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Frasi con throb (in inglese)

  1. Her head began to throb.
  2. His heart began to throb.
  3. She felt a throb of fear.
  4. A headache began to throb.
  5. Her leg started to throb.

  6. Throb with my heart and me!.
  7. She could feel the throb of the.
  8. His head was beginning to throb.
  9. I saw a vein throb in his forehead.
  10. The pain subsided to a dull throb.
  11. His heart had given a fierce throb.
  12. A lively throb greeted her fingers.
  13. He could feel his injured nose throb.
  14. Heart would not throb albeit in jest—.
  15. Chepe sat up and his head began to throb.

  16. The dull throb turned into a roaring pain.
  17. My head was beginning to throb with stress.
  18. I heard the very slow throb of my heartbeat.
  19. She could feel the throb of loss in her mind.
  20. Do you not feel the air throb in your ears?'.
  21. Her head began to throb with the tension, it.
  22. Her stomach clenched as a throb beat in her core.
  23. My heart beat fast and thick: I heard its throb.
  24. What are the kids’ names – Cancer and Throb?
  25. This time he did feel pain, an internal mental throb.

  26. The throb of the music hurt her ears, so she hurried.
  27. Rah’s wing began to throb and he began loosing speed.
  28. He feels Harry’s cock throb and ejaculate in his mouth.
  29. The only sound in the chapel was the throb of the sinners.
  30. As she sat the muscles in her arms suddenly began to throb.
  31. The pain is a constant throb in my head and cheek and ribs.
  32. A pulsing ache that seemed to throb with every heart beat.
  33. Stop! Throb always without you and the throb always within.
  34. A throb shot through my thigh; I shrieked and the room spun.
  35. Soothing, the throb of his heart refused to ignite any fears.
  36. Erm… no, he said, watching the vein throb in her neck.
  37. He felt a deep throb and ache of lustful desire in his groin.
  38. A deep throb pushed through June’s chest and into her throat.
  39. Suffering the throb, relieved that he was indeed safe, it was.
  40. I too throb to the brain and beauty of the earth and of all the.
  41. A cold little fear was beginning to throb in Scarlett’s breast.
  42. Then as my heart beat its last throb, I left my body out its crown.
  43. With slow wail and convulsive throb leading the officer's funeral;).
  44. The darkness was invading her vision again and her head began to throb.
  45. Murtha, I've been in this business too long for that heart throb stuff.
  46. Every thump of the elf's staff on the cobblestones made his head throb.
  47. He stands and pulls me to my feet, which makes my wounded shoulder throb.
  48. I could smell his blood and feel the slow, seductive throb of his heart.
  49. He was admirable, but not comfortable: I took it in with a throb of hope.
  50. The heat reaches my feet, burning my toes while my fingers throb in pain.
  51. So simply, it made my non-existent heart throb, if he only knew, I ached.
  52. His face was taut; he felt the veins in his throat throb with every pulse.
  53. Two hours rest slows the throbbing in your back from a THROB, THROB, THROB-.
  54. Something pricked up my back and the wound that hurt the most began to throb.
  55. As he stood the lump began to throb a touch but he still was able to function.
  56. Let us walk, she returned, with a meekness that made his heart throb wildly.
  57. My neck stung sharply, mixed in with a dull throb as if my heart had travelled up.
  58. Sam felt blood rise to his face and throb the foreboding pulsations of frustration.
  59. He fired a blast, felt a throb in his head, and heard the horrid cry of the geckoid.
  60. One shot knocked Dunit’s head clean off, causing his real head to throb violently.
  61. To bring you back, he said, now watching the throb of the small vein in her wrist.
  62. The distant throb of battle is stilled, and even the soft hush of the snowfall is unheard.
  63. Just a little while mum, he will certainly be back to his heart throb sooner than later.
  64. The lights and sickly smell coupled with the dull throb of the plant made his stomach churn.
  65. At the same time, his head begins to throb, a blinding dullness that threatens his intention.
  66. Roy, Brit and I, sat in the stern area and promptly set to focusing on the slow even throb of.
  67. As I continued to return to a normal awareness of things, my broken arm began to throb with pain.
  68. Immediately as Joey destroyed the last stone he felt the first throb of honoi fatigue in his skull.
  69. Chris became aware of a deep, humming sound, more of a throb really, from somewhere over to his right.
  70. His mouth left hers and traveled down her neck, pausing at the vein, exploring its throb with his tongue.
  71. Let him too weep, the priest of God, and be sure that the hearts of his listeners will throb in response.
  72. Prince Andrew recognized him at once, and felt a throb within him, as happens at critical moments of life.
  73. The scars on the side of his head, from where Hartstongue had rescued him, throb crimson against the snow.
  74. The throb would cease suddenly and then be taken up again at some other point, now nearer, now further off.
  75. A shuddering silence envelops the city, in which I hear the throb of a sullen drum from the distant temple.
  76. The hum and throb of the air conditioners gently rocked the trailer as if it were a small boat in light chop.
  77. There was a stunned silence, broken only by the steady throb of the powerful twin outboard motors of the launch.
  78. The small weight of the papers made his arm throb, and when he reached the basement, his sleeve was blooming red.
  79. It was blindingly, glaring hot and as she hurried down Peachtree Street her temples began to throb from the heat.
  80. Even from the great distance the rock seemed to throb and pulsate as the population swarmed all over the surface.
  81. It was unstoppable, the throb of it piercing flesh and bone and marrow, ransacking the mountain and all within it.
  82. As Billy tries to sit up his temples start to throb, joining a chorus of complaint from his joints and his stomach.
  83. Then the throb from the back of his head reminded him as to why he was on his back with people around him, concerned.
  84. They mostly do, said the clergyman, griping hard at his breast as if afflicted with an importunate throb of pain.
  85. Yeltsa’s mind was telling her to rest with the first throb of the honoi fatigue, but doing so would ensure her death.
  86. The paint seemed to throb under the pressure of his gaze, the red weeping at the edges, pouring over itself like a fountain.
  87. I bit deep, felt the throb of his veins and heart as my teeth found the source of that elixir that I craved and sustained me.
  88. Thinking is, or ought to be, a coolness and a calmness; and our poor hearts throb, and our poor brains beat too much for that.
  89. It wasn't just the injector, it was the containment coils around it and their housing, the detector windings, the throb piping.
  90. Susan heard the throb of a motor, and far up the street, out of a garage and down the cobbled hill, slowly, came William in his car.
  91. Still she remained silent, noting his breathing, measuring the dilation of his pupils, watching the throb of his pulse in his neck.
  92. First, I smiled to myself and felt elate; but this fierce pleasure subsided in me as fast as did the accelerated throb of my pulses.
  93. The cornfields and heavy woodland sped past, deep in the golden evening, and the throb of the wheels repeated monotonously in my ears.
  94. Even here, in the hot concrete box that served as his home, the machinery shook everything, the dull throb a part of his consciousness.
  95. By that time, my leg had started to throb and I’d had to slow down to a regular gait and the words didn’t jump so much on the page.
  96. The night outside beat hard on the windows, the song of the winged things, throb of the frogs, with the full authority of the big garden.
  97. It tasted much bitterer this time going down, but her leg had started to throb again, so she would do whatever it took to lessen the pain.
  98. But these tears caused to throb of pity in the bosom of Misery: neither did the corduroy-like surface of the work grate upon his feelings.
  99. As he turns the corner towards the hidden doorway that leads to the library, it begins to rain and the wounds in Ralph’s leg throb harder.
  100. How could what Elon was doing be possible, but as she watched the big blood vessel in the crook of Elon’s arm throb she knew it was true.
  1. My head was throbbing, but.
  2. His head was still throbbing.
  3. And the throbbing in my veins.
  4. He rubbed his throbbing temples.
  5. And his arm was throbbing again.
  6. Her neck was throbbing, and she.
  7. My pulse was throbbing violently.
  8. My heart was throbbing very hard.
  9. His hand was throbbing with pain.
  10. He could feel his brow throbbing.
  11. I try to stop my throbbing throat.
  12. Of a noble town the throbbing heart.
  13. I’m lying—my head is throbbing.
  14. The back of his head was throbbing.
  15. The throbbing pain attacks my head.
  16. Tried to protect a throbbing heart.
  17. His pulses were raging and throbbing.
  18. Megan rubbed at her throbbing temple.
  19. The scars on her hands were throbbing.
  20. He began to ramble, his head throbbing.
  21. I could feel my heart throbbing in my.
  22. His brain was throbbing inside his head.
  23. The monster was rock hard and throbbing.
  24. I have no hurt but in this throbbing arm.
  25. She tenderly clutched her throbbing chest.
  26. I could feel a throbbing in my groin as I.
  27. Soreness and aching and throbbing and pain.
  28. It is a live, throbbing and active relation.
  29. Kay glared in frustration at her throbbing leg.
  30. I had lost my voice and my heart was throbbing.
  31. And scourged its madden’d throbbing into tune.
  32. He could feel her pulse throbbing in her veins.
  33. His cock was erect, huge, and throbbing for her.
  34. The engines are throbbing and doing their utmost.
  36. If it starts throbbing, prop it up above her heart.
  37. In between the throbbing beats that flood my veins.
  38. The small vein in her chicken neck stopped throbbing.
  39. She could feel him throbbing as they moved together.
  40. Their need for each other blazing and throbbing now.
  41. Besides, his head wasn’t throbbing constantly and.
  42. I have this throbbing headache and a dull sensation.
  43. Neck throbbing, legs shaking, Scott rose to his feet.
  44. Claire bolted awake, her left wrist hot and throbbing.
  45. His heart was throbbing and he could scarcely breathe.
  46. My forehead still throbbing, my heart beating like a.
  47. I heard a low throbbing noise and a bubble of golden.
  48. Tammas woke, stirred by the throbbing pain in his head.
  49. I had a dream from which I awoke with a throbbing heart.
  50. He lowered his throbbing head, nursing it in his hands.
  51. A low, throbbing growl filled the kitchen from beneath.
  52. The throbbing grew to a great tumult, and the Mountain.
  53. Pain pulsed throughout him, throbbing as bones expanded.
  54. He seemed to be listening for the throbbing sound again.
  55. The throbbing of the subwoofers added to the experience.
  56. He made his way over to her, his leg throbbing painfully.
  57. Our religion is throbbing with new life and new meanings.
  58. The music had a syncopated, throbbing, thumping bass-line.
  59. She could feel his heart throbbing heavily in his breast.
  60. I moved, only to feel a sharp throbbing at my upper thigh.
  61. Carl sits up slowly, wishing his head would stop throbbing.
  62. She grinned and moved her knee off his throbbing erection.
  63. Thanks Terry, she called above the throbbing engine.
  64. My head was throbbing with the events of the past 72 hours.
  65. Daring to move, his leg continued throbbing, demanding rest.
  66. His heart must have been throbbing with intense excitement.
  67. Horace Burns case? He asked with a green vein throbbing.
  68. He reached up to rub the throbbing pain in his neck and arm.
  69. Dave woke up to a throbbing headache worse than any hangover.
  70. He picked himself up holding his nose to stop the throbbing.
  71. The door closed leaving Judas alone with his throbbing heart.
  72. He rubbed his eyes wearily, the blue one was throbbing again.
  73. We sort of hung there, my blood slowly throbbing in my chest.
  74. No, this throbbing at my heart won't stop, he thought.
  75. Her cheek was throbbing and it was as red as blood, when her.
  76. Sorren cried intensely as a throbbing pain came over his mind.
  77. After a few minutes, she guided the throbbing member into her.
  78. One could see that his heart was throbbing slowly and violently.
  79. She felt a throbbing localized pain and her muscles were tight.
  80. She felt the scorch of his passion throbbing against her thigh.
  81. Lesahr provided the throbbing heart of that love behind it all.
  82. His head ached and there was a painful throbbing in his temples.
  83. His heavy eyelids struggled to stay over his throbbing red eyes.
  84. Machinery hums in the distance: pistons throbbing, belts turning.
  85. He was thankful, because it had been throbbing like hell earlier.
  86. He lay his head on her still body, his own leg throbbing with pain.
  87. You can almost see their heart’s throbbing through their blouses.
  88. Morinda slipped his throbbing cock into her waiting wet pussy and.
  89. Melanie’s thin hand was beneath the white skin throbbing swiftly.
  90. Through the throbbing beat of the jazz we heard a knock at the door.
  91. She stood carefully, the pain in her legs throbbing into fresh life.
  92. A throbbing that aggravated the headache that was splitting her head.
  93. What’s that? His head hurt deep inside, a dull throbbing ache.
  94. Come to think of it, yes, the thought has been throbbing in my mind.
  95. A Nycarman’s head was throbbing with the amount of loud noise around.
  96. I awoke in the forest, panicked and confused, my head throbbing in pain.
  97. Her biceps were throbbing as well; she wished she could lower her arms.
  98. His head was throbbing as he walked through reception towards the exit.
  99. Lifting her shackled hand to her forehead she rubbed her throbbing head.
  100. Caleb forgot about the throbbing sensation and looked at Dominic sharply.
  1. His head throbbed in pain.
  2. His leg throbbed with pain.
  3. A muscle throbbed in her jaw.
  4. The cut burned and throbbed.
  5. Her heart throbbed and sank.
  6. His head throbbed, his feet.
  7. His heart throbbed with pain.
  8. His nose throbbed and his balls.
  9. I held it and it throbbed gently.
  10. Her leg throbbed and the bright.
  11. His head still throbbed immensely.
  12. Her head throbbed a little harder.
  13. Her head throbbed and her eyes hurt.
  14. My heart throbbed as I said, Yes.
  15. And down there? Her labia throbbed.
  16. His heart throbbed painfully as he.
  17. Her supple body throbbed against his.
  18. A motor car throbbed in the courtyard.
  19. That he now poised that it now throbbed.
  20. Her brain throbbed twice but she ignored.
  21. Petr’s arm throbbed with pain, but he.
  22. His heart throbbed painfully as he read it.
  23. The wounds on her wrists throbbed like mad.
  24. His head throbbed from last night’s wine.
  25. His groin throbbed but he didn’t complain.
  26. He shook her so hard that her head throbbed.
  27. My thigh throbbed so painfully I had to move.
  28. My head pounded and my eye throbbed with pain.
  29. A sharp pulsing pain throbbed behind his eyes.
  30. His forearm throbbed from the bloody bruising.
  31. My head throbbed and my body craved for sleep.
  32. The engines behind them throbbed with unspent.
  33. Castle Creighton throbbed with a life of its own.
  34. His heart throbbed a painful melody in his ears.
  35. The green vein throbbed in his forehead at the.
  36. Nick laughed and his head throbbed excruciatingly.
  37. My head throbbed, I reached up to check for blood.
  38. Zia! My head throbbed, but I managed to rise.
  39. My throat ached, my mouth throbbed in anticipation.
  40. His arm throbbed as blood flowed from the fresh cut.
  41. My shoulder throbbed and I was afraid it was broken.
  42. Elowen clung to his neck; her arms throbbed with the.
  43. Tenderness it welled: slow, swelling, full it throbbed.
  44. As the pressure increased, his head throbbed with pain.
  45. My head ached, my temples throbbed, and so did my heart.
  46. The pain in her scalp throbbed in excruciating pain as she.
  47. Long, long the Heart throbbed and pulsed in ancient Stygia.
  48. Streets throbbed with music, youth, alcohol and other drugs.
  49. His chest throbbed and felt like his heart was going to stop.
  50. Jo’s knee throbbed as she tried to get herself in a better.
  51. His head throbbed as if he were having a bad migraine attack.
  52. Pangs screamed from his chest and legs, and his head throbbed.
  53. The third battleship’s forcefield throbbed under the assault.
  54. Drink, she said, firmly, while her heart throbbed in joy.
  55. But instead of becoming quieter, his heart throbbed more violently.
  56. A pulse throbbed in her neck and the room suddenly felt overheated.
  57. He looked down at her exposed neck and the vein throbbed invitingly.
  58. Every now and again the drum-beats throbbed and rolled: doom, doom.
  59. They were such agony, the pain throbbed more than where he raped her.
  60. My ears rang a little and my head throbbed after I ingested the stuff.
  61. After reading a few lines he frowned and his heart throbbed with anguish.
  62. Her heat throbbed violently, and her thoughts would not rest on anything.
  63. His Adam's apple bobbed furiously and a muscle high in his cheek throbbed.
  64. This gradually grew redder; the nostrils throbbed fast, the lips quivered.
  65. He began to salivate and his head throbbed with hunger, he could feel his.
  66. Each kiss throbbed violently in the shaft of love that bound them together.
  67. My stomach wouldn’t stop rolling and my head throbbed in a maddening way.
  68. She rubbed her temple with her long, manicured nails, as though it throbbed.
  69. You hear? It throbbed, pure, purer, softly and softlier, its buzzing prongs.
  70. On the contrary, as though to spite him, it throbbed more and more violently.
  71. Their heads throbbed from the night before, but not as much as Steve’s shins.
  72. His heart ached through strain; a pain that throbbed up and down his left arm.
  73. The old wound throbbed with pain and a great chill spread towards Frodo's heart.
  74. But the emptiness still throbbed inside me, and this time it had to be satisfied.
  75. In the time of maturity, the haunted voice throbbed an ignoring thought, drifting.
  76. The hearts of my friends must have throbbed hundred times per minutes that moment.
  77. His leg throbbed with such intensity that he could scarcely think of anything else.
  78. My ribs throbbed but I lay there waiting for the sun to work its magic and heal me.
  79. They bled freshly now as his hand throbbed harder than any wound he ever had before.
  80. His head throbbed from the magical blasts of the Key Mage and his red-haired friend.
  81. The next time he awoke, his head throbbed with an even greater intensity than before.
  82. Her breasts throbbed simply being lifted from the table and she dared not touch them.
  83. His heart throbbed as he imagined she had gone to use the restroom out there somewhere.
  84. His face throbbed, and he could feel cold wet metal pressing in against cheek and temple.
  85. Aesa's head throbbed when they passed over the intersecting power lines that made the Gate.
  86. At the end of the day he was exhausted, his head throbbed, and he was very glad to go home.
  87. Her shoulder throbbed as her bone rotated in the joint, swimming quickly through the rooms.
  88. His bandaged right arm throbbed in pain, but Manfred had assured him he would recover fully.
  89. Her legs throbbed in pain, her shoulders ached, her eyes were having trouble staying focused.
  90. The walls throbbed, pumping out a thick black liquid as though they were a massive open wound.
  91. Struggling to understand her mind throbbed as she went over the memories of the past few days.
  92. Her legs throbbed in agony at the twisting movement, and she could barely hold herself upright.
  93. My burning arm throbbed, and my burning head throbbed, and I fancied I was beginning to wander.
  94. He panted and his heart throbbed violently as he found his hard disks missing on a massive scale.
  95. My neck, wrists, and ankles all throbbed and Marcus finished his job in black and blue fang marks.
  96. He hadn't felt the wound at first, but now the side of his head throbbed, and it was getting worse.
  97. His eyes were dark with desire, his lips parted and a steady pulse throbbed at the base of his neck.
  98. When he woke up, Hank's sinuses were dry with the smell of desert and his head throbbed with anguish.
  99. The drum throbbed unceasingly, growing louder as they advanced, but they heard no more of the battle.
  100. Hedges and trees tore past in a green blur and a throaty roar throbbed out from the engine compartment.
  1. She felt the throbs.
  2. My heart throbs, my strength.
  3. My body throbs with lingering pain.
  4. The scenic arrangement throbs with life.
  5. Then a blue light throbs inside his eyelids.
  6. Your heart throbs at the rhythm of its needs.
  7. And a pain still throbs in the old, old scars.
  8. The pain throbs all over my torso, stomach, and neck.
  9. My bosom was now bare, and rising in the warmest throbs, presented.
  10. My heart throbs and my stomach flutters, acknowledging his proximity.
  11. It just pulsates and throbs with power, I stated in a neutral tone.
  12. Now this new God … the re-born God … throbs directly into our hearts.
  13. The Talmud is a Flame that Penetrates the Mind and throbs within the body.
  14. Yet again, my heart throbs, my chest almost betraying me with the rapid movements.
  15. The wound in my shoulder throbs, but I hardly feel it through the pulse of adrenaline.
  16. Sweet, unfettered ocean air pours through a gap in the wall he cannot see: the air throbs with it.
  17. Mr Bloom stood by, hearing the loud throbs of cranks, watching the silent typesetters at their cases.
  18. What are the descriptive words used to describe pain? Pain either explodes, cuts, burns, aches, or throbs.
  19. My side throbs from where Peter punched me, but it’s nothing compared to the pulse of triumph in my cheeks.
  20. Up in Super Man, well behind and above Matheny’s plane, Louie saw broad, quick throbs of light in the clouds.
  21. My heart throbs, reacting to his proximity, and I remain frozen as he gently brushes a few strands off my face.
  22. Still, his shoulder throbs and slowly, slowly, Ralph follows the faint outline of his arm, elbow and hand in red.
  23. If you have a bucking sensation that pulsates and jerks and throbs and changes with engine speed, usually felt above 29.
  24. Her mind throbs, but now that the Power is flowing fully she can, with barely a wander of concentration, think of other things.
  25. He pictured to himself the solemn explanation he should have with Zina, then the generous throbs of his all-forgiving heart; his pallor and despair at the future ball in St.
  26. A sentence Etienne once read aloud returns: Even the heart, which in higher animals, when agitated, pulsates with increased energy, in the snail under similar excitement, throbs with a slower motion.
  27. Makati throbs with life: clamorous and busy side-walks, stirring commercial centers, elegant stores, ostentatious galleries and some of the residences and hotels of the greatest value and luxury in the country.
  28. She thought about the momentary heart throbs during her aborted lunch with Bob Shaw of the antitrust division and realized that Shaw’s career highs would coincide with the days on which he made the most money.
  29. The domestic storm-cone was hoisted, and I shipped myself on board a small trading vessel bound from Constantinople, by classic seas whose every wave throbs with a deathless memory, to the Grecian Islands and the Levant.
  30. The inside of her skull throbs, her cheeks expand, her eyes begin to water and within her head a pain beautiful and visceral begins to spiral before her conscious matter as if it is a flower woven with beads and sweat and tears.
  31. If at my individual convenience I might break them, what would be their worth? They have a worth—so I have always believed; and if I cannot believe it now, it is because I am insane—quite insane: with my veins running fire, and my heart beating faster than I can count its throbs.
  32. Surely some were tokens of love, seized at that last moment when a hideous death approached; seized, too, when the choice lay between objects of far greater intrinsic value and these precious trinkets—precious because speaking with silent eloquence of long gone throbs of ecstasy, and of a bliss such as these women, even had they escaped, could never again have known.
  33. Yes, but there is something else, gentlemen of the jury, something that cries out in the soul, throbs incessantly in the mind, and poisons the heart unto death—that something is conscience, gentlemen of the jury, its judgment, its terrible torments! The pistol will settle everything, the pistol is the only way out! But beyond—I don't know whether Karamazov wondered at that moment ‘What lies beyond,’ and whether Karamazov could, like Hamlet, wonder ‘What lies beyond.
  34. Where I may feel the throbs of your heart or rest upon your hip,.

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