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Frasi con twiddle (in inglese)

  1. It’s all in how you twiddle the knobs.
  2. So what do I do in the meantime? Like over the next few days? Just sit here and twiddle my thumbs?

  1. TWIDDLING our thumbs.
  2. He nodded again, twiddling his fingers.
  3. Think of it as a grand twiddling of thumbs.
  4. Rex walked by the side of the hallway nervously, twiddling his.
  5. He smiled and nodded, twiddling his thumbs with some nervousness.
  6. Eric was sitting on top of a hill, twiddling a blade of grass and listening to Mr.
  7. He took a seat across from her, and for at least an hour, they sat there twiddling.
  8. We had been camped here in this low depression in the Wastelands for two days twiddling our thumbs.
  9. At the far end of the block he could see Mark, pointing the RF scanner at it whilst twiddling with its controls.
  10. Yes, while the rest of you were twiddling your thumbs, Tris climbed the Ferris wheel to look for the other team, he says.
  11. Chin just sat there, leaning back in his leather office chair with his fingers interlaced, twiddling his thumbs over his chest.
  12. The men within the door stared at one another, shifting on their boots, twiddling their fingers, and holding onto their hip belts.
  13. Beth sat sideways with one hand on his thigh and the other twiddling his earlobe, hoping to, somehow, alleviate his pain and worry.
  14. Hey, hey, wait a minute; what’s going on? Don’t youze speak English? Mike had been locked in the holding cell at the airport, twiddling his thumbs, with nothing but his thoughts for a long while.
  15. The egocentricity of the child, as if international aid organizations were sitting around twiddling their thumbs while little Abigail Mackenzie on the Pirriwee Peninsula was the only one taking decisive action.
  16. The commander thought about this for a moment then burst into laughter ‘… Ha… ha… ha…’ and then said, while twiddling his moustache, ‘My dear Aslan… you have exaggerated the whole incident so much and you’ve given the matter far too much importance.
  17. The fact that it didn’t move, merely dangled also didn’t help its case, but when the tips of its branches began to move up and down, then forward, as though a fly twiddling beneath its forelegs a piece of debris, Shelly’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in surprise.
  18. If wishing is all, what apathy – energy the Play-Doh of the metaphysical speculation, a sea-beached god twiddling counterfactuals for the bemusement of their indifference listlessly flipping probabilities, a mindless fusion of what if's, without adventuring upon any of the steps the stone is burdened with, that drowns the coin's refugees in wells without escape.
  19. In Felix I sensed the businessman, I could tell he was in the habit of entering his problems in his mental search engine and waiting for a list of alternatives to come up but this time he didn't stand a chance because the wide blue was smiling as wide and as blue as only the wide blue can smile and the balmy air was becalming his twiddling and so he was forced to relax a little more, close his eyes and lay back.
  20. With the help of Katenka I first learnt the notes (incidentally breaking several of them with my clumsy fingers), and then—that is to say, after two months of hard work, supplemented by ceaseless twiddling of my rebellious fingers on my knees after luncheon, and on the pillow when in bed—went on to “pieces,” which I played (so Katenka assured me) with “soul” (“avec ame”), but altogether regardless of time.
  1. Lyle looked down and twiddled his thumbs.
  2. Kandras twiddled some knobs and tuned his set.
  3. She twiddled the syringe in her fingers, then.
  4. She held the tandem firmly while Will twiddled away with the spanner.

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