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Frasi con straits (in inglese)

I was in dire straits.
He was in such dire straits.
Fish the coast down the straits.
The Ethiopian wolf is in dire straits.
I was, for the moment, in dire straits.
Believe me, Rebecca was in dire straits.
Remember that we are in terrible straits.

The first battle of the straits had been lost.
Oh, John, my friend, we are in awful straits.
Hercules known today as the Straits of Gibraltar.
Soldiers when in desperate straits lose the sense of fear.
Judging from the tone of her voice she was in dire straits.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be in dire straits and then all of.
In a November 2005 issue of the The Straits Times, a leading.
Others pass the straits of Dover, others enter the Wash, others the.
I worried that maybe his luck had expired and he was in dire straits.
They were already in desperate straits; now how would they survive?
She had never been in more dire straits, so naturally she was quite afraid.
This was after the German ships were through the straits and almost out of range.
Material must be getting painfully scarce when reduced to such straits for support.
Trying to hide from the military radar until we’re out of the straits of Malacca.
I was expecting emissaries from Langdon, for I knew he must now be actually in straits.
Coming to terms with dire straits Indra called on Yama: Fire the artillery now!.
He had passed the worst straits; the narrow pass was opening out a little in front of him.
It was Terry Williams, former drummer of Rockpile, who was now playing with Dire Straits.
The shortest distance between America and Asia is at the Bering Straits; there is only 53mi.
Stephen wrote whenever he could catch the Chilian mail boats on their way through the Straits.
They kept news of Niles’ financial straits private, to avoid embarrassment from their peers.
He asked about her grandparents in the Torres Straits and talked about his family in Canberra.
It was still airborne when it disappeared from Malaysian military radar in the Straits of Malacca.
She started up and bounded towards him in an instant: he was evidently in great straits for breath.
Iranian government before they died aboard the tragic flight 655 over the waters of the Straits of.
David asked what people ate in the Torres Straits and she asked how he knew so much about bush food.
Their personal accounts have by some means been emptied, and they are now in dire straits financially.
While the Wyoming was cruising thorough the straits of Shimonoseki, the Japanese land and naval guns.
Jones were cruising in the Bering Straits and steering north while the Shenandoah was in the vicinity.
I knew that EI was in dire financial straits because of the future losses from the Tacoma and Helena fiascos.
The foggy weather provided an observation shield for the German warships as they entered the Denmark Straits.
And so I really took it, not because I was in desperate straits, but from delicacy, not to hurt his feelings.
I admit that everything else you want to keep here is nothing but dead weight in the straits we find ourselves.

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