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    1. That motor would apply the final corrections to the asteroid's trajectory over the next few months, it would pretty much free-fall after passing the C star

    2. "By its trajectory it should have impacted somewhere in the western Zhlindu basin

    3. "These are the same calculations our trajectory is based on

    4. The distress signal gave data on the asteroid, such as its position in outer-space when the distress signal had been sent out, as well as a predicted trajectory path for the asteroid, so that the crew back on Earth could send a rescue ship to save everybody

    5. Trajectory for the masses?

    6. His once blissful union based on the young couple’s high expectations of everlasting love had degenerated into an impersonal routine of convenience since it was easier for him and his wife to continue on their downward trajectory rather than go through a traumatic and painful process of separation

    7. If I’m not super thrilled about my probable trajectory for what remains of my life’s path, I could then spend a while reflecting on some key questions (issues) that may have a positive effect on the time I have left

    8. by NASA in trajectory navigation, after the

    9. Scott diverted his trajectory down toward Josh

    10. Mostly he’d collate trajectory stats, risk analysis probabilities, and sometimes an anomaly

    11. Hopefully a random trajectory would confuse them

    12. Its trajectory erratic, clearly designed to evade their most advanced targeting system

    13. Normally they would probably have continued along their trajectory until impact

    14. Ending the fake call, he attached it to the scanner main base, then continued walking briskly for a few seconds – all the while on a trajectory course towards the woman – until the call-sign alerted him

    15. After a short stop in Braga where we visited the cathedral and admired the house and the chapel of the Coimbra family, we resumed our trajectory towards Túy, Spain

    16. The reality was that we could be hit by a shell falling through its trajectory

    17. The thing was probably going seventy or eighty miles an hour as it left the ship on its own trajectory

    18. Since the observer has mass, and bodies attract mutually according to their mass, the mass of the observer must have bent the trajectory of the first object—hence affecting the outcome of the observation

    19. The book took no account of the trajectory of improvement in place at the time, such as the enforcement of the Factory Acts

    20. While the ladders were being prepared, we also positioned the cannon to fire in high trajectory over the walls

    21. This long trajectory reminded Roger of his native Bierzo, not only for its fertile fields, but also for the sight of coal, which in a specific locality transferred Roger’s mind to the Ponferrada he knew in the fifties

    22. at least on a clear trajectory to get to that state

    23. clear trajectory to get to that state

    24. its own trajectory towards the Sun also

    25. too concerned with their downward trajectory to carry on

    26. Up it flew arcing gently over, rapidly losing energy because of the steepness of the trajectory

    27. The question is, how will I or anyone react to seeing some character start toward me behind the point of a long sharp spear? How will one of us react if he looks up and sees hundreds of lethal missiles poised at the top of their trajectory, and all aimed at him? Will he freeze, cower under his shield, run behind a tree?"

    28. Based on its escape velocity and trajectory, relative to the pursuing Phoenix, it never should have made it out of the system with standard engines

    29. Which of these choices a child makes is a telling test; it offers a quick reading not just of character, but of the trajectory that a child will probably take through life

    30. up perfectly with the bullet’s trajectory, one where the bullet entered and

    31. “Force times the trajectory angle-“

    32. While the carpet was staggering with a hammock swaying, I could discern in the peak of one of the mountains, a medieval structure towards which the carpet seemed to address inevitably and against we would smash irremediably, of maintaining the current trajectory

    33. In a brief moment our eyes met absorbed in our mutual stupor then, he helped me to raise the rest of the trajectory, with his arms swirled in my waist

    34. Seconds, before ending gobbled by the dark mass, Leonardo, with the magical bore still on his shoulders, held her by the ankle and managed to extract her off the mortal trajectory

    35. And to my newly acquired library I added some books posted by prestigious wizards and witches of recognized trajectory

    36. He whipped his pole back like he was cracking a whip, jerking the falling fragment off its trajectory to one side of the river

    37. Irons are the clubs that are used when a golfer wants to achieve better trajectory

    38. Then, much later, the ship assumed a landing trajectory, but instead of landing, it disappeared completely from my sensors

    39. I have been on the phone with some of my colleagues, and from their observations and calculations, it has been determined that there are now fifteen spacecrafts on a trajectory directly toward Earth

    40. The broken moon continued on a trajectory that would take it directly into the system’s sun

    41. Would the Captain prefer a straight line or elliptical trajectory?”

    42. advanced on the drone now coasting on its assigned trajectory

    43. calculated trajectory which will eventually drop it into the sun

    44. out of fuel and was on a ballistic trajectory

    45. “Unless they’re drones in a ballistic trajectory,” Wendy said

    46. Plot our current trajectory and the trajectory of the missiles on your display

    47. It was moving on a ballistic trajectory that would take it a few thousand kilometers away from their current position

    48. The ship continued on its trajectory

    49. The freighter’s trajectory would take it across her current course with plenty of room to spare

    50. calculations on the comet’s trajectory

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