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Video in una frase (in inglese)

I was sent the video.
TV and in video games.
Video is a great and.
The Video Saloon is a.
There was a VIDEO TAPE.
Import video to your PC.
It looked good in video.

Then a video image of Dr.
With God video at www.
I have tested video and.
He showed me a video of.
See the full video here:.
I was at hand with video.
We have video files of it.
To view the video, visit.
We do this also with video.
It was all video streaming.
It is a video call!’’.
We shot a music video today.
What Can You Do with Video?
The TV video switched to a.
That was the first video.
Capshaw just posted a video.
Divers have taken video of.
I assume that the video.
Click here to watch the video.
Video! Click Here To See It!.
The video tapes were rolling.
I’ve created a video at www.
There’s a video on the way.
I switch the video feed again.
He would save the video for.
It showed the pad video feed.
Do you really use the video.
The Video Saloon was almost.
Yuki forwarded the video again.
On the screen, a short video.
That video was directed at me.
The other child in the video.
It can even act like a video.

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