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Frasi con superficial (in inglese)

  1. You boys are so superficial.
  2. Surely it is not the superficial.
  3. Do not ask superficial questions;.
  4. His superficial injuries healed, but.
  5. Q: Yes, they come, short and superficial.

  6. She is just as superficial as the others.
  7. Luckily, it was only a superficial wound.
  8. Q: What makes me limited and superficial?
  9. Not that superficial human bond, but the.
  10. Resemblances, I now knew, are superficial.
  11. He was superficial, rapid, easily angered.
  12. Rachel was focused on the superficial wound.
  13. Feelings are too deep for superficial people.
  14. Any changes he made would remain superficial.
  15. The superficial layers of skin are removed by.

  16. They are not mild, or superficial, or submissive.
  17. It is shallow and superficial personalities that.
  18. She wanted to be above such superficial concerns.
  19. This superficial lifestyle is particularly notice-.
  20. Not that I was noticing superficial things like that.
  21. M: As you have said, the similarities are superficial.
  22. Superficial knowledge can hurt you in the stock market.
  23. This is where superficial physical perfection comes from.
  24. The superficial meaning of sufis means; See-U-Find-I-See.
  25. Mankind must understand that wealth is a superficial need.

  26. The burns were superficial and have already been treated.
  27. Any injuries sustained by Mr Simmons were just superficial.
  28. A superficial examination indicates that nearly all of its.
  29. Lately, when the two talked on the phone, it was superficial.
  30. If learning is not spiritually based, it becomes superficial.
  31. At first glance Josh seemed to have only superficial injuries.
  32. Only the surface, the most superficial light possible is used.
  33. He will live, but may end up with some superficial freezer burns.
  34. An example of the superficial shared interest can be the weather.
  35. Phillip turned toward his friend and displayed a superficial smile.
  36. Another parent made it clear that she wanted superficial training.
  37. Sci–Coll's superficial meaninglessness betrays a deeper meaning.
  38. Her beauty is only skin-deep—only superficial and ever-changing.
  39. The Pope's rule in the postmodern world and America was superficial.
  40. She was attractive, of course, at least in the most superficial way.
  41. His injuries in-fact were only superficial although he still ached.
  42. She felt a superficial sort of love, but it was more than she got at.
  43. He soon was friends with the boys, whose rudeness was only superficial.
  44. Fortunately, for women, mostly the problems are superficial and mental.
  45. A superficial reading of The Fire of Spring, by Margaret Potter, D.
  46. Nonetheless a subtle undercurrent runs beneath any superficial appearance.
  47. The procedure involves the removal of the epidermis and some superficial.
  48. I couldn’t believe fake, superficial people like that actually existed.
  49. And yet the most superficial examination will show that this is not true.
  50. The kerygmatic sermon of the Church has lapsed into superficial moralism.
  51. The superficial need taints your perception of and your feelings for them.
  52. The need for distraction is actually a very superficial kind of awareness.
  53. The superficial layers of skin are removed by an abrasive machine, usually.
  54. They are artificial and superficial representations of subconscious truths.
  55. The word love and its meaning can have flowery and superficial connotations.
  56. With this kind of knowledge you realize how superficial most of this life is.
  57. To the eye of a superficial observer, there are many indications that it has.
  58. And a lot of superficial cuts to your scalp, arms, and legs, hence the bandages.
  59. A superficial and essentially feminine point of view, commented the senator.
  60. I feel that it is trivial, superficial, crude, and, somehow, too young for my age.
  61. This world government leader became addicted to the superficial desires of mankind.
  62. Quality most needed for balance – thought that is deep rather than superficial.
  63. And from one woman learning a superficial lesson of the sin of collecting furniture.
  64. When Self looks at them externally, and perceives others as mere superficial veneers.
  65. The procedure involves the removal of the epidermis and some superficial dermis while.
  66. As to his relations with women, they appeared to have been promiscuous but superficial.
  67. Like so many accused men, he wore an expression of superficial defiance overlaying fear.
  68. You feel responsible in some way to give back to him for the superficial things he gives.
  69. It musy have ricocheted off the spine, or perhaps a rib, just causing superficial injury.
  70. Merthin had never tried to pretend that his love for Philippa had been merely superficial.
  71. If you want to interest them you must present them with more than just a superficial image.
  72. Our superficial surface rationalized, normalized sanity; is irrational, illogical and unsane.
  73. I suspect that that caused much of the superficial change among the people native to this land.
  74. Davis & Katherine – Davis hated art; he thought the art world was pretentious and superficial.
  75. You will not have the superficial things you acquired to make up for the self you failed to face.
  76. There was just enough superficial ambiance created to fool the sheep herded into this doomed town.
  77. Suit, shirt, tie, shoes - they were superficial, easy, and his modest bank balance could stand that.
  78. I am happy to report that Trevain’s injuries are superficial and that he should be awake shortly.
  79. If my account of it has been commonplace and superficial it is I that am to blame ai;d not the idea.
  80. Superficial bladder cancers are treated with surgery and/or immunotherapy or, sometimes, chemotherapy.
  81. If Toby is as superficial as William, then there’s no point in actually trying to hook up with him.
  82. Even a superficial familiarity with the model should be of great benefit to the most passive investor.
  83. Was she now to endure the ignominy of his abandoning her? That would only be superficial and temporary.
  84. Under the more superficial motivation for monastic life was, I now see, a true vocation to the vowed life.
  85. Many seekers abandon the inner work altogether having arrived at only a superficial spiritual realization.
  86. Rather than taking the path of painful growing, you are leaning on something superficial as a safer route.
  87. Medieval armor mirrors the insanity of the cultures that invented and created these inhuman superficial shells.
  88. To these investors, distressed debt was forbidden fruit, even if the distressed was only a superficial blemish.
  89. Then, people would find all kinds of immaculate beauty under superficial skin that is not perfectly Immaculate.
  90. Sport has, in my opinion, a great value, and as is always the case, we see nothing but what is most superficial.
  91. She discovered that she had gotten into a groove in her life, and had become comfortable in a superficial sense.
  92. To superficial observers his chin had too vanishing an aspect, looking as if it were being gradually reabsorbed.
  93. Either I have heard or thought it all before, or it is so superficial that I simply get annoyed and fall asleep.
  94. I went up the ladder to the top shelf to get Anderson-Peers and prove to this Brinks that Beaton was superficial.
  95. Using this glove I can deaden certain electrical pathways, and trace superficial surface currents for it to follow.
  96. When I was satisfied that it would not be found in a superficial search, I closed and locked the folding garage door.
  97. It is full of inconsistencies, and though borrowed from Plato, shows but a superficial acquaintance with his writings.
  98. If you need people with a certain look, they can use that need to manipulate you, getting their superficial needs met.
  99. A few minutes later, there was that awkward moment of silence when everyone had run out of anything superficial to say.
  100. One Nung, Lochert, and Parker each received fragments into the fleshy parts of their bodies causing superficial wounds.

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