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    1. From tip to hilt, the blade's length matched the tower on which Onidas stood

    2. The gardener takes a tip from nature and uses this simple method to build the soil’s fertility

    3. Firstly, could you tell us if the operation came about as a result of a tip off, and if so, could you reveal to us the source

    4. ’ I replied, biting back the rude retort which is on the tip of my tongue … how dare he make it sound as though I yo-yo all over the place! ‘At least that is my intention

    5. Glenelle couldn't respond because she thought she might as well dare tip this shot back and found it was like biting down on two hundred twenty volts AC

    6. forces are marshalled, reach a critical point and then tip towards change

    7. things, all of these slight, needle tip sensations, were a lullaby for the child afraid of

    8. My life is balanced on the tip of a pin and she just runs the box past her scanner as though it was a bag of onions … it is almost funny

    9. Come on, what are you afraid of? I"l give you a tip

    10. There is a moment in every natural state, a moment before the reaction, when forces are marshalled, reach a critical point and then tip towards change

    11. All of these things, all of these slight, needle tip sensations, were a lullaby for the child afraid of the dark

    12. It's not like I don't tip a cup myself now and then

    13. trailing the feather’s tip across the face of old Beltway with

    14. I breathe too, catching snowflakes on the tip

    15. And then, in complete contrast to our whispers, he raised his voice and with a stumpy finger that had lost its tip, he pointed to the sky and sang, 'We make this drink from the sun and once you taste the fire, you will never leave

    16. which should be placed in front of your face just below the tip

    17. ’ which words are hovering on the tip of my tongue, I suggest that Gilla should show me round her weaving business

    18. This is a very helpful tip, as it might be a huge

    19. helicopter ride might tip the scales of originality

    20. He often thought about singing another song and had, as a result, kept himself in tip top condition, but as the years passed he found himself thinking more and more about settling down, and so it was that he decided to marry

    21. ' She studied the tube of ash on the tip of her cigarette, aware of my unease, and then launched it into space with an unexpected blast from her lips

    22. That same Sunday morning, following an anonymous tip off, various large and burly members of the Manchester police force’s vice squad battered down Danny’s front door, dragged him out of bed and bruisingly bundled him into the back of a white van

    23. Keep this tip in mind: fish with two flies since this doubles your chances of catching one

    24. Tip #101: Where to Find Oxygenated Water

    25. He squatted there, trembling from the tip of his jet-

    26. of two very furry ears and the tip of gently swishing tail

    27. 'Nothing, the mosquito coil,' she said, 'I touched the hot tip

    28. to the tip of your

    29. It’s important to remember this tip

    30. singing another song and had, as a result, kept himself in tip top

    31. Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and

    32. may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this

    33. Here’s the tip! You don’t have to learn all this stuff yourself

    34. And the most important tip I can give is this: You need a good plan, and a

    35. find a point to ease the tip of the sharp knife into the joint and to prise

    36. placed the tip of the truncheon in the small of Petr’s

    37. front showed where the tip was lodged

    38. circular motion with the tip of his pipe

    39. Andy bit back the words trembling on the tip of his tongue and counted to ten slowly

    40. Allcock lifted the bill and went over the listed items of fare with Harry, After establishing its accuracy, he offered pointers for determining the appropriate surcharges and tip

    41. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin

    42. placed it tentatively on the tip of his tongue

    43. It had been enough to tip the scales back in

    44. one bulging muscle, from his oversized head to the tip of his stub tail

    45. More than once, she found herself with tongue in check, fighting the hurtful word that lay waiting, on the tip of her tongue

    46. Who can tip over the water jars of the

    47. One girl even reached behind Kaha and grabbed it like it was the manual over-ride of the main airlock and said ‘ah, cute’ and kissed him right on the tip, then continued with her social rounds

    48. As they all piled out of the van, and let the others know what the plan was, she felt the tip of how cold the ride home was going to be

    49. He could only make out the glowing tip of his cigar

    50. Mr Big leaned forward enough to reveal the tip of his nose in the light

    1. sympathy sessions, an event actually causes the scales [controls] to be tipped in the other direction thus creating a different and, very

    2. He tipped up and finished his fourth cup of that ale and signaled the kegman for his fifth

    3. "We really shouldn't have more than one of these," Ava said when she tipped hers up

    4. There were no proven models of that atmosphere and climate, some worry that the climate could be tipped by the impact and that the planet would never recover

    5. I tipped the second bag out onto the mattress and turned each fabulous new toy over and over in my hands

    6. On Earth the life-to-economy ratio was tipped a lot farther on the side of economy than here

    7. Her breasts thrust proud and firm in front of her, tipped with long, permanently erect nipples that are purple-black

    8. these same hands hold pens, broad tipped

    9. “Nice to see that you’re still with us Daniel,” they shook hands, and he tipped his cap to Kate

    10. ” He tipped his head in that direction but she wasn’t watching

    11. Fortunately the second box, the one containing the brain-fry mixture, hit the floor and tipped to the left and the doctor thinks that most of the bad sachets have fallen to the left of the skewed table leg

    12. The boy accepted the bottle with gusto and tipped it up for a swig

    13. threat of violence must have tipped the balance for

    14. It was a furry octopus with a body the size of a softball, and seven tentacles that looked like cat’s tails tipped with eyes

    15. When he suddenly tipped her back to look deep into her eyes, she could’ve bet the ranch, that he was going to kiss her

    16. When he tipped her back to look down at her, she understood what he was asking and she laid her face back against his chest, and felt him sigh as he placed his hands on her back and pulled her even closer

    17. "Of course not" he tipped her back to look at her face

    18. Reaching up to take her hand with one of his, he tipped the lid open with the other

    19. When he asked where she was headed, she merely tipped her head in the direction of the setting sun and climbed into her car

    20. When he joined them in the living room, she couldn't believe the warmth his hand offered; as he led her to stand in front of the tree gently he tipped his head forward indicating she should look down

    21. In front of her, Emily watched as Solo Ki rhythmically drove a red tipped staff into the ground, mirroring the movement of his left leg

    22. ‘What have you done?’ asked Jean as he tipped the

    23. This far from the Archenon, the streets were empty but for a blanket of silver tipped shafts resting on the cobblestone roads

    24. tipped the balance in your favor?”

    25. He tipped back a cask, and poured a stream of wine straight into his mouth

    26. The Fixer tipped the brim of his cowboy hat,

    27. After sealing the hole, the Fixer tipped his hat to

    28. Okay then,” Ben selected a thin tipped paint

    29. The Fixer tipped his hat to the dad that was still

    30. "I just got tipped off about what happened there," said Griffiths as he rubbed his nose

    31. “There’s no way this is Earth technology,” said Chris, “We can make stuff that’s pretty resistant, but to take on a diamond tipped drill and remain unscratched? And how would you make a large, contiguous block of such material?”

    32. there was a lick of blue flame, tipped with

    33. Despite the abundance of energy and food resources, the fundamental problem of the lack of land space appeared to have tipped the balance, to somehow escalate to a point where their world had become effectively uninhabitable

    34. The soft chocolate gaze met hers and the smooth lips tipped up slightly at the corners

    35. Minnesota defensive lineman put his hand up and tipped the ball thrown to the Tight End on a crossing pattern

    36. He placed a large iron tray above the flames and tipped some dripping onto the surface

    37. newspaper and a park, so I tipped my waitress and asked her where I could accommodate

    38. His efforts tipped him off balance

    39. It looked back out of the bush, then at Alex again, head tipped to one side, panting

    40. Long whiskers quivered each side of its brown tipped nose

    41. ” Dunn placed the kerchief atop the bottle and, one-handed, tipped it to soak the cloth

    42. " Grindel tipped his head to one side

    43. The water tipped over the edge of the bath and trickled onto the floor as I sank beneath the warm, soothing water

    44. As he took a sip of beer, Marcia tipped her glass at him and he saluted her back

    45. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he had said, and then his mouth came down over mine, and I had tipped my face up to meet him

    46. I tipped my head back, my lips parting, as his other hand found the small of my back

    47. My belly roiled with cold and terror, but I tipped my chin up, determined not to give them the satisfaction of seeing my fear

    48. She may have made coded notes when one of her terminal patients decided to accept my offer, or maybe she mentioned you in some way to a coworker that tipped him off

    49. Zavitz, my good friend, tipped me off when I stopped into the old shop in London

    50. But his voice was lost amongst the shouts and screams of the crowd and Mason was forced to watch in horrid fascination as the woman smiled, raising the steel tipped whip high above her head

    1. I felt the chair tipping backwards and although I tried to grab hold of the man in front of me to stop myself from falling backwards, the stars in front of my eyes created a storm of interference disabling my faculties

    2. tipping on loosed ropes, spilling screams into the sea,

    3. He must have stepped over the back of the bench because when she noticed him, he was just lounging there, tipping back that bottle like he’d been sitting there awhile

    4. point of almost tipping the van, but Johnson held tight

    5. Tipping her head sideways, so only he could hear, she whispered

    6. She walked over to Jakkar, who seemed oblivious to the entire conversation, his lumpy body resting against the wall in order to avoid tipping over

    7. Tipping his head back, Homer drank a sip

    8. After tipping Corpulus with ample coin and faring well a saddened Sorex - who perked up when she told him she would be back in Solitude again soon enough on private business – Penelope departed the inn and the city, to head southeast to her brother’s post

    9. Someone in Men of Midas is tipping them off

    10. The latter had become increasing difficult to maintain without tipping into the role of paranoid tyrant

    11. figured this was probably coming, when he felt the boy’s lack of effort against him, thought screen, retreated a few steps and jumped up, tipping the pass up into the air and then down into his hands

    12. “Yeah but you still miss her a lot, don’t you?” When Alex didn’t reply Carol sighed quietly, searching his eyes, tipping her head as she did when about to ask an awkward question

    13. Terry slammed into the couch, tipping it onto its back, bouncing off and landing against the wall with a thud

    14. "I know he did a silly thing," she said, tipping her head to one side as she studied him

    15. Gritting my teeth, I gave the rope another hefty pull but only succeeded in tipping the bench over at a dangerous angle, forcing me to give up the progress I'd already made

    16. Having thought it out ahead of time; I made no hint of tipping

    17. He leaned against the seat back, tipping his chair to stare at the ceiling, and blew a thoughtful jet of blue Havana cigar smoke upwards, savoring the rich flavor duplicated by no other cigars in the world, and watched it disappear through the vent

    18. Tipping me a wink, he went on with the briefing, as all the men looked and listened eagerly

    19. Tipping the wink to Jaeckl, he went to the rear of the cockpit and sat there looking innocent

    20. And there was no advantage in tipping Ted off that I would be coming for him

    21. When the battle appears to be tipping in her favor she should be working hard to press home her advantage; yet she seems distracted

    22. It was time to risk tipping my hand a bit to see if I could flush anything out

    23. The question is how do we stop it without tipping our hand?”

    24. I didn’t want to risk tipping him off

    25. supervised me, tipping me off when the correct time to play these rather quiet

    26. There is a tipping point when God may no longer bless this land

    27. tipping point where they decided they had had enough and wanted to retire

    28. It's reached tipping

    29. Hilsith had noticed him tipping the tiny cup back, and she came over with the pot to refill it and Talia’s, smiled, and again left without a word

    30. "I said `I love you,'" Toby said, tipping his head and kissing her cheek

    31. Benton carefully crawled into the boat almost tipping it

    32. Room 366 one time substituted as a studio lounge after an eccentric man vouched for its authenticity by rarely leaving and tipping his hat forward

    33. “It would be bad for business,” the man said, tipping has hat and turning away

    34. Slowly but surely the trailer tilted higher, tipping its black muddy load into the chute of the Threshing Machine

    35. And suddenly the trailer started tipping up again

    36. Zach ducked again to avoid the flailing blade, and the momentum of the swing sent the scarecrow body lurching forwards into the tipping trailer

    37. In retrospect, we may have been a bit too adventurous as we have heard of whales tipping over boats

    38. History Museum, on the tipping point of a hill

    39. She stunts till near tipping point over the dunes jerking you and the girls back and forth

    40. If a sailor had no near relatives Sweeny hit him on the head and pulled a lever tipping the chair backwards through a hole in the wall into Mrs

    41. capsule after the other, tipping the contents into his beer

    42. tipping off other traders and scaring them away

    43. In the footy season there were many tipping contests (your sentence had to be at least as long as the season), pick the winners, pick the score and head to head

    44. There was always a few guys running horse tipping but that never interested me

    45. to tales of table tipping and levitation

    46. a section on that in this book, but tipping will insure great

    47. in general – tipping

    48. Tipping is a traditional part of

    49. removed and then take care of tipping yourself

    50. can keep all of my singles for tipping along with travelers

    1. for PG Tips, it was so refreshing [a pun?] to be asked to

    2. Try these tips to overcome sleep problems:

    3. Dietary and health related tips for Stress control

    4. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    5. Causes: Caused by early removal of winter protection, new shoot tips are damaged, diseases will attack and enter plant


    7. There are useful tips on matters related to health

    8. Too many books are written every year about how to become a better you and different “Christian” tips on how to be successful

    9. of his spent muscles with the tips

    10. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots

    11. from the tips of their newly hung stars

    12. but who can tarot your life in a cup of PG Tips,

    13. These trees spread way out and the tips of their limbs nearly reached the ground again, ending at about the height a thonga would chew them off

    14. with the breaking tips of my wings, but it is only true

    15. I closed my eyes and tried to look forward to this unexpected visit to the city of cities but just as Prometheus opened up with some hot tips on the nightspots of Sophia, I was brought to my senses by a sensuous vibration from deep within my trouser pocket

    16. and as dusk falls the tips

    17. A seat above a bucket sort of arrangement which, when the lid is put down, tips the contents into the wasteg

    18. Flirting Tips: How To Be Interesting

    19. He fetched one of his gardening books from an alcove shelf in the living room and leafed through the sections that showed keen gardeners how to build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints, tips and instructions, Ken realised that his weary bones ached for a change

    20. All that she could see were the tips

    21. Parekh-ji gave him tips on the elections

    22. The tips had blood on them

    23. Tips on the Basic Arm Test

    24. Here are some tips that will help you to improve and

    25. tips and instructions, Ken realised that his weary bones ached for a

    26. George had custom rod orders to fill and set Harry to the task of sectioning and planing the strips while he directed the girls in wrapping the guides, strippers and tips

    27. cheek, standing on the tips of her toes to reach her target area

    28. leaves on the trees in the cemetery and blowing the tips of the grass

    29. someone had dipped the tips of their fingers in ketchup and then dragged their

    30. Adrenaline filled his body and made the tips of his fingers and toes tingle

    31. remains from the corner of his mouth and the tips of his fingers

    32. would say—when you factor in the cost of drinks, tips, a movie, and all the painful

    33. When Jim open the door and let a great gust of wind and snow in, she realized just how cold she really was, even the tips of her toes were freezing

    34. Staring up into his all-encompassing eyes, she started to tremble when he nibbled at the tips of her fingers

    35. " The tips of her fingers moved in a wave and she lost consciousness again

    36. Though his ears were pointed, as were all elves, the tips were slumped over and drooping to the earth

    37. Within the halo of curls, Katrina could see the tips of her pointed ears and forced herself to keep her eyes on the child even as the girl's white orbs threatened to burrow into her soul

    38. valley, but was highlighting the tips of the towering

    39. I hope I have given you some useful tips on how to get started with MS Access and what can be achieved

    40. information and useful hints and tips on

    41. gave us tips on how to crack job interviews

    42. lurched at his black hair, curling at its tips, and his muscular physique

    43. updates, information, tips and research etc

    44. Here are three practical tips to help you

    45. tips and examples and review related products and services

    46. If you can integrate and weave most of the following twenty-four tips into your

    47. People are interested to see if there are additional tips they can pick up

    48. Here are three easy tips to improve the way you come across in your

    49. Here are seven tips to remember when crafting your ad:

    50. There’s no logical order to these tips, but at least

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