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Frasi con suspect (in inglese)

  1. I suspect I was not.
  2. So, he had a suspect.
  3. I suspect that he is.
  4. But we may suspect it.
  5. They had one suspect, me.

  6. So I suspect, with the.
  7. I suspect we all are.
  8. He's no longer a suspect.
  9. You're not a suspect, Ms.
  10. But I suspect, given the.
  11. I suspect they never will.
  12. I gave the cops a suspect.
  13. Why did they suspect him?
  14. He didn't suspect a thing.
  15. How can you suspect him?

  16. It would make him suspect.
  17. We suspect also, that the.
  18. I suspect they followed you.
  19. I suspect it’s an alias.
  20. I don't know what I suspect.
  21. Whom was it from? I suspect.
  22. You suspect there may be a.
  23. I was a suspect, I could tell.
  24. If you suspect that this is.
  25. I had a murder suspect loose.

  26. Police suspect he was pushed.
  27. They don’t suspect a thing.
  28. They suspect trouble, I think.
  29. I suspect their cores are in.
  30. I suspect that the dear Mr.
  31. I suspect that’s the case.
  32. Deanna pointed out the suspect.
  33. I've got a real, live suspect.
  34. We all began to suspect that Mr.
  35. The suspect used a silencer.
  36. I now suspect that is not all;.
  38. Yes, the suspect is in custody.
  39. I suspect that Truer theories.
  40. No one knows she is the suspect.
  41. I suspect many "advisors" with.
  42. I didn’t want her to suspect.
  43. He will never suspect the truth.
  45. Some of the U values are suspect.
  46. I think he may suspect something.
  47. Presently Becky began to suspect.
  48. I’m beginning to suspect this.
  49. But I suspect what you smell.
  50. Tobias reason to suspect anything.
  51. I suspect they waited up for you.
  52. But they don’t suspect I’ve.
  53. He looks real good for a suspect.
  54. Many people suspect that it was.
  55. What makes you suspect that Mrs.
  56. I suspect the man is under stress.
  57. Today it is worse for the suspect.
  58. I suspect the sacrifice was human.
  59. He makes such a deserving suspect.
  60. Did Saul suspect how he had been.
  61. I suspect what you sense is that.
  62. He’s not a suspect at this time.
  63. To go near Kehaar would be suspect.
  64. I suspect most artists usually are.
  65. The suspect might have taken it.
  66. This guy could be a suspect?
  67. I did not say you were A suspect.
  68. I don’t suspect that will be.
  69. Jack was beginning to suspect the.
  70. I suspect that the latter is armed.
  71. I suspect she was switched at birth.
  72. I suspect the client would say Go.
  73. I now knew the police had a suspect.
  74. I only told you we had a suspect.
  75. I suspect so, her husband said.
  76. It wasn’t that I didn’t suspect.
  77. They don’t suspect us of anything.
  78. I shall always live here, I suspect.
  79. No one would suspect one of the MPs.
  80. Suspect may be the Cincinnati Bomber.
  81. However, I suspect that he prefers.
  82. Does she know you suspect her?
  83. I suspect there is something behind.
  84. You suspect her of this, Nick?
  85. I strongly suspect that she has the.
  86. I suspect you would work me to death.
  87. Suspect number two was Jessica Harper.
  88. He was letting his suspect have the.
  89. I suspect that screaming man was him.
  90. But I also suspect he stayed at the.
  91. I’d begun to suspect it was little.
  92. We all thought that the suspect was.
  93. Every suspect proven to have ties to.
  94. I strongly suspect that we couldn't.
  95. The prime suspect it appeared was Mrs.
  96. So I suspect, with the growing power.
  97. And I suspect that is why Admiral.
  98. Instead, he becomes the prime suspect.
  99. There is no reason to suspect Mars.
  100. I suspect mine will not be among them.
  1. Garth, half suspecting that Mrs.
  2. Suspecting a trap, she hesitated.
  3. Suspecting they were invading the.
  4. But suspecting Graham was one thing.
  5. Others, suspecting a trick, did not.
  6. Suspecting that there was something.
  7. Just what I've been suspecting myself.
  8. Master! Are you suspecting that the.
  9. But what data have you for suspecting Mr.
  10. She would never do what you're suspecting.
  11. His friends entered never suspecting a thing.
  12. Morgan, suspecting something, pulled over at the.
  13. I studied the clerk intently, suspecting that he.
  14. So, is it him? The one you were suspecting?
  15. The gristled mountain man turned a suspecting eye.
  16. I thought Lyons was losing his grip, suspecting you.
  17. Without himself suspecting the fact, Javert in his.
  18. I felt awful about suspecting that the driver, whom I.
  19. I kept quiet, suspecting that things would get a lot.
  20. The posse left as fast as they came, not suspecting a.
  21. Suspecting trouble, Corey leaped off the big football.
  22. You must understand that I was so far from suspecting.
  23. So Eponine followed him, without his suspecting the fact.
  24. Hagop started suspecting something serious was going on.
  25. He was walking up the stairs, slowly, suspecting nothing.
  26. The two kyboes went quiet as if suspecting something too.
  27. Suspecting the worse, the team began to prepare to step down.
  28. Clemmons, as if suspecting what was coming, jumped off the bed.
  29. Strongly suspecting that Kemberra knew Tdeshi was interesting.
  30. She put her hands on her hips, suspecting she’d been insulted.
  31. Yes, she would fit back into society with no one suspecting her.
  32. The client's body language may change from positive to suspecting.
  33. He had already started suspecting something but he needed answers.
  34. We all played our roles, which kept Hurd from suspecting anything.
  35. So you’re still suspecting him of partnering with Reynolds?
  36. I had to show up at court with no one suspecting that I remembered.
  37. I watch her so carefully when she is not suspecting me to be there.
  38. Suspecting what might be happening, the translator declines the offer.
  39. Rushworth in future, that her father might not be again suspecting her.
  40. Veerbhadra looked up at him, suspecting his friend’s train of thought.
  41. She was a good sister and he was the damned one for suspecting anything.
  42. I've been suspecting it all this time while I've been waiting to see you.
  43. I cannot hear anything, Nole said, suspecting his brother was teasing.
  44. Good lord have mercy, the guard said, for a moment suspecting witchcraft.
  45. It is believed that this is also to ward off any suspecting robbers, that the.
  46. Tell Mary thank you too, Petra said, suspecting that Mary had made the tray.
  47. I can’t have the rest of the staff suspecting one of the kids has a crush on me.
  48. I asked a love potion of Totrasmek, not suspecting the depth of his guile and hate.
  49. It’s all the talk now, what with the Church suspecting them of heresy and all.
  50. Explain, Garcia said, suspecting her answer but wanting to hear her express it.
  51. Okay, granting that we are suspecting someone here, why would he kill Caths?
  52. The two approached the house without anyone else even suspecting that they were there.
  53. At about that time, Rania started suspecting that William was having affairs with.
  54. She felt sorry for Orpheus, suspecting he hadn’t meant to betray his deal with Hades.
  55. I clasped my hands together, suspecting I was about to hear something even more strange.
  56. Insensibly, and without her suspecting the fact, the blackness departed from her spirit.
  57. Suspecting that he’d be brought back, Louie brainstormed, trying to anticipate questions.
  58. We were justified in suspecting a possible H&S top that might reverse the previous uptrend.
  59. I know, because I had been close to him for some years in the past, without him suspecting.
  60. But… he is the Heir to the High-house of Manson, Manon said, suspecting it would be.
  61. How could I help suspecting him, when I actually saw him with the coronet in his hand?
  62. Underwear, photographs, Suzy’s confession after suspecting infidelity; it was all too much.
  63. I, of course, started noticing and suspecting the relationship after its sexual aspect was over.
  64. You were mistaken in suspecting your neighbour, the business gentleman, of unpleasant fragrance.
  65. To reason with a woman is to flatter her into suspecting you of weakness and herself of strength.
  66. He stares at it for a moment, before suspecting that it is a trap and carrying on with his business.
  67. Beating his brains out trying to get that log house built and you’re suspecting him of courting me.
  68. Suspecting that Sara wouldn’t let me leave the safety of the house, I decided not to tell her of my plans.
  69. Amaranthe darted into the establishment, suspecting her male followers would prove reluctant to step inside.
  70. Marius, on the evening following this dialogue, mounted the diligence without suspecting that he was watched.
  71. Suspecting that he was missing something, Anders went to a Marine officer who was barking orders around him.
  72. The people who had been suspecting Gorham of the murder realized that he was morally incapable of doing that.
  73. Suspecting what the problem might be she borrowed the car and took herself off into town to the medical clinic.
  74. Nancy was now suspecting where she was going, having seen in the past satellite pictures of a similar facility.
  75. Ruwana did not want to upset the titan as she knew he was suspecting her of conspiring with Elena and the Seven.
  76. She had also felt paranoid—always suspecting that someone was watching her or was after her—for just as long.
  77. When Jenny left us this morning, we attached a spy probe to her, suspecting some possible foul play concerning her.
  78. I was engrossed with popularity and regaining back my grandfather’s trust that I didn’t thought of suspecting Alex.
  79. Jack Hinckley, suspecting what is going on, interrupts the couple, calling them back to the living room for Bible study.
  80. When he walked too far along the line, the French sentry, not suspecting that this soldier understood French, cursed him.
  81. He barely managed to perform the act of love and he did it just to keep her from suspecting his true feelings of disgust.
  82. Suspecting another member playing the fool with me, I looked around to see anyone smirking but they seemed normal enough.
  83. She waved as she got out of her car, hoping it would hide how nervous she was but suspecting that Colin would know anyway.
  84. Why? Because he has never seen that thing which is in his teacher’s hand with his eyes but his answer is just suspecting.
  85. That was probably the closest they ever came, to suspecting he was an observer from a starship of an advanced civilization.
  86. He became less trusting of his closest friends and advisors, often suspecting thoughts of betrayal hidden behind their eyes.
  87. When this thing breaks out, do you think this Fox is going to stick around? He had voiced what Silas had been suspecting.
  88. When she met him she looked surprised, though it was impossible to help suspecting that she had come for that express purpose.
  89. The Neanderthal man on watch duty was now clearly suspecting something and had gotten up on his feet to go look outside the cave.
  90. Linton, suspecting something, followed; and when I attempted to call them, she pulled me back, slammed the door to, and locked it.
  91. I knew him before he gave me one of those aids, though, a moment before, I had not been conscious of remotely suspecting his identity.
  92. I thought Lyons was nuts at first, suspecting you, but when he showed me that receipt from the Castle, I was so jealous, I just lost it.
  93. But I omit them as altogether obsolete; and can hardly help suspecting them for mere sounds, full of Leviathanism, but signifying nothing.
  94. Neither the next day, when the alarm was raised, nor at any time after in his life, did any one dream of suspecting that he was the criminal.
  95. Evan smirked, clearly enjoying this and probably suspecting that Colin would be no different than he was when it came to Lily and her requests.
  96. And now that she knows that he didn’t kill Pruitt, that he hasn’t been trying to entrap her, she feels a little guilty for suspecting him.
  97. Prospero is suspecting an error in the design of the tunnel – why isn’t there a clear view from one end to the other? A tunnel with a curve.
  98. I explained my situation to him and my reasons for suspecting that George still wished me ill even though I had remained in exile as he ordered.
  99. She saw a mansion, bigger and taller than all other mansions, and crept towards it, suspecting that she might find out something interesting there.
  100. He had knocked the props from under his defence by uncannily turning down every man whom he had any reason of suspecting of having been approached.
  1. It was as I suspected.
  2. He had suspected a row.
  3. I suspected it was Daku.
  4. It is what she suspected.
  5. He suspected she was no.
  6. A few suspected foul play.
  7. I said they suspected you.
  8. She suspected that he was.
  9. Well, I suspected she was.
  10. It is dying, as he suspected.
  11. She knew he suspected peril.
  12. I suspected that it was not.
  13. You suspected me of mischief.
  14. I suspected he had some.
  15. He suspected it wouldn't be.
  16. At first, they only suspected.
  17. As I had suspected, she and.
  18. Adnan suspected that it was.
  19. My mother suspected that not.
  20. As we suspected, the trapped.
  21. Foster as the suspected killer.
  22. He suspected that some of the.
  23. He strongly suspected his son.
  24. He suspected the boy secretly.
  25. Lydia had suspected what Paul.
  26. As they suspected it was empty.
  27. He suspected a plot, but how?
  28. Still, she suspected they knew.
  29. He suspected she knew it anyway.
  30. He suspected it was the latter.
  31. Suspected murderer of 4 people.
  32. I suspected he’d be conflicted.
  33. She suspected it was the latter.
  34. So, it was as they had suspected.
  35. Up to now, we suspected he had.
  36. He was just what I had suspected.
  37. Tony suspected that he already.
  38. Remember he suspected that you.
  39. I’d always suspected as much.
  40. There it was, just as I suspected.
  41. Still, no one suspected anything.
  42. No one suspected what he had done.
  43. He suspected she was imagining it.
  44. As suspected, Harmony was floating.
  45. Tom suspected that they would be.
  46. But Carter had suspected Reynolds.
  47. She suspected it was poisoning her.
  48. He suspected that something like.
  49. She must have suspected something.
  50. It is as I feared and suspected.
  51. They must have suspected something.
  52. The pilot clearly suspected a trap.
  53. She suspected her RV park hideout.
  54. Chandler would have ever suspected.
  55. But I suspected better generalship.
  56. It confirmed what they'd suspected.
  57. I suspected that he meant my grass.
  58. Daria, the housemaid was suspected.
  59. Something of masquerade I suspected.
  60. Merry and Pippin suspected that he.
  61. Worse still, he suspected that the.
  62. He suspected Abby felt the same way.
  63. Father suspected, cannot be located.
  64. He suspected me, said Reynolds.
  65. I suspected that Simon knew that too.
  66. I suspected that we had left Gurnee.
  67. He suspected it had something to do.
  68. I’ve suspected him for a while now.
  69. They suspected me of offering bribes.
  70. I strongly suspected that she stuck.
  71. She’d suspected Jevan had survived.
  72. He had never suspected that Hope—a.
  73. I suspected as much as you went along.
  74. He suspected they’d only just begun.
  75. She suspected she was fooling herself.
  76. She suspected someone was inside the.
  77. He suspected that there was a secret.
  78. But, when I did, I suspected she’d.
  79. It was a poorer hand than he suspected.
  80. Alex suspected they were some of the.
  81. I suspected he was too tired to sneer.
  82. She suspected the only other inhabi-.
  83. He was the top dog and suspected the.
  84. I think he suspected that there were.
  85. I suspected as much, she said.
  86. The suspected sites were too numerous.
  87. I suspected as much, Tracker said.
  88. I wondered if they suspected something.
  89. It was true, then---what she suspected.
  90. This was before anyone suspected that.
  91. I guess he suspected that this was the.
  92. As you suspected, the halls are empty.
  93. Then she spotted what she had suspected.
  94. In the end, though, this guy suspected.
  95. Harry had suspected that the grapevine.
  96. His agonized mind had suspected the rest.
  97. Was it suspected that this lunatic, Mrs.
  98. As I suspected, Ma caved easier than Mrs.
  99. Guess they were as wrong as I suspected.
  100. He must have suspected I was down there.
  1. All eight of our suspects.
  2. No one suspects Dana at all.
  3. Don't you think he suspects?
  4. Invites the suspects all to wait.
  5. And he suspects nothing? it asked.
  6. Carl suspects the man who is the.
  7. I think Jack suspects something.
  8. And the police have no other suspects.
  9. And there were no other suspects.
  10. One’s more cynical and one suspects.
  11. Many suspects did not survive torture.
  12. The suspects were a the maid, the cook.
  13. I had Terry and Ted as possible suspects.
  14. I have access to all the suspects, and.
  15. The suspects place most likely held the.
  16. He suspects this ease will not last long.
  17. No one suspects that I’m from another.
  18. And my pool of suspects is getting shallow.
  19. He suspects the view from up there is good.
  20. We have no motive, no suspects, no theories.
  21. He suspects you’re what we call an evil.
  22. Above the plastic window, I wrote: Suspects.
  23. Doesn’t that give us more suspects?
  24. We have no suspicion, and no one suspects us.
  25. No, the likeliest suspects were Ralph and Alan.
  26. The throwing of fear into witness and suspects.
  27. None of the usual suspects, that’s for sure.
  28. You think he suspects anything? Jones asked.
  29. And one of the suspects is your step grandfather.
  30. The suspects have moved beyond your jurisdiction.
  31. You are suspects in the murders of your parents.
  32. Yeah all of the suspects are dead, Archer said.
  33. None of these suspects had motive to let Tristan go.
  34. The usual suspects on these occasions were Malcolm.
  35. They are rounding up suspects in Bamberg, a nearby.
  36. I’m pretty sure that means they’re both suspects.
  37. Miss Rogers suspects Paul of being an industrial spy.
  38. Neither witness could identify the suspects directly.
  39. Anyone who suspects that he/she has an eating disorder.
  40. By the time he does, there will be so many suspects.
  41. The police are trained to interrogate suspects, and are.
  42. If he suspects anything, I know he'll keep it to himself.
  43. He suspects the carbon monoxide from the exhaust was an.
  44. The two suspects ran into the crowd after the altercation.
  45. Yeah, but the next likely suspects are you and the crew.
  46. He had no opportunity, no motive, no leads, and no suspects.
  47. He got hold of each of these suspects and interrogated them.
  48. Later at night, pictures of the first suspects were released.
  49. Chalmers and Whitton were standing between the two suspects.
  50. If a woman suspects that she’s been raped a shower should.
  51. Moses suspects the whole scene is about the watering rights.
  52. It was so incredible that it limited the number of suspects.
  53. Frisking the rooms as if he were a cop patting down suspects.
  54. Many suspects and falsely accused were sent to Guantanamo Bay.
  55. No one can trace it and know one suspects it because we all.
  56. Research into each of the three suspects was surprisingly easy.
  57. Templar is important to two of the suspects - so I think it's.
  58. Matthew and Mark tell us that Pilate suspects that the priests.
  59. I dare say he suspects it, for he knows that I understand the.
  60. It's The Usual Suspects, that's one of my favorite movies too.
  61. Brian suspects he was rattled and shot all over without aiming.
  62. It's secure enough if no one suspects it's worth investigating.
  63. She reached across the table and looked at her list of suspects.
  64. He suspects that we know something about him but not what that.
  65. They all wonder if the suspect or suspects will ever get caught.
  66. He suspects that it’s a trap, and considers ignoring the order.
  67. This wasn’t unusual in suspects who had been over-interrogated.
  68. They were obvious suspects, though not ones we took seriously.
  69. From there he has promulgated orders to chase the heresy suspects.
  70. But Claire was a hundred percent positive they were false suspects.
  71. She just said if Master suspects that maiden is Maiden Mei!.
  72. She probably thinks we’re, I mean, I bet she suspects we….
  73. Sometimes I fancy that she suspects; — but no, it is not possible.
  74. More importantly, the role of classical suspects such as the.
  75. FBI and CIA tracking of suspects mysteriously stopped, which enabled.
  76. Their only suspects were all dead so what part did Max, Carla and Mrs.
  77. Wollaston suspects, their wings not at all reduced, but even enlarged.
  78. Racial profiling is targeting suspects because their race – beware!.
  79. Ask him to introduce us to the maid he suspects of stealing the book.
  80. He brought in each of these suspects one by one and interrogated them.
  81. The police had no suspects yet but were asking for any leads in the case.
  82. So far, the police had suspicions but no suspects in the two murder cases.
  83. She must smile, as if she is happy, so that her brother suspects nothing.
  84. I remembered how she’d led me away from Devine and Chakely as suspects.
  85. We’ve tested those print-casts against the footwear of all our suspects.
  86. Eugene suspects that it would be difficult to climb, especially in winter.
  87. Probably even mentioned that he suspects me being the daisy serial killer.
  88. The news is saying you and Bob are terrorist suspects, armed and dangerous.
  89. There are many allegations of torture of suspects and it may have happened.
  90. Durov, do the authorities have any suspects in Viktoria's murder? I asked.
  91. No one here, but the four of us, knows about it: not even his wife suspects.
  92. Ryan threw a farewell Party for Jacques and invited all of the usual suspects.
  93. He’d said it would be unethical for him to finger suspects based on a hunch.
  94. It looks like one of my suspects may be affiliated with the Russian Mafia.
  95. Innumerable suspects have been tortured for information or some other reason.
  96. So far, the police still do not have any suspects, no motive, nor any witnesses.
  97. The British kept Mau Mau suspects in camps where they were tortured and starved.
  98. I would not be at all surprised if Ivan suspects you of being part of the Mafia.
  99. In the movie, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, one of the characters makes the comment: The.
  100. I have just seen the two suspects; they came back for their car and drove off.

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