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Swift in a sentence

God is swift in reckoning.
And I was a swift learner.
With thy swift horses draw.
Be swift, I will not offer.
Wished him a swift recovery.
The Fife was swift to conclude.
In fifty paces, with a swift.

At least death would be swift.
The boat is named SWIFT, sir.
The end was swift and painless.
The story had a swift denouement.
There was a swift knocking sound.
I was very quick and swift then.
Again she fled, but swift he came.
The man was swift and sure-footed.
He was much too swift for pursuit.
With a swift grab, he reached in.
Retaliation was swift and terrible.
The deer is swift, but weak; the.
But the current seems too swift now.
Not sodomized, was the swift reply.
The storm had been swift and savage.
The reaction was immediate and swift.
Even Swift proposed eating children.
After a swift struggle of tongues Mr.
Very swift were the horses of Rohan.
The Swift fox was primarily a non-.
LINDEN IS RUNNING light-footed, swift.
And he was swift to exploit his new.
This action of Chaplain Swift, and Dr.
I had seen that the creature was swift.
I will be a swift witness against the.
Corbett ain’t too swift, is he?
Before long, she was at a swift canter.
Then, she heard swift footsteps and a.
Swift verbally summarized her findings.
With a swift kick to Johnson’s hand.
Then, in a swift move, one of them, a.
The answer was immediate, swift and sure.

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