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Frasi con trajectory (in inglese)

  1. The ship continued on its trajectory.
  2. I mean, the trajectory was like a rocket.
  3. Calculate a high-speed trajectory to Pallas.
  4. Change the speed and trajectory of throw (eg.
  5. Scott diverted his trajectory down toward Josh.

  6. He used his hand to demonstrate his trajectory.
  7. Her trajectory and mine had been quite similar.
  8. Hopefully a random trajectory would confuse them.
  9. The Cat will be going on a rectangular trajectory.
  10. The trajectory of an object in space-time is called.
  11. When they do the post they’ll confirm the trajectory.
  12. Puller eyed what was coming up and gauged the trajectory.
  13. Wetherby, helped to his feet, protested his trajectory:.
  14. These are the same calculations our trajectory is based on.
  15. We are still on track to planned trajectory within four meters.

  16. They also could still alter their trajectory to end up behind us.
  17. We have measured a slight deflection in the comet’s trajectory.
  18. Its current trajectory has it on a collision course with the sun.
  19. They are able to balance the growth trajectory with profitability.
  20. Leaving it weightless in space, but still on its guided trajectory.
  21. The range shortened for the archers, and their trajectory flattened.
  22. Unless they’re drones in a ballistic trajectory, Wendy said.
  23. Would the Captain prefer a straight line or elliptical trajectory?
  24. Marisha started off on a Marxist trajectory and was stopped in mid air.
  25. I turned this way and that, as if I could get a trajectory on a thought.

  26. I don’t think so: that thing just altered its trajectory towards us.
  27. He could judge where his attacker was based on the bullets’ trajectory.
  28. Its trajectory instantly went skyward into Mitchell's third base territory.
  29. It is now within 5,400 kilometers and has just altered slightly its trajectory.
  30. The reality was that we could be hit by a shell falling through its trajectory.
  31. Plot our current trajectory and the trajectory of the missiles on your display.
  32. Just look at this revenue trajectory, even through the great recession (fig 16).
  33. Normally they would probably have continued along their trajectory until impact.
  34. Ingrid thus decided to keep to her intended trajectory and damn the consequences.
  35. By its trajectory it should have impacted somewhere in the western Zhlindu basin.
  36. Irons are the clubs that are used when a golfer wants to achieve better trajectory.
  37. It came down through our atmosphere on a straight down trajectory and landed approx.
  38. For distances over this, some uneveness might be experienced in the flight trajectory.
  39. Its trajectory erratic, clearly designed to evade their most advanced targeting system.
  40. Every countervailing act only micro-fractionally recalibrates the culture's trajectory.
  41. And it was an ambitious goal for a humble major, but his trajectory had been a steep one.
  42. Anything less than that and the rocket will fall back to Earth in a ballistic trajectory.
  43. I did not see the spirit of Fred before me or feel the spinning trajectory of his journey.
  44. From there his trajectory was predictable in rank: colonel, one-star, two-star, and on up.
  45. You still have an option! The wreckage’s spin pointed her away from her trajectory.
  46. Mostly he’d collate trajectory stats, risk analysis probabilities, and sometimes an anomaly.
  47. The broken moon continued on a trajectory that would take it directly into the system’s sun.
  48. Up it flew arcing gently over, rapidly losing energy because of the steepness of the trajectory.
  49. Spirit, start from now on to carefully compute the approach trajectory of this ORION-class ship.
  50. He then levelled the petrels out which pushed them on a new trajectory up to the top of the mist.
  51. And what about the pot of gold at the rainbow's end? There's a name for our trajectory! Rainbow!.
  52. The freighter’s trajectory would take it across her current course with plenty of room to spare.
  53. When he finally looked up, he knew by its trajectory, that it was gone over the center field wall.
  54. And what about the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end? There’s a name for our trajectory, by God.
  55. Now all the voices were fading, each on his own trajectory, some to Mars, others into farthest space.
  56. The rails that once angled up and out of the cave were forced down, skewing his take off trajectory.
  57. The trajectory made it come from the driver, who was turned to the rear at the time of the fatal shot.
  58. A polar orbit is a trajectory over the Earth that is roughly aligned on a North-South axis, Admiral.
  59. He tried to anticipate the panther’s possible trajectory and the point at which it would leap on him.
  60. The thing was probably going seventy or eighty miles an hour as it left the ship on its own trajectory.
  61. The foundation of one's trajectory is angled and aimed by what you taught yourself to see or not see.
  62. The British pilots never saw her, as she altered slightly her trajectory in order to dive in their back.
  63. Henderson screams as she is spattered with the blood ejected in trajectory from his dismembered remains.
  64. Their overall trajectory was indicated by a glowing yellow line that left no doubt as to their destination.
  65. It is a fact that when two objects are on a trajectory course to collide both are going to affect the other.
  66. The entire fleet was in a ballistic trajectory apparently trying to avoid detection with minimum emissions.
  67. Based on the debris field and the trajectory of the pieces, they were fairly confident they could discern 108.
  68. While the ladders were being prepared, we also positioned the cannon to fire in high trajectory over the walls.
  69. I cannot maintain control of the Thwopter's trajectory! Lezura screamed over the computer’s warning wail.
  70. Since it was entering the dam at an almost flat trajectory, there was some doubt as to whether it could do the job.
  71. Hence when the lightning lord deployed his finishing blow it met halfway on its trajectory with a torrid photosphere.
  72. So we must have a reasonable expectation that the business will be able to continue on this current growth trajectory.
  73. It was moving on a ballistic trajectory that would take it a few thousand kilometers away from their current position.
  74. And to my newly acquired library I added some books posted by prestigious wizards and witches of recognized trajectory.
  75. He sniffed its new-cut leaves delicately and then, after turning this way and that to get range and trajectory, he fired.
  76. My arms shot up between me and her and I knocked her arms outward throwing the trajectory of her blades away from my chest.
  77. Then, much later, the ship assumed a landing trajectory, but instead of landing, it disappeared completely from my sensors.
  78. The book took no account of the trajectory of improvement in place at the time, such as the enforcement of the Factory Acts.
  79. Of course we know the story here: Apple continued its trajectory upwards as it increased more than 5 times off its lows in 2009.
  80. He whipped his pole back like he was cracking a whip, jerking the falling fragment off its trajectory to one side of the river.
  81. At the same instant, Volodya flew aside with such a force and along such a trajectory as if Sensei stood near him and not near us.
  82. The car’s headlamps trained vainly on the constellation of Orion before illuminating the downward curve of the car’s trajectory.
  83. But in mid-flight his arm seemed to become too heavy, gradually slowing in its trajectory and starting to fall back to the counter.
  84. Moreover, it would be better if it flied at a descending trajectory from the very beginning – shooting above the head from over 1.
  85. The formula Newton suggested did not make any room for a circle of any sort to form the trajectory of a planet or a comet trajectory.
  86. They made the calculations necessary to change their trajectory in order to arrive at the shore the next night instead of the morning.
  87. The unfortunate Joshiro got hit by all three incoming arrows, one of which was apparently meant for Jenny, judging from its trajectory.
  88. So when the end table was knocked over, they should have spilled mostly in front of it, following the trajectory of the falling table.
  89. The trajectory of an airplane carrying fuel in both the wings and the fuselage would not leave some section of the pentagon in between.
  90. Using equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, the ruthless AI propels a payload of predetermined mass (m) along a downward-opening parabolic trajectory.
  91. Although the Weatherby has a flatter trajectory, when making a long-distance shot you have to re-set the sight, even with this type of bullet.
  92. From very preliminary studies of the trajectory done by our specialists, that missile could have flown even further if wanted to by the Americans.
  93. Judging from the radar track, it looks like it’ll reach the top of its trajectory soon and come down within a thousand miles of the launch point.
  94. Based on its escape velocity and trajectory, relative to the pursuing Phoenix, it never should have made it out of the system with standard engines.
  95. Whatever the range of its flight, however evasive its trajectory (even up and over the Nautilus), the hapless flying fish always found a dolphin to.
  96. In a brief moment our eyes met absorbed in our mutual stupor then, he helped me to raise the rest of the trajectory, with his arms swirled in my waist.
  97. Not that zooming up is bad, it is just that a company that is being snaffled up sneakily is more sexy than some shooting star on its firework trajectory.
  98. Her push was off a bit and she had to use her gas gun to correct her trajectory, firing only short, calculated jets in order to save on her gas propellant.
  99. That motor would apply the final corrections to the asteroid's trajectory over the next few months, it would pretty much free-fall after passing the C star.
  100. The newcomers were split in two groups and flew in tight formations, cutting at right angle the trajectory of the bombers while releasing hundreds of bombs.

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