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Frasi con video (in inglese)

  1. TV and in video games.
  2. I was sent the video.
  3. Video is a great and.
  4. There was a VIDEO TAPE.
  5. The Video Saloon is a.

  6. Import video to your PC.
  7. Then a video image of Dr.
  8. With God video at www.
  9. It looked good in video.
  10. See the full video here:.
  11. He showed me a video of.
  12. I have tested video and.
  13. I was at hand with video.
  14. We have video files of it.
  15. To view the video, visit.

  16. We do this also with video.
  17. It was all video streaming.
  18. It is a video call!’’.
  19. That was the first video.
  20. We shot a music video today.
  21. Capshaw just posted a video.
  22. I assume that the video.
  23. Divers have taken video of.
  24. What Can You Do with Video?
  25. The TV video switched to a.

  26. There’s a video on the way.
  27. The video tapes were rolling.
  28. Click here to watch the video.
  29. Do you really use the video.
  30. The Video Saloon was almost.
  31. I’ve created a video at www.
  32. Video! Click Here To See It!.
  33. It showed the pad video feed.
  34. I switch the video feed again.
  35. He would save the video for.
  36. Yuki forwarded the video again.
  37. The other child in the video.
  38. On the screen, a short video.
  39. It can even act like a video.
  40. That video was directed at me.
  41. She noted the time on the video.
  42. Harry logged off the video chat.
  43. There was a break in the video.
  44. MySpace weirdos than Video Hits.
  45. Put Together a Roast in Video.
  46. He even video tapes this event.
  47. Doll was in the video, you know.
  48. God created the first video game.
  49. It’s a video memoir for you.
  50. He was video chatting with Elle.
  52. The school had no video cameras.
  53. We could set up video cameras.
  54. Apuna then accessed a video file.
  55. All they do is play video games.
  56. And the video ended on that note.
  57. You know what, Watch the video:.
  58. The attachment was another video.
  59. Angel nodded and paused the video.
  60. My dad is addicted to video games.
  61. After Miller put her video tour.
  62. I’ve seen that video before.
  63. Watch the Screencast Video here:.
  64. You don’t even play video games.
  65. For a video shoot, they were told.
  66. I saw the video of your parents.
  67. They waited for the video to load.
  68. The video stops playing the rescue.
  69. He’s watching a video of his son.
  70. A video resume consisting of you.
  71. We were watching the digital video.
  72. In George’s video, he shows proof.
  73. By video phone, Jared snorted.
  74. URL in the description of the video.
  75. If you can create a video that is.
  76. Maybe the video Oleg showed me was.
  77. Mickey was holding the video camera.
  78. To receive the entire 10 video set.
  79. One of them had a video camera and.
  80. T-That video was on the flash drive.
  81. Octavia watched the video in silence.
  82. The video was however far from over.
  83. It was embarrassing, and on video.
  84. If students had a video homework (e.
  85. Click on the picture to see the video.
  86. Video cameras follow your every move.
  87. This time by video which is so weird.
  88. I’d gotten the confession on video.
  89. Have you seen the video in full?
  90. His voice rings on in video record-.
  91. The video shook again as she stood up.
  92. Yeah, he wants to video chat soon.
  93. She glanced back at the video monitor.
  94. There, the visit starts with a video.
  95. He walks around the 3D imaging video.
  96. The video had been shown to the jury.
  97. He had seen a video of it on the Web.
  98. We will be viewing that video shortly.
  99. Click on the picture to view the video.
  100. There was a video arcade on the corner.

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