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    1. She had never been in more dire straits, so naturally she was quite afraid

    2. I admit that everything else you want to keep here is nothing but dead weight in the straits we find ourselves

    3. “I think that we should head up the straits of Malacca before heading south clear of Christmas Island’s radar, and then come into Australia from the north

    4. “Trying to hide from the military radar until we’re out of the straits of Malacca

    5. It was still airborne when it disappeared from Malaysian military radar in the Straits of Malacca

    6. army was in dire straits and that his capability in battle was

    7. While the Wyoming was cruising thorough the straits of Shimonoseki, the Japanese land and naval guns

    8. Jones were cruising in the Bering Straits and steering north while the Shenandoah was in the vicinity

    9. In Spain the people knew little of the straits of their forces, and celebrated their “impending victory” by fiesta and bullfight

    10. Garcia with two thousand men was holding the extreme right, cutting off the San Luis valley and the five thousand men garrisoned there within sixteen miles of the beleaguered city but kept in ignorance of Toral's straits by the vigilance of the insurgents holding the intervening valley

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    head pass straits strait

    "straits" definitions

    a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs

    a difficult juncture