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Trajectory in a sentence

1. The ship continued on its trajectory.
2. I mean, the trajectory was like a rocket.
3. Calculate a high-speed trajectory to Pallas.
4. Change the speed and trajectory of throw (eg.
5. He used his hand to demonstrate his trajectory.
6. Her trajectory and mine had been quite similar.
7. Scott diverted his trajectory down toward Josh.

8. Hopefully a random trajectory would confuse them.
9. The Cat will be going on a rectangular trajectory.
10. The trajectory of an object in space-time is called.
11. When they do the post they’ll confirm the trajectory.
12. Puller eyed what was coming up and gauged the trajectory.
13. Wetherby, helped to his feet, protested his trajectory:.
14. These are the same calculations our trajectory is based on.
15. We are still on track to planned trajectory within four meters.
16. We have measured a slight deflection in the comet’s trajectory.
17. They also could still alter their trajectory to end up behind us.
18. Its current trajectory has it on a collision course with the sun.
19. They are able to balance the growth trajectory with profitability.
20. Unless they’re drones in a ballistic trajectory, Wendy said.
21. Leaving it weightless in space, but still on its guided trajectory.
22. The range shortened for the archers, and their trajectory flattened.
23. I turned this way and that, as if I could get a trajectory on a thought.
24. Would the Captain prefer a straight line or elliptical trajectory?
25. Marisha started off on a Marxist trajectory and was stopped in mid air.
26. I don’t think so: that thing just altered its trajectory towards us.
27. He could judge where his attacker was based on the bullets’ trajectory.
28. Its trajectory instantly went skyward into Mitchell's third base territory.
29. It is now within 5,400 kilometers and has just altered slightly its trajectory.
30. The reality was that we could be hit by a shell falling through its trajectory.
31. Plot our current trajectory and the trajectory of the missiles on your display.
32. Normally they would probably have continued along their trajectory until impact.
33. Just look at this revenue trajectory, even through the great recession (fig 16).
34. Ingrid thus decided to keep to her intended trajectory and damn the consequences.
35. By its trajectory it should have impacted somewhere in the western Zhlindu basin.
36. Irons are the clubs that are used when a golfer wants to achieve better trajectory.
37. It came down through our atmosphere on a straight down trajectory and landed approx.
38. For distances over this, some uneveness might be experienced in the flight trajectory.
39. Every countervailing act only micro-fractionally recalibrates the culture's trajectory.
40. Its trajectory erratic, clearly designed to evade their most advanced targeting system.

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