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Subdue in a sentence

I may have to subdue it some way.
So Arjun must subdue his senses and.
Subdue the insurrection of the people.
This will subdue negative impressions and.
Lest her own captive else should her subdue.
He cuffed me a couple of times to subdue me.
It took several spirits to subdue the Reverend.

One could have tried to subdue the aff ect….
He gritted his teeth to try to subdue the hunger.
He told Joshua what to do, the enemy to subdue;.
He’d have to tackle her, physically subdue her.
Josie did not bother to subdue her sadness or tears.
Homage to you who completely subdue the obstructions.
The constable and young man managed to subdue the woman.
After what they have been through, it would subdue the.
To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.
Those are the kind of brutes we’re drilled to subdue.
The police would generally use Tasers to subdue him, and Dr.
That would leave one man on guard for him and Darren to subdue.
It was his nature to hurt, to use pain as a power play to subdue.
The mind is indeed restless and most difficult to subdue, but as.
So, O the best of Bharat (Arjun), first subdue the senses and.
For the performance of this yagya one has to subdue the senses, control.
You have the latent faculties and forces to subdue anything that tries.
He gave us our intelligence and commanded we use it to subdue the beasts.
They will have one hour to get in with the Galaef and subdue Thorne's men.
Since her threat didn't work, her only recourse was to physically subdue him.
To subdue him, they pushed him into a wicker laundry basket and buckled the.
He recalled that Adam and Eve were given dominion over the earth, to subdue it.
This graduation night, it had taken six of the Boson PD's finest to subdue Molly.
Unless you are willing to bankrupt yourself you will never subdue a whole nation.
The trip offered an intense distraction, which helped to subdue his self-loathing.
The kiss had obviously done harm by awakening feelings they were trying to subdue.
These friezes again took up the theme of many brave men trying to subdue the Medusa.
Tarzan would have liked to subdue the ugly beast without recourse to knife or arrows.
As yet the way to subdue technicalities and enthrone design has not been discovered.
When “God made Man” He directed, “Multiply [fill the world] and subdue it!”.
I fear he would have torn her limb from limb if my men had not been able to subdue him.
When it is used by Eminence Wuxin, it can even subdue tigers and dragons but when it is.
As far as she was concerned she could walk over the village and subdue it by sheer intimidation.
After finally subduing the man, the Padawans had.
The witches followed, their power still focused on subduing her.
Barrons is looking down at me here, subduing my attacker and trying to catch me.
Soon the Riot Units became infamous for subduing protests using considerable violence.
For example, the Aztec Empire was still relatively young and actively seeking to extend its range by subduing.
It wanted vengeance, to tear them apart, but something else was subduing it, giving it a ruthless cold direction.
After congratulating them for subduing the intruders, Con suggested they dump them at the hospital later that night.
When her old self can be manifest without any controlling force subduing or restraining her, or inciting her to action.
And while Japan busied itself subduing and occupying vast areas of Asia and Pacific Islands, America prepared to respond.
Simeon, overjoyed at his success, declared his intention of marching into Indian territory and subduing the Viceroy of that country.
Bang, our spies reported that the Princess is not some ordinary girl, she was able to take part in subduing the men that we sent.
If he could get them to the scent room, they would have a chance of subduing Hurd's Elite Royal Guard: twenty-two of them plus Hurd.
Over and over the image of CIA agent Joshua Longtree subduing then having to shoot the assassin in self-defense would dance across the screen.
After subduing her, they had gotten the EMTs there to take care of his leg and he had spent that evening in the hospital recovering from his wound.
Later, Datames was charged with subduing the rebellious Sinope, here we have an explanation of the coins of Sinopean type bearing the name of Datames.
She glanced around the room – if she could only find something to use as a club…the nurse was a quite substantial woman, and would take some subduing!.
Casaubon would have spoiled all if anything at that moment could have spoiled the subduing power, the sweet dignity, of her noble unsuspicious inexperience.
To me, with my nerves worked up to a pitch of expectancy, there was something depressing and subduing in the sudden gloom, and in the cold dank air of the vault.
Yes, he said; at any rate those of them who are able to be perfectly unjust, and who have the power of subduing states and nations; but perhaps you imagine me to be talking of cutpurses.
This is the slavery of taxation, and, like the second, it is based upon hunger; but to the means of subduing men by depriving them of bread is added the deprivation of other necessaries.
She had never felt anything like this triumphant power of indignation in the struggle of her married life, in which there had always been a quickly subduing pang; and she took it as a sign of new strength.
Thinking then that this error of my life had been overcome, was lifted again in pride some years later, subduing my life once more to the standards of those that presented themselves as the principles of the law.
She had begun her confession under the subduing influence of Dorothea's emotion; and as she went on she had gathered the sense that she was repelling Will's reproaches, which were still like a knife-wound within her.
The armed forces have reached their present number of millions not only through the menace of danger from neighboring states, but principally through the necessity of subduing every effort at revolt on the part of the subjects.
I gazed on it with gloom and pain: nothing soft, nothing sweet, nothing pitying, or hopeful, or subduing did it inspire; only a grating anguish for her woes—not my loss—and a sombre tearless dismay at the fearfulness of death in such a form.
Would he have deserved more, there can be no doubt that more would have been obtained, especially when that marriage had taken place, which would have given him the assistance of her conscience in subduing her first inclination, and brought them very often together.
And having succeeded in subduing the squabbling Nabobs and the disjointed Rajas, the British slowly but steadily unified the country to usher it into the modern era; they built roads and bridges, brought in the radio and the railways, and the telegraph and the telephone.
And now, at its mightiest point of stiffness, it felt to me something so subduing so active, so solid and agreeable, that I know not what name to give its singular impression: but the sentiment of consciousness of its belonging to my supremely beloved youth, gave me so pleasing an agitation, and worked so strongly on my soul, that it sent all its sensitive spirits to that.
Logically approached, those Quranic exhortations were primarily to serve Muhammad’s agenda, first of subduing the neighborhood Jews and then for avenging himself upon the Meccans by subduing them into his creed that they had earlier spurned; and viewed even from the Islamic angle, it could have been the will of Allah to stir his Prophet into action to gain ground for the faith in the sands of Arabia.
From the end of the first to the beginning of the second Carthaginian war, the armies of Carthage were continually in the field, and employed under three great generals, who succeeded one another in the command; Amilcar, his son-in-law Asdrubal, and his son Annibal: first in chastising their own rebellious slaves, afterwards in subduing the revolted nations of Africa; and lastly, in conquering the great kingdom of Spain.
During the dark ages, when superstition and tyranny reigned over the better judgments of men, dominating every civil right of liberty, and subduing ever aspiration to advance intellectually, the gospel light was in chaotic blackness, handicapped by an intolerant mob of ungodly and profane rulers, whose highest ambition was to reduce humanity to a condition of absolute serfdom and ignorance, that they might eternally fleece them of their gold and their blood, that they themselves might revel in beastly sensuality and luxury.
All of that work, the mind-fucking, the subduing,.
Self-restraint, subduing of the senses, innocence, continence,.
My guards, fools that they are, had some difficulty in subduing him,.
Who subdued him when he said.
They were subdued and shining.
It was a rather more subdued.
Subdued and solemn, his days.
For a moment Cecil was subdued.
Subdued, even her sweet scent.
Her whole bearing more subdued.
Aye, sir, he said, subdued.
Breakfast was a subdued occasion.
VOICES: (Subdued) For the Caliph.
She said with subdued haste—.
Then he spoke, in a subdued tone.
The fortress was subdued by Mehmet.
I entangled and subdued in the net.
Moshe's crew, subdued by the smell.
I was subdued and held prisoner—.
This regrettably subdued the party.
A subdued blue glow filled the room.
Stelton spoke in such a subdued tone.
Tony was subdued, not his usual self.
The others, however, remained subdued.
Subdued him, when his neighbour stept.
He had to be subdued, resisted arrest.
They were more subdued and thoughtful.
A subdued cheer went up from the others.
Paul noticed Malcolm was a bit subdued.
She was eventually subdued on the floor.
Its presence isn’t exactly subdued.
Her voice was subdued, almost submissive.
At this time he could have been subdued.
Once subdued, it wasnt long before the.
We start the day in a rather subdued mood.
TK on the other hand was not subdued and.
She seemed subdued, just putty in my arms.
That was great! He subdued his voice.
Their eyes subdued, shame will cover them.
His voice was subdued now, much less harsh.
Next day a subdued Chris was back at work.
She was silent, subdued and utterly cowed.
Once subdued, it wasn’t long before the.
God is love, and it is love that combats and subdues fear.
The wrestler subdues his opponent—wrestles him into submission.
He is the greatest of warriors who overcomes and subdues himself.
God; after attaining this state he subdues all temptation and, resting.
But that the use of violence subdues neither we do know through long experience.
He thus cuts off a section of those who disbelieved, or subdues them, so they retreat disappointed.
Who subdues the mamos of the charnel grounds,.

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