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    1. Perched on a silver spike, trailing leads and luridly coloured pipe work, Citizen Marat’s head stared back at the committee chairman with eyes as clear and blue as a bright summer afternoon

    2. Danton let out a low guttural growl and swept the head off its silver spike, sending it rolling blindly down the corridor

    3. but this is the twist, this is the spike,

    4. On the downward spike,

    5. I am the black dog, spike claw, red eye, the hound in the chase,

    6. The spike he landed on entered the back of his skull and stuck through where his

    7. And indeed, the dwarf left the head as it was – a foot of silver coated spike sticking out from between its eyes

    8. The spike hit the ground some steps behind her as she was spirited along

    9. The 'this here' to which he refers is a short stick with a length of chain attached and a lethal looking spike at the end

    10. Once again the spike strikes him squarely in the testicles

    11. “A massive spike would be recorded on the radio relay stations

    12. Chris thought for a moment, “I’m only guessing as to the intensity required to kill someone, but I bet such a spike would have damaged receivers across the settlement

    13. We want to be in and out fast and to kill as many of the enemy as we can but remember our first priority is to spike their guns so follow me to the start point

    14. with a long metal spike at the end

    15. At that time, Spike, one of Mama’s roomers, ran between us and shouted at me in my face to shut up! I turned my rage and venom on him and asked him what right he had to tell me what to do

    16. Spike was the conversationalist

    17. Every day, Spike would sit on the table purring

    18. One day Spike didn’t greet me after work

    19. One indeed attacked me without reason on the border, and I am afraid I distressed the Army medic by informing him I would most definitely shoot him if he didn’t quit fooling around and pull it out with pliers (which I had appropriated from the Army the week before) immediately and without leaving pieces of the spike in me either! After that I passed out because he had mixed the antibiotic injection with a knock-out drug after I had given him the evil eye, or so he said during a fatherly chat about the attempted murder a few days later

    20. There were four of the metal spike things that our hands had been tied to

    21. Yer'll need ter spike it," he said around a mouthful of fingers

    22. "'Ere," he held out a pair of long-handled tongs, "'old this spike with these 'ere tongs and I'll do the 'ammering

    23. But the spike is over in an instant

    24. Elephants, gibbons and Spike Jones

    25. That reminds me of Spike Jones and the City Slickers and his wonderful rendition of Hawaiian War Chant which starts:

    26. The plane began landing procedures and Hunter felt his nervousness spike

    27. Using both weather balloons and satellites, temperatures had fluctuated, but there had been no or little average change over the last thirty years, except for a spike in 1998 felt by Lomborg and others to be related to El Niño

    28. If I could, I would have your head on a spike

    29. Another spike from a different area on his back floats upwards, changes direction and passes through his right molecule

    30. ‘Yes, each chrome spike represents a different type of weapon system

    31. Obama reversed or scaled back nearly every major offshore oil opportunity that has come about since the price spike of 2008 – effectively reimposing a moratorium on drilling off the coasts

    32. spike toed snakeskin cowboy boots and a big cowboy hat with an

    33. As the next attackers appeared, most were above them in every direction, and she had another inspiration, and shaped their reflective Shield into a tall and thin spike, pointed above and below

    34. "No, he's got Hatchet and Spike experience

    35. "With a bronze spike

    36. The oak-wood spike poked deep into his neck and she twisted it viciously into the soft, wet flesh and Haki grunted once

    37. A hessian sack hanging from a rusty spike contained some slightly ageing winter vegetables and potatoes

    38. events, the RNG data would spike

    39. The biggest spike was

    40. Usually key market moves where volume is high are usually when a spike occurs or a time period which is small where there is more volume than normal

    41. Then Jed shouted again, and each scarecrow grabbed a spike on the giant wheel upon which the machine was mounted

    42. I resisted the urge to spike the pigeon

    43. He lay on the spike bleeding from his stomach, his head hung down and his hair brushing in the grass

    44. What was it for, what purpose did it serve? Was he ever valued by anyone? He tried to move his legs and push himself off the spike

    45. Cranking his head around looking over his shoulder, at the spike sticking out of the middle of his back he realized he was paralyzed

    46. Nearby, a handful of Canadians in loud plaid jackets and ill-fitting trousers were trying not to sound like their south pacific neighbours, while a small group of Nigerians in pillbox hats and colourful robes ogled mini skirted girls boasting bouffant hair, pancake makeup, frilly petticoats and spike heels

    47. Naturally, being Goon Show fans we both enjoyed to the point of hysteria Spike Milligan in his own play, The Bed Sitting Room

    48. He flew up to the front of the class with his powerful wings, brushed his hair forward to make it spike into the air, and then took time looking at himself in the mirror

    49. She stood back, raised her foot and aimed the spike heel at his groin

    50. She tried to kick backwards with her spike heels, but Jarek deflected her foot and with all her weight on the other, her ankle twisted and she sagged onto his weapon

    1. Danton looked at the man in horror and as he did so the spiked head’s lips moved

    2. what? Putting a finger on the knot?' A spiked, cruel laugh, brittle and hard, 'Sorry, that was thoughtless

    3. “Oh she’s not mad at you,” Desa said, “it’s Luray that spiked her, and I’ve never been popular with her

    4. There was a general cry of dismay as the third wave clambered over the trench merely to be met with a field so liberally strewn with spiked metal caltrops that it was impossible not to step on one

    5. And as the pain in her arm spiked again, she knew she needed to initiate a careful retreat to the cave

    6. Needless to say, that article spiked my interest and gave me a good understanding about the mantra

    7. Del was only twenty, green eyed with spiked sandy hair

    8. There was something wholesomely invigorating about trudging up a mountain, his spiked shoes crunching through the snow, finding weak points in the glacial sections

    9. spiked on a great bayonet, so that you couldn't move an inch

    10. Gun sales spiked and threats to assassinate him are so numerous the Secret Service cannot handle them all

    11. I could even see large, spiked, infernally hot chains, the ones meant to shackle me where I stood

    12. really spiked the sauce

    13. A burst of chuckles spiked and ceased just as quickly

    14. nicely styled-long in the front, short and spiked in the back, with a long rattail

    15. crossbow in one hand and a spiked mace in the other, knives and blades flashing

    16. over his spiked shoulder pauldron, seizing the handle of the

    17. They were dressed in brightly colored robes, and had black hair that spiked away from their scalps

    18. sighed, half-heartedly running a hand through his spiked locks,

    19. Grooming its spiked mane with a heavy paw, brushing against the

    20. himself up slightly on the bed, brushing his spiked hair from his

    21. While he eats pizza, I tease my fingers through his spiked brown hair and finger the new stud in his ear

    22. ―I think that my blood pressure spiked, ― she said at last

    23. “Why don’t you tell me the real reason why you’re here princess?” He said softly and my heart rate spiked up

    24. While he watched, he sipped on rum spiked with gunpowder

    25. The Pastor ran a hand over the top of his short spiked hair

    26. The first graduate to step was a black man with spiked up

    27. He raised his spiked mace threateningly, patting its large steel head

    28. Today he wore his distinctive gladiator’s helm, as he liked his opponents to see what was coming after them and its long spiked ridges let all who faced him know they were about to meet with a champion of the arena

    29. Spiked increases and decreases in current fl ow would

    30. with his flail, and each spiked chain became a rope of fire

    31. One held a spiked ball hung from a chain, the other a broad saber

    32. They wheeled out a trio of catapults and armed them with packages of spiked steel balls

    33. The humanoids had spiked hair

    34. They were huge flying sting rays with the same red symbols glowing on their bellies, huge horns protruding from their heads, a large spiked tail, and huge eyes that could see for millions of miles

    35. Just as these thoughts zip through your brain at velocities that would make the new space plane jealous, a kid with blue and green spiked hair walks in and heads for the smoking section

    36. Peter's hair spiked and his freckles turned even more orange

    37. The robots jump to the roof of the tunnel and grab on with their spiked, spiny legs and disappear through the top opening

    38. Problem is, who will be the first to down the spiked drink

    39. In his naked hand Thugra Khotan gripped a black scorpion, more than a foot in length, the deadliest creature of the desert, the stroke of whose spiked tail was instant death

    40. My face lite up like a fire cracker and my blood pressure spiked as she handed me a slip of paper and whispered in my ear, “Please call me in the morning

    41. My blood pressure spiked as the female warrior approached, still smiling, as she bent over to help strap me in

    42. But Siri mistakenly ran into a dead end, a street ending with a damaged spiked iron rail fence

    43. aiming his spiked elbow at the

    44. He lands one of his spiked knuckles to her left breast

    45. full spiked uniforms to protect their bodies, to further harm

    46. They were too spiked to be from any species of cat

    47. As soon as it was wide enough, he and Laura slipped through, and he opened his wallet and asked the teenage, male driver with short spiked hair if they could get a ride back to the coffee shop for forty dollars

    48. “What the hell is Project X?” Rick mimicked, his blond, spiked hair trembling on his head as he paced back and forth in his black suit, a file tucked under one arm

    49. Rick unscrewed the lid further, his spiked hair trembling with every twist

    50. the ready, its hair was spiked up, and the expression on its

    1. Her silken voice, honey-sweet, helped smooth over the spikes of rage

    2. As they entered the transit, the plasma caught and trailed off the spikes on their three-dozen red hulls

    3. Backed by thin leaved azaleas, budding red spikes

    4. The Dog, with punk spikes bristling in his wet fur

    5. Blackthorn spikes stand to in the wind,

    6. each flush of the moth’s wings, catching the feather spikes

    7. Salt crystals dried on my forehead causing atoms of magnification like pricks from burning spikes

    8. He feels the inside of his cheek with his tongue and whimpers as an electric charge spikes through the side of his face, but still he does as Maggie asks

    9. The rest of the table was quickly taken up by a giant, horned and demonic figure; his body was covered with spikes and horns

    10. The spikes had such a large diameter that upon penetration

    11. somehow missing the spikes

    12. They had then cut off all branches between two and three inches thick, sharpened both ends and dug in a forest of spikes around the walls and the gate

    13. A wall of steel and silver spikes plummeted toward her waist but she no longer had the strength to move

    14. No spikes yet

    15. The only exit was a single steel door speckled with silver spikes

    16. It walked on all fours like a hound, but had no lips, only shiny spikes as black as its

    17. energy spikes in the background radiation

    18. Twig had Islandia and I carrying meat to the grill when we saw the first of the iron spikes driven into the dirt between two of the four kneeling slaves at the slave star

    19. Our preparations continued as the other iron spikes were positioned and all of their hands were secured

    20. There are massive spikes and I have seen plugs melt and start burning as well as bulbs exploding because of the spikes

    21. The red one with the little spikes?

    22. The lead SUV hit the puncture strip across the road without slowing, the tires seemingly unaffected by the sharp spikes

    23. We had smudge pots, flares and water barrels for quick signals in an emergency; we had railroad-type emergency flares with the spikes on the end, we used those in various ways, and by the most careful choosing of the field, the terrain masked our lights

    24. I also saw lots of lightning, sheets of hail and spikes of ice, flying blocks of stone, as well as giant swirls of water raised from the river and hurled at Novorski

    25. Trevor took a breath and creased his brow: ‘The spikes improve the effectiveness of its forcefield,’ he said, and took another slow breath

    26. compartment were three thin spikes, meant to puncture the back of the wearer’s

    27. spikes shot into his skin and he collapsed to the metal, chest heaving

    28. On the occasional mature plants, there was a huge towering column usually well over twenty feet high containing hundreds of spikes covered with a profusion of white trumpet-shaped flowers

    29. torrent of rain, mopping the matted spikes of hair his from his

    30. “You guys okay?” Cloud croaked, brushing the matted spikes

    31. Liam: Then, what do we do? They have my father and my sister; I want to hang the heads of the Seven on spikes

    32. Jaden sees some lime glowing starfish, thirty feet in diameter with four-foot long spikes and thorns around them

    33. The weapon disappears through the molecule on his arm and returns with the rest of the levitating spikes on his back

    34. Their legs have small metal spikes coming out of them and a metallic claw coming out the mouth

    35. • We have historically seen top line revenue growth of 10-15% annual y with spikes of up

    36. The front sported two huge iron wheels with spikes sticking up

    37. been the big spikes on the front wheels of this thing that had

    38. Having this variation handy, spread over a period of time, can help you plan better and anticipate sudden spikes or higher expenditure during certain months of the year

    39. They were able to choose the configurations of their bodies, and could grow wings or tails if they so desired, or extra arms or legs, or horns, antlers, spikes and spines of any sort

    40. The sun, bloated and low on the horizon, sent reflecting rays into the smoke and dust that made golden spikes emerge and pin burned out vehicles to the road

    41. It filled him with icy spikes

    42. All Simon sensed was the jittering spikes of madness, like a discordant sound in the harmony the mind-cane brought him

    43. He laughed, and his laughter formed strange spikes in the air around him which melted away almost at once

    44. The outer stone walls on the other side of the moat were more than three times the height of a man, and had recently been fortified with iron spikes that glistened in the sunlight

    45. The pieces of the war-ships were propped up on the beach and fastened together with iron spikes

    46. The planks were held in place not with spikes but with bark-rope, which made the ships flexible in rough water

    47. Spear-fighters held their long spikes overhead and jabbed forward over shield-tops at faces

    48. The bodies of four men were nailed to the rafters with large iron spikes, their throats slit open and their tongues pulled out and nailed to their chins, their eyelids removed

    49. It had a serpentine head with long fangs and thin bony spikes connected by a thin membrane to form a fin along its long neck

    50. A six-foot wall surrounds the estate with spikes at the top

    1. The MAGIC of the Wolf Trap Kiss Close is that it's a series of general and sexual compliance tests combined with BT spiking and disqualifying

    2. was shoulder length and slicked back, the ends frayed and spiking out around the

    3. Protecting his new mother—Ashley—Pixie leapt over her legs into the bathroom, claws extended, hissing like a tea kettle, back arching, hair spiking, white teeth glaring

    4. In the bush, a roll of waterproof adhesive tape is handy for repairs and can also be used to form temporary eyelets by overlapping the tape across the edge of the tarp, and spiking or cutting a neat hole through the double thickness of the tape

    5. The thought sends a chill spiking through me

    6. • Dextrose: This carb has a place spiking insulin post workout if BULKING, but what about other

    7. To rectify this condition "spiking" of the lawn becomes necessary

    8. Spiking is a process in which the lawn surface is poked with a pointed instrument

    9. Before spiking, the lawn should be mowed as low as possible

    10. After spiking is done, the lawn grass should be

    11. A wind sighed out at them and the two Arkenians froze, their fear spiking through Aesa's mind

    12. It washed through the spiking pain that stabbed at him, and he drew in a breath of air, letting it fill his aching lungs

    13. Spiking was achieved by packing a cannon with gunpowder and blowing it to pieces

    14. However, he is spiking temperatures as high as 103°F

    15. So far Lloyd Adeft had determined that three of the cannon were defective and needed spiking, and two were satisfactory for firing

    16. Oak’s nose twitched as he smelled something different in the air, he picked up his step to find out what it was and the boys following did the same, their excitement spiking a little at not knowing what they were going toward

    17. Spiking the punch,” said Alice

    18. Remember refined sugars unnaturally spiking and elevation of insulin and

    19. coincidence that global warming is spiking much quicker than predicted, that the USA has been the

    20. Sun flares are normal, but these were unprecedented, massive, spiking higher and higher—and once they were noticed, it was only minutes before their heat slammed into Earth

    21. It was mostly vapid anyway: What a long winter it’s been! Heating oil’s spiking

    22. Trinity Mirror’s Interim Management statement went down a storm, spiking the stock 12%

    23. Visually, this means that there should not be a lot of big, “spiking” down-volume bars in the chart over the prior 10 days as well as the stock’s overall base formation

    24. When gasoline was above $4 per gallon in 2008, it was not uncommon for me to receive several calls a week from investors asking how they could profit from gasoline prices spiking

    25. Although the effect of removing the spiking day would be minimal in this case, over a longer period of time it could be significant

    26. Though it was not clear what the artist meant to express by depicting the so-called King of Rome spiking the earth with a stick, the allegory apparently seemed to Napoleon, as it had done to all who had seen it in Paris,

    27. The average yield spread of private money market paper—whether repos (RP), commercial paper (CP), certificates of deposit (CD), or eurodeposits (ED)—over Treasury bills (TB) more than halved between the 1980s and the 2000s, despite spiking back to the 1981–1982 level in 2008 (see Table 3

    28. Measured IRP became negative again but this development was more reflective of a spiking illiquidity premium than of actual deflation fears

    29. Tail risks refer to non-normal market moves such as abnormally large price changes or correlations spiking higher during crises

    30. This is theoretical pricing for these option contracts based on the near-term future spiking up and the longer-term future contract being at a significant discount

    31. When he recovered himself and glanced about him, there were blue uniforms in front of him on the ramparts; two Frenchmen were even spiking a cannon not ten paces distant from him

    32. Though it was not clear what the artist meant to express by depicting the so-called King of Rome spiking the earth with a stick, the allegory apparently seemed to Napoleon, as it had done to all who had seen it in Paris, quite clear and very pleasing

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