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Frasi con topple (in inglese)

  1. After you topple the E.
  2. Get too big: and you will topple.
  3. Either we succumb to the curse, or we topple it Mitch.
  4. I never realized it was also enough to topple me over.
  5. For all he had done is topple forward, and she passed.
  6. Stacks of reports towered over, almost about to topple.
  7. The resultant shudder caused the stack of books to topple.
  8. This will allow the topple, but not in itself facilitate it.
  9. When one of these is placed upon another they tend to topple off.
  10. He saw the beast topple into the gramophone, smashing it to pieces.
  11. The spectacles fall, hit the edge of the ladder, and topple to the pavement.
  12. He finds himself grinning into a kiss in the moment before they topple over.
  13. Noah lunges up at the midsection like a bucking bronco to topple the man off him.
  14. He was just about to topple over when all of a sudden the big one gave him a push.
  15. By the gods and stars, the three of them would soar or topple together, so it seemed.
  16. He waved his arms about, trying to regain his balance, but still he started to topple over.
  17. She felt as if the earth had trembled under her feet and thought she might even topple over.
  18. A few crates topple and John and Khalid end up on the floor, Russ tumbles behind some boxes.
  19. While I introspected, Advani thought that his chance to topple the government had come and gone.
  20. Through the Echo Orbs they heard the sound of a heavy wooden chair topple and crash to the ground.
  21. Middle of the message he heard a few shots outside and it caused him to jump and topple the phone.
  22. As they whiz around the room like small tornadoes, furniture flies, lamps topple, and bulbs shatter.
  23. So much so that his well researched and engaging book Greegs, Greegs and More Greegs would topple Dr.
  24. In the next moment a huge, bulky monster seemed to topple sideways from behind Robbie’s hiding place.
  25. He saw a man topple and flail down, falling from one level to another of the caves, a victim of his shot.
  26. With the littlest move of his tiny pink-brown fists, the boy threatened to topple the whole jungle edifice.
  27. And knowing human nature, someone will eventually rebel against the system and the whole thing will topple.
  28. She pulled him closer, wrapping herself around him swiftly enough to topple his hat off the back of his head.
  29. The boat started to tilt, stirring up the muck on the sea bottom and threatening to topple onto the cow serpent.
  30. But he knew the American public would not stand for an actual drag-down, all-out war necessary to topple Hussein.
  31. You try to struggle free from the second guard and topple another stack, but no luck—he’s too big and strong.
  32. If either of our nations falls, the other is soon to topple with it, and so, it is in our best interest to cooperate.
  33. As soon as they turned the corner, the area was filled with yellow lab puppies, jumping up and trying to topple the kids.
  34. After he stands there for a moment and is fairly certain he’s not going to topple over, he says, Yes, I’m positive.
  35. Resolutely his mind rebelled and forced a topple of further memories to saturate and cover the sanctity of the naked ones.
  36. Integrity will help you move forward, and the lack of it will topple you from the perch of whatever success you may achieve.
  37. It is not unheard of to topple statues of previous emperors, or send out busts carved in marble, then insert them into an old work.
  38. Fern stumbled along in her high heeled sandals following as carefully as she could, trying not to lose her balance and topple over.
  39. Gonzalez's intermittent pats to his back; he felt the freight train he had spent six months running from, suddenly topple his psyche.
  40. Under these conditions houses topple, roof tiles puncture doors, iron railings snap in two, and twenty–four–pounder cannons relocate.
  41. This was dangerous, as the ships were imbalanced while the masts were being raised, and a big wave hitting a ship's side then could topple it.
  42. I pulled her to me as chunks of rock the size of cars and buses began to fall and shake the ground so hard as to nearly topple us over onto the sand.
  43. With that momentum and the esteem I will have gained for my work here today, I will be difficult to topple, and I fear nothing so crude as a knife in the back.
  44. With one paw still on the ledge and continuing to shake its head the beast started to lose its balance and topple sideways to the left and the brink of the cliff.
  45. The black mages want to topple the established order of things; want to centralize everything through a central Government that would be headed, of course, by one of them.
  46. All it needs is all of the non-owning tenant renters to organize nationally and internationally as a single class of renters… without trying to topple the powers that be.
  47. On the other hand, it takes strong nerves to buy in a bear market when gloom and despondency suggest shares will plunge further and companies will topple over by the score.
  48. Zeus believes Poseidon has taken the master bolt, and is now secretly having the Cyclopes build an arsenal of illegal copies, which might be used to topple Zeus from his throne.
  49. With her bottom getting cold on the ice she pushed herself up and tried again to move on the skates only to topple over and hurt her wrist trying to protect herself from the fall.
  50. Alan's weight almost made the android topple but with enough effort that Desa could hear the motors whirr from here, it righted itself and dragged Alan back to the opposite shore.
  51. As he clasped his fingers around the doors handle, he could sense the same feeling he had before a big baseball game; the excessive need to topple his adversary under any conditions.
  52. GOOD vs EVIL: were they to be placed on a balance scale, sampled from various times in human history, there's no doubt in my mind which would not only tip, but topple the scale every time.
  53. In one of the hottest scrimmages, when the enemy had broken a particularly wide hole through the fence, I saw Long Arrow's great figure topple and come down with a spear sticking in his broad chest.
  54. Let's be honest about this! For him, whatever it might be down there was the enemy, and unless he missed he wanted to see something happening - he wanted to see the enemy jump, burst or topple over!.
  55. All student leaders were clearly announcing that they will not let government do as it wishes and if government did not change situation then they will try to topple over government through a strong movement.
  56. Without the support and control of the priest-class, the organized religions of the world would topple, whereas the religion of the spirit is held up by the Father in heaven and his out-working angelic ministers.
  57. Suddenly I saw the old man point upward, to the highest mountain in the island; and looking over my shoulder, I was just in time to see the Hanging Stone topple slowly out of sight—down into the heart of the volcano.
  58. Low key attacks served their purpose but for real change, he knew all too well that he would need a super power on his side; a country that when merged with his allies, could not only stand equal with the West but be strong enough to topple it.
  59. Even if he had been in the employ of the United States government, he would certainly not have access to such politically sensitive information that could topple the British ruling party and freeze diplomatic relations between the two countries.
  60. The millions who died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars; all died for only one basic political purpose: so the rich Robber Barons of the West could topple the new Germany from becoming an even greater Robber Baron National Power than they were collectively.
  61. He is thus completely wedged before and behind, and can only expand himself sideways by settling down on his stretched legs; but a sudden, violent pitch of the boat will often go far to topple him, because length of foundation is nothing without corresponding breadth.
  62. Leopold Bernstein can lecture in his Financial Statement Analysis that financial structure and working capital affect the essential flexibility of management to react to varying economic environments, but, until you see a big one topple, you really do not believe how important capital structure can be.
  63. Then the undead through their instrument the CIA, used Al Quaeda as a non-existent enemy of Western capitalism and democracy in order to create a false state, a false perception of global terror; now they are being used in civil insurrections, for false flag operations to destabilize and topple Muslim govts such as Egypt, Libya and Syria.
  64. They stacked up the cakes thus in the open air in a pile thirty-five feet high on one side and six or seven rods square, putting hay between the outside layers to exclude the air; for when the wind, though never so cold, finds a passage through, it will wear large cavities, leaving slight supports or studs only here and there, and finally topple it down.
  65. The events of March 2008 set me off on a psychology of dread and insecurity that had fuelled rising concern on my part regarding the “trustworthiness” of the financial establishment, and this led to my delving into the “fundamentals” of the situation to the point where I was certain it would all be over only when some of the big money center banks began to topple.
  66. They find the worst filth possible: at the top and the bottom, and then use the worst… to topple the best at the top of the pyramidal shitpile of humanity… and from there on down, use the worst to ruin and destroy the best, all the way down to the bottom of the barrel… until there is nothing left of goodness and decency and love and honesty and courage and beauty…but only the worst of the worst; on all levels of human society, from top to bottom.
  1. Shattered glass and toppling masonry.
  2. Jacob kicked out, toppling the demon.
  3. The whole pyramid is on its way to toppling.
  4. How do they keep him from toppling over? Ben wondered.
  5. The nudge nearly sends her toppling the other direction.
  6. The grand trees of the forest were uprooted, toppling over.
  7. The beam of the flashlight showed a great cottonwood toppling.
  8. I kicked a desk drawer in, sending a lamp toppling to the floor.
  9. Bob Doran, toppling from a high barstool, sways over the munching.
  10. Besides nearly toppling the existing Klingon government, you nearly started.
  11. The next couple, unable to check its progress, came toppling over the obstacle.
  12. The camps were operating within days of the toppling of the Washington Monument.
  13. The prime minister yelped and pushed himself away, nearly toppling his chair over.
  14. One by one I sent them toppling from their saddles with savage strokes of my sword.
  15. The two warriors spun over the street of Wood’s End, toppling a bound-stick fence.
  16. Toppling world leaders or protecting National Security came a distant second, if that.
  17. Flin, out of his own volition, lashed out a hoof and sent her toppling backward into the building.
  18. The impact of his car hitting the other vehicle sent it toppling over, scattering sheep everywhere.
  19. I hear the ruin of all space, shattered glass and toppling masonry, and time one livid final flame.
  20. Yeltsa winced and fired the Sputty in its head, blowing out a chunk and sent the lycan toppling over.
  21. His long white cloth apron brushed against Chantelle’s water glass, nearly snagging and toppling it.
  22. Imagine all the Radio City Rockettes toppling off the front edge of the stage at once and you get the idea.
  23. He collided with a woman, toppling her over Pat’s fat backside as the big man bent to retrieve his suitcase.
  24. It hovers above her, laughing like a clown, its jets shaking her little car, almost toppling it more than once.
  25. The picture maybe propped from behind so that the picture slopes back slightly to keep it from toppling forward.
  26. Her shoulders are slumping forward and she’s shuffling through the garden, toppling over her marigolds and daisies.
  27. Time's livid final flame leaps and, in the following darkness, ruin of all space, shattered glass and toppling masonry.
  28. The partition keeled over, and Phil and Louie kept staggering forward, toppling two more partitions before they stopped.
  29. But he was already toppling forward, and down the chute he went, just as his wife had done before him — and his daughter.
  30. She fumbled the door open and yanked a cloak from the rack by the front door, toppling the stand and overturning a cabinet.
  31. And now Newt Gingrich is cunningly, mindlessly, remorselessly toppling this country like an evil child with a house of blocks.
  32. The instant the gate was pushed open, Neo hurtled out of the pen, like a rocket shot out of a cannon, toppling his owner over.
  33. Halfshaft leapt into the boat, nearly sending the two of them toppling into the black water which flowed insiduously beneath it.
  34. Forgo—look! screamed Dorro, pointing off to the left and stretching as far as he could without toppling into the sea himself.
  35. Dyslexia, no longer stopped by fire was almost on top of us as Mandy did a linebacker’s rush, toppling the two of them to the ground.
  36. Originality and invention imply an ability to break barriers; every new discovery represents the toppling of an impediment to thought.
  37. Since the toppling of this iceberg, the Nautilus had risen about 150 feet, but it still stayed at the same angle to the perpendicular.
  38. Grunt-mate aimed a kick at his head, but Sigurd intervened, shoving her whilst she was off-balance and sending her toppling to the floor.
  39. Silent throughout the exchange, Solo Ki slowly navigated the outskirts of the class, heading toward where Alec was last seen toppling over.
  40. The Earth Men were so stunned that they rode the toppling shoulders for a full minute before they began to laugh and shout at each other:.
  41. He patted one of his smaller kin on the back, nearly toppling him over as he sought to pull his pickaxe from the skull of an undead corpse.
  42. Lezura approached the mouth of the room, and fired a massive Blueburst into the air that buck her body almost to the point of toppling over.
  43. A second later a huge fist steaming with honoi shot out from one of the pockets on the belt and into Joey’s face, sending him toppling over.
  44. He whipped around to see the policeman toppling backward to hit the ground, staring sightlessly upward, with a piece of fan blade embedded 81.
  45. That caused the bubble and the company to burst and the shockwaves sent others toppling, as banks, shops and individuals went bust as a result.
  46. Brice leapt to his feet, toppling his chair and causing many of the bar's patrons, the Death Guards in particular, to cast looks in his direction.
  47. Standing on just one leg makes it much easier for her to give my arm a tug in the same direction it was already going, toppling me to the ground.
  48. The Drong strained to free his hands and tried to stand but Porky quickly shoved him in the chest and he lost balance, toppling over onto his side.
  49. Misuse of public funds, waste and corruption had reached such proportions during his administration that the edifice was toppling of its own weight.
  50. She struck the branch again and again, nearly toppling over once, till it hurt her arm to keep raising the axe, and then she did it several more times.
  51. A high-pitched squawk roused me in time to steady CC, who had caught one of her ridiculously high heels on the edge of the gutter and was toppling towards me.
  52. The handful of CIA operatives called Al Quaeda have been labeled as dangerous, powerful terrorists; capable of toppling the most powerful government in the world.
  53. Swifter than a flash of lightning followed the impression of his constrained, toppling attitude—the shoulders projecting forward, the head sunk low upon the breast.
  54. Harold took microseconds to register the fact that the ladder on which Merrell was balancing was toppling sideways and he saw the librarian momentarily hang, then fall.
  55. Come here baby, she loops an arm around Jane’s shoulder and grabs Kaite by the flower band on her waist yanking her close and nearly toppling the trio on contact.
  56. One five second burst, five rounds of nine millimetre ammunition, pumped between the shoulder blades of Wannenburg Morne sent the Shark toppling forward to join Lorene Eagles in her communal grave.
  57. The size of it took their breath away and they wondered in awe how the craftsmen had managed to get the stone slabs stacked on top of each other without toppling over; a marvel in construction indeed.
  58. Had there even been, as he turned, the flash of a hand retreating from tablecloth to lap? He set the glasses down hard, imagining the stems breaking loose from their vessels, the vessels toppling, but they didn’t.
  59. White smoke began to pour vigorously from around the door, then there was a dull pop sound and the hatch door simply dropped out of the hull, landing with a crack on the rocky ground before toppling over to lie flat.
  60. The southern horizon was fringed with flame by night, and in the day straggling pillars of smoke drifted upward; in the cities and plains to the south men were dying, thrones were toppling and castles going up in flames.
  61. I really believe Joe would have prolonged this word (mightily expressive to my mind of some architecture that I know) into a perfect Chorus, but for his attention being providentially attracted by his hat, which was toppling.
  62. He peered through the aftermost angle-glass, and his lips drew back in a slash-lizard smile as he saw a screw-galley swerve to starboard, shuddering in agony while her mainmast went toppling over the side and smoke belched from the wreckage.
  63. Brummagem England was toppling already and her downfall would be Ireland, her Achilles heel, which he explained to them about the vulnerable point of Achilles, the Greek hero, a point his auditors at once seized as he completely gripped their attention by showing the tendon referred to on his boot.
  64. In order to keep this unnatural untenable condition from toppling, undead shit things have used every possible swindle and lie and deception in order to program and brainwash living humans into slavery into resignation into cowardice into fear into terrorized terrified timid little fucking mice, by controlling all of this mass of living humanity from the top on down.
  65. Then, just as soon as you start to sweat and pant a little…why, back comes that friendly cloud to cool you down! What more can any living creature ask from life? How come we upright-walking, fancy-thinking critters forgot about all that? I pray our earthly home does rise up in righteous indignation and shake us all up, toppling our temples to intolerance and greed, as many predict it will.
  66. Don Quixote laughed at Sancho's affected phraseology, and perceived that what he said about his improvement was true, for now and then he spoke in a way that surprised him; though always, or mostly, when Sancho tried to talk fine and attempted polite language, he wound up by toppling over from the summit of his simplicity into the abyss of his ignorance; and where he showed his culture and his memory to the greatest advantage was in dragging in proverbs, no matter whether they had any bearing or not upon the subject in hand, as may have been seen already and will be noticed in the course of this history.
  1. They toppled on their heels.
  2. All the shelves had toppled.
  3. We toppled forwards in a heap.
  4. He can only be toppled by force.
  5. Gasping heavily he toppled over.
  6. The Buddhist altar toppled over.
  7. And He toppled the ruined cities.
  8. Stacey almost toppled from his seat.
  9. Dominoes toppled in a 3D pyramid.
  10. He leapt up and his chair toppled over.
  11. He wobbled, then the bike toppled over.
  12. As he hit, the land troll toppled over.
  13. The man pointed to the toppled building.
  14. Lord Alyn toppled headlong into the well.
  15. I nodded my head and toppled my king over.
  16. We toppled over each other on the dry sand.
  17. He staggered and nearly toppled over the.
  18. Zelda, stunned, almost toppled off the hill.
  19. Gasping, she toppled backward into the boat.
  20. Hair toppled into his face as his eyes widened.
  21. The captain fell to his knees and toppled over.
  22. Once he nearly toppled down a flight of stairs.
  23. John toppled down the stairs of the aisle head.
  24. But as soon as they were toppled, dog fighting.
  25. Some of Doody's books toppled from their shelves.
  26. Biggs toppled and fell down into the canal water.
  27. Tetloan toppled to the ground as the others stood.
  28. Cassie gave a cry of delight and toppled into the.
  29. While in nervousness and excitement I toppled down.
  30. He toppled to the ground, landing hard on his front.
  31. As he toppled onto his side Teller groped for the.
  32. The table toppled behind her with a deafening crash.
  33. And it was there that it toppled to the ground and.
  34. He toppled age-old values, shook social concepts down.
  35. Maldynado toppled backward, accelerating to the ground.
  36. Without the slightest fear of ever being toppled again.
  37. But when he toppled to the bed, she thought he was out.
  38. I toppled backward, slamming against the pyramid with.
  39. The mech toppled over, exposing the nycarmans behinds it.
  40. Louis sank to his knees, then toppled forward on his face.
  41. He nearly toppled from the slippery ledge and managed to.
  42. It toppled over and Tim started kicking the leaves around.
  43. She shrieked and toppled backwards and they fell into the.
  44. He lost his balance and toppled sideways onto the mattress.
  45. The mech nearly toppled over but stopped itself with a hand.
  46. Videnov, had toppled over, obviously trying to free himself.
  47. They stood by while Diem was toppled and murdered in a coup.
  48. It was just bad luck that he toppled from the platform and.
  49. An almighty crash was heard as several burning trees toppled.
  50. Then they will be toppled into it, together with the seducers.
  51. Voices shouted in the distance, back toward the toppled engine.
  52. The Raider toppled like an oak, cursing and screaming in pain.
  53. Janelle toppled from the cot and slammed against the cabinets.
  54. A chair toppled, twisting backwards, cavorting across the room.
  55. His hands still grasping his guts, the soldier's body toppled.
  56. He knocked, seized, held Jim; they toppled; they fell in a heap.
  57. As soon as the rover toppled, I curled into a ball and cowered.
  58. And then he toppled off, landing lifelessly on the grass below.
  59. They were all cracked, crumbling, and for the most part, toppled.
  60. Brown's shoulder blades and spine as she toppled down the street.
  61. Montserrat hit Melodía and almost toppled her into the heaped shit.
  62. The horse jumped away then toppled over, pinning the man under him.
  63. She toppled the barrel and crawled out, but by then she was aflame.
  64. The Washington Monument just toppled to the ground, he shouted.
  65. Mary screamed in horror and released Ginny, who toppled to the ground.
  66. At one point Ben toppled a chair and fel on his arse causing another.
  67. The lightning had struck our immense weeping willow and it had toppled.
  68. Taken off his guard he toppled backwards into the arms of his attacker.
  69. When I tried to stand, the room began to sway and I nearly toppled over.
  70. Bart gave no quarter, and toppled Robert four times in quick succession.
  71. Kevin cried out as he toppled overboard and hit the water with a splash.
  72. He hung for a moment teetering on one arm, then slowly toppled backward.
  73. Why! she screamed as they toppled over behind the large, steel trunk.
  74. A flash of light sprang from its belly and toppled the whole of the crowd.
  75. Zorandi nearly toppled over, though, when he’d got into the portal zone.
  76. The Iraq War quickly toppled Saddam: He was tracked down, tried, and hanged.
  77. Unprepared and unbalanced, Percival toppled backwards into the undergrowth.
  78. In fact, he toppled sideways and was struggling not to lie down altogether.
  79. The next forceful blow sent him back further and he toppled over the railing.
  80. She screamed as the monkey grabbled the banana and toppled the tray of fruit.
  81. She braced her hand against a BMW X5 as she stepped over the toppled cabinet.
  82. With a growl, Lizzy lunged at Barbara Jean and they both toppled to the ground.
  83. He toppled backward on top of her and they both hit the floor inside the door.
  84. And Toughy toppled from his log and lay in the fire-lit snow, completely still.
  85. The shifter oomphed and grabbed her middle which toppled us both over backwards.
  86. As the gufder toppled over with a tight squeal the other one pounced on Lezura.
  87. Then he toppled down some things on the table to look that a burglary took place.
  88. As the boat slowly toppled over the side of the jetty, Nancy casually stepped off.
  89. The captain fell to the seafloor, toppled by the enormous mass weighing him down.
  90. With a blood curdling choking sound the mynamather toppled over and Lafit fell off.
  91. The surrounding pilots surged in to catch them as they toppled sideways off the bar.
  92. Withel stared at him in amazement for a moment, and then quietly toppled into the mud.
  93. The heavy sack toppled over and its contents drenched the boy in a puff of white dust.
  94. Gagging, choking noises came from Randy's throat as he toppled over in a spew of blood.
  95. Reaching up to touch, he lost his balance and toppled forward, falling flat on his face.
  96. He fell over in a funny position, his ass in the air, before he toppled over to his side.
  97. With all her strength, she rolled over on to her side, and her assailant toppled off her.
  98. He staggered, his head toppled forward on his breast, and thence, hideously, to the earth.
  99. Yet you toppled it with a force the likes of which none have ever seen or heard of before.
  100. Then he jumped Jim, wrapped him tight, and toppled him rolling down, yelling, in the bushes.
  1. Your inertia topples you forward.
  2. Johnny topples and half-blacks out.
  3. The impact shocks him, and his gun topples from his hands.
  4. Gervais topples over the railing and Daniel falls with him.
  5. The second hits the man in the arm, so the huge weapon topples to the floor.
  6. My shoulder feels like it’s about to shatter but the pylon groans, then, finally, topples.
  7. After a couple of seconds, he topples to the ground while maintaining the same ossified shape.
  8. My nose hits the edge of the entertainment center and the flat screen TV topples forward and hits the floor with a sparking thud.
  9. On cue, the actress races to the center of the living room rug, pirouettes, and topples with a wail or a pitiful eek, one paw draped over her face.
  10. I said…get out…get— The man swaying, the ladder rocking, the man losing his grip on the noose as the ladder topples over, the man falling with the ladder to the blanket of leaves below with a muted thump.
  11. A huge blast of wind comes, suddenly shifting the goat's center of gravity, and, inch by inch, it slowly turns towards the chasm until it topples in and falls to the bottom, bouncing against the rock wall several times as it goes.
  12. Then slip I from her bum, down topples she,.

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