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Straits in a sentence

in dire straits.
were in dire straits.
I was in dire straits.
the past in straits of paint.
He was in such dire straits.
Fish the coast down the straits.
To cross the Straits of Messina,.

The Ethiopian wolf is in dire straits.
I was, for the moment, in dire straits.
Believe me, Rebecca was in dire straits.
Remember that we are in terrible straits.
out by bands to the straits of the mountain.
The first battle of the straits had been lost.
Oh, John, my friend, we are in awful straits.
Hercules known today as the Straits of Gibraltar.
dire straits; two of my beloved friends have left me.
Judging from the tone of her voice she was in dire straits.
Soldiers when in desperate straits lose the sense of fear.
both stayed on the Number One Spot on the Straits Times Best.
(He shall indeed pass the straits and conquer the mountains,.
dire straits and with no other alternative but to forcefully.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be in dire straits and then all of.
army was in dire straits and that his capability in battle was.
In a November 2005 issue of the The Straits Times, a leading.
Others pass the straits of Dover, others enter the Wash, others the.
straits obviously feels it, because he’s constantly worried about.
They were already in desperate straits; now how would they survive?.
I worried that maybe his luck had expired and he was in dire straits.

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Synonyms for straits

head pass straits strait