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Frasi con tv (in inglese)

1. But we buy a TV.
2. He saw a TV and.
3. I turn the TV off.
4. You turn on the TV.
5. He had seen the TV.
6. The TV was on CNBC.
7. Saw him on the TV.

8. It was on TV news.
9. As usual, at the TV.
10. He turned on the TV.
11. I switched off the TV.
12. I switched on the TV.
13. TV and in video games.
14. And the TV went dead.
15. They have even a TV.
17. Don flipped on the TV.
18. One down from Fame TV.
19. TV built into the wal.
20. She flipped on the TV.
21. You looked good on TV.
22. A TV crew had arrived.
23. A TV was on somewhere.
24. He heard the TV turn on.
25. Sat with his TV vahini.
26. She switched off the TV.
27. THE TV WAS tuned to CNN.
28. On and on the TV drones.
29. She switched on the TV.
30. It’s not like on TV.
31. What is on TV tonight?
32. Then he turned on the TV.
34. I found out through TV.
35. They’ve left the TV on.
36. Then the TV switched off.
37. Is it on TV yet?
38. TV show you call StarTrek.
39. Now made into a TV movie.
40. No! That is only on TV.
41. I think it was the TV.
42. He then glanced at the TV.
43. I watched TV and ripped.
44. To the TV show character.
45. Movies and TV shows show.
46. She stared at the TV and.
47. I do not want to watch TV.
48. Reality TV all over again.
49. It was prime time on TV!.
50. TV show Thicker than Water.
51. Abi and Katie watching TV.
52. I’m going to watch TV.
53. Watch some TV, I said.
54. There are concerns for TV.
55. Shall I open the TV?
56. I now have a TV program.
57. Jeff turned on the big TV.
58. Call radio and TV stations.
59. I just played him on TV.
60. At the very end of new TV.
61. He nodded and muted the TV.
62. Be careful watching the TV.
63. TV was no different at home.
64. The tv screen was now black.
65. Distortion of TV Screen, 70.
66. She was all broken up on TV.
67. I watch TV; therefore, I am.
68. And that is to ditch your TV.
69. Play music or turn on the TV.
70. The TV video switched to a.
71. On TV (as I edit this book).
72. I aimed my camera at the TV.
73. Then, the TV turned itself on.
74. Oh, I know—it was on TV.
75. And then the TV went off, too.
76. You’ll watch it on TV, OK?
77. TV, but his mind was far away.
78. And all the same old TV shows.
79. Now Mahr is back on cable TV.
80. Have you had your TV on?
81. Only on TV there are actors.
82. There’s TV on in the city.
83. TV vans and cars lined both.
84. She cried along with the TV.
85. But you need to watch the TV.
86. No, I just turned on the TV.
87. No, I borrowed an Apple TV.
88. Images I had seen on TV of a.
89. I don’t want to watch TV.
90. What I said on TV was true.
91. Out of nowhere, the TV came on.
92. The newsfolk on TV these days.
93. But, you have got a TV here.
94. I was here, we had the TV on.
95. He followed her gaze to the TV.
96. A DVD player and TV were set up.
97. The new weekly TV hour was an.
98. Fall asleep in front of the TV.
100. A CNN report plays on the TV:.

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