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    1. The world was counting on him, there would be no surrender, no throwing away his responsibility

    2. But at least he wouldn’t surrender the Chip; he couldn’t

    3. Surrender to the ocean of life,

    4. Or else he wants us to surrender

    5. Ginger merely told the renegade device to return to the Riverside Burger Joint, wait there for Kandhi Clarke, and surrender itself to her

    6. "Only if they don't surrender," Haadij Doesshef said, wanting to regain the conversation without confronting the theocrat

    7. "Who, my Haadij, who will we ask to surrender?" Moamar asked

    8. You can't easily spread your request for surrender to the population

    9. Initially, trying half heartedly to discourage him, I surrender and end up kissing him as enthusiastically as he is me

    10. To have faith in Christ is to have complete and utter surrender to the character of God

    11. create new realities (rather than surrender to it) and truly

    12. empowerment, rather than surrender to it as if you were its

    13. On an inscription in the Temple of Minerva (Roman god), Pompeii boasts about taking 12 million subjects at surrender in 1,500 towns

    14. Peter is calling to that remnant that is yet to surrender to the Messiah Jesus

    15. As usual, I had to surrender to fools

    16. "I expect you to surrender because of the logic of the argument, not the pleasure that goes along with it

    17. "She tried to get me to surrender the ship and crew

    18. “We master the art because: in order to be able to unite the machine of a human, all her lower centers must be active, strong and willing to surrender to the higher center's will

    19. They mused together without speaking of the immense weight with which Harry must surely have been burdened as he awaited some sign, some hint of preparation and contrite surrender from one and the other of the seekers

    20. failed him and he’d eventually had to surrender his trade

    21. Had not the musicians had to surrender at three in the morning, it is likely the celebration would have raged until the dawn

    22. Otto negotiated with his bagel as to whether the salmon or the onion should surrender first

    23. As long as the packets presented to their monitor's servers simulated souls too well for them to tell the difference, humans would continue to surrender their judgment to the computer programs simulating the wisdom of their elders

    24. all that and then have to surrender to the Bailli of Troyes

    25. When this is done, the troops will eventually run out of supply and have to surrender

    26. he’d have to surrender himself to the Bailli when he

    27. surrender myself to the Bailli, here in Troyes, on pain of

    28. Can be a surrender to the machine in you…

    29. You know how it goes, right? Jobs that have become a burdening, stressful weight rather than a joyous opportunity to learn and contribute; once vibrant relationships gone sour yet clung to in a monotonous and abject state of surrender; and unending financial woes that in great part are self-generated due to an insatiable purchasing hunger that feeds on itself like the viral monster that it is

    30. The art of the peaceful warrior of martial science there's no enemies when we surrender to the higher level of consciousness and give love

    31. Surrender yourself to the holy in yourself, the Absolute Good, and you will be the best gainer in life

    32. Your little fleet has ten minutes to surrender your ships and stand down your weapons systems, before I am forced to give the order for your complete destruction

    33. He placed a heavy hand on the farmer’s shoulder and said, “No matter the consequences, I will never surrender a man to an ern

    34. They have sent a message demanding the surrender of the boys

    35. Surrender the few children and save the many, they suggested, knowing that such an Ignist as Verios would never concede

    36. He looked closely at her and put his hands up slowly, as if in surrender, but more in a gesture of complete helplessness and a “no-fear-from-me” routine

    37. We had just poured a withering fire into a trench on our left knocking it out and bayoneting the Turks who tried to surrender

    38. I am not demanding your surrender, merely that you stand down and return to Earth

    39. capture and surrender of Mexico City to bring an end to all the

    40. accepted the surrender of the city at one o’clock in the afternoon on April 28, 1862

    41. “That will be a first, because I’ve never known us to have enough artillery or even shells to do anything let alone blast the enemy into surrender

    42. I eventually filed for bankruptcy and lived in the house until I decided to surrender it

    43. force a surrender before Lee was able to travel too far

    44. thing is pressed, I think that Lee will surrender

    45. you to surrender of that portion of the C

    46. He did not want to quit, or surrender, so he continued to respond to Grant’s requests with that message

    47. surrender of this army

    48. terms you would receive the surrender of my army

    49. humiliation of an officer normally having to surrender his sword as a consequence of surrender

    50. officers’ swords be surrendered, but that they should be able to keep them in their possession after the surrender, and so he wrote this into the terms of the surrender

    1. David surrendered his authority

    2. A gentle breeze brushed my face for the last time as I swung across the threshold and surrendered to a different reality

    3. His mind surrendered to the

    4. His mind had surrendered to unquestioning

    5. They both surrendered to the solemn charge laid upon them, and each personally, privately, vowed to maintain her equilibrium and promise of service

    6. There was but one who insisted to press their intentions even to the extreme of knife-point, but he instantly surrendered his cause and forfeited their case at my gentle but firm insistent refusal

    7. I mean I surrendered utterly to her absolute dominion over her own world, and the undeniable power she had over my own future

    8. “Okay, 'magical',” Isin surrendered, “They couldn't have lasted a few days on that planet, let alone the years they claim to have been there

    9. The city surrendered on July 4, giving complete control of the Mississippi River to the Union

    10. board the Wachusett and surrendered the Florida with fifty-eight men and twelve officers on board, and at the same time made an

    11. officers’ swords be surrendered, but that they should be able to keep them in their possession after the surrender, and so he wrote this into the terms of the surrender

    12. Herold surrendered and was taken prisoner

    13. surrendered to their Union counterparts across the South and

    14. Missouri and the West, surrendered in late May 1865

    15. Very unfortunate application of Communist theory in action, thus: The massacre of 15,000 Polish Officers in the spring of 1940, who had already surrendered to the advancing Soviet army

    16. did not know that all except one of the Confederate generals had surrendered by this time to their counterparts on the federal side, or that President Jefferson Davis was captured and imprisoned

    17. Watie, the Cherokee Indian Chief, surrendered his battalion to

    18. Lee had surrendered to General Grant

    19. Liverpool as both had essentially surrendered to the British

    20. Shenandoah, when she finally dropped anchor at Liverpool and surrendered to the British authorities, all the glory was gone and the officers and crew were considered outlaws in their own

    21. was over and that the Confederates had surrendered

    22. “Why?” She surrendered the clippers

    23. After Japan had surrendered and our military took over the Philippines there was a really big problem with the black market

    24. After a short while about seventy percent of the barricaded ones surrendered and were charged with drunkenness and disorderly behaviour

    25. When the city surrendered, he consented to be invalided home

    26. When Pinar del Rio and Sancti Spiritus surrendered, the insurgents took charge of the cities on behalf of Americans, and not one outrage or injustice was reported

    27. According to the newspapers, Strydom surrendered to a black taxi driver but I heard he was first cornered by the Flying Squad members who wanted to shoot him dead regardless of what he was doing

    28. With the surrendered troops was the SAP Infantry Brigade who took a very dim view of proceedings

    29. By having surrendered our inherent right to make personal decisions considered appropriate to our own particular lifestyles and needs, we have summarily relinquished our customary right to appeal such decisions made on our (own) behalf by government institutions that we‘ve provided with (reckless) authoritative powers far exceeding their intended scope and purpose; institutions that no longer pretend to be our servants but the masters, rather, of our own determined way of life

    30. It took place between 1964 and the end of 1979 when Britain contentedly surrendered a successful pro-Western country with no Apartheid to become the failed state called Zimbabwe today

    31. " Air superiority was never surrendered and the MIG23's would not have stopped them

    32. In the end, the peace faction did win out and Japan surrendered

    33. Over the next ten minutes, Sabrina crushed Lisette, who surrendered her paddle to Ross

    34. It was an assertion of ownership, and I surrendered to it

    35. After what seemed like a very long time, I surrendered to the

    36. Most Dakota warriors surrendered within a few months

    37. She surrendered her soul over to the dark side

    38. It was an attempt to poison the minds of every man, woman, and child in the city as well, promising that none of those who surrendered willingly would be hurt in any way, and that a fair trial would be arranged for all

    39. The 61st Division had originally taken it over to house the thousands of Germans who had surrendered in the closing days of the war

    40. He transferred to the MPs a couple of months after the Krauts surrendered

    41. A quick glance at Amonas unnerved him, the man’s face serene as if it had surrendered to death, but brightly and vividly colored as if blood flowed hot in his veins still

    42. It was so easy now, so surrendered

    43. She struggled for a moment to be released, but then surrendered and stayed with her forehead leaned on his shoulder

    44. The Dark demanded all of his power, all that was his, when he surrendered to it

    45. It was where thoughts that just came to us were stored, later to be savored or surrendered

    46. we finally surrendered again to the Lord

    47. The road passed near the city of Panuco, which had surrendered to my grandfather without a fight

    48. On it was carved and painted a representation of Grandfather and Smoking Mirror much as they must have appeared on the day Panuco surrendered

    49. The town leaders took one look at the five tumen on their doorstep and surrendered without any hesitation

    50. If they surrendered the city, all those who wanted to try their luck in battle would be permitted to leave and we would await their return with all their forces right here in front of the city

    1. And yet, before surrendering myself to the unknown, I wanted to walk along the sand with half-closed eyes and let the cooling waves wash my tired feet, to fill my palms and contain some of that wrinkled and wizened sea, and leave my footprints there with no others in sight

    2. When I was young and had homework to do, I'd look for any number of distractions before surrendering and getting stuck in

    3. She dropped the subject and looked out at the waves again, surrendering the onus of making conversation

    4. The weaklings give up while the brave, far from surrendering, just fight harder

    5. That sounds like a worthwhile mental exercise and would be much better than simply surrendering myself to “the way things are” and wait for the end to come

    6. “Oh, it could happen to anyone, Sandy, my boy,” said Rufus, surrendering to the situation and plastering a grin on his gaunt face

    7. Although I agree that gun licenses should not be issued arbitrarily and only under extraordinary circumstances, isn‘t reasonable to assume that the vast majority of individuals willing to surrender their ―weapons‖, that are (otherwise) gathering dust inside clothes closets, dresser drawers and kitchen cupboards, or stuffed inside a sock, for that matter, represent a small minority of law-abiding citizens who, in any event, would be unlikely to use them, unless pressed, unlike hardened criminal elements in the community who wouldn‘t give a second thought to surrendering the tools of their trade unless they were compelled to do so? A fifty-dollar gift certificate from Macys is insufficient compensation for the criminally-minded

    8. The duty of surrendering is only worse than receiving surrender, and the American officers by every courtesy strove to lessen the humiliation of the defeated foe

    9. They (correctly), forever after blamed the Army for surrendering them in such a way

    10. It is impossible to arrest someone during a fire-fight! Therefore, he is going to die or be arrested after surrendering

    11. cults or monsters yet giving it a try instead of just surrendering

    12. But it was both men's respect that led to many Apache surrendering

    13. With a surrendering gesture, she saw it

    14. But we can go further by surrendering and starting to work hand in hand with Karma, as we would with our headmaster

    15. She was surrendering with every second, unable to stop the world from shattering around her

    16. They were astonished to see us approach from the south but had no intention of surrendering

    17. our lack of surrendering to Him, more often the flesh

    18. about living the Christian life surrendering to God on

    19. started this journey of surrendering to Him

    20. and surrendering to him body, mind and heart

    21. “I was looking forward to nursing you back to health,” he said, surrendering the spoon

    22. Know therefore O Baruch that as Adam through this very tree obtained condemnation and was divested of the glory of God so also the men who now drink insatiably the wine which is begotten of it transgress worse than Adam and are far from the 17 glory of God and are surrendering themselves to the eternal fire

    23. A mural on the far wall depict�ed Cornwallis surrendering his sword at Yorktown

    24. 10 For the law conquers even affection toward parents not surrendering virtue on their account

    25. “Yes,” he said, surrendering to Ralph’s embrace and rejoicing in the sensation of the man’s lips on his throat

    26. surrendering our lives to Him; children must see the reality of a

    27. "Love is not about conquering, it is about surrendering

    28. Being a Poor House means surrendering ourselves to the

    29. in this process of surrendering to the Spirit of God

    30. be capable of surrendering to the other and of overcoming their

    31. His white face was slippery with sweat and pulled from the struggle of living, neck ropey with the battle for breath and his head bowed as if surrendering to the war for life that was being waged in his body

    32. Just as the Son of Man was a son and a servant of the Most High, we too can be one with the Father by surrendering our will and being a child of God

    33. Loss of control and surrendering is what

    34. He called for readiness to compromise always, but without surrendering self-respect

    35. and go—to have the choice of surrendering Ra

    36. Surrendering to the pleasure of the moment, the sudden thought

    37. Surrendering to Packwood was not part of her plan

    38. No one passes through here without surrendering their weapons and armor to us

    39. The Yank was out when I returned, so I stripped and sprawled on top of the bed, surrendering to heat and exhaustion

    40. "Others’ faults" amuse us, fill with joy our recreational afternoons and may even be commented as one comments those famous Hollywood comedies, collected between friends and adorning them with scraps of truth; our own, on the other hand, are discussed in very low voice, whispered, surrendering as a tribute to the confidence

    41. Just then, a mem’ry came to me: I saw a vision of myself with arms outstretched and shoulder high, surrendering the whole of me

    42. Surrendering, I ascertained by all Our clothing, “when” We were: still homeward bound…but time had lapsed, and I was still outside Myself

    43. you‘re in a position of power, there‘s nothing more insulting than surrendering some of that

    44. She had found it calming she told him and that it brought on a sense of surrendering to rebellion and that her elders for doing so, often rebuked her

    45. At least that’s what he told himself day after day, year after year, until surrendering to the irrefutable truth that the life he was meant to live had been stolen

    46. Garrett, emotionally scarred but intent on gaining the respect of his monarch by surrendering a member of Welsh aristocracy, fights an overwhelming attraction and the need to protect this woman, despite the charge of witch that hangs over her head

    47. But Lois pressed on, not surrendering

    48. observer stood with their hands in the air surrendering to

    49. That,” she pointed at my chest with her empty hand, “is the truth! If that’s not magical…” she said, surrendering the remainder of the thought to an open-palm

    50. More than this,” she said in a rush, “you have been meticulously designed to play a difficult role in an unfathomably intricate play, in a constantly evolving Now, and that,” she pointed at my chest with her empty hand, “is the Truth! If that’s not magical…” she said, surrendering the remainder of the thought to an open-palm

    1. My inner self surrenders and objects at the same time: “But, you don't want to be a prisoner of this good health forever isn't it?"

    2. The Shenandoah boat crews boarded the four whaleships and the boarding officers received surrenders from the mates and crew

    3. surrenders of individual Confederate commanders, one after the

    4. cessation of the war, only individual surrenders

    5. In other words, that Great Nation subconsciously surrenders its role as World Leader because it has lost the Will to Lead

    6. And the one who surrenders all shall gain The Victory

    7. Uriah surrenders his gun without question

    8. As the President surrenders his right to confidentiality as Chief Executive, the entire case suddenly rested on an 18 minute erasure

    9. surrenders much nutrition to the nursing child

    10. and surrenders to Him as Lord

    11. 7 "Every earth child who follows the leading of this spirit shall eventually know the will of God, and he who surrenders to the will of my Father shall abide forever

    12. Unto the earth surrenders all its spoils;

    13. To The Mind That Is Silent, The Universe Surrenders

    14. Once a person surrenders to Jesus, it is all the work of Jesus from that moment on

    15. To a mind that is ‘still’, the whole universe surrenders

    16. Christian: The Child who lovingly pleases his father’s wishes and surrenders to his loving care so as

    17. Mr Hooperman surrenders with his hands and cautiously complies

    18. “You know what happens when the girl surrenders to the man’s charm, don’t

    19. It will succeed if the poet surrenders to what is happening; it will fail if the poet doesn’t

    20. Evolution surrenders to time

    21. which the hapless worshipper surrenders himself to God

    22. That is the principle of belief, and by such belief and that witnessing man surrenders to his Provider after he has seen that He “Glory to Him” is more

    23. In Arabic, the word ‘Muslim’ means one who spiritually surrenders to their Creator

    24. Love does not win, it surrenders to each their own creation

    25. There, man surrenders to the sleep and does not wake up unless God gives back the choice to his spirit and resumes His former favor upon it

    26. maiden, Sita, he surrenders her to his brother Duraní, whom

    27. The ego cannot see the truth of the path unless it surrenders to it

    28. Here surrender is not a bargain between two entities or an instrument to attain something that is superior to surrender itself rather a seeker surrenders his separateness to have an experience of the divine oneness

    29. am prepared to save whomever surrenders to ME, but reject ME

    30. “You win when the other surrenders

    31. At that point, Nybar either surrenders or we take the town away from him the hard way

    32. And he defers to her because he trusts her perhaps, but I fancy rather as if he wished to make up for some subtle wrong, for that sentimental unfaithfulness which surrenders her happiness, her life, to the seduction of an idea

    33. 'To me it would not seem that a Steward who faithfully surrenders his charge is diminished in love or in honour,' said Gandalf

    34. “But oft’ such Risques are needless, for the Prey surrenders ere we raise our Flag! The Great Age of Pyracy is past, my Sweet, but the Legends about Pyrates daily increase

    35. Impregnable Malta surrenders without a shot; his most reckless schemes are crowned with success

    36. An entire brigade under General Augereau, the brother of the marshal, is surprised on the 9th, by the Cossacks of Orlov-Davidov and Seslavin, and surrenders! Napoleon has still enough natural feeling to be moved by this new misfortune

    37. Kerr has said that every attachment has two sides: one loves, and the other allows himself to be loved; one kisses, and the other surrenders his cheek

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