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Strait in a sentence

of the Torres Strait.
’ said John Strait.
that scares me strait.
smooth as George Strait.
as George Strait puts it.
He found a carven strait.
skies in the Bering Strait.

Where is the strait?.
And for helping with the strait.
Williams, bring the strait to me.
nearer to the Strait of Gibraltar.
The Bering Strait now intervenes.
One way is the opening of a strait.
Ryzik went through the carven strait.
over against the great strait of Judea.
You will see how strait I can shoot.
threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz.
The next call she made was to John Strait.
Tell them to take off the strait waistcoat.
George Strait & His Ace-In-the-Hole Band---.
He felt the strait open and try to grip him.
I had thought the strait wholly out of reach.
in the Strait between Ithaca and rocky Same:.
Was this what the strait looked like inside?.
‘What makes you think that?’ asked Strait.
Paul Island, the Strait of Belle Isle, the St.
Can pass so strait a strait; but love will ply.
today: George Strait & His Ace-In-the-Hole Band.
navigated the narrows of the Strait of Magellan.
It was a Texas Two Step to a George Strait song.
to the coast, with Canada just across the strait.

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sound strait pass straits