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Tv in a sentence

But we buy a TV.
He saw a TV and.
I turn the TV off.
You turn on the TV.
He had seen the TV.
The TV was on CNBC.
As usual, at the TV.

He turned on the TV.
Saw him on the TV.
It was on TV news.
They have even a TV.
And the TV went dead.
TV and in video games.
I switched on the TV.
I switched off the TV.
She flipped on the TV.
One down from Fame TV.
A TV crew had arrived.
Don flipped on the TV.
TV built into the wal.
A TV was on somewhere.
You looked good on TV.
THE TV WAS tuned to CNN.
Sat with his TV vahini.
She switched off the TV.
On and on the TV drones.
She switched on the TV.
He heard the TV turn on.
Then he turned on the TV.
It’s not like on TV.
They’ve left the TV on.
I found out through TV.
Then the TV switched off.
Is it on TV yet?
What is on TV tonight?
No! That is only on TV.
Now made into a TV movie.
He then glanced at the TV.

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