
  97. Then roll the dough with a rolling pin, from the.
  98. His eyes met hers and then he handed the pin back.
  99. And a pin on her jacket—a gold cursive A?
  100. He gave my mother his RAF pin, which I still have.
  1. Pinning Calvin and his people back.
  2. Heartlessly pinning Alex on the wall.
  3. Soon the mare is pinning her ears and.
  4. His fist grabbed her hear pinning her down.
  5. Pinning of the ears or a twitching of the.
  6. He then stopped, pinning me with an intense look.
  7. He came to the table, pinning together his sheets.
  8. Pinning of ears when you are cinching a saddle is.
  9. Now, he said, his eyes pinning me to the chair.
  10. He fisted her hair in his hand, pinning her head back.
  11. The Barbeg sat on her stomach, pinning her to the floor.
  12. Buy a large cork board and start pinning up your dreams.
  13. Several wolves held the dogs captive, pinning them to the.
  14. Some of them literally sat on your chest, pinning you down.
  15. They all rushed to him and hugged him in the chair pinning.
  16. The pinning board in particular was a plentiful source for her.
  17. Ash was on top of her the next second, pinning her to the floor.
  18. I wrestled with her, finally pinning her into the large recliner.
  19. As he finished pinning the medal on Nancy, Amin whispered to her.
  20. The spell pinning Rincewind to the wall vanished with a faint pop.
  21. He remained unmovable and grabbed my wrist, pinning it behind him.
  22. I pushed her off of me and rolled on top of her, pinning her down.
  23. The horse jumped away then toppled over, pinning the man under him.
  24. Alex was lying above me, pinning me to the bed and grinning crazily.
  25. He lay upon his back, with the angry Badger's paw, pinning his throat.
  26. The sharp splinters buried themselves into my ankle, pinning me in place.
  27. Then I brought down the axe on his loose shirt, pinning it to the ground.
  28. She bustled around pulling this curl, pinning that one, spraying another.
  29. His assailant sat on his left shoulder, pinning his left arm between legs.
  30. I struggle against the massive arms pinning me in place, but I can’t move.
  31. Pinning her hands down above her head, Damien eased up over her and smiled.
  32. He is pinning his hopes on me and all I have for him is a lie, a bloody lie.
  33. Rotate your thighs outwardly, pinning the outer thighs against the floor, so.
  34. Who are you? he spits, straddling me now, his palms pinning my shoulders.
  35. The Ghost Raider had stamped down on Lavina’s wing, pinning her to the ground.
  36. I lunge toward her, pinning her shoulder to the wall, and lean closer to her face.
  37. The crater closed around its foot like a noose, pinning the mech in that position.
  38. Rotate your thighs outwardly, pinning the outer thighs against the floor, so that.
  39. I wasn't the only one that could help take out the gun pinning down the Mike Force.
  40. He slammed into her, pinning her against the wall with his hand on her throat, and.
  41. The weight of him was superb, pinning her against the bed and forcing her thighs open.
  42. A muscled arm whipped around his neck, pinning him against the headrest, while a hand.
  43. What the hell is it? the yautgan said, now pinning Joey’s hands under his knees.
  44. She saw that it had nipped the corner of his chiton, pinning him to the cabin’s wall.
  45. In an instant, Chevalier was at her, his hands on the wall at her shoulders, pinning her.
  46. Pinning her to the floor, he placed a foot on her chest and snapped the wing that he held.
  47. Athene struggled frantically to free herself from the clawed hand pinning her to the spot.
  48. His presence filled my mind, blotting out my mind and pinning me beneath his filthy weight.
  49. Back in the office, Jenna had disappeared and Beth was pinning up fresh copies of the roster.
  50. With a wave of his hand, the soldiers knocked Moshe to the ground, pinning his head and neck.
  51. Pinning down his arms, her face descended on his exposed chest, her eyes on his the whole time.
  52. I really couldn’t imagine them pinning all these hopes on a few words of common sense from me.
  53. Carla weakened his grip on it as she jumped onto his forearm, pinning it painfully to the ground.
  54. I raced into the reception area to find Delbert sitting on Cory and pinning his arms to the carpet.
  55. She was back in her role of human nail gun, pinning me with her eyes, firing questions, bam-bam-bam.
  56. He sits there Indian-style, eight or nine feet up, like a thumbtack pinning this present to the past.
  57. That picture was replaced by an image of Catherine Quaid pinning a yellow Star of David to her blouse.
  58. A large pinning board on a wall had all kinds of pieces of papers with either text or pictures on them.
  59. He wrapped his arms about her, pulling her waist against his groin, pinning her arms against his chest.
  60. In a single motion, she tossed Claire to the ground and landed on top of her, pinning her to the ground.
  61. I assumed that the man had been loading limestone when the axle snapped, pinning his shin to the ground.
  62. Don immediately lunged at the door, slamming it on Melvin’s neck and pinning his head in the apartment.
  63. She went into her closet, and, fetching her crape hat from the shelf, began pinning it on before the glass.
  64. At last he brought his arms down, running the creature through entirely and pinning it to the brick floor.
  65. Thomas steeled himself, then jumped on top of Alby’s body, grabbing both legs and pinning them to the bed.
  66. I suspect that the envy on which I had been pinning my hopes had changed into something petty and spiteful.
  67. Eye pinning is the term for a parrot enlarging and reducing the size of the pupils of its eyes rapidly.
  68. One thing about justice in New Haven is that one mug was as good as the next when it came to pinning the blame.
  69. You’re not pinning this on me, I had nothing to do with him shooting himself, I didn’t know he had a gun.
  70. I backed into the edge of that great black room and he pushed a blade hand into my chest, pinning me to the wall.
  71. The colorfully painted wheel of the newly made cart inched its way down the lane, pinning his arm against the road.
  72. I rolled her off my lap onto the sofa cushions beside us and quickly slid over top of her pinning her to the sofa.
  73. I was arguing with my parents the night before I went to Arizona and I ended up pinning my dad against the wall.
  74. What kind of witch are you? She demanded, pinning me with blue eyes that were almost as intense as William's.
  75. Stocks that became optionable over that stretch saw an increased likelihood of pinning once they became optionable.
  76. They would be deployed so they could approach from six different directions pinning the enemy inside their assault.
  77. How does pinning happen? Real (and spectacular) or with some augmentation? And by augmentation, I mean manipulation.
  78. His hands slipped under her ass and he lifted her up, pinning her to the wall with his hips and spreading her legs.
  79. Andy, his hormonal urges raging, joined in, latching tightly onto the woman’s wrists and pinning her to the floor.
  80. Adrinius had sped his way to me, pinning me hard against my counter, flat on my back, his divine body on top of mine.
  81. And before I realise it, I am sprawled across a tomb and a giant wolflike beast is standing over me, pinning me down.
  82. So why couldn't he have someone like you in his life? He also knew Toby was not pinning away for you as you supposed.
  83. Pinning the shark down, Louie took the pliers and stabbed the screwdriver end of the handle through the animal’s eye.
  84. Suddenly, he was on his back and the most beautiful raven haired woman was astride him, pinning his hands above his head.
  85. A few of them broke free from the ladder, but those highest up held on while it slammed to the earth, pinning them beneath.
  86. He was on me before I could move, pinning me against the headboard, and I could feel him at my neck, his breath coming fast.
  87. Then, without warning, the car blew up and shot into the air doing a flip and a half landing on the roof pinning Dennis inside.
  88. Moving all her weight forward she pushed Shay over so he was flat on his back and pinning his arms down she rode on top of him.
  89. She struggled to push herself away from him, but there was something on top of her, pinning her down, trying to bite her scalp.
  90. He straddled Tynice pinning her face down on the kitchen floor and cut her up into small parts that would fit in a roasting pan.
  91. The long haired Fae hauled her onto her feet and threw her into the wall, pinning her by her throat as she struggled against him.
  92. Using his momentum, she thrust her weight against his, she rolled him and positioned herself on his chest, pinning him beneath her.
  93. Seeing that Nancy had stopped just outside the door to the room and was pinning a row of medals on her uniform, Murrow hurried to her.
  94. His huge hands took her, one around her ass and the other at her neck, flipping her over to her back again and pinning her to the bed.
  95. The next thing he knew, he was on top of her, pinning her down and stuffing a wadded up tee shirt into her mouth to silence her screams.
  96. He backed me into the wall, his chest pinning me in place and his arms resting on the wall on either side of me, preventing any means of escape.
  97. I lay in the dark in my little flat, my leg slung over the bulk of a sleeping man, his arm pinning me pleasurably beneath it, and gazed at his face.
  98. Teresa had called for him, told him something was wrong! He fought the deep sleep that had consumed him, clawed at the heavy weight pinning him down.
  99. Jameson pulled his arms to his side, pinning the hands of his 'captors' and dropped into a low crouch with his back straight so as not to dislodge them.
  100. He instinctively stepped back in shock as she landed, face down, sprawled across the ground only a few paces away with a male lion pinning her to the ground.
  1. I saw them pinned up.
  2. She pinned back her hair.
  3. I felt pinned to my chair.
  4. Adros was pinned beneath him.
  5. His intense stare pinned me.
  6. His eyes pinned on the wall.
  7. Jaw pinned against the floor.
  8. He is completely pinned down.
  9. Then, pinned and posted with.
  10. They are pinned to the plains.
  11. As they pinned the medals on.
  12. Meyers was pinned down and.
  13. He had her pinned to the chair.
  14. He pinned her against the wall.
  15. My heart beat fast as I pinned.
  16. He pinned her down and started.
  17. Duana and Ilona pinned her down.
  18. It slams into another pinned car.
  19. When they pinned those medals on.
  20. Something pinned on: photo perhaps.
  21. She pinned down both of his wrists.
  22. I was pinned down under heavy fire.
  23. She pinned her hair up into a bun.
  24. I accidently pinned her to her diaper.
  25. She took up her hat and pinned it on.
  26. She had her knees pinned to the mat.
  27. His body pinned her to the cold floor.
  28. He was pinned like a beetle on a card.
  29. Those who had Moshe pinned instantly.
  30. You see Kaite pinned down by a shooter.
  31. Her sweaty hand pinned it to the floor.
  32. My swain with pride pinned the corsage.
  33. There’s a box and a not pinned to it.
  34. In less than an hour after they pinned.
  35. I found this pinned to the corkboard.
  36. Instead of complying, Mal pinned her hand.
  37. She clambered on top of him, and pinned.
  38. Gary’s eyes were pinned to the ceiling.
  39. A clawed foot pinned Harlan to the ground.
  40. Then you pinned me and I could feel your.
  41. God, how I loved to be pinned and bruised.
  42. Footsie soon had him pinned to the ground.
  43. The young Wood Sprite, Kormos, was pinned.
  44. Ears that are pinned flat back says I am.
  45. He leaves sonnets pinned to all the corpses.
  46. A note had been pinned to the wall of the.
  47. The wood tore at my skin and pinned my heel.
  48. There was a notice pinned up on the Church.
  49. She took it out and pinned it to her jumper.
  50. Carter stil had the man pinned to the ground.
  51. Chester was pinned between the two officers.
  52. There was a note pinned to the other pillow:.
  53. He pinned her arms down with one hand as he.
  54. He had him pinned and was going for his neck.
  55. Not amused, Cami pinned her with a hard glare.
  56. Gentle smile and white rose pinned to his tux.
  57. Out of her clothes somewhere: pinned together.
  58. Kyle pinned her, but was holding most of his.
  59. He pushed me into the wall and pinned my wrist.
  60. He pinned both her hands to the ground and she.
  61. The Americans have them pinned against the sea.
  62. Hassan lay with his chest pinned to the ground.
  63. The corners of her mouth were pinned up, gently.
  64. He pinned her with his body, trapping her arms.
  65. Zack had kids pinned to the walls with his snot.
  66. He pinned it to the closet door with the gum he.
  67. She pinned it to her jacket and lifted her head.
  68. He quickly flipped her over and pinned her down.
  69. Moses pinned the stranger’s feet to the cold.
  70. Garcia pinned Rojan’s sword to the dais with.
  71. I was pinned to the floor, unable to move an inch.
  72. The groom is pinned against the door, apoplectic.
  73. Not caring about her answer, Luke pinned her on.
  74. The hilt of his weapon fell from the arm pinned.
  75. She pinned it on the noticeboard behind her desk.
  76. He pressed his shoe on my throat and held me pinned.
  77. There were sketches of several girls pinned to the.
  78. Rafael pinned her with a stare that would have made.
  79. The Dangler’s hook was pinned in the middle finger.
  80. The grandfather’s eyes stayed pinned on the horizon.
  81. The pinned anthropoid bends over and reaches for a SUV.
  82. He used the momentum to his advantage, and pinned the.
  83. It hated the world of mortals and gods, which pinned.
  84. But it was the sawmill on which her hopes were pinned.
  85. His whole half of his body was pinned down and he had.
  86. He leaned in on our table having us pinned in the booth.
  87. SCOTTY PINNED BARBIE and Olsen with his flashlight beam.
  88. Jeanan fussed with flowers that she pinned to Nancy’s.
  89. Tregis and the twins are pinned down in the shuttle bay.
  90. Vincent pinned himself taut against the wall and rested.
  91. He looked at a paper pinned to the wall over the griddle.
  92. Zarubkin pinned her last hope to Abramka's inventiveness.
  93. He tried to move, but was pinned down by something heavy.
  94. The mayor then pinned the shiny medal on Homer’s chest.
  95. She had braided it, then pinned it to the top of her head.
  96. Star on me there, and pinned the Silver Star on me in Iraq.
  97. Rhone curled up over its throat and pinned the creatures.
  98. Vivian Kim was pinned to the bed with a long hunting knife.
  99. They were pinned on Pierce’s tail, pushing, taunting him.
  100. Bruno Capone had Curt Columbus pinned up against the fence.
  1. Pins and pain of bees.
  2. The pins stayed out, the.
  3. Safety Pins stifled a laugh.
  4. Locking pins held it in place.
  5. Shaky on his pins, poor old sot.
  6. One-by-one the pins tipped over.
  7. Step2: Ensure all the pins of IC.
  8. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC.
  9. Safety Pins was carefully pouting.
  10. The power users average 2,700 pins.
  11. Tim is knocking the hinge pins out.
  12. The more pins you have, the better.
  13. Notice the two red pins above the.
  14. There are several red pins here.
  15. Safety Pins rolled her eyes and stood.
  16. Focus on making the corner pins fall.
  17. The pins are like a ranking system.
  18. Diane pins her ear to the bedroom door.
  19. Make conscience of pins and syllables.
  20. The first of the red pins offers.
  21. Michael pins his ear to the door first.
  22. Teresa pins her ear to the bedroom door.
  23. He pins the whole thing on someone else.
  24. Joseph pins his ear to the bedroom door.
  25. I don’t know! Safety Pins snapped.
  26. Queer the number of pins they always have.
  27. Yeah, Safety Pins agreed, she was.
  28. Sergeant’s rank pins shone at his collar.
  29. Her fingers tingled with needles and pins.
  30. When full dry, remove the pins and rollers.
  31. She slowly took out the pins from her hair.
  32. He pins the mech down with his sheer weight.
  33. Safety Pins poked her head around the corner.
  34. Safety Pins with not so thinly veiled scorn.
  35. What about the yellow and green pins?
  36. Then what’s with the matching pins?
  37. Safety Pins sulking seductively in the corner.
  38. Step1: Indentify the pins of IC and transistor.
  39. The needles and pins jab and poke relentlessly.
  40. I grabbed Safety Pins by the arms and shook her.
  41. Straight on her pins anyway not like the other.
  42. Emily sighed and grabbed the seven Cavalry pins.
  43. The roll loosened from the pins and was falling.
  44. Mush-head lived with three steel pins in his hip.
  45. She pins me with her palms against my shoulders.
  46. It doesn't mean two pins to her, as a matter of.
  47. I saw he had a container of pins in front of him.
  48. Do not clean the ears with pins, keys, pens, etc.
  49. I pulled the pins and threw them through the door.
  50. Step1: Identify the pins of IC UM66 and transistor.
  51. Have as many boards as possible with over 100 pins.
  52. The Waxen Puppet, the red-hot Pins, said Joan.
  53. In other words, the pins are soldered directly to.
  54. He pins his faith to one channel only, and dictates.
  55. The pins around the wrists of my dress were poking me.
  56. Why are those needles and pins sticking out of your.
  57. She in turn stuck the sofas full of antimacassar pins.
  58. His leg was held together with metal plates and pins.
  59. Then his hands began to tingle, like pins and needles.
  60. Buy plastic clothes pins from a dollar store and use.
  61. I’m imprisoned in an atmosphere of needles and pins.
  62. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC are properly inserted.
  63. All the clothes pins are securely glued to the clothes.
  64. I let go of the chisel and the pins fell back in place.
  65. They were a bowling ball, the Warlin soldiers the pins.
  66. She was conscious that her hat was tugging at its pins.
  67. Choose one day of the week to send out at least 50 pins.
  68. Symptoms: Feet feel as though they have pins and needles.
  69. As the pins whizzed by his burning head, they reignited.
  70. Step2: Identify Piezo speaker pins and it should be con-.
  71. Use a lot of hashtags in your pins, but don’t go crazy.
  72. He counted the threads exposed on the pins above the nuts.
  73. Use other social networks to promote your pins and boards.
  74. How and why do we see pins? There’s pretty simple dynamic.
  76. We have to call the cops or something, Safety Pins said.
  77. The old pins were beamed out and the new pins were beamed in.
  78. Yeah, Safety Pins said, biting her lip in concentration.
  79. There were pins stuck in it, in a variety of different colors.
  80. Then I could feel pins and needles stinging my ankles and feet.
  81. Now hold that dress careful and don’t disturb those pins.
  82. He whimpered at the pins and needles, and his heel looked sore.
  83. She had taken the pins out—they made her head ache, she said.
  84. She checked her pins and said, Oh God, is it noticeable?
  85. Her hair flew; pins seemed scarcely to attach the flying silks.
  86. He pins her up against the wall, bringing a hand over her mouth.
  87. With screws and pins in my ankles, that poses a fair challenge.
  88. My board Pinterest Humor has many pins that will make you laugh.
  89. Marc? I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for this report.
  90. Annie stood in the doorway, taking the pins out of her straw hat.
  91. She hits her hard, knocking her down, and pins her to the ground.
  92. She removed the pins and my curls fell in black waves to my waist.
  93. You notice how there are a lot more green pins than yellow pins.
  94. I was already pulling the pins out of my hair as I entered my room.
  95. He pulled out the pins that held his hair and let his locks shake out.
  96. I’d be there all night if she had to find and remove all those pins.
  97. I pull pins from Susan’s hair—the hairstyle is too severe for Amity.
  98. Small pins marked places of interest, unit positions and enemy contacts.
  99. The pins fell one by one, extinguishing the flame as they hit the ground.
  100. Sequential outputs appear at pins 3, 2, 4,7, 10, 1, 5, 6, 9 and 11–in.

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