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Frasi con swift (in inglese)

  1. And I was a swift learner.
  2. God is swift in reckoning.
  3. With thy swift horses draw.
  4. Be swift, I will not offer.
  5. Wished him a swift recovery.

  6. The Fife was swift to conclude.
  7. In fifty paces, with a swift.
  8. At least death would be swift.
  9. The end was swift and painless.
  10. The boat is named SWIFT, sir.
  11. There was a swift knocking sound.
  12. I was very quick and swift then.
  13. The story had a swift denouement.
  14. SWIFT DESTRUCTION [2 Peter 2:1].
  15. The man was swift and sure-footed.

  16. Again she fled, but swift he came.
  17. Retaliation was swift and terrible.
  18. With a swift grab, he reached in.
  19. He was much too swift for pursuit.
  20. Not sodomized, was the swift reply.
  21. The deer is swift, but weak; the.
  22. But the current seems too swift now.
  23. Very swift were the horses of Rohan.
  24. After a swift struggle of tongues Mr.
  25. The storm had been swift and savage.

  26. The reaction was immediate and swift.
  27. Even Swift proposed eating children.
  28. The Swift fox was primarily a non-.
  29. LINDEN IS RUNNING light-footed, swift.
  30. And he was swift to exploit his new.
  31. I will be a swift witness against the.
  32. I had seen that the creature was swift.
  33. Corbett ain’t too swift, is he?
  34. This action of Chaplain Swift, and Dr.
  35. Then, she heard swift footsteps and a.
  36. Swift verbally summarized her findings.
  37. Before long, she was at a swift canter.
  38. Then, in a swift move, one of them, a.
  39. With a swift kick to Johnson’s hand.
  40. Then, in one swift motion, he drew his.
  41. O why sting me for a swift moment only?
  42. My Pretty Lotus was swift but never slow.
  43. Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst.
  44. The answer was immediate, swift and sure.
  45. The answer was as swift as it was certain.
  46. In one swift motion, Vinny withdrew the.
  47. I kill as the mongoose, swift and silent.
  48. And in six swift bounds he was upon them.
  49. More like to the swift sons of Eorl than.
  50. Doubtless, the retaliation would be swift.
  51. The latter then took a swift aim and fired.
  52. I joined Chaplain Swift a few minutes later.
  53. Swift following in her wake, the sun,(57).
  54. With a swift movement, he blocked Tifa’s.
  55. A hot swift current was running through her.
  56. To the swift of mind indeed go the spoils!.
  57. Across the court swift winged its flight;--.
  58. He cast a swift look about him, and laughed.
  59. That deep eye showed swift as a bullet hole.
  60. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
  61. A big swift car whisked near, tires squealed.
  62. Swift row my mates, and shoot along the sea;.
  63. With one swift thrust, he’s fully inside me.
  64. Danny felt as though he was as swift as light.
  65. Morel met the swift, dark eyes, and hesitated.
  66. Pallantides cast a swift, startled look around.
  67. The attack, when it came, was swift and sudden.
  68. The swift steed champs the bit; so doth a lad.
  69. The reaction of the unknown contact was swift.
  70. In one swift motion, he pulls it over his head.
  71. The Swift Fox Recovery Team has pursued a re-.
  72. Guilt, swift and accusatory, seared through her.
  73. He had no idea it was that swift, or that deep.
  74. The vulture swept in with a swift roar of wings.
  75. Phil K Swift, Mojo the kid said with a smirk.
  76. Haste me to know't, that I, with wings as swift.
  77. Barring their way was a swift underground river.
  78. The move is swift, like a ninja in the night wind.
  79. Life was still swift, but not as swift as before.
  80. Crashing: Total devastation and swift destruction.
  81. It’s a fair jump, and the current is too swift.
  82. Priscilla gave him a swift look, and said nothing.
  83. With a swift movement, her brother douses the fire.
  84. Immediately Annalise's swift sponge stopped it up.
  85. It was swift and deadly as the stroke of an adder.
  86. The Swift and the Radiant One – it is the Spirit.
  87. She slid her clothes off in one swift motion and.
  88. The current was swift and they went forward slowly.
  89. With one swift move, I leaped onto the window panel.
  90. Farah’s response was swift, as she expected this.
  91. Donovan hoped the Shadow Elves would be swift and.
  92. With one swift motion, Samara brought the cleaver.
  93. And evil whispers in the gloom, or the swift whirr.
  94. The swift hop of the paper reminded him she was gone.
  95. With a swift movement, he cut off one of her fingers.
  96. The land of enchantment was the land of swift justice.
  97. The hare they had started was a strong and swift one.
  98. Sergey Modestovich gave a swift glance round the room.
  99. With a swift movement, he launched himself into the.
  100. His first kill in all those years was swift and clean.

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