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    take possession of

    1. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty

    2. In consequence of the representations of Columbus, the council of Castile determined to take possession of the countries of which the inhabitants were plainly incapable of defending themselves

    3. taken to take possession of the Shenandoah and secure the property on board with the view of her delivery to the United

    4. I learned that the Port of Seattle agreed to moor the boat without charge until I could take possession of it

    5. annul themselves for their children, but they then take possession of their

    6. There is a law that says you have to wait 2 weeks to take possession of the handgun

    7. Naturally I thought about St Jude Hospital in St Lucia and obtained permission to take possession of all this material

    8. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the furious look of Duprina, who interpreted my evanescence as a feminine device to take possession of the attentions of her fiancé, and I, for my part could not avoid the naughty little genie of the flippancy that was advising me to take the opportunity to torment the young woman, who so antipathetic was proven to me

    9. hasten to obey his behests, that he may take possession of our minds more

    10. Gomes handed over around six thousand Reals and arranged to take possession of his new car first thing in the morning

    11. In their raving they sought violently to take possession of the body, and when they did this, the centurion ordered four of his soldiers to his side, and with drawn swords they stood astride the Master's body as it lay there on the ground

    12. 3 After the chief of archangels had been granted this request, he summoned to his assistance many of his fellows, together with a numerous host of the representatives of all orders of celestial personalities, and then, with the aid of the Urantia midwayers, proceeded to take possession of Jesus' physical body

    13. “Um, before you do that, do you have documentation that says you are to take possession of these ships?” Simon challenged

    14. Her horse was of a sensitive nature, Jags wondered why she had to take possession of such a wimpish creature

    15. Using the contoured sand pit, Coatl outlined the strategy to be employed, the collectors would be allowed through to take possession of the taxes, the trap would be sprung two hours into their homeward journey, at a narrow defile they would have to pass through

    16. warehouse, where they would set up communications, take possession of the facility – in case

    17. If any one bring an accusation against a man, and the accused go to the river and leap into the river, if he sink in the river his accuser shall take possession of his house

    18. But if the river prove that the accused is not guilty, and he escape unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser

    19. None more than Joseph Dewar, alias John Delmage who was looking over his shoulder as he approached hotel concierge at a half hour after midnight to take possession of the SUV

    20. The exact date that the buyer will take possession of the

    21. At that point, you take possession of the screen

    22. Ten came back with a negative report remarking about the giants that they saw while Joshua and Caleb, having faith in God, said “Let's go now and take possession of the land”

    23. What, I wondered, became of the gloves and stockings of the recently extinguished female speck? Its Gertrud would, I supposed, take possession of its dresses; but my Gertrud, for instance, could not wear my gloves, and I know believes only in those stockings she has knitted herself

    24. He was on his way upstairs to the top of the house, telling himself as he went that if Lucy chose to take possession of his library he would go and take possession of her sitting-room

    25. Olin's mind searched for some cause that might be preventing the bird from flying to such easy food because even if it had recently eaten its instinct would still be to take possession of the rabbit for a later meal

    26. state of feeling to thoroughly take possession of him, he will find it easier to yield to the

    27. He will also observe that all sorts of thoughts come to his mind which take possession of him

    28. One small Meer cat fights and outfaces a jackal that is trying to take possession of one of the colony’s dens

    29. No one with the fear of God before his eyes can doubt that the main design of Christ in these closing words of His discourse on the Mount of Olives, as throughout all His teaching, was to raise in the minds of His servants and ministers a soul-terrifying conception as to the future punishment of the persons chiefly aimed at in this final prophecy—the wicked world-rulers and church-governors who should be found in their civil activity when He the Lord should return froth heaven to take possession of His kingdom

    30. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains”

    31. He at once wheeled about, Sancho ran to take possession of his Dapple, Death and his flying squadron returned to their cart and pursued their journey, and thus the dread adventure of the cart of Death ended happily, thanks to the advice Sancho gave his master; who had, the following day, a fresh adventure, of no less thrilling interest than the last, with an enamoured knight-errant

    32. I hear mass every day; I share my substance with the poor, making no display of good works, lest I let hypocrisy and vainglory, those enemies that subtly take possession of the most watchful heart, find an entrance into mine

    33. Finally, leading him out of the church they carried him to the judgment seat and seated him on it, and the duke's majordomo said to him, "It is an ancient custom in this island, senor governor, that he who comes to take possession of this famous island is bound to answer a question which shall be put to him, and which must be a somewhat knotty and difficult one; and by his answer the people take the measure of their new governor's wit, and hail with joy or deplore his arrival accordingly

    34. would have left the little property in his power to me: but, attacked by the fatal apoplexy in town, his heir, a man of rigid morals, brought his wife with him to take possession of the house and effects, before I was even informed of his death,--

    35. even forced me to take possession of a seat that was higher than their own,

    36. They throng about the captain, begging and praying him to commit the helm to them; and if at any time they do not prevail, but others are preferred to them, they kill the others or throw them overboard, and having first chained up the noble captain's senses with drink or some narcotic drug, they mutiny and take possession of the ship and make free with the stores; thus, eating and drinking, they proceed on their voyage in such manner as might be expected of them

    37. They will begin by sending out into the country all the inhabitants of the city who are more than ten years old, and will take possession of their children, who will be unaffected by the habits of their parents; these they will train in their own habits and laws, I mean in the laws which we have given them: and in this way the State and constitution of which we were speaking will soonest and most easily attain happiness, and the nation which has such a constitution will gain most

    38. He was going to take possession of Sulaco in the name of the Democracy

    39. Monygham go forth to take possession of his liberty

    40. With thisobject in view he obtained from his brother, on the very morrow of the successful battle, the permission to push on over the mountains and take possession of Sulaco

    41. In no time at all, The Attractions would take possession of these songs, ramping them up within an inch of their life

    42. But the mixture of anger in her agitation had vanished at the sight of him; she had been used, when they were face to face, always to feel confidence and the happy freedom which comes with mutual understanding, and how could other people's words hinder that effect on a sudden? Let the music which can take possession of our frame and fill the air with joy for us, sound once more—what does it signify that we heard it found fault with in its absence?

    43. 00 received for selling the put, but with that amount of cash we can be certain that we’ll be able to satisfy our duty to the put buyer to take possession of the stock and pay her $3,600

    44. They take possession of peace, of tranquillity, of leisure; behold, they are content

    45. Jean Valjean did, in fact, take possession of Javert, by seating himself on the end of the table

    46. You have your own chamber here, it is close to ours, it opens on the garden; the trouble with the clock has been attended to, the bed is made, it is all ready, you have only to take possession of it

    47. It may work better in stocks, with traders willing to take possession of the stock if the option goes in the money

    48. but I had other sensations ; one of them was trying to dominate the others and to take possession of my soul, and, strange to say, this sensation too gave me courage and seemed to hold out prospects of something very gay

    49. I, like a fool, imagined all the time that he urged me to come home so persistently to get me to join his gang and to act only in concert with him, but, alas ! he invited me with quite a different object! He wanted to make me dead drunk, and when I was stretched snoring and unconscious, to rip open my pocket and take possession of the letter

    50. It's enough to say that he was continually asking himself, why was it that on that last night in Fyodor Pavlovitch's house he had crept out on to the stairs like a thief and listened to hear what his father was doing below? Why had he recalled that afterwards with repulsion? Why next morning, had he been suddenly so depressed on the journey? Why, as he reached Moscow, had he said to himself, “I am a scoundrel”? And now he almost fancied that these tormenting thoughts would make him even forget Katerina Ivanovna, so completely did they take possession of him again

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