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Frasi con twirl (in inglese)

  1. They dance and twirl for a while.
  2. In the blazing wind as they twirl.
  3. They start to run and twirl down the street.
  4. They all dance, twirl and spin for a short while.
  5. Then Sue started doing a helicopter twirl with it.

  6. They then dance and twirl around the floating ball.
  7. This is an exquisitely executed triple twirl with a dip.
  8. They swirled around Us joyously inviting Us to twirl with Them.
  9. Aware that she was wasting her time, she began to twirl in a circle.
  10. The man, without answering, began to twirl the ends of his moustache.
  11. With the twirl of my tongue I encompass worlds and volumes of worlds.
  12. A quickening shot through his blood as he commenced to twirl the chain.
  13. I was above them, a twirl of feathers spinning on the ground below me.
  14. Cass quickly learns the basic steps as they twirl under a canopy of stars.
  15. He spun around again, finishing the twirl with a flourish by kicking a puddle.

  16. They then grab the floating ball and twirl and disappear off the stage with the ball.
  17. Holding each apple by its stick, quickly twirl in syrup, tilting pan to cover apple.
  18. While picking a wedgie out of my ass, I twirl around for my mother, showing off my moves.
  19. It was amazing that she could throw him around, spin him, and twirl him all from the leash.
  20. As the music plays, Charlotte and Bernice come out and twirl from opposite sides of the stage.
  21. She looked back to see the figments that had once been Furies twirl and sail away, laughing at her.
  22. Still puffing furiously on his pipes he stood up, holding the stick upright and setting the bowl to twirl.
  23. Diane D and the Dianettes appear to have awaken out of their sleep as they swirl and twirl with the male dancers.
  24. The Howard Jones dancers twirl towards the front of the stage as Diane D and the Dianettes twirl towards the back.
  25. To walk away from the ways of the world Send the ways of the world in a backward twirl Stand up for your convictions.

  26. Diane D and the Dianettes twirl off the stage as the Howard Jones Dancers are left alone, twirling around on the stage.
  27. One such move required the guys to hold their partners from waist, pull them closer, twirl them around and then lift them up.
  28. She picked up Tom's sample case and was about to throw it out with a discus type twirl when she spotted Fizzicist cycling pass.
  29. She then threw her chef’s hat in the air, followed by her signature twirl, which made them both burst into a fit of laughter.
  30. In fact, by the end of the 1936 season he’d have a Phi Beta Kappa key of his own to twirl on his finger, just like Al Ulbrickson.
  31. When she stumbles out of the dance, I will the old dude with her—another uncle?—to swing her into an exaggerated twirl, like it was planned.
  32. He straightened his tie and took his Phi Beta Kappa key from his vest pocket and began to twirl it on its lanyard, as he often did on such occasions.
  33. To watch and guide over us till the end of time Protect us from any harm of this world Send all negativity in a backward twirl Your power is of the most high.
  34. Desi’s lake house would have a grand kitchen, it would have rooms I could traipse around in—I could hills are alive twirl in them, the rooms would be so massive.
  35. They happened to be Italian loafers with a snakelike twirl stitched on the top, and her first thought was that she was going to kill her friend who had set up the blind date.
  36. So we see that by the flimsy twirl of a phrase, all there plain admonitions are pushed far from us into the mazes of uncertainty, losing their power on the lives of the people.
  37. Stone and the Myrmidone cluster eternal and unending, shifting and shaping like the kaleidoscope colors when you were a child and held the long tube to the sun and gave it a twirl.
  38. Not just to twirl and spin around on stage randomly and look pretty in a pink tutu (most of the time, her outfits were white, because she was one of the best dancers in her ballet class).
  39. Fat, lazy snowflakes were drifting down from the night sky, illuminated by the light shining from the windows and caught by a breath of wind which made them twirl like ballerinas in the spotlight.
  40. As Moriana sought her prey, Timonus tried his best to stand on his toes and look over the nearby cliff's edge, which, although still a good six or seven meters away, made his stomach twirl at the height of it.
  41. In the time it took these stoned apprehensions to shamble across the stage of his attention and do their little twirl, the traffic signals had gone from yellow to red, pinning the bus into place a dozen blocks off.
  42. I watched the snake charmer from my balcony through the camera’s lens, as the snake started to twist and twirl its way out of the basket, the man swaying himself from side to side as if in communion with the snake.
  43. They twirl to the center of the stage and dance together, performing fantastic ballet moves as the crowd starts to scream and shout, Dianettes! Charlotte and Bernice start to run together and twirl high in the air.
  44. Ensuring she was spotlessly clean he examined her and instructed her to stand this way and that, bend over, life her arms, never touching her, when she was dressed he made her twirl around and display herself like a courtesan, strutting around the barn.
  45. As Levi’s appearance altered perilously, I also began to notice the familiar twirl in Ishvara’s eyes while his facial veins began to stir, not wishing a complete vampire showdown, I pushed Ishvara off and placed myself between the two guys vying for my apparent attention.
  46. Back on stage, Diane D is balancing her entire weight on one hand as she starts to spin and twirl the rest of her body around! Diane D's legs move about and sway around in the air in different split positions as she continues to hold her balance and entire body weight on one hand!.
  47. The other actors separated them, and, by a majority of voices, the part was entrusted to Nietsvitaeff; not because he was more suited to it than the other, and that he bore a greater resemblance to a nobleman, but only because he had assured them all that he would have a cane, and that he would twirl it and rap it out grand, like a true nobleman—a dandy of the latest fashion—which was more than Vanka and Ospiety could do, seeing they have never known any noblemen.
  1. It’s twirling the loop around.
  2. Jason stopped twirling in his chair.
  3. He was twirling his brass knuckles.
  4. Hurd again started twirling his mustache.
  5. Then he turned slowly, his wings twirling.
  6. Her hair was plaited, and she was twirling.
  7. Nimbly they dance, twirling their skipping ropes.
  8. Scott shook his head and made a twirling motion.
  9. Dane and Alexis were twirling around the dance floor.
  10. Punk was once again sat in his chair, twirling his.
  11. A Griever charged in from the right, blades twirling.
  12. The bomber began falling, white smoke twirling from it.
  13. Greg nodded, still twirling the ring loosely on his finger.
  14. Twirling a chain around her neck as she talked on the phone.
  15. Of course, he said, twirling a blade of grass in his mouth.
  16. What? Where is that? I asked Rita who smiled twirling Kiki.
  17. Adrian twirling the ends of my hair around and around his fingers.
  18. All eyes shift from the envelope towards the twirling Miss Avery.
  19. She holds the chain as her twirling body erupts with a, Weee!.
  20. Garcia sat back in his chair, twirling one of the cigars in his hand.
  21. Twirling around the floor she made her way to Morella as the skirt.
  22. Twirling high above her head, weaving it’s self into a giant braid.
  23. How did he know? She wondered, twirling around to look straight at him.
  24. They’d gone into a phase of high fives, pom-poms, and twirling skirts.
  25. Sarah was a few feet away, timidly twirling her hair around her fingers.
  26. I use the staff as leverage, leaping and twirling as I have not in years.
  27. So they reckon, he replied, twirling a finger through a wisp of hair.
  28. Will gripped the rail of the stairwell in his left hand while twirling in.
  29. Mother entered stage left, twirling and flapping her cape like a giant crow.
  30. I screamed as he suddenly scooped me in his arms, twirling me around excitedly.
  31. Kena and Karah were still twirling around the floor and Osric sat contentedly.
  32. They spend several hours slowly twirling in the vacant area between the tables.
  33. Orphenn! And then again as a whisper in his ear when they’d stopped twirling.
  34. With his staff twirling in front of him, Ostedes’ branch-hands were obliterated.
  35. Fascinating, she said, twirling a long black strand of hair around her finger.
  36. Ha, Sohrab? But the boy just kept looking down, twirling the line with his finger.
  37. They hang without visible means of support, some motionless, others twirling lazily.
  38. She felt its warmth and stopped her twirling so she could absorb its heat and strength.
  39. March's face, and stood twirling his hat with a guilty air which convicted him at once.
  40. Consider it initiation, said Guntram, idly twirling a bracelet between his fingers.
  41. Two minutes later, Diane D and the Dianettes are still dancing and twirling in the street.
  42. He reached into his pocket, pulled out his keys, and began twirling them around his finger.
  43. That spherical darkness somehow broke space around it, grew, and began twirling into itself.
  44. He’s wearing his grey flannel pants and a white linen shirt, gently twirling his car keys.
  45. To him, twirling with Anne across the crisp winter ground was better than soaring as a bird.
  46. In a blur of motion, Iratus simultaneously launched both his sabers, red blades twirling 87.
  47. His drink had been drained long ago and he held it tightly twirling the glass in his fingers.
  48. Nye sat back, drinking his wine in silence, the unasked questions twirling around in his mind.
  49. Pharaoh sat upon his throne listlessly twirling the tassel that adorned his scepter while he.
  50. With sirens blaring and blue and red lights twirling round, several squad cars stormed the set.
  51. Impossible! he fumed, as the staff of charred wood continued to hold his twirling weapon at bay.
  52. He nodded, twirling his glass on the table as he watched the bubbles rise through the amber liquid.
  53. He was twisting and twirling about, ingratiating himself with the daughters of an ancient General.
  54. Would you trust a girl who writes in purple ink? That should get his mind tumbling and twirling.
  55. He clearly thought that it was wonderful, but twirling around in his stupid kilt, his face made ugly by.
  56. Cassidy stepped forward from the crowd and approached the lead man shaking her hips and twirling her hair.
  57. He had "a lady's waist," a victorious manner of trailing his sword and of twirling his mustache in a hook.
  58. An old seaman, bronzed by the tropical sun, advanced, twirling the remains of a tarpaulin between his hands.
  59. It was impressive to see leaves and dust twirling in the air, but the airball did not pack much of a punch.
  60. It could be something as simple as twirling of your hair or scratching of your head when talking to someone.
  61. Limu accepted a glass of wine from Hank and leaned back, slowly twirling the stem between his molten fingers.
  62. Sónya, when he came in, was twirling round and was about to expand her dresses into a balloon and sit down.
  63. Chuck’s eyes started welling with tears as he sang, Everything’s coming up roses, twirling perfectly.
  64. Just sat there, watching me, one hand drumming the upholstery, the other twirling turquoise blue prayer beads.
  65. Loki smiles with all his teeth and steps with Mimir into the line of dancers, twirling the staff as he does so.
  66. The Bible tells us to rejoice, and that word rejoice is a word for leaping up, twirling around, getting excited.
  67. Needham was twirling his car keys and looking beyond the electric fence in the direction of the surrounding woods.
  68. He was twirling his Elvis wig around in his hand, and it suddenly flew off and over the balcony and into the darkness.
  69. Her mind entertains an elegant dream, that she delightfully dances in the strong arms of twirling white suited sailor.
  70. He’s achingly familiar, but it’s not until I see the vine twirling around his left bicep that I recognize Tristan.
  71. Donna was sitting on the bench, staring into the waterfall and mindlessly twirling her engagement ring, with her thumb.
  72. Still twirling Philip’s hair between his fingers, he leaned into her as a strange sense of calmness took hold of him.
  73. Diane D and the Dianettes twirl off the stage as the Howard Jones Dancers are left alone, twirling around on the stage.
  74. I laughed and cried as he stood up, kissed my left hand and scooped me into his arms twirling us both around laughing too.
  75. When she heard a melody floating from the doors of the saloon, she started twirling, closing her eyes, and looking to the sun.
  76. A small holographic projector cycled through an image of his daughter twirling, falling, laughing, and starting all over again.
  77. As she was telling Jake, Kate could see that he was getting very agitated, his eyes were twirling and he grunted several times.
  78. Back then Arby's would display a whole slab of roast beef in a glass case like a roast beef aquarium fish twirling on the spigot.
  79. With a light heart, Katarina resumed twirling the medallion and skipped her way back to the hidden door from where she’d emerged.
  80. She took off her shoes and rubbed her feet, wriggled her toes, twirling her ankles for a little while and then put her shoes back on.
  81. As he moved along the line of dancers, he took special pleasure in catching hold of Rebecca’s hands and twirling in a circle with her.
  82. He finally caught me or I let him catch me, I didn’t know, and as we held each other, twirling around in the blue water, I saw his face.
  83. Timonus turned at the sound of a new voice in his ears and saw a young man twirling a dagger in his hand and pacing at the top of the incline.
  84. As I drew more near the break cypher, I could see spinning and twirling through the legs of dancing rink goers, which made me pick up my stride.
  85. I forced myself to look at Hassan, but his head was downcast, his shoulders slumped, his finger twirling a loose string on the hem of his shirt.
  86. When they danced, twirling together in this palatial space, the crowd melted into oblivion, leaving only two lovers locked in each other’s gaze.
  87. The romance endured for over a year and the familys radars were twirling ever more desperately in view of this unexpected and odious development.
  88. Cigarette in mouth, hands outstretched, fingers clicking and legs bending, body twirling with esoteric legwork patterns coming straight from the soul.
  89. After a while, I figured if I was sleepwalking and did anything while I was sleepwalking, I was probably dancing and twirling while I was sleepwalking.
  90. Hearing it, I see my much-beloved seventh, last and sweetest child floating, whirling and twirling on her toes across the stage at Seattle’s Opera House.
  91. The force was so great, they went flying over the trees and into the side of the mountain, where they smashed to pieces, thigh bones and arm bones twirling everywhere.
  92. Dressed in overalls and twirling a white mustache with his fingers, the man that seemed to be torn form the pages of a children’s fairy tale asked if he could help me.
  93. Right this moment I was seeing an average and mediocre hot blonde girl my clone’s age staring in his general direction, twirling her hair with one finger absentmindedly.
  94. Hurd started twirling his black mustache while nervously tapping the fingers of his other hand on the desk top, then he started talking about the rebel faction in the city.
  95. He had picked up his hat, which he had brought in, and stood twirling it in a way that gave me, even as I was just nearly reaching port, a perverse horror of what I was doing.
  96. I recognized that I was on a runway, which I took literally: With one hand, I began twirling the small propeller and running as fast as I could, as if this combination would provide lift.
  97. Pharaoh sat upon his throne listlessly twirling the tassel that adorned his scepter while he reviewed the many disaster-related affairs of State that were presented to him by his grand vizier.
  98. While Shock La Rock was twirling around, he executed a few helicopters into the mix of his windmills (helicopters are windmills where you bend one of your legs while keeping the other leg straight out.
  99. ZOE: (Her head perched aside in mock pride) Is that the way to hand the pot to a lady? (She stretches up to light the cigarette over the flame, twirling it slowly, showing the brown tufts of her armpits.
  100. Before he could finish the thought, before he could offer up yet another internal excuse for his myriad failures, Ferdy Chicken stepped from behind the van, twirling the loopy end of his tripwire around his head.
  1. Mike twirled in the chair.
  2. High above black eyes twirled.
  3. He twirled it in his fingers.
  4. Matt twirled his evil moustache.
  5. His body twirled around and around.
  6. She twirled around and giggled in.
  7. Mama twirled the key ring in his hand.
  8. She twirled the bracelet on her wrist.
  9. Looking curious, Kevin twirled around.
  10. The Barbeg twirled the axe in his hand.
  11. He twirled his lasso as he approached.
  12. Round and round they twirled, her feet.
  13. Through the song she twirled and jumped.
  14. Ruby bounced into the hallway and twirled.
  15. Still mad, Jake? The leaves twirled.
  16. Then, Matt twirled his evil moustache again.
  17. I twirled and looked at myself in the mirror.
  18. He twirled the dagger between his fingers and.
  19. Liam pulled him out of the swing and twirled him.
  20. Anubis twirled me through a pair of colonial ghosts.
  21. Pamela twirled around, watching the shimmer in the.
  22. Aiden twirled Liam around to the sound of the music.
  23. I stood up from my bed and twirled in front of them.
  24. Harvey took it, smelled it, twirled it in his talons.
  25. Then, as it twirled closer, the sound became louder.
  26. Cunningham twirled more quickly the peak of his beard.
  27. Fingers twirled in a blur as she spun the can opener.
  28. Lyra twirled back to face him, a wide smile on her face.
  29. As he looked at me, he lazily twirled his index finger.
  30. Nodding, Chandio twirled it between thumb and forefinger.
  31. Held at the joined end, they are twirled around the head.
  32. She was caught in a bear hug and was being twirled around.
  33. He squeezed the scythe with his grip and twirled it around.
  34. Sandra twirled around in circles a total of fifteen times;.
  35. The cappuccino machine whistled loudly as Gary twirled the.
  36. Jake twirled his eyes and stared at Daniel, very primitive!.
  37. Shinds twirled his finger around the spirally cord and spoke.
  38. The worm twirled its head around and came close to Darek; it.
  39. He had a long, villainous moustache that he twirled most evilly.
  40. He twirled her expertly around the dance floor, leading with a.
  41. Round and round they twirled, her feet barely touching the ground.
  42. Stokes twirled the revolver back into its holster and looked at Van.
  43. She twirled her wand and a flurry of sugar melted into the dark slop.
  44. So this – he twirled the necklace thoughtfully – is still.
  45. Gesta flounced down the stairs and twirled around in a dark blue dress.
  46. His noggin twirled, making a mini-tornado that swirled the alley trash.
  47. My knives twirled, sliced and diced, in a smooth fish-gutting fashion.
  48. Wendy twirled the baby before realizing that the crowd was watching her.
  49. He twirled his beard with his fingers in thought, in a circling motion.
  50. For a large man he was quite graceful in how he twirled her around him.
  51. He twirled the remaining throwing knife in his hand, which Garcia found.
  52. Before I could reply, Sampson twirled his finger, said, Get to it, Ava.
  53. Shaking her head, Aunt Martha twirled her earring, a sure sign of agitation.
  54. He twirled a fork in his fingers, and it glinted in the flame of the candle.
  55. Its warmth and its sparkling colors twinkled and twirled around her, knowing.
  56. How did you receive this? Hiss twirled the instrument in his right hand.
  57. She was complaining about her thighs as she twirled in the skinny-girl dress.
  58. He didn't even look at the card, just sort of twirled it between the fingers.
  59. At this, Bubbala turned to face her audience, took of her raincoat and twirled.
  60. He took my hand and twirled me around; the skirt of my dress flowed around me.
  61. He twirled a straw, whistling with the birdsong, and floated a tired, smiling.
  62. Beyond the gates, as the rides spun and twirled, my head started to do the same.
  63. The braids and cloaks of the Harad Ghul flapped and twirled in the powerful gusts.
  64. It twirled in the air for a few seconds and then sat hovering in front of her face.
  65. She twirled the blade through her fingers as she told her, you know Mamicita, Mr.
  66. But Amy whispered, with full eyes, as she twirled the faded stool, Not tonight, dear.
  67. When the waiter came back with their food and drinks, she spun and twirled the noodles.
  68. He was dressed in a tweed suit of fashionable pattern, and he twirled a gay walking-.
  69. I grabbed her waist and lifted her off the ground, she laughed as I twirled her around.
  70. One Who Tells of Things Past twirled his primary optical receptors as a sign of respect.
  71. High above, huge black eyes twirled with anticipation, now we are ready for the White!.
  72. He instinctively held her and twirled around once with her feet flying through the air.
  73. But what? She twirled a long blond curl around her finger as she watched her new owner.
  74. She twirled it around with two fingers on the stem, admired its beauty, its perfection.
  75. The cargo-bot's arms twirled in their complicated dance as it removed the packing material.
  76. As for the son, he twirled his already much twirled mustache and stared very hard at Joey.
  77. Anne did not deny what he said but took up a strand of her hair and twirled it around her.
  78. Jakes eyes twirled and he chuckled and replied; things are really coming along quite nicely.
  79. The past is immutable, she reminded herself as she twirled the silver bracelet on her wrist.
  80. The dog leapt at the old convict, rebounded, stumbled and twirled then made a second attempt.
  81. Ash, stop! You’re making me dizzy! laughed the birthday girl as Ash twirled her again.
  82. She spun and twirled and moved fluidly with the dance, but her eyes always came back to mine.
  83. He pulled off one of the staffs and tossed it to the girl, who caught it and twirled it expertly.
  84. The others did likewise watching and copying Venki as he slowly twirled the stick in his fingers.
  85. Michael twirled round and swung in one smooth motion, as if his sword was an extension of his arm.
  86. A scattered songbird here and there twirled his good morning song in the cool, crisp morning air.
  87. He twirled a pair of dark aviator sunglasses as he stood there on the flag stone patio watching us.
  88. He twirled me around and pulled me back to him with enough force for a small gasp to escape my lips.
  89. A twitch of Tom’s arm, and his gun was in his hand while his body twirled on the heels of his boots.
  90. I twirled in front of Tess and she jumped out of her chair clasping her hands together in appreciation.
  91. Tomahawk in both hands, I twirled like a whirlwind, my blades finding arms, throats, chests, and heads.
  92. My mind swirled and twirled with horrendous thoughts and imaginings, but Kermes Twa put my soul at ease.
  93. The tongue-wagging head whirled, twirled and swirled around me, coming to rest an inch from my other ear.
  94. Desiree' grabbed it from her hands and Bethanie joined her as they swirled, twirled and laughed with glee.
  95. She twirled the cloak through the air, spinning it behind her back in a hurry to see it draped around her.
  96. She twirled her hands around in a little dance and small droplets of water formed and swirled around her.
  97. Flowering vines twirled their ways up the rough stone sides of the chapel, gracing it with their blossoms.
  98. He dived with them, swam, twirled, danced, and he suddenly felt renewed in spirit, able to face the world.
  99. His head twirled around to look at Rancor, who merely gazed back with a slight grimace upon his sallow face.
  100. My heartmind? turning in circles to see all the corners, s/he twirled to the center ready to collapse.
  1. Enzo twirls his bo staff and slams it against the.
  2. Badde twirls a large platinum coin in his hands as he.
  3. His mentality twirls with the invaluable compendium of B.
  4. My husband looks down at his wedding band and twirls it twice.
  5. Joey swam around, doing cartwheels, flips and twirls and laughing all the time.
  6. He twirls in reversed directions a clouded cane, then wedges it tight in his oxter.
  7. She again twirls, but with her head flung back and with her delighted arms spread out.
  8. She moves her hips up and down and twirls in rapid and slow seductive moves, drawing closer to Zachary.
  9. I know what you need, she purrs in her most seductive voice as she twirls her fingers in your chest hair.
  10. Jane’s over there, she moves slow through the crowd, She twirls your hat with off hand, she is budding, tiny blue bubbles float past your face and pop in your hair.
  11. He knew the deeper stuff too, like her bulimia, how she always pulls out her phone and starts to text someone whenever she's in public and trying to avoid someone, how she twirls a piece of hair around her finger whenever she's nervous (which is a rare thing for her), how she wants to follow in her mom's footsteps by going to college at Michigan State instead of Columbia but thinks her parents won't like the idea of her not going to an Ivy League school, that she can go from being calm and reserved to fun , loud, and crazy with a snap, that she loves cheerleading and lacrosse and hates not doing either of them.
  12. He stealthily fawns on another, drops a smile of benevolence, twirls on his short, round, though rather wooden-looking leg, and already he’s at a third, and is cringing upon a third, he’s making up to him in a friendly way; before one has time to open one’s mouth, before one has time to feel surprised he’s at a fourth, at the same manoeuvres with him — it was horrible: sorcery and nothing else! And every one was pleased with him and everybody liked him, and every one was exalting him, and all were proclaiming in chorus that his politeness and sarcastic wit were infinitely superior to the politeness and sarcastic wit of the real Mr.

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