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    1. “After what they have been through, it would subdue the

    2. "That sensor would detect an exothermic life form exerting enough energy to subdue Alan and the two women he was with," Alfred told her

    3. As far as she was concerned she could walk over the village and subdue it by sheer intimidation

    4. He gave us our intelligence and commanded we use it to subdue the beasts

    5. In the height of their grandeur, it cost them two great wars, and three great battles, to subdue that little kingdom, of which the conquest would probably have been still more difficult, had it not been for the cowardice of its last king

    6. The sect which had the good fortune to be leagued with the conquering party necessarily shared in the victory of its ally, by whose favour and protection it was soon enabled, in some degree, to silence and subdue all its

    7. Their first demand was generally that he should silence and subdue all their adversaries; and their second, that he should bestow an independent provision on themselves

    8. Marksmen like me carried rifles while some of the men had pistols and bombs and a few were carrying home made coshes with which to subdue the prisoners with

    9. King Bordath of Magedir called all the kings together for a meeting to decide the best course of action to take to subdue the wizards

    10. “Those are the kind of brutes we’re drilled to subdue

    1. ‘Was he a rich man?’ JJ asked, very subdued

    2. It is a subdued meal, neither of us keen to leave our haven

    3. I left him and went outside to wait and after a little while, the droning stopped and a subdued Alexis appeared in the doorway

    4. We have a fairly subdued but substantial breakfast together and decide that Rob and I should get on the road fairly soon

    5. This encounter leaves us all a little subdued - after a few minutes, Gary gets up and goes to settle the bill

    6. Within the hour we’re on the road – not surprisingly Abi’s subdued as we drive away from the house - with Ben doing his utmost to divert her

    7. At this time he could have been subdued

    8. The volume is subdued

    9. It was a rather more subdued

    10. We’d both been more subdued on the final stretch and it had been very hard saying goodbye when we got home

    1. shall be strong as iron, forasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and subdues all things, and as iron that breaks all these, shall it break in

    2. God is love, and it is love that combats and subdues fear

    3. He is the greatest of warriors who overcomes and subdues himself

    4. Who subdues the mamos of the charnel grounds,

    5. ficult to conquer is the hostile world of matter and the one who subdues

    6. God; after attaining this state he subdues all temptation and, resting

    7. the operation of this yog-maya that Krishn subdues his three-propertied

    8. worship which completely subdues the mind and leads one to the etern-

    9. yagya-internal meditative exercises that subdues the mind and is free

    10. should be delivered in a way that subdues doubt while at the same time

    1. It wanted vengeance, to tear them apart, but something else was subduing it, giving it a ruthless cold direction

    2. From the end of the first to the beginning of the second Carthaginian war, the armies of Carthage were continually in the field, and employed under three great generals, who succeeded one another in the command; Amilcar, his son-in-law Asdrubal, and his son Annibal: first in chastising their own rebellious slaves, afterwards in subduing the revolted nations of Africa; and lastly, in conquering the great kingdom of Spain

    3. Soon the Riot Units became infamous for subduing protests using considerable violence

    4. 20 For if reasoning did not possess the power of subduing angry affections, he would not have spoken so

    5. All of that work, the mind-fucking, the subduing,

    6. 20 For if reasoning did not possess the power of subduing angry affections he would not have spoken so

    7. charade and mask the horror that was subduing him

    8. ” Nikole was forced to pull herself together, subduing the magik she was releasing into the atmosphere to hide what had been going on between the two of them

    9. After congratulating them for subduing the intruders, Con suggested they dump them at the hospital later that night

    10. , Sargon, king of Assyria, in subduing a revolt in central Palestine, carried away and into captivity over twenty-five thousand Jews of the northern kingdom of Israel and installed in their place an almost equal number of the descendants of the Cuthites, Sepharvites, and the Hamathites

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    chasten subdue tame conquer stamp down suppress subordinate get over master overcome surmount crucify mortify keep down quash reduce repress subjugate discipline domesticate break overpower vanquish restrain temper mollify tone down