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Frasi con shiver (in inglese)

  1. I gave a mock shiver.
  2. She gave a little shiver.
  3. I shiver at the thought.
  4. My paws began to shiver.
  5. Because life is a shiver.

  6. A shiver ran through him.
  7. Laura gave a short shiver.
  8. A shiver shot up my spine.
  9. A shiver ran down my back.
  10. A Shiver ran down her back.
  11. Shiver my timbers if I had.
  12. A shiver ran down his back.
  13. A shiver ran down his spine.
  14. He felt a cold shiver down.
  15. She can’t help but shiver.

  16. The thought makes me shiver.
  17. I started to shiver violently.
  18. There was no shiver now though.
  19. It sent a shiver down his back.
  20. It makes me shiver when I pass.
  21. A feeble shiver went through me.
  22. A icy shiver ran down her spine.
  23. He felt a cold, chilling shiver.
  24. Making her shiver with pleasure.
  25. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

  26. Shiver my timbers, what cheek!.
  27. Travellers shiver when they see.
  28. A shiver went down Massie's spine.
  29. Elijah couldn’t help but shiver.
  30. The poor Lark continued to shiver.
  31. Expectedly, Cynthia began to shiver.
  32. A slight shiver ran down her spine.
  33. A shiver went up her spine as she.
  34. A lift of her shoulders in a shiver.
  35. Holly felt a shiver rip through her.
  36. My face is hot, but I shiver anyway.
  37. The wind grows stronger and I shiver.
  38. Such words of despair made me shiver.
  39. A shiver ran down Michael’s spine.
  40. I felt a genuine shiver down my spine.
  41. That caused a small shiver in my guts.
  42. Anjay felt a cold shiver come over her.
  43. A light shiver went up Ingrid's spine.
  44. A shiver suddenly traveled through her.
  45. When I say those two words, I shiver.
  46. What he saw sent a shiver up his spine.
  47. The shadow around her seemed to shiver.
  48. Nangong Ping felt a shiver in his heart.
  49. It seemed to shiver with its own power.
  50. A shiver raised the hair along her arms.
  51. He then pointed to Bo and a shiver ran.
  52. With a shiver I return to the real world.
  53. A shiver of nervousness went through her.
  54. And then a cold shiver ran down my spine.
  55. He felt a shiver of fear run through him.
  56. I realized that she had started to shiver.
  57. A shiver of pure relief goes through Ciere.
  58. He felt a shiver go up and down his spine.
  59. It kept him in a cold shiver all the time.
  60. Jean felt a cold shiver run down her spine.
  61. Roman could feel a hard shiver go through.
  62. He felt her shiver but she didn’t resist.
  63. The General’s body seemed to shiver a bit.
  64. That last word sent another shiver through me.
  65. My heart heavy with dread, I began to shiver.
  66. We had nothing much else to do except shiver.
  67. Oh, lovely! said Blanche, with a shiver.
  68. A shiver ran up her spine and her heart and.
  69. The king felt a shiver running down his spine.
  70. Are you cold? he asked seeing her shiver.
  71. The three of them felt a chill in their shiver.
  72. A small involuntary shiver ran down Drac's back.
  73. The little girl jumped off the bed with a shiver.
  74. I shiver as a breeze sneaks through my vullejakt.
  75. Carrie couldn’t help the shiver of excitement.
  76. A shiver of the trees, signal, the evening wind.
  77. A sudden cold wind sends a shiver down his neck.
  78. I'll try to, Tom, but, Lord, I'm all of a shiver.
  79. Nangong Ping felt a shiver down his spine and said.
  80. A shiver runs through me, and I coil into his arms.
  81. At last he felt cold, and a shiver ran through him.
  82. The cool air made him shiver and he glanced around.
  83. Andrew had a shiver in his legs and light dizziness.
  84. Cynthia started to shiver, but at least she stopped.
  85. Then he began to shiver; I was worried that what I.
  86. I intermittently shiver whenever I went near my room.
  87. Marcy began to shiver then her shivers became shaking.
  88. I lock my eyes with his, and a shiver runs through me.
  89. M: You may have chronic fever and shiver all the time.
  90. Rajiv’s motionless face made Ganesh shiver even more.
  91. A shiver crept down his spine as he wondered what dire.
  92. The momentary recollection sent a shiver down my spine.
  93. Tiny vibrations of heat caused a slow shiver to crawl.
  94. A shiver ran through her frame, and from it through his.
  95. She began to shiver, almost to the point of going into.
  96. What was happening? My body chilled with an icy shiver.
  97. Mirell laughed, causing Selena to shiver uncontrollably.
  98. A shiver rattled through her spine when he met the gaze.
  99. It wasn’t the wintery June breeze that made me shiver.
  100. A cold shiver went down his spine, in spite of the heat.
  1. By now I was shivering.
  2. He was shivering, as he.
  3. I stood before him shivering.
  4. Her shivering began to ease.
  5. You hold her close, shivering.
  6. His whole frame was shivering.
  7. She crossed her arms, shivering.
  8. Eyes shut, he waited, shivering.
  9. Shivering, he realized his own.
  10. She was shivering from the cold.
  11. Now it was he who was shivering.
  12. He was still shivering nervously.
  13. Daphne was shivering, cold as ice.
  14. And it was shivering desperately.
  15. But nothing stopped the shivering.
  16. Weakly, I tried to rise, shivering.
  17. Despite the sun, I’m shivering.
  18. Lloyd was shivering quite violently.
  19. The girl was shivering and shaking.
  20. She was shivering and freezing cold.
  21. Her body is shivering due to chill.
  22. I was shivering, and I wasn’t cold.
  23. My body went cold and I was shivering.
  24. Shivering, Emily crawled onto one of.
  25. He sat still, shivering and whispering.
  26. The pilot was stil shivering from his.
  27. That she wasn’t shivering scared him.
  28. They were now shivering at the thought.
  29. It's when you stop shivering that you.
  30. Shivering in the cold, her pure white.
  31. As I saw Rajen, I was shivering in scare.
  32. Her mind was clear but she was shivering.
  33. It was getting cold and I was shivering.
  34. Who was shivering in her pink prom dress.
  35. The cold turns warm; the shivering stops.
  36. Frodo, that's hard! ' said Sam shivering.
  37. There was a sort of shivering reflection.
  38. What a shivering A-hole! Abby said.
  39. Furthermore, she was shivering violently.
  40. Shivering with a need of my own, I tried.
  41. Petr lay on the ground shivering, though.
  42. High in the cliff was a tremor, a shivering.
  43. His body warmed me and I stopped shivering.
  44. A dog whined, shivering, on the front porch.
  45. The horse was shivering and her legs were.
  46. Louie sat in his cell, shivering and praying.
  47. He was shivering and wild-eyed and sweating.
  48. Emily sat on the stone cold floor, shivering.
  49. That is freezing! she yelled, shivering.
  50. Shivering, he hurried from the haunted place.
  51. The sight of Sadie shivering on the hard bed.
  52. She alternated between yawning and shivering.
  53. He was cold and shivering and in obvious pain.
  54. He was shivering so badly, his teeth chattered.
  55. The wintry nip in the air sets me to shivering.
  56. Shivering, No one? Were you here then?
  57. In this state you would be shivering all over.
  58. The heat was intense, but Claire was shivering.
  59. She’s shivering and she’s really upset.
  60. Lorna and the animal were shivering from cold.
  61. Savannah sat and watched the cottage, shivering.
  62. He woke up with a jerk, shivering with the cold.
  63. He was shivering and his teeth were chattering.
  64. I was still cold and shivering a bit so David.
  65. It’s warm today, but I can’t stop shivering.
  66. Shivering, Selma walked over to the splintered.
  67. She was shivering, fear had taken over her body.
  68. One of them would not stop shivering, even when.
  69. She began shivering from the shock and the fear.
  70. He sat strung up on the bed, shivering slightly.
  71. Liam was shivering in the car despite the heater.
  72. Lizzie was lightly clothed and started shivering.
  73. Tania was shivering, although it was not that cold.
  74. With a deathly-pallor, shivering and cramped, he.
  75. I woke shivering and realized I had been very cold.
  76. Slowly he crawled to his feet, rigid and shivering.
  77. A dirty, shivering dog crossed his path 900 of 967.
  78. Cynthia began to cry then she fell into a shivering.
  79. The slight shivering still persisted, but that too.
  80. Drenched, cold and shivering, Azura climbed to shore.
  81. Darek couldn’t stop shivering at the sight of them.
  82. He was in his shirt-sleeves and shivering with cold.
  83. Loofah cringed into his jacket, shivering with guilt.
  84. He was shivering from cold and His lips barely moved.
  85. Shivering, he scampered over to his clothes to dress.
  86. She was shivering and her face had drained of colour.
  87. The other replied with some hesitation, and shivering.
  88. The sky blew a huge wind upon him and he was shivering.
  89. In the Time Machine, on his face, Eckels lay shivering.
  90. She was sneezing and shivering throughout the Church.
  91. By the time it arrived to collect him, he was shivering.
  92. After the man went out, Nerissa sat shivering for hours.
  93. The man collapsed into a shivering heap onto the floor.
  94. He climbed the long cold stairs to the attic, shivering.
  95. This causes anemia, bout of shivering, fever, sweating.
  96. He was leaning on Merry and Frodo, and he was shivering.
  97. Shivering, the four of them stood and looked at the ship.
  98. She sat shivering and was pleased when Janet reappeared.
  99. He was shivering with cold, though the late-May air was.
  100. But despite the endless shivering, the flinching of the.
  1. Then I shivered at a.
  2. I shivered when I did.
  3. He shivered at her touch.
  4. I shivered at those words.
  5. He shivered from the cold.
  6. KC shivered from the cold.
  7. I shivered from the skin.
  8. And an Altmer man shivered.
  9. Silence shivered in the car.
  10. He shivered and continued on.
  11. I shivered as I stood there.
  12. She bit her lip and shivered.
  13. Liam shivered and moved away.
  14. A chill shivered through him.
  15. I shivered, but not from cold.
  16. Rincewind woke up and shivered.
  17. Easton shivered as he walked.
  18. Tammas shivered at the thought.
  19. Locke shivered at the thought.
  20. Her ankles shivered a little.
  21. She shivered and shook her head.
  22. Elowen shivered at that thought.
  23. He shivered at the recollection.
  24. She shivered beneath his touch.
  25. His glasses shivered into bits.
  26. Katherine stood up and shivered.
  27. I closed the door, and shivered.
  28. Alice shivered with goose bumps.
  29. The boy shivered and Nyla took.
  30. Andrea shivered in the damp air.
  31. He shivered, it was colder than.
  32. Thinking of Harlan, Aesa shivered.
  33. She shivered and opened her eyes.
  34. Blackfin smiled and they shivered.
  35. Data shivered and his head tilted.
  36. She shivered as she watched the.
  37. Sam shivered; his body responded.
  38. She shivered and went to the TV.
  39. Simon shivered in the night breeze.
  40. He shivered with momentary terror.
  41. Clara shivered, drew away her arm.
  42. Ariella felt her neck and shivered.
  43. She narrowed her eyes and shivered.
  44. Prepared the Bishop! She shivered.
  45. She shivered just thinking about.
  46. Would they find him? She shivered.
  47. He shivered and tried to kiss her.
  48. Once Jasper shivered and gave his.
  49. He shivered at her touch and voice.
  50. The tavern-keeper shivered with joy.
  51. She licked her kitten, and shivered.
  52. Frodo sat and shivered in his wraps.
  53. I shivered in reaction and he smiled.
  54. She shivered and fell to the ground.
  55. The two men shivered with expectancy.
  56. I nodded my head weakly and shivered.
  57. Perhaps it was the way she shivered.
  58. He chuckled, and I shivered slightly.
  59. She shivered and hugged Len tightly.
  60. The fence shivered along its length.
  61. Lovern shivered as I washed his body.
  62. She shivered and gave a little laugh.
  63. I shivered with the thought that came.
  64. His body shivered at short intervals.
  65. Elowen shivered and not with the cold.
  66. He shivered as if buffeted by a wind.
  67. Victor shivered, but he wasn’t cold.
  68. Doc shivered as they entered and he.
  69. Her teeth chattered and she shivered.
  70. He shivered so hard his teeth rattled.
  71. The earth was stilled, and I shivered.
  72. She shivered just thinking about them.
  73. Jamie looked at the water and shivered.
  74. I shivered at my place of concealment.
  75. Squirrel Girl shivered at that thought.
  76. Desiree' shivered as she said the words.
  77. She shivered at the sight of the dark.
  78. He chuckled in her ear and she shivered.
  79. Still damp, I shivered in the dank hold.
  80. A chill down her spine and she shivered.
  81. Barron took a deep breath then shivered.
  82. A breeze blew and Nangong Ping shivered.
  83. She shivered, remembering the cockfight.
  84. Aya shivered with exhaustion and wavered.
  85. The fat horses shivered, and stood fast.
  86. I shivered and pulled my coat around me.
  87. I shivered slightly when I saw his eyes.
  88. We shivered together and held each other.
  89. I shivered at the authority in his voice.
  90. I shivered, knowing that was the true lie.
  91. I shivered again, and my insides twisted.
  92. I shivered as rain splattered on my face.
  93. Desiree’ shivered as she said the words.
  94. We sat in silence and shivered with cold.
  95. She was cold and she shivered for a while.
  96. He shivered as he thought of the prospect.
  97. I shivered when I saw the fury on his face.
  98. She shivered and rubbed her bare shoulders.
  99. I shivered; I knew who had caused his fate.
  100. His body shivered and his teeth chattered.
  1. It gave her the shivers.
  2. Shivers sap me of energy.
  3. The word shivers through me.
  4. I felt shivers all over me.
  5. It gave me the shivers!.
  6. Aaron feels cold and shivers.
  7. This caused shivers to run up.
  8. She felt shivers down her back.
  9. In spite of the heat, he shivers.
  10. Jack London sent shivers up my.
  11. His Voice sent shivers thro’ me.
  12. It give him the shivers to write.
  13. And he could not halt his shivers.
  14. Her words sent shivers down my spine.
  15. Then shivers, and lets his hand drop.
  16. A voice that makes everybody shivers.
  17. The whisper sent shivers down his spine.
  18. It sends delicious shivers up my spine.
  19. What can have put the shivers on him?
  20. Cold shivers ran down the butler's back.
  21. That feeling sent shivers down my spine.
  22. She felt shivers run up and down her body.
  23. The frigid floor sent shivers up his spine.
  24. There were flowers that gave her the shivers.
  25. He shivers, but not only because of the cold.
  26. Something that sent shivers through her body.
  27. Her shivers were as fake as the decorations.
  28. That last question sent shivers down her spine.
  29. Daniel shivers, tries to push his thoughts away.
  30. He shivers, numb with terror, not daring to cry.
  31. Just thinking about it sent shivers down her spine.
  32. Helga, this type of comment gives me the shivers.
  33. That was true enough; shivers still wracked my body.
  34. Another round of shivers raced up my back and arms.
  35. She shivers and pours some more wine into her glass.
  36. Now their giggles and shivers seemed a lifetime ago.
  37. Zarko could feel the shivers running down his spine.
  38. Marcy began to shiver then her shivers became shaking.
  39. The Indian‘s reply sent shivers through the fat man.
  40. His lips were soft and sent warm shivers up her spine.
  41. Yes, she said with shivers going down her spine.
  42. Daniel shivers and it has nothing to do with the cold.
  43. For some reason it sent shivers down Roger’s spine.
  44. He felt the cold wet skin and shivers went up his spine.
  45. Aye reckon me arrival must ‘ave given her the shivers.
  46. His hands were ice-cold and sent shivers through my body.
  47. He who sees it shivers with the most mysterious of shivers.
  48. Cold, primitive fear rushed over him in odd little shivers.
  49. The thought alone sent shivers of lust and heat to his groin.
  50. Samara suddenly got the shivers as he started to remove the.
  51. Many years ago I read a story that sent shivers throughout my.
  52. As he looked at the picture, Raven felt shivers down his spine.
  53. I drew a long breath, and hot shivers went coursing over my body.
  54. She shivers, her gloved hands fumbling with a pair of binoculars.
  55. She wrapped her arms around her middle to stop the sudden shivers.
  56. Gator moon, he thought, sending shivers through his muscular body.
  57. Shivers ran down his spine now that he realized he was standing in.
  58. My muscles convulsed into shivers as the wind blew hard against me.
  59. A fever quickly gave way to a bout of shivers caused by the sunburn.
  60. She can feel rain coming in through the open sunroof and she shivers.
  61. She clutched the armrests even tighter, shivers coursing through her.
  62. I tell thee, my soul shivers at him! muttered the minister again.
  63. As he touched the door, the ice-cold metal sent shivers down his spine.
  64. Cold shivers ran down his spine and his whole body pulsed rhythmically.
  65. However, the recall of this event is enough to send shivers to my spine.
  66. It gave me shivers up my spine and blessed me with the thrill of bliss.
  67. A gust of wind brushes through the room, and he shivers but doesn't move.
  68. The high-pitched whine of an outboard motor sent shivers down his spine.
  69. Panting and convulsing, he awoke in his own dark bedroom with icy shivers.
  70. The intimate touch sent shivers up his spine and made his knees feel weak.
  71. She looked worried, which in turn gave me the shivers for the wrong reason.
  72. Louis ones it give me the cold shivers, and I see we hadn't no time to lose.
  73. The feeling of uncertainty and bewilderment sent shivers throughout his body.
  74. Although sweating, the patient feels intensely chilled and shivers violently.
  75. It was a long, piercing howl that sent shivers of fear through the three men.
  76. Shivers of unfaithfulness tingle over her as she waits for his response.
  77. It was beautiful, haunting, sending shivers up my spine, but not in a bad way.
  78. His hands traveled up and down my back, bring shivers of delight to my senses.
  79. Flashes of pallor passed over her countenance, and shivers ran through her frame.
  80. An arrow hissed past her ear with a sound and a force that sent shivers through her.
  81. Her creases glowed and cool air drifted off to touch the woman, giving her shivers.
  82. It was a masculine sound and it sent shivers down my arms and spine; it was so sexy.
  83. Tim shivers, suppressing the urge to reach down and rub the gooseflesh from his arms.
  84. His tongue slithered along her neck, sending shivers down her spine, and she screamed.
  85. The janitor began to breathe against her neck, sending awful cold shivers through her.
  86. Her hands are still cold from the night and he shivers as they run across his abdomen.
  87. Little shivers of contented amazement beset her as the revelation captivated her mind.
  88. Shivers started shooting up and down my spine to the point that I felt nearly paralyzed.
  89. The winds took a playful turn as she went along, causing pleasant shivers in the Breton.
  90. Cold shivers run down my back when I think of what might have happened if I had sent it.
  91. Shivers ran all over his body, making the hairs on his hands and feet stand needle stiff.
  92. Cold fog hangs in the budding trees, and Werner sits in the back of the truck and shivers.
  93. Arching shivers surged to my nerve endings, consuming me with the fire of Dante’s Inferno.
  94. The chiseled face turned and Skeets‘ throaty reply sent shivers down the surgeon‘s spine.
  95. Terese looked his way from time to time with a scowl that almost sent shivers down his spine.
  96. Without the heaters to keep it at bay, Daniel shivers and draws his coat closer around himself.
  97. Does the very thought of trying to create a website or landing page send shivers up your spine?
  98. Maggie knelt and cradled her friend in her arms, vainly trying to curb her own shakes and shivers.
  99. There is a sheen of sweat on his forehead and his upper lip, and he shivers as though with fever.
  100. Seeing him sent shivers all down her spine and made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

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