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Frasi con swirl (in inglese)

  1. Curled waves swirl into bays.
  2. Swirl the batter around with.
  3. Swirl forces that are Love –.
  4. And then the room began to swirl.
  5. With a swirl of leaves he was gone.

  6. A whirlwind of events began to swirl.
  7. Swirl chocolate syrup on top and serve.
  8. In a swirl of the galaxy, the Milky Way.
  9. Swirl away the sands that guard my prize.
  10. Watching it swirl with energy, she grinned.
  11. Slowly swirl the sand around in the bucket.
  12. The following week, the talk continues to swirl.
  13. He left the scene of the crime in a swirl of dust.
  14. A swirl of visions were running in front of his.
  15. Using a thin spatula, swirl the batters together.

  16. Then he departed with a brisk black and brown swirl.
  17. The winds began to swirl and the clouds moved in fast.
  18. Thoughts continued to swirl as I drifted off to sleep.
  19. Its light seemed to spiral and swirl, until a figure.
  20. The light in the water seemed to swirl around her as.
  21. Where? Between two roaring worlds where they swirl, I.
  22. Mick’s head had started to swirl and he knew he was.
  23. With a smirk, he disappeared in a swirl of black smoke.
  24. A swirl of thoughts filled his mind as he watched 253.
  25. And then he was gone in a swirl of mud and roaring engine.

  26. The clear liquid seemed to swirl and glisten in the vile.
  27. Vietnamese style, Tai said as he gave his mug a swirl.
  28. She turns with the children, causing her new dress to swirl.
  29. He had to look at the swirl of the cream rather than at her.
  30. Swirl the butter in the custard cup, coating sides and bottom.
  31. The waves swirl up and each curl swirls away some more of land.
  32. It seemed to swirl around, as it arrowed directly for the ship.
  33. Then swirl the entire mixture around with the cup in both hands.
  34. A kind of glowing fairy dust seemed to swirl around Molly's ring.
  35. She didn’t look away, either, even as the light began to swirl.
  36. A trio of sleek long-legged hounds swirl around him as he enters.
  37. You swirl a glass of whisky and catch the building shouting match.
  38. You swirl and hum along your streets and modestly pray at the altar.
  39. There was a swirl of acrid smoke, accompanied by a horrifying hiss.
  40. It is in a swirl, some of our solar system planets swirl about the.
  41. Joey emerged from a dark room, bringing a swirl of dust out with him.
  42. Nangong Ping was stunned and his head became a swirl as he stammered.
  43. You bob on top of the water letting your body swirl with the current.
  44. I swirled the wine in my glass and studied his reflection in the swirl.
  45. The turn caused my hair to swirl around me and it froze on that moment.
  46. That's as far as I made it when I fell into a swirl of fever dreams again.
  47. I’ll guard the tent! Povon laughed as they blended into the swirl.
  48. As he approached the tank the gel-like contents seemed to swirl and move.
  49. In a swirl of embarrassed, boyish heat he leant over and tried to kiss her.
  50. We stand by the windows, shoulder to shoulder, watching the snow swirl past.
  51. Again she gasped, and I smiled around her nipple as my tongue got its swirl on.
  52. The lighting could be adjusted for flow, color and swirl as well as brightness.
  53. He waded in as far as his ankles and allowed the water to swirl around his feet.
  54. It was coming down harder now, and the wind was starting to swirl it around them.
  55. Shooting into the sky he raised the dirt around them, making it swirl in a cloud.
  56. The sad, soulful notes swirl slowly and mournfully around us, echoing off the walls.
  57. As my tongue rounded the swirl of the cone, we stepped in the wake of something huge.
  58. The wind around them began to swirl and the trees groaned as the magic pulled at them.
  59. Powdery snow will swirl under the rotors’ downwash and restrict the pilot’s vision.
  60. Stairs curved up to a set of double doors with a huge Tempest swirl carved across them.
  61. Now they swirl in my head, and I doubt I’ll be able to sleep until I can answer them.
  62. This world began to swirl as if he had become stupendously drunk; his focus on it had gone.
  63. Pour ¼ cup of the pancake mix in the pan and swirl pan to spread the mixture out very thin.
  64. The drovers, amidst a swirl of dust and sand, desperately grappled with the grounded soldiers.
  65. There are no waves lapping, but only a steady swirl of water softly running against the hawser.
  66. Beverly remembered his promise to watch over the house four years ago during the emotional swirl.
  67. Similar to being very drunk, the moment when the room begins to swirl – it was nearly happening.
  68. The probes swirl around you, mapping a three dimensional computer representation of you as you walk.
  69. All was a-shake and a-shiver -- glints and gleams and sparkles, rustle and swirl, chatter and bubble.
  70. Her bikini was a mix of red banding on the top and bottom with little blue swirl patterns in between.
  71. He was just past the last house in town, when Donte appeared in front of him in a swirl of black smoke.
  72. I clutched at it as it disappeared in the swirl of the rapids, and part of its wing was left in my hand.
  73. The waiter pours an inch of Pinot into my glass and I swirl it, sniff it, taste it, and nod my approval.
  74. Alternatively, add a few drops to a small glass of water and swirl around the mouth before spitting out.
  75. The swirl of a tropical storm heading to north Western Australia filled the satellite view of the weather.
  76. If you didnt read the label, the painting was simply a swirl of complicated shapes, textures and colours.
  77. Again, Melvin was lying, and began to swirl the ice in the drink he’d brought back with him from upstairs.
  78. She lay there watching the smoke swirl up to the cobwebs on the ceiling, clenching her jaw to keep back tears.
  79. Slide the patty onto waxed paper -- you can use the fork to make a little swirl on the top to make it pretty.
  80. Covering the uniform where dark grey armor plates, and where each plate met on the body was a swirl of silver.
  81. Kay thought of refusing, but looking again at the wild swirl in his eyes, she knew there would be no hope there.
  82. Their banks would be closer to the surface, and that might cause the water to swirl as it rises to go over them.
  83. Diane D and the Dianettes appear to have awaken out of their sleep as they swirl and twirl with the male dancers.
  84. The elders gazed back at her and she could feel the wild swirl of their confusion almost threatening to drown her.
  85. They were tiring quickly as they fought the invisible tug and swirl of the current around trucks and superstructure.
  86. Occasional faces emerged from the manic swirl, leering at him with twisted fury before blending back in the mayhem.
  87. With hiss of viper, swirl of cobra, the ropes insanely raveled, slithered, snapped, cut grass with frictioned whips.
  88. There was a movement in the air about him, such a swirl as is made in water when some creature rises to the surface.
  89. I pour the boiling water into the mug, watching the coffee granules swirl into a light brown colour as I add the milk.
  90. There was a swirl in the packed multitude, and a slow current, bearing the four upon their shoulders, made for the door.
  91. I caught a glimpse of a hairy body like that of a reddish pig, and then it was gone amid a swirl of leaves and branches.
  92. And yet through the misty swirl of the bubble he could see the garage was regressing; Harvo of another time was in there.
  93. A chiseled craggy profile, big hair flowing around his high forehead and from his lips and chin, all a flowing white swirl.
  94. Mitch watched the water rise in the bowl, then swirl down through the porcelain throat and gush down four stories of pipes.
  95. Now mystified as what to do, I stood in silence in the fog and watched it swirl, mischievously, inviting me to grabble more.
  96. A long, polished table with a glass Tempest swirl etched in it stretched down the room, shining in the light of a chandelier.
  97. Hilsith saw the field of magic swirl about Yazadril as the sword flowed power into him, and he used it to further Heal himself.
  98. As the blood surrounding Johan began to swirl and congeal into shapes Simon couldn’t yet make out, he stumbled across the sky.
  99. When her hand touches his, the green circle of flame begins to dance and swirl around them, knocking them both onto the ground.
  100. The melody grew louder with every step their niddi took, seeming to swirl between the boughs of the trees and give them new life.
  1. And with it, a swirling.
  2. I can hear the wind swirling.
  3. Her mind seemed to be swirling.
  4. Caitlin Allende of the swirling.
  5. It’s a gigantic swirling pattern.
  6. I gaze into the swirling mass of white.
  7. Through the stars swirling before my.
  8. The white sand portal was stil swirling.
  9. Thoth turned his swirling eyes toward me.
  10. A swirling vortex opened up behind them.
  11. My mind was filled with swirling colors.
  12. Sixty oars carved into the swirling water.
  13. Again, he peered into the swirling waters.
  14. There's a barrier, a swirling barrier of.
  15. As the swirling ash settled he saw his family.
  16. She though she was just watching the swirling.
  17. I count twenty-seven swirling cloud patterns.
  18. As he finished, I was engulfed by a swirling mist.
  19. The snow was swirling around him so hard that at.
  20. We are the miracle that keeps the planets swirling.
  21. There are many men swirling around you in your life.
  22. Her thoughts stopped swirling round ways of escape.
  23. His mind was swirling with a host of memories and.
  24. I shivered, fighting the hatred swirling within me.
  25. On his cape there were swirling stars and they were.
  26. Swirling sheets of flames covered almost everything.
  27. I could almost hear the questions swirling through.
  28. He sees the UFO swirling around one of the F-15’s.
  29. Crushed in the swirling crux of uncontrolled emotion.
  30. Jean now noticed that the clouds above were swirling.
  31. Finally the winds abated and sand slowed its swirling.
  32. With bulging eyes and swirling vision, he struggled on.
  33. Her head fell back and she began swirling with desire.
  34. They stared into the swirling waters of the Madhumati.
  35. Out of it streamed a great host as swiftly as swirling.
  36. Just…invisible—still there, swirling all around her.
  37. It was swirling patterns of clashing oranges and yellows.
  38. At first she saw nothing but swirling mist and began to.
  39. My finger traced casually along one of the swirling lines.
  40. It’s a swirling mixture of sympathy, sorrow, and relief.
  41. When the first colors began swirling across the sky like.
  42. Once down in the valley the swirling ash was even thicker.
  43. The swirling current pushed them first one way, then another.
  44. Spellbound, he watched the swirling movement of the current.
  45. He closed his eyes and waited until the cave stopped swirling.
  46. She was rendered mute with new feelings and emotions swirling.
  47. His mind was still swirling with the sequences of events from.
  48. An image of Lope--both as she was when alive and as a swirling.
  49. Andrina glared in her direction, the gray in her eyes swirling.
  50. Of the unknown figure that became totally obscured by swirling.
  51. Alex was confused; his head was swirling, and his mouth was so.
  52. The doors slid closed behind him, shutting out the swirling roar.
  53. Malorums swirling thoughts and emotions suddenly came crashing.
  54. A small but still lethal chunk of the car came swirling at Robert.
  55. He looked ahead and saw the entire sky swirling in pink and blue.
  56. Standing on the edge of the swirling mass of dancers, she paused.
  57. But then the monitor went completely white, except for a swirling.
  58. And by that I guessed that he meant the swirling black cloud that.
  59. She kissed him passionately, her tongue swirling inside his mouth.
  60. He watched the water swirling next to the road as he fiddled with.
  61. Mercer appeared from behind a swirling, smoky cloak, blade in hand.
  62. Ben was oblivious to the dark winds and stormy skies swirling above.
  63. I tried to concentrate in the swirling mob, to size up the situation.
  64. The blackness seemed to be thicker around him, fog swirling hungrily.
  65. Another tiny clear thought emerged from the swirling mists: 'log in'.
  66. His toes were almost the same color as the swirling silt in the Nile.
  67. The laggard, swirling waters appeared as a moving vision of eternity.
  68. My hands reached for a surface that wasn’t there, swirling the murk.
  69. Pyramid was an enormous serpent formed from a swirling tornado of red.
  70. As it was, the med ship skidded to a stop in a swirling cloud of dust.
  71. She was unsure how she felt, the emotions swirling around in her head.
  72. The swirling thoughts vanished from his head, leaving him cold and free.
  73. Then they were gone, the tyres of the van swirling in a cloud of smoke.
  74. Then his tongue was all swirling and delving and I moaned feeling the.
  75. Thane stood beside the swirling time tunnel, in the midst of the battle.
  76. A brief vision he had of swirling cloud, and in the midst of it towers.
  77. Dust was swirling from the forest beyond the field, and a few seconds.
  78. Suddenly, a face blocked her view of the swirling tiles and she frowned.
  79. Rumors were swirling that he practiced black magic, she continued.
  80. His brain was swirling with thoughts, the vast majority of them negative.
  81. The rope went tight pulling Max off his feet, into the swirling torrent.
  82. The wind blew though the bowl, howling around it, causing swirling eddies.
  83. Questions, suppositions, vague hopes – all were swirling about his mind.
  84. The swirling water sucked the ship down into the sea, and he went with it.
  85. Only swirling leaves and his lute were left behind when she reopened them.
  86. Swirling around Felix, the canopic jars were the hearts of evil spirits—.
  87. The turbulence seems to be chaotic, randomly swirling one way then another.
  88. It rose above the tree tops, disappearing into the vortex of swirling snow.
  89. You see foam and bubbles swirling but nothing in the water, you are too far.
  90. They flew to the ceiling in a bunch, a happy swirling cloud of her old crew.
  91. She closed her eyes and breathed in the steam swirling from the dark liquid.
  92. Through slitted eyes, I saw him turn to you, swirling it around by the neck.
  93. A black hole in the depths of the ocean, swirling with anger at being woken.
  94. She points down to where I can see the river, swirling in the valley, to the.
  95. The harbour had been trashed – the black swirling water lumped with untidy.
  96. Vine and swirling designs adorned the oak door and led into an arrival foyer.
  97. Cass follows Unks across, through the swirling fog cloud towards the dock-head.
  98. Then we all stood around in the swirling fog and waited for the Feds to arrive.
  99. With a swirling rush like the sweep of a strong wind, the great snake was gone.
  100. Now that his sword wasn’t swirling around, I could see something odd about it.
  1. His form swirled and shifted.
  2. Dust swirled around the rider.
  3. Other lights swirled around her.
  4. Colours and lines swirled and.
  5. The fog swirled around his feet.
  6. He swirled the wine in his glass.
  7. It swirled and drained of color.
  8. The mist thickened and swirled;.
  9. The birds swirled around the ship.
  10. Anger ignited and swirled within.
  11. His head swirled like a whirlpool.
  12. Her name swirled through his mind.
  13. And in the boughs wind never swirled.
  14. Sandra's veils were swirled about her.
  15. Unseen helicopters swirled around him.
  16. The afternoon swirled around her with.
  17. Nerissa’s thoughts swirled with chaos.
  18. Sprinkles swirled around George's head.
  19. It swirled and clutched at their coats.
  20. Mist swirled around her as it sought to.
  21. She swirled the yellowy wine in her glass.
  22. The energy vampires swirled around my head.
  23. Reading the emotions that swirled in them.
  24. A flutter of panic swirled through her heart.
  25. Clayton’s grim face swirled in front of her.
  26. As the model swirled around and around, she.
  27. All these questions swirled around in my head.
  28. The wind swirled fiercely around the top of.
  29. She swirled the gold fork on her plate more.
  30. As waste and worry swirled, I watched the sky.
  31. The way he swirled a mop through locker rooms.
  32. A strange mix of emotions swirled through her.
  33. She swirled about and began pounding his chest.
  34. The grey/white agony swirled angrily around them.
  35. He swirled his drink with a little plastic stick.
  36. The smoke that swirled around her began to clear.
  37. Vinny swirled the towel around the trunk of the.
  38. The dogfish swirled past Frankie, and there was.
  39. The air stalled above the girl and swirled gently.
  40. McCoy swirled the liquid in his glass and chuckled.
  41. They stretched ever wider and swirled around the.
  42. Mist developed and swirled about the valleys and.
  43. The mist swirled about her and she paid it no heed.
  44. Beatrice's arms and Mariana’s swirled in my neck.
  45. The wind swirled and another piece rose on the air.
  46. She swirled the creamy contents of her glass before.
  47. Music swirled around her, drowning out the tramping.
  48. The smoke from the stoves swirled low to the ground.
  49. Great chunks of ice floated and swirled in the water.
  50. Stavros looked down at the liquid and swirled his cup.
  51. The letters and symbols swirled on my hand and leapt.
  52. It shifted and swirled as if moved by an unknown hand.
  53. He swirled the locket around his thick shaking fingers.
  54. Fascinating, it swirled as though alive, washing over.
  55. She saw the worry which swirled in her sister’s eyes.
  56. Monsters with twisted and angry faces swirled around me.
  57. Faster and faster I swirled, sinking deeper and deeper.
  58. A cloud of it swirled above their heads on its way to.
  59. It swirled and drifted up the side of the mountain too.
  60. My mind swirled in the overload of confusion and I felt.
  61. As they walked on the mist swirled around them and made.
  62. The water swirled into the flat where the boxcars stood.
  63. His thoughts swirled about Simon as their minds connected.
  64. Gold and blue light swirled around us as Isis and Horus.
  65. He looked up as the mob swirled in, Clarence at the head.
  66. The events of the previous night still swirled in her mind.
  67. My mind still swirled with all that had happened that day.
  68. Wind swirled around the Gunnlod, rattling the branches of.
  69. Although my heart has been swirled, I promise never to fall.
  70. Its walls swirled and crackled with sparks of arcane force.
  71. Have you tried short-wave radio? Mike swirled to the.
  72. Again the wolves swirled in and Conan's ax sang and crushed.
  73. Before him the mist swirled together in the shape of a woman.
  74. Pressing his head against the wood his mind swirled with the.
  75. A draft coming from the floor swirled the cloud at foot level.
  76. Mist swirled around the structures and trees lining the road.
  77. She swirled the juice in her mouth a few times savoring the.
  78. They swirled around Us joyously inviting Us to twirl with Them.
  79. It was from the muzzle of his upturned gun that smoke swirled.
  80. The water swirled around his ankles and ran back into the sea.
  81. As she swirled her hot tongue around his, she undid his flies.
  82. The water swirled and writhed, a little sloshing over the bank.
  83. He swirled the little bit of champagne left in the bottom and.
  84. She then floated up to the sky and swirled around, and I saw in.
  85. The screen flashed and swirled and resolved into a page of print.
  86. The events swirled around him like an angry ocean without shores.
  87. Embers swirled above their heads while insects sang in the grass.
  88. The argument swirled around them all as they left the dining hall.
  89. An old man's dreamlike thoughts had swirled up through this medium.
  90. Pants, she whispered when his tongue swirled around her again.
  91. When I stood up, I felt nauseous and the room swirled around again.
  92. Everything that I had learned yesterday swirled through my thoughts.
  93. My long dress swirled around my ankles with the warm tropical breeze.
  94. An old man’s dreamlike thoughts had swirled up through this medium.
  95. He went to his knees, and the tugging water swirled about his chest.
  96. Stratavynski swirled the wine in its glass as he gave a little shrug.
  97. As she rose up, dust from her face swirled around her spoken breath.
  98. The door opened and gray smoke swirled out into the dull, overcast day.
  99. I swirled the wine in my glass and studied his reflection in the swirl.
  100. Her mind swirled with all kinds of possibilities about what could be.
  1. Lots of hazy swirls of color.
  2. I tug on the ends of the swirls.
  3. Around her swirls a cloud of bees.
  4. The dust swirls in the strange light.
  5. Glacia swirls her can of Nectar Spice.
  6. These swirls were centred on the vents.
  7. Swirls and spirals lined the furnace doors.
  8. What do those swirls in the water mean?
  9. The walls were a light teal with purple swirls.
  10. Swirls and patterns adorned this side, as well.
  11. The world within me swirls in a mind-numbing embrace.
  12. Elder's chairs were empty except for the swirls of ash.
  13. We are mice, he thinks, and the sky swirls with hawks.
  14. The planet was brown with darker brown swirls all over it.
  15. A line of swirls in the water disappeared into the distance.
  16. Looking ahead, she saw swirls in the water and wondered why.
  17. The waves swirl up and each curl swirls away some more of land.
  18. Etched into the brass were swirls and strange, twisting patterns.
  19. Its four wings were like an insects, but with swirls glowing blue.
  20. No! The swirls show that the water moves over them too swiftly!.
  21. He focused his eyes on the wallpaper with its textured bumps and swirls.
  22. The SST bounced from the wind swirls and updrafts from these gray fluffs.
  23. The noise increases as she swirls around him, her arms pulling him tighter.
  24. All the while this life-‐negating energy that you created swirls.
  25. Our tongues tangoed and waltzed in tangerine swirls that lingered in my soul.
  26. The two gargoyles landed and bowed ornately with sweeping swirls of their wings.
  27. I could just make out the dark swirls of shadow where it should have had a face.
  28. He gasps as he stares at me, pulls me into his arms and swirls me around with joy.
  29. Darkness descended and painted the sky with colorful swirls of beauty as it did so.
  30. The strange sun was encircled by constantly undulating swirls and ribbons of light.
  31. In each corner the printer placed the number one, with intricate swirls around each.
  32. The same face-paint, swirls not unknown to her by sight but indeed unknown in origin.
  33. Spread meringue in swirls over the filling; be sure to seal to the edge of the pastry.
  34. Koraline’s mouth opened in dismay, and dark swirls of blood were emitted from her lips.
  35. The water swirls about their horses' bellies and the clang of sword against sword is deafening.
  36. Zachary crosses a leg, swirls in the chair for a moment, looking back at me with a straight face.
  37. And why would I do that? The mist swirls around him and the hairs on the back of his neck rise.
  38. By eight o’clock, there was a decent crowd, and swirls of cigarette smoke began to fill the air, Mrs.
  39. Once it started to bubble and swirls of color swarmed up into the smoke, she stepped back, as did Trox.
  40. My eyes focus on his, as he swirls the champagne in the glass while watching every inch of my movement.
  41. Those idiots! Without another word, she threw her cape over her head and disappeared in it swirls.
  42. She had expected a face to appear, instead there were just graphics: patterns, swirls of blue and purple.
  43. If I see one more set of Robbie William’s shoulder flames, or swirls or whatever they are, so help me ….
  44. He sits away from the crowd with a glass of what seems to be a cocktail, wine colored that he swirls around.
  45. I flicked my eyes to the left, away from my reflection, focusing on the ornate swirls in the mirror's frame.
  46. Its masts trembled down to their blocks, and swirls of smoke could barely squeeze through the narrow funnels.
  47. Why am I in the basement? My senses are dulled and I can’t seem to shift the fog that swirls in my head.
  48. Fluid here will reduce tiredness; it will reduce small swirls or fragments that may seem to float in this fluid.
  49. Grit digs into his cheek and all he can see is the executioner’s feet and the wild swirls of the cloak he wears.
  50. After some time Monty realised he could see swirls of blue and yellow energy moving in time to the enchanting music.
  51. His sweeping movement helped to clear away the dark swirls of smoke revealing that the magician had somehow vanished.
  52. He swirls the tip around my navel then continues to trail the leather tip south, through my pubic hair to my clitoris.
  53. Mother hurled the newspaper from the stage, and the tempestuous swirls and flutters of her cape only added to her menace.
  54. John drew swirls and stars and trees and mountains, crosses, the Star of David, flowers, and then a car and a house--his house.
  55. This powerful animal is audible from far away when it sends up towering spouts of air and steam that resemble swirls of smoke.
  56. There also appeared to be a living energy Mandala portal which morphed above their heads in swirls of mesmerizing midnight blue.
  57. In the morning, the walls of my tent were covered with swirls of frost, condensation from my breath that had frozen in the night.
  58. If the fire swirls around in a counterclockwise vortex, then this is a good omen; but if it swirls clockwise then it’s a bad omen.
  59. Her skin had a light purplish blue tone to it, and the creases on her cheeks were in the patterns of swirls that went inward to circles.
  60. The naked man rinses his hair as some swirls down the drain, turns off the water, and steps out of the tub through parted shower curtains.
  61. He swirls it slowly there and then continues to drag the tip down my body, along my sternum, between my breasts, over my torso down to my navel.
  62. The current swirls around the piers of a bridge and scours the mud out from underneath the pillars, leaving a depression filled only with water.
  63. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from hers, examining the light grey swirls, flecks of blue and splashes of white that streaked out from her pupils.
  64. And humbler still that day on Hat Creek Rim as the temperature moved from hot to hotter, the wind doing little more than whip the dust into swirls at my feet.
  65. It was a brightly coloured affair with the bottom half (looking at it horizontally) an intricate depiction of grass in thin pen with swirls and cross-hatching.
  66. Jess couldn’t tell if the dark swirls on the walls were from new burns, or old, but when he looked up, he was relieved to see that nothing dangled from the top.
  67. The swirls in the symbol had always reminded Aazuria of waves, but like their very own triple-moon, the mitsudomoe had complex spiritual significance to the clan.
  68. I also saw lots of lightning, sheets of hail and spikes of ice, flying blocks of stone, as well as giant swirls of water raised from the river and hurled at Novorski.
  69. The long lock of hair Bingham always combed forward in swirls to try to hide his balding head now hung sideways over his ear onto the collar of his sweat-soaked shirt.
  70. He swirls the tip of his nose around it then begins a very leisurely cruise with his mouth, heading south, following the path of his hands, down my sternum to my breasts.
  71. Behind the dancers, there was a screen upon which a series of images were projected, some abstract, psychedelic swirls, others literal, drawn renditions of Jerry and his band.
  72. This can cause the fluid in the eyes to be acidic to where eye matter is eaten away by the acid and then small swirls and fragments seem to float into the fluid obstructing vision.
  73. Damn straight he muttered, looking at the pink candy swirls that floated in the middle of the atic, the doorway to Neava! Holding his record firmly he leapt into the pink void.
  74. Flashes of light and swirls of sparkling specks of dust where extraneous bits of information being discarded or woven into the fabric of the new manifestation kept the eyes entertained.
  75. The swirls of smoke became the damask pattern of the curtains in the half-light, it was 2am and the clicking was the whirring ceiling fan; the dullest of confirmations that she was back in the world of the living.
  76. Far below their feet, furious swirls of white hot and molten red rock churned with rage, their incandescent light gracing the thought-defying towers that seemed to vanish into the infernal abyss with an eerie glow.
  77. A few moments later when he decided to take a closer look at their room, he couldn’t help but focus on its predominate Mexican décor – dark green, low cut carpeting and tan colored walls with various styles of strange swirls on them.
  78. As she falls into an alley, at the beginning of which there is a yellow tape with swirls and flourishes that mark the entrance to one of the greatest crimes that has ever been committed upon the human race, she realizes what all has just happened.
  79. Oh! This is Thy magnificence: out of the tiniest of thoughts within the shallows of Thy Mind, Thou madest swirls of galaxies, whole universes, single stars, innately laden with pure Love, the essence of the All That Is which gave Thee such abilities.
  80. Michael leaned on a whatnot and drew swirls in the dust which graced its surface, all the while watching me as I twisted my hair into a long rope, and wound it into a bun on the top of my head, securing it with a ribbon and the pins I always carried in my pocket.
  81. It is quite similar in decor to the newsagents, suggesting that they were designed and built at more or less the same time, except that the floor is a lime-green colour with swirls of red, carpets to each side of the rack in the middle of the room, and the ceiling is a mad fluorescent blue colour, which Jims finds mesmerising.
  82. How can there be two ah-has when one re-frames The other? – a higher insight? The next insight on an Infinite chain of ever-changing recognitions? Everything Falls into place, retrospectively, so each prior insight remains Valid in its place in the chain? The retroactive web Extends out further as its center swirls up:.
  83. Streamers of pot rode the lunchtime air; swirls of graffiti had bloomed on the postboxes and on the cornices of municipal buildings; near where William had parked, two white kids, a boy and a girl, sat on a flattened box on the sidewalk asking stockbrokers for change, as if this were no more morally significant than asking the time of day.

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