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Frasi con try (in inglese)

  1. But I had to try.
  2. I try not to look.
  3. Try not to be too.
  4. You try to heal it.
  5. Q: But, I did try!.

  6. If you try to un-.
  7. Give it a try the.
  8. It was worth a try.
  9. He would try to go.
  10. Try to keep a count.
  11. He was going to try.
  12. I try to believe her.
  13. He said he would try.
  14. I try to emulate her.
  15. Try it, you will see.

  16. It only took one try.
  17. He had to try anyway.
  18. I try to ignore that.
  19. I will at least try.
  20. Let me try to explain.
  21. Let’s give it a try.
  22. You can try them also.
  23. But we have to try.
  24. Why don’t we try it.
  25. But I was ready to try.

  26. I try to sound casual.
  27. I plan to let her try.
  28. Try to feel time pass.
  29. I try to keep up with.
  30. Don't try to do it all.
  31. I’ll give it a try.
  32. I didn’t have to try.
  33. Coward, you have to try.
  34. We should at least try.
  35. I try to blink it away.
  36. But it was worth a try.
  37. Try 1 capful per quart.
  38. She resolved to try it.
  39. You should try it then.
  40. But it’s worth a try.
  41. But maybe we could try.
  42. Go ahead and try it out.
  43. I try a bite and revive.
  44. I give itone last try:.
  45. He did try to tell them.
  46. I want to try everything.
  47. I try to offend equally.
  48. When I try to describe.
  49. Try me, Monica, and see.
  50. Don’t try to stop her.
  51. Just try she needs any.
  52. Or maybe it is? Try it!.
  53. Let's try to solve this.
  54. But try it for yourself.
  55. Try me and I'll show you.
  56. Or maybe I didn’t try.
  57. Well, let us try it!.
  58. Anyway, it's worth a try.
  59. You might try old August.
  60. Maybe it was worth a try.
  61. Don't try to stop them.
  62. Always try to check for.
  63. I could try it instead.
  64. But he would have to try.
  65. He said he would try to.
  66. He may try to negotiate.
  67. Don't try and stop me ma.
  68. It is our job to try to.
  69. I did try but I couldn't.
  70. Nice try I love what I do.
  71. Try looking at the drug.
  72. It couldn’t hurt to try.
  73. Most guys try to build a.
  74. You are a fool to try so.
  75. But still, she had to try.
  76. Now try to add one thing.
  77. It's worth a try, though.
  78. Try to be brave, my child.
  79. Try not to think about it.
  80. This idiot would try the.
  81. Don’t try to fight it.
  82. Try it along with gurame.
  83. But I had to try with Bes.
  84. Harry decided to try the.
  85. But I think we should try.
  86. If not give it a try, www.
  87. Try not to trip over them.
  88. You really have to try it.
  89. I’m willing to try it.
  90. Nice try, I told her.
  91. I decided I would try to.
  92. Quite so! But we do try.
  93. Maybe, you could try again.
  94. He didn’t try to stop me.
  95. Do not try to impress on.
  96. Therefore, I try to live.
  97. I'll try to remember that.
  98. I have to try, she thought.
  99. Try the sponsor or solo ad.
  100. Try to keep it distracted.
  1. But what I am trying.
  2. I was trying not to.
  3. I’m trying to say is.
  4. He might be trying to.
  5. She was trying too hard.
  6. As you are trying hard.
  7. He's trying to help us.
  8. I was just trying to.
  9. A lady trying to smile.
  10. I’m trying to tell you.
  11. So the body, trying to.
  12. I was trying to buy time.
  13. At least I was trying to.
  14. I'm only trying to help.
  15. I’m trying to help you.
  16. He is trying to get rid.
  17. He was just trying to.
  18. Once you begin trying to.
  19. At least he was trying to.
  20. She was trying to kiss him.
  21. She was trying to trick us.
  22. I’m trying to preserve us.
  23. She hadn't even been trying.
  24. They thought he was trying.
  25. Trying to keep eyes open 10.
  26. Sharon was trying not to cry.
  27. Just trying to be helpful.
  28. He was only trying to plead.
  29. Instead of trying to avoid.
  30. She was just trying to get.
  31. It was still trying to talk.
  32. I’m trying to end this war.
  33. He never bothered trying to.
  34. Now what's he trying to do?
  35. Trying to figure a way into.
  36. They knew it was trying out.
  37. She died trying to save me.
  38. She was trying to help me.
  39. Trying to be treated better.
  40. They’re trying to help you.
  41. Trying to gather his thoughts.
  42. He was trying to get her back.
  43. I have really been trying, too.
  44. I could see Baby Face trying.
  45. She shook her head trying to.
  46. I’m trying to save you!.
  47. He'd stamped his feet trying.
  48. I have been trying to commu-.
  49. Went down in a storm trying to.
  50. Now what’s he trying to do?
  51. Probably trying to cool off.
  52. Maybe he's trying to avoid me.
  53. She would have been trying to.
  54. I was only trying to annoy him.
  55. No point in trying to remember.
  56. We’re all trying to help you.
  57. Someone was trying to frame him.
  58. Satan is trying to stop them.
  59. Just trying to process the info.
  60. I'm trying to track it down now.
  61. Are trying to tel the remaining.
  62. What is He trying to tell you?
  63. I'm trying to move into the gap.
  64. I’m trying to seizure again.
  65. I am trying with my What The.
  66. I stop trying to break the glass.
  67. She had only been trying to help.
  68. You were trying to lure us from.
  69. Always trying things out on us.
  70. Not, you know, trying not to die.
  71. And then trying to hide it again.
  72. I had a hell of a time trying to.
  73. He followed, trying not care too.
  74. He knew what she was trying to do.
  75. What are you trying to pull here?
  76. He’s trying to protect his team.
  77. Surely she was trying to read his.
  78. Trying to pretend never conceived.
  79. He had been trying as hard as he.
  80. I think she’s trying to use you.
  81. He walked over quickly, trying to.
  82. Meenu was lost trying to recall it.
  83. They continued trying to convince.
  84. I’m trying to help the emperor.
  85. He eyes John, trying to size him up.
  86. Three grays are trying to calm him.
  87. There was no point trying to leave.
  88. I'm still trying to do that myself.
  89. I stopped trying to speak with him.
  90. I am not trying to embarrass you.
  91. Maybe he was trying to read my mind.
  92. Hey, you dumbass! Are you trying to.
  93. Shen nodded trying to force a smile.
  94. In the game and trying to win it!?!.
  95. OK, but I was just trying to help.
  96. They must be trying to stay hidden.
  97. Even life events such as trying to.
  98. The man trying to ruin her country.
  99. You are still trying to hold on to.
  100. You’re just trying to avoid me.
  1. And he had tried it.
  2. I tried to kiss her.
  3. I tried not to gag.
  4. I tried to save him.
  5. He had not tried to.
  6. Now he tried to see.
  7. He tried to stop me.
  8. I tried to look calm.
  9. He tried to read her.
  11. I tried to be normal.
  12. I tried to tell her.
  13. I tried to close my.
  14. I tried to think on it.
  15. I tried the new one on.
  16. He tried to face the.
  17. He tried hard not to.
  18. I tried to stop her.
  19. I tried to look non-.
  20. He tried to open his.
  21. I tried to think back.
  22. Nadir tried to see it.
  23. I tried to learn from.
  24. I tried to shut him up.
  25. She tried not to stare.
  26. They tried to shoot me.
  27. They tried to call you.
  28. He tried not to think.
  29. I tried to comfort her.
  30. He tried to destroy me.
  31. I tried to imagine that.
  32. He tried to kill me.
  33. So; I tried a new thing.
  34. She tried to catch up.
  35. He tried to calm him:.
  36. She tried to pull free.
  37. He tried not to stiffen.
  38. He tried the snifter kit.
  39. Dad tried to console me.
  40. She tried to call me.
  41. Jean tried his best to.
  42. One monk tried to stop.
  43. I tried to hold her hand.
  44. I tried to destroy the.
  45. Nico tried not to laugh.
  46. I tried to comfort them.
  47. Lucy at least tried to.
  48. So we tried to do better.
  49. Or at least he tried to.
  50. He’d tried to kill me.
  51. I tried to call, the.
  52. She tried the taps again.
  53. Again, I tried the crank.
  54. And the more I tried to.
  55. He tried to analyze the.
  56. I tried to answer, Yes.
  57. Ennil tried to imagine it.
  58. She tried to think back.
  59. I tried to study in the.
  60. He tried it on with the.
  61. I tried to turn my head.
  62. But I tried not to think.
  63. Doc tried the door handle.
  64. He tried to deny it after.
  65. He tried not to look too.
  66. But I have tried to do so.
  67. M: Because you never tried.
  68. He tried to lose himself.
  69. She tried to remember if.
  70. Becky tried to imitate me.
  71. Pamela tried to pull away.
  72. He tried not to think on it.
  73. I tried to grab hold of it.
  74. Selma tried to scream but.
  75. I tried to remove my good.
  76. Marx never tried for a job.
  77. Abbey tried to comfort him.
  78. I tried to catch my breath.
  79. He tried to scoot backward.
  80. He had tried to call, but.
  81. Thomas tried to judge how.
  82. They tried again and again.
  83. Suddenly, he tried to stand.
  84. She tried his personal comm.
  85. We tried to have a normal.
  86. I already tried that, sir.
  87. I tried to save her…I.
  88. As I tried to capture it I.
  89. He tried to start the bike.
  90. Dave tried to break the ice.
  91. He tried not to look at her.
  92. Henry tried to explain to Mr.
  93. Jack tried to stop laughing.
  94. Peter tried to approach her.
  95. The Ultimate Tried & Tested.
  96. Trust me, I have tried this.
  97. Charly tried to hide a smile.
  98. He tried to orient himself.
  99. But I tried every one I saw.
  100. Charly tried to reassure her.
  1. If he tries to go.
  2. Rio tries to cover us.
  3. He tries to hold it in.
  4. He tries to ignore it.
  5. He tries not to panic.
  6. A helper he tries to be.
  7. He hides and tries to.
  8. Fenrir tries to lick it.
  9. She tries to wiggle free.
  10. If anyone tries to stop.
  11. Daniel tries not to laugh.
  12. If anyone tries to harm.
  13. Jaden tries to go faster.
  14. Jay tries to push him off.
  15. John tries to shake it off.
  17. Mama tries to bite her ear.
  18. Reagan tries again at 4:57 p.
  19. She tries to put aside her.
  20. If the horse tries to move.
  21. He always tries to stump me.
  22. TK tries to open the hatch.
  23. Marcus slowly tries to stand.
  24. He tries anything, hurt him.
  25. I took three tries to do it.
  26. Willie tries to shoo it away.
  27. To peer into the future tries.
  28. He tries to comfort her also.
  29. Cherrie tries to cover for me.
  30. He tries to stand but can’t.
  31. She fights, tries to run away.
  32. She tries to stay mad, can’t.
  33. But his power tries to escape.
  34. Jayson tries to play the victim.
  35. She tries to trick you!.
  36. It took several tries, but she.
  37. It took four tries to open the.
  38. Jock tries to beg with his eyes.
  39. Tries to drown a fish in waters.
  40. Tripwire tries again, So ummm.
  41. Perhaps worse of all, it tries.
  42. If he backs up or tries to pull.
  43. If she tries to escape, stun her.
  44. When he tries, I’ll stop him.
  45. Team leader 1 tries to re-circle.
  46. In this world of what tries to be.
  47. The Devil always tries to enslave.
  48. And tries to stare down the batter.
  49. She tries to think of other things.
  50. Ricci bristles, tries to stay cool.
  51. He tries to defend his evil actions.
  52. Wait until he tries to use his paw.
  53. Marie-Laure tries to lie very still.
  54. Science tries to accumulate things.
  55. He saw the tears she tries to hide.
  56. He tries to find somewhere to hide.
  57. Oxford won by a goal and two tries.
  58. In fact, a belief system tries to.
  59. He’s upbeat and tries to educate.
  60. This section tries to answer the RQ1.
  61. He tries the door, but it’s locked.
  62. He tries to focus on the job in hand.
  63. It took me two tries, but I said it.
  64. Kill everything that tries to enter.
  65. She tries her best to look impassive.
  66. Ury tries to coach Rita to come over.
  67. My father tries to keep them distant.
  68. Avery tries to defend himself, But.
  69. Siegfried tries to imitate the birds.
  70. She tries to push the sensation away.
  71. Rather too late, he tries to catch up.
  72. She tries to lose herself in the walk.
  73. Turning, she tries to release Fenrir.
  74. She panics and tries to fight him off.
  75. Five bucks says he tries the skylight.
  76. Man tries to jump into the popemobile.
  77. God help anybody that tries to stop us.
  78. His mind returns he tries to hold back.
  79. The frightened farrier tries to escape.
  80. She tries hard to absorb all the guilt.
  81. BLOOM: (Tries to laugh) He, he, he! Yes.
  82. He tries to look up at all the options.
  83. He tries hiding behind Cass, hoping Mr.
  84. She tries to turn away, but she can’t.
  85. Once the customer tries our brand it is.
  86. In spite of the fact that she tries to.
  87. He tries not just to realise his abil-.
  88. Aaron tries to look back at me but the.
  89. Willy always tries that las’ flash.
  90. He tries to do too much on his trips to.
  91. That Ye maiden tries to use numerous.
  92. He tries to shun his bad thoughts about.
  93. Your mind observes the man and tries to.
  94. The bible tries to blame eve for adams sin.
  95. It tries to make sense of all this babble.
  96. She tries to stop me, but I don’t listen.
  97. The yoke of love which tries to bind him?
  98. John tries to eat the raw fish, gags on it.
  99. He also tries to help us help one another.
  100. Trid’s successful at whatever he tries.

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