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Frasi con strait (in inglese)

He found a carven strait.
And for helping with the strait.
Williams, bring the strait to me.
The Bering Strait now intervenes.
One way is the opening of a strait.
Ryzik went through the carven strait.
You will see how strait I can shoot.

The next call she made was to John Strait.
Tell them to take off the strait waistcoat.
He felt the strait open and try to grip him.
George Strait & His Ace-In-the-Hole Band---.
I had thought the strait wholly out of reach.
Was this what the strait looked like inside?
Paul Island, the Strait of Belle Isle, the St.
Can pass so strait a strait; but love will ply.
It was a Texas Two Step to a George Strait song.
Strait into the Arctic Ocean a short time earlier.
Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which.
I added that Williams said the strait was closed.
Lawrence Island, on her way to the Bering Strait.
The shifts were 12 hours a day and 3 weeks strait.
He tell you about the open strait? Kara said.
The carven strait sat on the floor, shining dully.
Why were you trying to keep the strait open?
Each of her six heads bent down in the strait, and.
Strait: Narrow; a restricted and narrow path or road.
We still have to try with the strait, Callie said.
Things Have Happened To Me" by George Strait, "Got No.
Away" by George Strait, and "You Don't Have the Heart.
He’d assumed no one would find out about the strait.
Shenandoah was nearing the center of the Bering Strait.
The steamers made a round-about trip through the strait.
George Strait & His Ace-In-the-Hole Band will supply the.
Jane and John Strait continued back towards the promenade.
Strait tradition, for purity and high standards---you may.
George Strait, "A New Love" and "Love Will Find Its Way To.
George Strait have ensured an element of elegance in coun-.
As he was departing Bass Strait and heading for the southern.
Honshu, and involved commerce on the Strait of Shimonoseki, a.
Maybe I’d luck out and the strait would be caught on a mouse.

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