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Frasi con consider (in inglese)

  1. I will consider it a.
  2. Consider that in the U.
  3. I consider it an honor.
  4. Consider me in your debt.
  5. Consider the case of Mrs.

  6. Consider a 3 flute 1/8.
  7. Consider, for it is time!.
  8. If we consider that the.
  9. But consider this as well.
  10. I stopped to consider that.
  11. If you consider it a debt.
  12. I consider them to be the.
  13. As an example, consider a.
  14. I do consider him a friend.
  15. I had to consider what my.

  16. She did not consider that.
  17. Consider the 'you' of today.
  18. If we consider what happens.
  19. Tim stopped to consider this.
  20. This led us to consider an.
  21. I consider this for a moment.
  22. You have to consider it in.
  23. You might want to consider.
  24. Consider for a moment, the.
  25. Zeus seemed to consider this.

  26. Do not consider money your.
  27. I want you to consider the.
  28. Dad, consider the job done.
  29. After that, we will consider.
  30. Consider the Jews in Germany.
  31. While others consider you a.
  32. I did consider it, though.
  33. Consider the flow of a river.
  34. You can consider her beyond.
  35. I may consider giving him a.
  36. Consider the Time and Place.
  37. There was so much to consider.
  38. Let’s consider the kind of.
  39. And you can consider yourself.
  40. Now consider the Doctrine of.
  41. I must consider all variables.
  42. Consider the words of Jesus:.
  43. I still consider you a friend.
  44. Then consider it done, boy.
  45. We consider that anything we.
  46. Consider they may be repelled.
  47. Consider the example of a pain.
  48. God did not consider personal.
  49. Consider signing up for their.
  50. Other factors to consider are:.
  51. Consider a new way of thinking.
  52. We may need to consider other.
  53. You would do well to consider.
  54. We will consider Hillary first.
  55. No, they didn't consider Harry.
  56. Consider this fact for a moment.
  57. He appeared to consider for a.
  58. I pretend to consider this ….
  59. Consider what choices we have!.
  60. As a rule before you consider.
  61. M: There is destiny to consider.
  62. Should I consider his offer? No.
  63. He began to consider his options.
  64. Let us consider the thing calmly.
  65. Consider one of the following:.
  66. Consider the fact that the deaf.
  67. Consider the Guggenheim in New.
  68. Consider the miracle of a flower.
  69. The other thing to consider is.
  70. Or, consider placing a drop of.
  71. But consider this small program.
  72. We try to get what we consider.
  73. Consider The Best Launch Season.
  74. But there was my mom to consider.
  75. How could you even consider.
  76. I consider making a break for it.
  77. We should stop to consider the.
  78. We never consider as a serious.
  79. No, he wouldn’t consider it.
  80. I consider you a friend, too.
  81. Consider the idea of an author.
  82. Consider this point very wisely!.
  83. Here are some tips to consider:.
  84. I consider this top notch service.
  85. It was too much to consider –.
  86. I consider that a badge of honor.
  87. In The Day Of Adversity CONSIDER.
  88. We can consider the comfort and.
  89. Consider, for example, the need.
  90. Consider also the type of ticket.
  91. Consider the great nelson mandela.
  92. Consider the needs of your body.
  93. Consider the police on their way.
  94. If broken we consider it sold’.
  95. Consider adopting a raw food diet.
  96. I consider those people my heroes.
  97. Consider the wondrous works of God.
  98. It is also important to consider.
  99. Another strategy to consider is:-.
  100. And consider the fun you'll miss!.
  1. And considering we gave you.
  2. I went from considering this.
  3. Considering what Sue had been.
  4. Considering how eager the new.
  5. The princess is considering it.
  6. Glen sat there, considering this.
  7. Considering the S&P 500 lost 38.
  8. While I was considering moving.
  9. That was good news considering.
  10. No, but we are considering it.
  11. I am considering how to respond.
  12. Hans glanced at Alex, considering.
  13. Considering it was already past.
  14. Garret stared at her, considering.
  15. Considering that the dark matter.
  16. Considering that the Company did.
  17. Considering how to deal with the.
  18. Considering eternity is beyond them.
  19. Considering it was late it was no.
  20. Considering this, she quickly got.
  21. Considering that he had graduated.
  22. Even without considering him, the.
  23. He looked at her, still considering.
  24. I think it’s worth considering.
  25. And considering that the three.
  26. I was busy considering the assembly.
  27. Jo looks at me as though considering.
  28. Actually, I had been considering that.
  29. Considering what she knew of him so.
  30. Barnes said nothing, considering him.
  31. Now she sat at the window considering.
  32. Considering that I would be late for.
  33. Or that I’m actually considering it.
  34. Considering people only by their race.
  35. He was doing pretty well, considering.
  36. We were used to considering longevity.
  37. Considering the state of mind of the.
  38. However, considering that Telenor is.
  39. Jacob paused, considering the question.
  40. Considering that I was working on Mars.
  41. She had been considering getting a dog.
  42. Considering the Advantages of Low Debt.
  43. Seemed apropos considering the company.
  44. Slowly, I nodded knowingly, considering.
  45. Considering how exhausted I was there.
  46. Poppa Bear nodded his head, considering.
  47. His eyes were calculating, considering.
  48. First he was considering quitting the.
  49. Brie was considering it from all angles.
  50. He said slowly, considering the matter.
  51. Strange, considering they were adopted.
  52. But considering what we are up against.
  53. Not considering enough what they would.
  54. And even considering the fact that she.
  55. Considering the process that went into.
  56. I knew he was considering my suggestion.
  57. Tony: Not much, but he is considering it.
  58. He tells me he is considering going to.
  59. I couldn’t blame her; considering our.
  60. Considering the Doctrine of Two Spirits.
  61. Yet, considering how common these myths.
  62. Felt him watching me considering heavens.
  63. Considering the alternatives, this was a.
  64. Those would suffice, considering the man.
  65. Now he paused, considering his handiwork.
  66. Surely Alex was considering marriage now.
  67. Layla was silent, mutely considering this.
  68. Now Aanya started considering Ayah as her.
  69. In the meantime Trask had been considering.
  70. Now we read that Congress is considering.
  71. And that’s not a bad thing considering.
  72. She seemed to be considering the question.
  73. Now you are considering a different trade.
  74. Considering that for CAT stock φ(C4) = 0.
  75. Considering that I had so much poison in.
  76. She put a hand to her head, considering.
  77. I am still considering whether or not to.
  78. He nodded, happily considering their words.
  79. That's very surprising, considering what.
  80. Considering the situation serious enough.
  81. But considering my predicament there was.
  82. But considering the recent hack into the.
  83. In fact we had been considering dropping U.
  84. Gilgamesh bobbed his head while considering.
  85. Strange considering this is their home base.
  86. McCoy nodded, considering the possibilities.
  87. Considering pros and cons of ETF investing.
  88. Considering that your invention (doing it.
  89. I couldn't hold it back! Considering that.
  90. Considering the task at hand, Parvateshwar.
  91. Considering and rejecting the duel, Alexey.
  92. It’s very odd, considering how expensive.
  93. You're asking a lot, considering, Mitchell.
  94. She froze, considering what he had just said.
  95. It was bound to happen considering how our.
  96. Truman sat considering what he had been told.
  97. Considering that the VIX index closed at 21.
  98. Another marketplace worth considering is www.
  99. He rocked back on his heels, considering her.
  100. It was silent for a moment, Tony considering.
  1. I had not considered it.
  2. I admit I considered it.
  3. I considered it a total.
  4. I considered you a friend.
  5. He considered what to play.
  6. This is considered to be.
  7. She considered for a moment.
  8. I have never considered it.
  9. Once considered one of the.
  10. I considered it would be a.
  11. These are considered to be.
  12. Considered at par with the.
  13. At one point, I considered.
  14. They are not considered to.
  15. She considered that a moment.
  16. I considered my life so far.
  17. I don't know, I considered.
  18. He was considered an expert.
  19. Others have to be considered.
  20. Glen considered for a moment.
  21. Tyrus considered for a moment.
  22. Morse considered his next move.
  23. Viella considered for a moment.
  24. The crab is considered a food.
  25. Then, he considered the horse.
  26. There is much to be considered.
  27. They considered him to be weak.
  28. I have beheld it and considered.
  29. Jensen considered his next move.
  30. Ra considered himself the ea-.
  31. Roberto considered for a moment.
  32. I carefully considered my reply.
  33. Stuff like that he considered.
  34. I considered before we took move.
  35. The Eocene could be considered.
  36. Only those who were considered.
  37. He considered the scheme for a.
  38. I never considered him a major.
  39. She remains calm and considered.
  40. Salem should also be considered.
  41. It is considered that they are.
  42. Povon considered her in surprise.
  43. The knight considered this and.
  44. The knight considered the puzzle.
  45. Spelman considered what he heard.
  46. He was later considered an evil.
  47. I’m considered one of the kids.
  48. She considered her case hopeless.
  49. So Tragus was considered a pariah.
  50. Wine is generally considered to.
  51. But I never considered my penis.
  52. I considered myself a good mother.
  53. My book would be considered too.
  54. And Loki’s not considered brave.
  55. All things considered, life was.
  56. Nor can they be considered angels.
  57. Alex considered it a veiled threat.
  58. He considered the situation long.
  59. In addition, it’s considered a.
  60. Then he considered Dalia’s door.
  61. Jamie considered this for a moment.
  62. Briefly considered asking the maid.
  63. Because kings were considered to.
  64. They can be considered and found.
  65. I considered writing, Help! I'm.
  66. And it is considered good manners.
  67. I considered the plea for a moment.
  68. He considered, tugging at his chin.
  69. The most obvious way, considered.
  70. Amaranthe considered that cool face.
  71. Mark considered what Talia had said.
  72. I have, of course, considered this.
  73. It might have been considered rude.
  74. I have never considered it, Mrs.
  75. All considered, was it not for the.
  76. The Oobijumbi considered Jerome to.
  77. I already considered it and made a.
  78. Deep down inside he considered the.
  79. Usually it is considered unwise to.
  80. The latter has not been considered.
  81. This would be considered plagiarism.
  82. What should be considered cheating?
  83. It can be considered a district of.
  84. She considered her answer carefully.
  85. I considered using my own excrement.
  86. The supervisor considered the answer.
  87. I hadn’t considered that prospect.
  88. The humans he considered his equals.
  89. To Him Yet He Considered The Rebuke.
  90. A barren woman is considered cursed.
  91. It's considered to be just a ritual.
  92. She considered all the possibilities.
  93. Aazuria considered leaving the house.
  94. Nor can it be considered similar to.
  95. He considered how to get word to Nord.
  96. Women are still considered the more.
  97. Garcia actually considered the option.
  98. It was considered sacred in Ancient.
  99. Mike Teal considered the facts so far.
  100. Ethan considered, then shook his head.
  1. He considers them a moment.
  2. A third man considers it.
  3. She considers this a moment.
  4. And he considers me of value.
  5. She considers this home, too.
  6. God He considers me His friend.
  7. Alex considers this for a moment.
  8. Murphy considers himself a player.
  9. When he considers himself exempt.
  10. He considers us his only family.
  11. Her eyes narrow as she considers me.
  12. Death will be the end, he considers.
  13. The above just considers VIX futures.
  14. That upon praising its son, considers.
  15. He considers you to be a computer god.
  16. When one considers that a particle’s.
  17. She considers Tdeshi to be her mother.
  18. And he still considers himself a novice.
  19. Though what your species considers to be.
  20. It considers only stock price performance.
  21. If he considers it important it will go in.
  22. This chapter considers the closing of gaps.
  23. This, he considers acceptable and reasonable.
  24. The book considers key elements of religious.
  25. Islam considers a white color a greiving color.
  26. The victim’s own family often considers how.
  27. Whup considers all things from what he can see.
  28. Murray, of London, considers this to be a mistake.
  29. She bites the inside of her cheek and considers me.
  30. The good technical ski-boy considers all the vari-.
  31. Alex considers the innate strangeness of Barnstaple.
  32. Arjun considers himself a wise man in the same way.
  33. How could this be when one considers the, once.
  34. Krishn next considers the three types of happiness-.
  35. This considers itself ‘Scandinavia with a twist’.
  36. When one considers each proposition to be a theory.
  37. He considers himself to be the wisest and the most.
  38. The Lord considers a gifted rich asthe negative best.
  39. At one point Gurwitsch considers the possibility of.
  40. John considers this a very friendly fundamental setup.
  41. Hence, he considers them as strictly household slaves.
  42. The second considers all sorts of economic factors, e.
  43. He does not know you, but considers us as his parents.
  44. Tris considers this, chewing on the inside of her cheek.
  45. This practice considers the Buddha a savior of humanity.
  46. She blocks out everything she considers unimportant.
  47. Canning considers has so fortunately grown up in Europe.
  48. Devon considers the ominous scene before him for a moment.
  49. You know, he considers that foreplay, Brittany said.
  50. Boyd's father considers this issue a stumbling block to.
  51. David considers this for a moment, then clears his throat.
  52. Embarrassed Cass considers this way too much unnecessary.
  53. Altucher considers the rising cost of a college education.
  54. Seth considers that consciousness awareness of subconscious.
  55. He considers raising a child before robbing him down on sex.
  56. She considers me for a moment, biting the inside of her cheek.
  57. She considers this, looking at her feet and wiggling her toes.
  58. When a man considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill.
  59. Of course, there is another type of audience which considers.
  60. My friend Roger considers himself the world’s number one.
  61. He loves women but never considers any of his romances serious.
  62. Indeed, even the journalist considers me anything by stupid.
  63. He considers all of us, each and every one of us, his children.
  64. The Council considers trespassing a crime punishable by death.
  65. He takes a sharp, frustrated breath and considers his situation.
  66. Anyone who considers stepping off the treadmill faces a whole.
  67. A hero has a polar mind, but considers himself an intellectual.
  68. Lower! (Considers awhile, then suddenly divines the conclusion.
  69. All the evidence suggests that God considers mankind a failure.
  70. I think the guy considers himself lucky to have got away alive.
  71. Now, one year later, he considers such scores ―meaningless‖.
  72. Both of them are ignorant, he who considers the soul is capable.
  73. He considers offering her a blanket—but better to stay low-key.
  74. It considers all the deposit money in it as donation, as well as.
  75. He suspects that it’s a trap, and considers ignoring the order.
  76. The trader with the winning mindset considers these alternatives:.
  77. He considers himself to be a swing trader, but is not a day trader.
  78. Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble.
  79. People? He blinks a couple of times as he considers his answer.
  80. He considers what the land will cost him, in tax and price together.
  81. She considers it her duty to be heavily involved in my personal life.
  82. Reagan considers Haig’s words inflammatory and not at all diplomatic.
  83. That is why Abba Philemon considers the Psalms to encompass al Sacred.
  84. He considers killing the attractive girl because she's as good as dead.
  85. After leaving, what the law considers as my home, I was hunted like a.
  86. EIGHTH: Religious Humanism considers the complete realization of human.
  87. The psyche considers love a myth compared to physical pinky enjoyments.
  88. TCM considers the kidneys, liver, and spleen as the 3 main organs which.
  89. He knows I know more than he does, and he considers I’m in the way.
  90. He considers his secretary of state his chief adviser on foreign affairs.
  91. He considers his work in the oral and audio/visual area to be pioneering.
  92. If at any time the operator considers the operation unsafe this shall be.
  93. Most of the world considers life a trial, a time of testing and suffering.
  94. No matter how large the environment one considers, life cannot have had a.
  95. Last year outside Chang An, did Maiden Mei considers over what I told.
  96. He may use any means to get at what the law considers as his, the moment.
  97. Magnus already has coffee brewed and Ciere considers his cereal collection.
  98. Wesley considers this, then braces himself and takes a deep, cringing drink.
  99. Sergey Ivanovitch simply considers it as Kostya’s duty to be his steward.
  100. A human thinks beyond the confines of his body and considers the rest of us.

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