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Frasi con seize (in inglese)

  1. We need to seize it.
  2. He did not have to seize it.
  3. Simplify and seize the joy!.
  4. He will instantly seize the.
  5. Fear is attempting to seize.

  6. I seize it as the Lord Warden's.
  7. This was just the moment to seize.
  8. We came out here to seize the day.
  9. When the chance comes, seize it.
  10. Nor the first snow of winter seize.
  11. Are you going to seize the moment?
  12. What the hand dare seize the fire?
  13. They seize what they need and fall.
  14. I felt my heart seize up in my chest.
  15. This caused panic to seize his heart.

  16. It could have also read: SEIZE A BOOK.
  17. She continued to seize at the threads.
  18. The free and brave may seize the world.
  19. Satan will always seize on this feeling.
  20. Brigit could feel a cold panic seize her.
  21. Then he was running to seize his luggage.
  22. Mitya had time to seize and press his hand.
  23. To seize and put into words, to describe.
  24. Where's she got to, the plague seize her!.
  25. He almost bent to seize the grate, yelling.

  26. This allows Satan to seize this opportunity.
  27. Come let's kill him and seize his inheritance.
  28. The British are going to seize the machines.
  29. Now, thought Lenin, is the time to seize power.
  30. They’d think there’s nothing here to seize.
  31. In a moment he might seize my elbow for support.
  32. Seize him and drag him into the midst of Hell!.
  33. They seize him outside of Vitré, hours from Paris.
  34. He was too tired even to seize the stranger and eat.
  35. He advanced to seize it without the least hesitation.
  36. He can seize upon the vocal cords of the latter, and.
  37. He tried to seize her hand, but she swiftly drew it back.
  38. He darted upon it as an eagle would seize upon its prey.
  39. They seize every object and lead it harmlessly through me.
  40. You are in a position to seize its baggage and artillery.
  41. To dance the dance of death, is to seize the power to burn.
  42. Billy Bradford would seize any opportunity to defame them.
  43. Angrily he reached down to seize the folder as his eyes cut.
  44. When children are learning new things do not just seize on.
  45. Would the ladies not seize the splendid opportunity and sup?
  46. I heard him seize in a great storm of breath and blast it out.
  47. For a she could seize none of them long enough to examine them.
  48. And she threw herself upon his mouth, as if to seize there the.
  49. Three devils enter the room, and seize him to take him to hell.
  50. He seemed intent to wait for me to seize some thread of memory.
  51. No one can count on it or seize it or have it wrapped in paper.
  52. I still was in the north field when guardsmen came to seize me.
  53. What's the meaning o' that? 'Nation seize such husbands as you.
  54. In this example they would seize your water system in the name.
  55. He steadied himself, and I watched his face seize with confusion.
  56. He said, Son of my mother, do not seize me by my beard or my head.
  57. Sometimes, the things that you see seize upon you and hold you fast.
  58. Frodo felt something seize him by the ankle, and he fell with a cry.
  59. Why didn’t they seize the drugs? They had to have searched the car.
  60. Better men are absolutely unable to seize the power and to retain it.
  61. The Sacred are involved in this, but it is we who have to seize the.
  62. Why would you seize only when I ask about your mission? he asked.
  63. If you are late on a single payment the company can seize the vehicle.
  64. You’d be wise to seize this chance to reconcile with Guru Brihaspati.
  65. He would seize her and bear her away at once to the ends of the earth.
  66. It was now time for us to move in and seize the initiative and cartons.
  67. But the giants won't trust them, and seize the goddess Freia in pledge.
  68. But all at once something seemed to seize him and fling him at her feet.
  69. Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in.
  70. When these things were done, it was free to seize the old Roman scepter.
  71. Putting out the pump would be enough to seize up the pistons really fast.
  72. Good Christ! says Littlehat, reaching out to seize Horatio’s Arms.
  73. Feeling an overwhelming impulse to seize his hand and draw him aside, Mr.
  74. IRS and a bankrupt United States government seize news headlines by going.
  75. Petersen also confirmed that FBI agents would be in place to seize Novak.
  76. Since no one knew their background so none dared to seize the goods alone.
  77. Well, he said, I walked over to their camp and I let them seize me.
  78. It was clear she had an urge to seize Cambridge about the neck and squeeze.
  79. The whole world was open to them, if only they had the courage to seize it.
  80. They seize and hold strategic land bases until the regular troops take over.
  81. The janitor released her wrists to seize her head, trying for her lips again.
  82. Let us seize this moment to give the nation peace, and the people happiness.
  83. All they can expect is a single blast, which will seize them while they feud.
  84. They now could seize the initiative to seek out and hunt down their attackers.
  85. There was an awful fear he might seize, in passing, the glasses from his nose.
  86. He felt the charge all through his bones, and his body began to seize, but he.
  87. She was urged to seize the opportunity to save her own life and leave the dog.
  88. I inhaled enough of his disbelief to seize control of the boy’s vocal cords.
  89. I decided to seize the chance, and without reflecting on the step, I replied:.
  90. If the rooster died from illness or age, catastrophe would seize the villagers.
  91. With any luck, we can seize control from Forrest and make them do what we want.
  92. They also suspected he was planning to use the Red Army to seize power by force.
  93. Or that He will not seize them while in dread? Your Lord is Gentle and Merciful.
  94. Would he seize them and drag them into the cabin as helpless captives? Would he.
  95. I shall take Elannort, seize Melasurej, and rule FirstWorld on Gadiel’s behalf.
  96. When a stock falls heavily, the very fall itself can cause the market to seize up.
  97. However, when he went to her house to seize her he found she had already departed.
  98. As part of these measures the government began to seize money from its population.
  99. These singing nymphs are pursued by a gnome (a nibelung) who desires to seize them.
  100. My compatriots and I had to seize the day before it was too late to defend Japan.
  1. This is about seizing the day.
  2. Matryóna (seizing her by the arm).
  3. Then, seizing on the swinging tail.
  4. It is about seizing personal power.
  5. Seizing the professor by the arm, Mr.
  6. You'll hate yourself for not seizing it.
  7. He dashed after her, seizing her by the.
  8. Seizing the moment, he threw with all his might.
  9. Seizing the moment, Melvin slipped out the window.
  11. She bounded on one side, and seizing one of the.
  12. So Mary, in contrast, was seizing the opportunity.
  13. Seizing Keith by the hand, she set off in pursuit.
  14. To aid in searching for, seizing, and restoring them.
  15. My leg was seizing up, and I could barely move it now.
  16. Ditherer jumped towards him, seizing him by the throat.
  17. And then the clown was on its feet, seizing his robes.
  18. It is a question of seizing the opponent round the waist.
  19. Seizing Western hostages was a favourite Hezbollah tactic.
  20. His hand was inches away from seizing Aazuria by the neck.
  21. And, seizing a handful of his own coat by the nape of the.
  22. Seizing the moment Lezura shot her knee into Morg’s groin.
  23. They conferred as to the necessity of seizing the person of M.
  24. Seizing one nipple in his mouth, Hadaen sucked and tugged hard.
  25. I gasp as I fall back, seizing the tree trunk at the last second.
  26. Seizing the chance to seek adventure she pushed on the heavy lid.
  27. Let’s catch you up, she said, seizing the moment offered.
  28. March needed rest, and seizing Laurie, he precipitately retired.
  29. All of a sudden, Fake Cherry was there, seizing the dagger from.
  30. Seizing the flag, he waved it triumphantly to the oncoming troops.
  31. Seizing his time to shine, he took a stab at my on-ice production.
  32. And seizing Raskolnikov by the shoulder he flung him into the street.
  33. Houston was on Jed instantly, seizing the assailant by throwing his.
  34. When his seizing stopped, he fell motionless to the cold, dirt floor.
  35. Seizing now one of the rods, I stood over him, and according to his.
  36. Seizing the moment, Feltus added, I understand that you two know Mr.
  37. Seizing the opportunity, Heliri whacked a lazhinian woman and another.
  38. Often, they prevent the seizing of opportunities that vanish instead.
  39. Listen! said I, seizing his hand to force him to turn towards me.
  40. In a moment, seizing its treasure, her hand began quietly to withdraw.
  41. They’re seizing all the money in the warehouse now, she replied.
  42. But Pharaoh defied the Messenger, so We seized him with a terrible seizing.
  43. Seizing the chance to escape, Charlotte picked herself up and fled back to.
  44. Seizing them, he quickly corrected the boat and felt it surge forward again.
  45. Of course I broke down there: and of course Herbert, beyond seizing a warm.
  46. Raskolnikov gazed intently at him, as though seizing and weighing each word.
  47. You are mad! said Ptitsin, coming up quickly and seizing him by the hand.
  48. Christian has the impudence to treat a Mussulman! and seizing the merchant in.
  49. I may have had differences with Davis, but I never considered seizing power.
  50. Sure thing, sis! Cinder said, seizing the opportunity to escape the ship.
  51. She crawled as close as she dared to Orphenn’s seizing and snarling body, the.
  52. And seizing Justin by the collar of his blouse, he shook a book out of his pocket.
  53. Sven held a seizing Orphenn in his arms, trying his best to restrain the boy’s.
  54. The countess opened her eyes in dismay and, seizing Sonya’s arm, glanced around.
  55. The countess opened her eyes in dismay and, seizing Sónya’s arm, glanced around.
  56. Whoever it was, alone on the pier in the fog, seizing the weapons, firing at Doom.
  57. The crowd thickened about him, putting out their wild hands, seizing and demanding.
  58. He went up to the red-haired girl, and while he was seizing her he glanced at Tess.
  59. He took the chair at the other end, and seizing a jade goblet, emptied it at a gulp.
  60. She impresses me, Travis, he said, reaching out and seizing the front of her coat.
  61. When her lips reached his ear, it was all he could do to keep himself from seizing.
  62. Only the seizing of power in 1965 by VNAF General Nguyen Cao Ky had ended the anarchy.
  63. Suddenly Linda rushed at her sister, and seizing her head, covered her face with kisses.
  64. Seizing this from him, she brought it with all her force across the face of her insulter.
  65. Seizing his hard prick, she jacked it once or twice and aimed it at her juicy cunt hole.
  66. The colonel, seizing his head in his hands, turned in his tracks as if struck with vertigo.
  67. The wheels of a cab stopped outside, and the Hartopp was seizing her dazed lord and master.
  68. However, the latter very soon pursued and caught him, seizing him once more by the shoulder.
  69. Seizing the moment, It has been a long turn, Hanor said, expecting more arguments if.
  70. Oh, my dear! she exclaimed, seizing her arm as if that could keep her from the older.
  71. What was that? I asked anxiously, all but seizing the lapels of a passing gentleman.
  72. Seizing the great veiny hand, I covered it with kisses, and he squeezed mine hard in return.
  73. Seizing the moment Loofah coughed softly, the sound echoing round the foyer like a rifle shot.
  74. She comes at me again, this time seizing my shoulders and pulling me down, toward her bent knee.
  75. The robber was about to go on, but the godson would not let him, seizing the horse by the bridle.
  76. The creatures had frozen her in place, her simultaneous disgust and fear of them seizing her fast.
  77. The mother bear growled, and seizing the block in her fore-paws, flung it away from her violently.
  78. Oh! Oh! groaned Nesvítski as if in fierce pain, seizing the officer of the suite by the arm.
  79. The consumptive, seizing her breast, coughed violently, and, sighing at intervals, almost screamed.
  80. He pounced upon him and, seizing him by the collar, growled at him, ‘What’s going on here?’.
  81. Kurt’s visions of success didn’t include the FBI barging through the doors and seizing computers.
  82. Seizing the chance Ishtar sounded her conch and a circle of Yoginis appeared around that human woman.
  83. He also saw French infantry soldiers who were seizing the artillery horses and turning the guns round.
  84. I had a – It flared again, the pain pounding behind his eyes, seizing the muscles in his neck.
  85. At the sight of so much tenderness I could not forbear from seizing his hands and pressing them warmly.
  86. Autumn started her incantations, but Ragnar was on her, seizing her wrists and stopping her in mid-spell.
  87. I was seizing my final breath ravenously, when it hit me, a flash of golden brown in the corner of my eye.
  88. Hitler tested his neighbors by seizing the buffer zone set by the Versailles Treaty known as the Rhineland.
  89. All the revolutions in history are only examples of the more wicked seizing power and oppressing the good.
  90. One night seizing an opportunity to escape she stole the relics that she knew would keep her alive and ran.
  91. Mother made no answer, and Tatyana Pavlovna, seizing a favourable moment, shook her finger at me meaningly.
  92. Forestall your opponent by seizing what he holds dear, and subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground.
  93. Seizing the opportunity, he roared once more, only this time belching up a huge burst of flame, long and hot.
  94. Mid-pour, I stop, a sudden thought seizing me, ‘Alastair? When did you first realise that you loved me?’.
  95. Sotillo had vaguely planned seizing not only the treasure but the town itself, and then negotiating at leisure.
  96. It’s all about squandered time; not seizing the moment; not recognising the preciousness of a passing minute.
  97. Seizing my pistol I was rushing out, when my wife threw her arms round me and held me with convulsive strength.
  98. Some men—spies of Valerius perhaps—shouted that the Count of Poitain intended seizing the crown for himself.
  99. But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of covetous desire.
  100. Seizing her by the hair, Thalis dragged her down the corridor a short distance, to the edge of the circle of light.
  1. He seized it now and.
  2. No! My heart seized up.
  3. His hand seized my hand.
  4. Nadya seized an oil lamp.
  5. I was seized with alarm.
  6. He seized it in his own.
  7. He seized it with rapture.
  8. He was seized by the arms.
  9. And he seized Javert's gun.
  10. Each We seized by his sin.
  11. He was seized with vertigo.
  12. He seized her by her waist.
  13. In 1801 he was seized and.
  14. And he seized the man's arm.
  15. He seized her by the wrist.
  16. Drola had seized his chance.
  17. Cold hands seized his neck.
  18. I seized my colleague's arm.
  19. Her body was seized by pain.
  20. A strange anxiety seized me.
  21. He was seized with paranoia.
  22. He seized his revolver again.
  23. He seized the dwarf by the.
  24. He seized three more weapons.
  25. The police seized on the lead.
  26. She seized the tin of white.
  27. He seized the two candlesticks.
  28. They seized me and thrashed me.
  29. And seized my arms and cast me.
  30. Things cannot simply be seized.
  31. A terrible curiosity seized him.
  32. Manish seized her and kissed her.
  33. A violent shudder seized Harris.
  34. He seized Will's hair, shook him.
  35. Panic seized me all of a sudden.
  36. They seized each other's elbows.
  37. Davis seized it and marched out.
  38. Marius was seized with a shudder.
  39. All the records had been seized.
  40. He seized the dagger (trying to.
  41. The point was seized upon by Mali.
  42. Adroitly seized and carried her;.
  43. Trog seized him, and hauled him.
  44. In a flash the Knight had seized.
  45. Father Peregrine seized the pistol.
  46. It seized anything to save itself.
  47. He seized and twitched Dawes's arm.
  48. He seized an old hat and his purse.
  49. He was seized by an agonizing fear.
  50. The soldiers seized her by the arms.
  51. Merry seized his hand and kissed it.
  52. He seized it, lest it should break.
  53. He swore at her and seized another.
  54. He seized it, jerking at its wires.
  55. The Dunwoody house had been seized.
  56. They seized upon this as an excuse.
  57. The green extreme seized the moment.
  58. And Moses seized this opportunity.
  59. Phelps seized his hand and kissed it.
  60. Suddenly he was seized with despair.
  61. When Khomeini’s gunmen seized the U.
  62. Spartan seized the nearest by the arm.
  63. In a moment, he felt seized with her.
  64. She made a plunge and seized a skirt.
  65. Whatever had seized me ran behind me.
  66. She seized up again, Ohhhhhh!.
  67. Edward seized his arm and marched him.
  68. Marius was seized with a trembling fit.
  69. Fauchelevent was seized with a shudder.
  70. Sam seized control of the conversation.
  71. He seized the man’s arm and twisted.
  72. He was seized with a fit of trembling.
  73. Light poured in! My wife seized my arm.
  74. Seized by mute guards the hapless fair.
  75. The Department of Justice seized the U.
  76. Jean Valjean was seized with a shudder.
  77. Meanwhile the Ottomans had seized the.
  78. The Uranium was seized in the Shatt al.
  79. It was just then that the fit seized me.
  80. The same conviction seized upon us both.
  81. I couldn't bear it; I seized her wrists.
  82. Sim felt himself seized up by his father.
  83. Then they came seized Jesus and took Him.
  84. Alarmed, my mind seized up for a second.
  85. She seized the wizard by the hand, and.
  86. James was seized with horror at the news.
  87. Then his hand shot out, seized the money.
  88. She seized his hand, and began kissing it.
  89. Chaos seized his chance and attacked her.
  90. And the count seized hold of the revolver.
  91. He seized Marius' hand and felt his pulse.
  92. The Riders turned about and seized their.
  93. Terror seized me, a horror of my temerity.
  94. And he was seized with a fit of melancholy.
  95. I seized her hand, unable to utter a word.
  96. Fantine was seized with a fit of trembling.
  97. With nothing left, he seized the children.
  98. She saw a boy and her breathing seized up.
  99. And as a man whom sleep hath seized I fell.
  100. Ivan seized him and lifted him in his arms.
  1. He seizes it as evidence.
  2. Calvin seizes Socinius by the hair.
  3. Stephen seizes Florry and turns with her.
  4. The elderly bawd seizes his sleeve, the.
  5. Because she seizes when I use compulsion.
  6. This time, Ralph is nearer and he seizes the weapon.
  7. Only, this humor seizes upon her, and again abandons her.
  8. Then he seizes a gun and begins to batter the door with the.
  9. He seizes the limb and rips it from the dog’s devouring teeth.
  10. Stephen throws his ashplant on the table and seizes Zoe round the waist.
  11. LYNCH: (Rushes forward and seizes Stephen's hand) Here! Hold on! Don't run.
  12. The first comer seizes a current of the throng and leads it whither he wills.
  13. And do not touch her with harm, lest the punishment of a great day seizes you.
  14. BELLA: Who pays for the lamp? (She seizes Bloom's coattail) Here, you were with.
  15. It communicates to those whom it seizes an indescribable and extraordinary power.
  16. He seizes her mouth with his own, gobbling up any new expletives, drinking her in.
  17. Such is the grip of your Lord when He seizes the towns in the midst of their sins.
  18. Simon roars, spreads his arms out, seizes Sahátof and the Professor—squeezing them.
  19. SIMON roars, spreads his arms out, seizes SAHÁTOF and the PROFESSOR—squeezing them.
  20. We get out, and Zeke seizes his mother’s hand to steady her as she shuffles through the snow.
  21. She only seizes when I ask about her mission, he said, testing the theory as he voiced it.
  22. In mid-January 2009 Bob seizes the opportunity to buy shares in Barclays Bank at a price of 60p, some 92.
  23. Enjolras felt attacked by that impatience which seizes on strong souls on the threshold of redoubtable events.
  24. The Almighty says: Such is the Seizure of your Provider when He seizes the townships that have become wrongful.
  25. And this must be the choice Patti or whoever had meant, for one who seizes possibilities, sees all possibilities.
  26. She seizes upon all my suggestions with a sure instinct that in the end they make for the safety of the Gould Concession.
  27. Soon or late some mania seizes upon its possessors—they fall from the dizzy height through the giddiness of their own heads.
  28. By Mitra, Valannus sees and seizes the opportunity! He has driven their wing before him, and he leads his knights toward that defile.
  29. He seizes her, and she, snatching up the nearest object, which happens to be this knife, strikes at him in order to make him let go his hold.
  30. So, if man seizes this life, he will earn a great win, whereas if he devotes himself to this life and to its garnish, he will lose a great loss.
  31. Down comes Doggett from his Pulpit, seizes Lustre by the Halter, praises his Beauty with a covetous Look, and says: I’ll water yer Horse, Boy.
  32. And it is necessary for him to have that intuitive power that seizes instinctively on those variations of form that are expressive of this inner man.
  33. The truth is, she comes, by her press gangs, on board of our vessels, seizes our native seamen, as well as naturalized, and drags them into her service.
  34. He was in the fever to begin that seizes the artist after idleness, the fever to get away, to be off back to the real concern of life--the fierce fever of creation.
  35. But criticism, having once acknowledged him to be a great composer, seizes on just these abnormal works with special gusto, and searches for extraordinary beauties in them.
  36. It has eight of these long legs, and as the monster crawls through the forest he seizes an animal with a leg and drags it to his mouth, where he eats it as a spider does a fly.
  37. And that anyone who tampers with or otherwise seizes information kept within said documents, including by surrepti-tious viewing, is subject to punishment by the codes governing espionage.
  38. When I think only of this word war, a kind of terror seizes upon me, as though I were listening to some tale of sorcery, of the Inquisition, some long past, remote abomination, monstrous, unnatural.
  39. Sulphur is of an oily and fiery nature; in combination with salt by its fiery nature it arouses a desire in the latter by means of which it attracts mercury, seizes it, holds it, and in combination produces other bodies.
  40. Not a mouth breathed; the first commotion of astonishment had been followed by a silence like that of the grave; those within the hall experienced that sort of religious terror which seizes the masses when something grand has been done.
  41. The injured husband goes through all the emotions of jealousy, until conviction seizes on his mind, and then, in a frenzy of rage and indignation, he awakens his guilty wife to tell her that he knows her guilt and to threaten her with his vengeance.
  42. Day by day his words, his looks enraptured the poor girl, who yielded herself up with delicious non-resistance to the current of love; she caught her happiness as a swimmer seizes the overhanging branch of a willow to draw himself from the river and lie at rest upon its shore.
  43. Or, as more frequently happens, he addresses the multitude, upbraids it for disobedience, and announces that the ringleaders must be punished; he seizes a certain number of men considered as such, and without any form of trial causes them to be beaten with rods in his presence.
  44. As the hearer becomes engrossed in this state of absorption which is associated with a lack of awareness of Al’lah, and as his spirit’s rays are connecting with this singer, who in reality is a magician, Satan seizes this opportunity because he is, in fact, blind, but he can just smell the evilness.
  45. Yes, it was like a dream in which a man fancies that a ruffian is coming to attack him, and raises his arm to strike that ruffian a terrible blow which he knows should annihilate him, but then feels that his arm drops powerless and limp like a rag, and the horror of unavoidable destruction seizes him in his helplessness.
  46. Having finished this conversation, Siegfried seizes one of the pieces of what is meant to represent the broken sword, saws it up, puts it on what is meant to represent the forge, melts it, and then forges it and sings: Heiho! heiho! heiho! Ho! ho! Aha! oho! aha! Heiaho! heiaho! heiaho! Ho! ho! Hahei! hoho! hahei! and Act I.
  47. The usual guide from the hotel having followed them, they had paid two conductors, nor is it possible, at Rome, to avoid this abundant supply of guides; besides the ordinary cicerone, who seizes upon you directly you set foot in your hotel, and never quits you while you remain in the city, there is also a special cicerone belonging to each monument—nay, almost to each part of a monument.
  48. But they must go nagging at me at every step--'Sancho said it, Sancho did it, Sancho here, Sancho there,' as if Sancho was nobody at all, and not that same Sancho Panza that's now going all over the world in books, so Samson Carrasco told me, and he's at any rate one that's a bachelor of Salamanca; and people of that sort can't lie, except when the whim seizes them or they have some very good reason for it.
  49. But you see how compassionate heaven sends aid in our sorest need; Don Gaiferos advances, and without minding whether the rich petticoat is torn or not, he seizes her and by force brings her to the ground, and then with one jerk places her on the haunches of his horse, astraddle like a man, and bids her hold on tight and clasp her arms round his neck, crossing them on his breast so as not to fall, for the lady Melisendra was not used to that style of riding.
  50. Or, what is even more startling, an otherwise mentally sound, free, and even well-to-do young man, for no other reason than that he calls himself, and others call him, an investigating magistrate or County Council chief, seizes an unfortunate widow away from her minor children, and locks her up, or has her locked up in a prison, leaving her children without a mother, and all that because this unfortunate woman secretly trafficked in liquor and thus deprived the Crown of twenty-five roubles of revenue, and he does not feel the least compunction about it.
  51. He is condemned to that terrible interment, long, infallible, implacable, which it is impossible to either retard or hasten, which lasts for hours, which will not come to an end, which seizes you erect, free, in the flush of health, which drags you down by the feet, which, at every effort that you attempt, at every shout that you utter, draws you a little lower, which has the air of punishing you for your resistance by a redoubled grasp, which forces a man to return slowly to earth, while leaving him time to survey the horizon, the trees, the verdant country, the smoke of the villages on the plain, the sails of the ships on the sea, the birds which fly and sing, the sun and the sky.
  52. This being so, thou must remember that I am now labouring under that infirmity which women sometimes suffer from, when the craving seizes them to eat clay, plaster, charcoal, and things even worse, disgusting to look at, much more to eat; so that it will be necessary to have recourse to some artifice to cure me; and this can be easily effected if only thou wilt make a beginning, even though it be in a lukewarm and make-believe fashion, to pay court to Camilla, who will not be so yielding that her virtue will give way at the first attack: with this mere attempt I shall rest satisfied, and thou wilt have done what our friendship binds thee to do, not only in giving me life, but in persuading me not to discard my honour.
  53. That Duchess who had wanted her eldest son to marry Judith tapped Ingeborg on the arm with her umbrella as she passed her followed by her daughter and said: "Little pale child, little pale child," and shook her head at her and frowned and smiled, and whispered to Pamela that it looked very like jealousy; and Pamela said Nonsense to that, and tried to linger and talk to Ingeborg, but her mother, filled with the passion for refreshment that seizes all persons who go to parties, dragged her along with her to where it could be found, and on the way she was seen by the Bishop, who at once left the old lady who was talking to him to enfold Lady Pamela in his care and compass her about with a cloud of little attentions--chairs, ices, fruit; for not only had he confirmed her but he felt a peculiar interest in her particular kind of clean-limbed intelligent beauty.
  54. The search for information never seizes and the lust they have for knowledge never ends,.
  55. The married and unmarried children ride home to their Thanksgiving dinner, The pilot seizes the king-pin, he heaves down with a strong arm,.

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