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    1. ‘If you read the briefings instead of screwing every male Vassal you can lay your scrawny claws on, you’d know that as part of the experiment to create super inventive scientists we decided to waive the mind-bending in case that was affecting imagination and creativity

    2. You should be aware of how you waive your hand or the tone of your voice, since it can affect your dog’s attention

    3. Aside from items though, some companies may also agree to waive some fees associated with your account in exchange for the points

    4. “I received ten thousand for my sworn affidavit, and I will receive an additional thirty thousand for the combined waive of deposition and testimony today

    5. I waive that right and confirm in this matter I shall be responsible for my own legal representation

    6. cash in hand and waive the rest”, we see scores of people, wallowing

    7. Waive your hand over the cards

    8. “I can’t waive the school’s policy on cheating

    9. Tucked inside the Kevlar suit, Klein kept the manila envelope containing the legal papers to be signed to waive their rights to rescue

    10. I’ll waive the first month’s rent if you can come up with the deposit,” Melvin offered

    11. willing to waive the early-termination fee, ask to have your deal changed as

    12. red chilies, waive them over the heads of her two men and burn them to ward off any evil which

    13. Panicked at the thought of being eaten alive, I managed to move my legs and waive my arms some, which left me panting for breath and exhausted

    14. "Then with that assurance and your highness's good leave," said Don Quixote, "I hereby for this once waive my privilege of gentle blood, and come down and put myself on a level with the lowly birth of the

    15. His origin is as follows:--He is often the young son of a brave father, who dwells in an ill-governed city, of which he declines the honours and offices, and will not go to law, or exert himself in any way, but is ready to waive his rights in order that he may escape trouble

    16. my consent to waive the remonstrance I did not fail of making strongly

    17. My colleagues here’ Drake looked to his left and right at the two other committee members, ‘have decided to waive their opening remarks so we can start with one of the most principal witnesses; Agent Samuel Olsen

    18. ask them to waive your yearly fee, and/or lower your interest rate

    19. We have purchased permission to waive the usual delay; and at half-past two o'clock the mayor of Marseilles will be waiting for us at the city hall

    20. Another power of the president is the power of pardon, which allows the president to waive sentences when people are wrongly convicted or when there are mitigating circumstances

    21. The scout nodded his head in assent, though he seemed anxious to waive the further discussion of a subject that appeared painful

    22. "Waive that, a moment," said Mr

    23. Jaggers, which you desired me to waive for

    24. “But it’ s not unknown for the priory to waive the donation in the case of an applicant who shows devotion

    25. However, I don’t want the monastery buildings filled up with old clothes, so I propose to waive the rule for anyone whose possessions are worth less than two pounds

    26. He pressed me indeed tenderly to satisfy his ardent curiosity, both with regard to my past and present state of life, since his being torn away from me: but I found means to elude his questions, by answers that shewing his satisfaction at no great distance, won upon him to waive his impatience, in favour of the thorough confidence he had in my not delaying it, but for respect I should in good time acquaint him with

    27. I should appear to you perhaps too partial to my passion, were I to attempt the doing his delicacy justice, I shall content myself then with assuring you, that after his flatly refusing the unreserved, unconditional donation that I long persecuted him in vain to accept, it was at length, in obedience to his serious commands (for I stood out unaffectedly, till he exerted the sovereign authority which love had given him over me), that I yielded my consent to waive the remonstrance I did not fail of making strongly to him, against his degrading himself, and

    28. You and I can waive our salaries for a while

    29. had set herself to stand or fall by her qualities, and to waive such

    30. Casaubon mentioned that his young relative had started for the Continent, seeming by this cold vagueness to waive inquiry

    31. With this feeling uppermost, he continued to waive the question of the chaplaincy, and to persuade himself that it was not only no proper business of his, but likely enough never to vex him with a demand for his vote

    32. "Yes," said Will, in a tone that seemed to waive the subject as uninteresting

    33. There seems to be something puerile about enacting a long list of rules and then permitting an administrative body to waive as many of them as it sees fit

    34. But as you will see on the video, Inspectors Whitney and Brand convinced Aaron-Rey to waive his right to counsel and to having his parents present

    35. He wanted to hope that if he was missed and if they found him here, then having escaped in order to play for an operetta would be a benign enough thing for them to waive a real arrest, but he doubted it

    36. (a) Neither this Agreement nor any other Credit Document nor any terms hereof or thereof may be changed, waived, discharged or terminated unless such change, waiver, discharge or termination is in writing signed by the respective Credit Parties party thereto and the Required Banks, provided that no such change, waiver, discharge or termination shall, without the consent of each Bank (other than a Defaulting Bank) with Obligations being directly affected thereby in the case of the following clause (i), (i) extend the final scheduled maturity of any Loan or Note or extend the stated maturity of any Letter of Credit beyond the Revolving Loan Maturity Date, or reduce the rate or extend the time of payment of interest or Fees thereon, or reduce the principal amount thereof, or amend, modify or waive any provision of this Section 12

    37. As soon as I read them, I experienced a miraculous change in her ability to waive the fee

    38. Unfortunately, sir, we’re not able to waive that fee

    39. BANK REP: Sir, I was able to check with my supervisor and waive the fee

    40. She just asked them if they would waive the ATM fees while she was there

    41. If we are unable to continue to obtain amendments from the Lenders that waive compliance with these financial covenants, the Lenders could place us in default under terms of our credit agreement

    42. If my esteemed neighbor, the State's ambassador, who will devote his days to the settlement of the question of human rights in the Council Chamber, instead of being threatened with the prisons of Carolina, were to sit down the prisoner of Massachusetts, that State which is so anxious to foist the sin of slavery upon her sister—though at present she can discover only an act of inhospitality to be the ground of a quarrel with her—the Legislature would not wholly waive the subject the following winter

    43. But while they freely waive a ceremonial like this, they do by no means renounce their claim to more solid tribute

    44. I will waive that point however

    45. “This is quite a coincidence,” thought he, and when the subject of price was mentioned, he made a gesture with his hand, as if to waive away a question of so little importance

    46. Towards the close of last November, in a personal interview, I communicated to him the design of the present work, at the same time offering to waive it, provided he considered it as probable that his own Journal would be resumed

    47. There is another part of this bill which strikes me as being inexpedient; but, as I do not wish to blend considerations of expediency with those of great and vital principles, I shall waive any thing on that head

    1. I waived goodbye to them, deciding within a few seconds that I wasn't going to be killed, as we drove towards the road leading out of the facility

    2. bedroom” he said as he waived his hand

    3. At Barclay’s there are no income requirements for an applicant’s family to meet, and tuitions have, at times, been reduced and, in a few instances, waived when Mr

    4. It probably did to him to, as he got a glazed look on his eyes and waived to his goons, who withdrew to his side

    5. The police woman looked over her extensive notes and waived him away, making a beeline for Abigail who was sitting crouched in a corner looking vacant

    6. rules adopted by the House simply waived the Budget Act in its

    7. And in recent years, as many as half of all spending bills have auto-matically waived the budget law, end-running its spending restric-

    8. While the rules of the House are generally fair, they are routinely ignored and can be waived at any time by a bare majority vote

    9. Although House Rules require that legislation be available to Members three days before a vote, this rule is often waived

    10. Convention on the capture, keeping and killing of stray animals could be waived

    11. So, out I went and they waived me through all the checkpoints

    12. This is $197 annual membership fee that’s being waived

    13. Worc waived his staff, and then swiped it across the ground, raising a cloud of dirt

    14. The crowd began a slow applause that grew, then the King waived, tears from the Queen and as applause continued, the Foreign Minister looking on with a curt grin, the rhythm of the clicks from the cameras increasing, the King moved toward the microphone

    15. They both waived, the Minister looking on, his small eyes darting between the public, the Queen and the King

    16. The light rain sprinkling their clothes, the Queen waived, then entered the car, the king looked on, smiled, waived and into the car

    17. It was customary to call upon seven persons to read not less than three verses of the law, but this practice was waived on this occasion that the visitor might read the lesson of his own selection

    18. There are precedents from the State of Israel where religious requirements were waived for those involved in military activities

    19. scheme cannot be waived, the Licensor re-

    20. can be waived, the Licensor waives the ex-

    21. interest obligations shall henceforth be waived

    22. They waived the fee for the first year

    23. General Paul Hausser was awakened by the strong, acrid smell of something waived under his nose

    24. If they charge you for looking, ask if you can donate to the library and have the fee waived – forever

    25. Sarah’s mother opened the door after a moment and waived her in while smiling

    26. In his abrupt pause for thought, she waived her delicate hand in front of his fixated eyes

    27. He then waived at nine year-old Eli, standing besides Nancy with eleven year-old David and at Nancy’s twins, now seven and a half year old

    28. Rudolph waived aside the need to finger print and began a careful inspection of the bible, cradling it in clumsy hands as though it were a relic of the ages, an artefact

    29. Wiggles waived the knife around one more time

    30. Charles waived the man away with a smile

    31. She then waived happily at the pilot visible through the canopy of the space plane

    32. You waived your option of having

    33. But this …” He waived his hand as he looked around him

    34. ” He waived the rather tatty envelope in salute

    35. Pastor McWhorter waived the young lady to join him and

    36. R200,000 from yet another client, has resulted in the claim being waived by SARS

    37. “I will let you leave the castle with no harm done to you, or your father, or the rest of your useless guards,” she said and waived to the guards with the back of her hand

    38. Chef Luc suggested that they end there and get tidied up; for, the following day they would begin to put everything into practice as he waived the notes in front of Charlie's face

    39. Haven’t I always seen love as the only justification for infidelity? And if required, even that qualification could be waived now for adultery

    40. The handlebars waived back and forth and she used them to push

    41. She offered some to Haven, but she waived it off distractedly

    42. Haven smiled to herself and waived her mother over

    43. She started to hand him some money, to pay for the parking lot charge, but this was waived aside with a Scottish snort

    44. Ramsey waived his arms and got the attention of the ATV driver

    45. the lender and get the charge waived in most cases, though

    46. You waived your option of having them taken out of your winnings at the time of the transaction

    47. Seeing that the area was clear, they waived Kurt and Mary into each of the rooms where the Cantrells had come by only one minute before the tour

    48. As they pulled out, both Kurt and Mary waived and shouted, “Da-svidan’ya!” the couple stood with their arms around each other, waived and called back, Da-svidan’ya!”

    49. Captain Tupolevski greeted Boshnikoff over the intercom when Boshnikoff was strapped in, the ladder was removed and the crew chief waived them out of the

    50. I was grateful to Emily for not putting any obstacles to my visits to Zoë and for having waived her right to alimony and child support

    1. “The prosecution waives opening argument

    2. can be waived, the Licensor waives the ex-

    3. overdraft protection – having nothing to do with getting recruited for Iraq – that waives the fee in these situations, but it will cost you

    4. There are also credit cards offered in the market that waives the annual membership fees on a longer term basis as long as the credit card user is able to meet specific purchase and payment targets

    5. In other cases, the fund manager “waives” (or skips charging) management fees, raising the net return—then slaps the fees on later after the high returns attract plenty of customers

    6. She waives the temporary use of the rod, but she suspends it in terrorem over our heads

    1. …portends a Crisis of Conscience for the obvious reason that were an individual evil, in which case Conscience would no longer factor into that individual‘s evil intentions or designs, or complicit in some activity considered evil (in the conventional sense) or (otherwise) cognizant of loftier moral arguments that should properly inform his or her actions, who has chosen, however, to promote expediency and self-interest over principle and the (rightful) concerns of others, that individual has willfully and knowingly sidestepped the boundaries that separate Good and Evil or, at the very least, its milder derivative, Right from Wrong, (thereby) waiving all rights for (personal) redemption whereas Amorality, on the other hand, suggests a gross indifference to moral clarity; an ―intellectual‖

    2. Congress could help considerably by waiving all

    3. When the camera returned to Jennifer Wilde she was frantically waiving her hand in front of her throat, giving the “cut” sign

    4. Congress could help considerably by waiving all of these

    5. Passover, the waiving of the omer, Pentecost, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur have all run their course

    6. The laser show grows more and more intense and… And why on earth are the hunters waiving their arms about?… And what on earth are the hunters doing?!… It looks like they’re doing some sort of… They’re… They’re…

    7. He leaps straight for the creature’s throat, but it ducks aside and pushes him down, and runs, waiving its tail and shaking its hairy butt at Galluk, insulting him with every step it takes

    8. For example, if you are waiving your hand too much, then instead of listening to your voice, your dog may be looking at it

    9. waiving our arms in the air about

    10. Reiki is not simply waiving a magic wand

    11. For a feminist like Nancy, that was like waiving a red flag in front of a bull

    12. � She was excitedly waiving yesterday�s special edition of the Daily Telegraph as she entered

    13. � A tall shape then emerged from behind the burning tank, waiving a machine gun from the hip

    14. She then spotted a soldier waiving at her from behind a bush

    15. motorcycle driver banging on the window angrily, waiving his hands, and pointing to his damaged motorcycle

    16. Slowing down her cart, Nancy started waiving frantically at the incoming soldiers, which were led by an officer, while shouting at them

    17. The officer then looked back at his men while waiving his sword high

    18. While the crowning ceremony bored him, he loved the following military parade, waiving with Nancy as d’Artagnan went by at the head of his mounted company

    19. She had to wait a couple of minutes before the door opened again, with the servant waiving her to enter

    20. You already met him, but he is nineteen, almost twenty and is the eldest of all the grandchildren,” he said, looking proud, sitting in his chair waiving his crooked, old cane

    21. While Quran obliged him by waiving the four women ceiling for him, power, the magnet that draws women to men, fetched him nine more wives, not to speak of the slave girls that came with the spoils of war

    22. I saw Grace waiving at me on one corner of the room

    23. Avatar came in from the small kitchen, tail waiving freely and a big doggy grin on

    24. document with the court waiving his or her appearance and consenting to the

    25. your bill more quickly by waiving the late fee, they will most

    26. “You don’t have to have one anymore, remember? They said they’re so desperate they’re waiving the requirement

    27. When Shakur reached the cockpit he saw Colonel Jabul ranting and raving and waiving his arms about

    28. Strather mumbled something about waiving responsibility in case of a tragic encounter which made me a bit nervous, but I was glad to be out of there, no longer maintaining the same address as the man caught last year with a few hundred human body parts in his basement

    29. “It may be so,” said the young clergyman, indifferently, as waiving a discussion that he considered irrelevant or unseasonable

    30. 10 It should be recognized as a principle, however, that the waiving of any important right by the bondholders entitles them to some quid pro quo from the stockholders—in the form either of a contribution of cash to the enterprise or of a transfer of some part of their claim on future earnings to the bondholders

    31. Although he maintained that he only found the gun, that it wasn’t his, the cops muscled him into waiving his rights, and then he was squeezed until he gave a confession

    32. He said, “This paper says that we told you what your rights are and that you’re waiving them because you don’t want a lawyer

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