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Frasi con twitch (in inglese)

  1. With a twitch of his.
  2. His eyes began to twitch.
  4. A twitch and a low snore.
  5. The statues did not twitch.

  6. Ares got a twitch in his jaw.
  7. I smile, and his lips twitch.
  8. The body didn’t even twitch.
  9. I could see the little twitch.
  10. Duval’s body ceased to twitch.
  11. Her left eyelid began to twitch.
  12. A twitch, a flicker of movement.
  13. Blade did not twitch beside him.
  14. His face begins to twitch slightly.
  15. His body began to twitch and his.

  16. Twitch, and with e’en more Grace.
  17. Bolt smiles, faces begins to twitch.
  18. And I saw his facial muscles twitch.
  19. A nervous twitch, even though it was.
  20. She gave no response, not even a twitch.
  21. The others couldn’t so much as twitch.
  22. His lips twitch with a trace of a smile.
  23. His mouth seemed to twitch with anxiety.
  24. There was no response, not even a twitch.
  25. The Dalen’s mouthparts began to twitch.

  26. It made my skin twitch and my hairs lift.
  27. Everyone’s arms twitch, but nobody throws.
  28. One twitch, two twitches, and he was still.
  29. The hobbits felt Grishnbkh's fingers twitch.
  30. Did the corners of his mouth just twitch?
  31. Is that all, Dad? Sean’s lips twitch.
  32. His lip twitch settled when we were together.
  33. The twitch became something more like a twist.
  34. His eyes spark before his lips twitch in a grin.
  35. The involuntary twitch of sleeplessness starts.
  36. My fingers began to twitch, and my feet to tap.
  37. He watched as her face gave a questioning twitch.
  38. The curtains in the neighbour’s window twitch.
  39. Upon entering the castle I felt my muscles twitch.
  40. Their lives were a finger twitch from extinction.
  41. I started to twitch, mostly in my face and arms.
  42. Get off, Queequeg! Look, he'll twitch you off soon.
  43. I turned to look behind me and saw the latch twitch.
  44. Is but an outward glance, a mere twitch of My finger.
  45. A twitch at the corner of her mouth—almost a smile.
  46. Just like the lead mare need only twitch her tail a.
  47. Emily gasped and she saw a twitch in Chevalier's face.
  48. A hand touches my shoulder, and I twitch away from it.
  49. The Ultra gave out a violent twitch, it circuits now.
  50. When she saw them her mouth began to quiver and twitch.
  51. Her whole face began to twitch and she burst into sobs.
  52. Conan felt the skin twitch between his massive shoulders.
  53. I looked back at the paper and gave a twitch of a smile.
  54. The muscles of his cheeks began to twitch still quicker.
  55. A twitch of the head in the direction of Maggie's office.
  56. He stared at her, watched her face twitch as she dreamed.
  57. I detected a subtle twitch in Vlad’s eyes and a barely.
  58. As the weeks turned into months, I began to twitch every.
  59. Elowen’s nose twitch and she rubbed it to avoid sneezing.
  60. She could see his body twitch and arch as she came closer.
  61. His ears seemed to twitch on the sides of his shaven skull.
  62. He felt his hands jerk, his fingers twitch in on themselves.
  63. This caused the corner of Rowena's mouth to twitch a little.
  64. Where were all their heads? Caesar's throat began to twitch.
  65. Not bad looking if he stopped that nervous twitch of his nose.
  66. He gazes at me assessing, and then his lips twitch into a smile.
  67. He hesitates for a second and I see his father’s mouth twitch.
  68. When he started to twitch inside her, she produced a few moans.
  69. A twitch of a branch and a thump on the ground turned us around.
  70. The thought of Libby’s reaction to that made his lips twitch.
  71. I saw his mouth twitch slightly and then I knew he was playing me.
  72. She felt the corner of her mouth twitch at the way he’d responded.
  73. Christian glares down at me, and then his lips twitch up in a smile.
  74. At the mention of Peter's name, Rachel seemed to twitch in surprise.
  75. The bristles tickled Veronique’s ass and made her twitch violently.
  76. Her lips twitch, as if trying to say something, but nothing emerges.
  77. I’d had a disconcerting facial twitch for a while after Maria died.
  78. His mouth continued to twitch unspeaking in nervous curls of disdain.
  79. A twitch caused by sheer nervous shock, almost caused a snap-roll!.
  80. He had seen it on Savannah’s face recently, this trembling twitch.
  81. The hammer and the anvil? The old man’s mustache gave a twitch.
  82. In fact there are many muscles in our body that we can twitch and flex.
  83. With a motioning twitch of his head, he pointed to the last small house.
  84. His body stayed in position, but it started to twitch soon after he died.
  85. She had seen that twitch before, but only when he reminisced about the war.
  86. Suddenly the broad muscles and lines of the count’s face began to twitch.
  87. After she closed the door, Mitchell looked in shock as her body began to twitch.
  88. With a final gurgle and one last twitch, the mountainside was once again still.
  89. The woman shivered with a twitch of her magnificent shoulders, and then cursed.
  90. Belver's keen nose started to twitch; he shifted, casually moving onto his feet.
  91. Sicarius acknowledged her with a twitch of his hand, but continued his exercises.
  92. I told you it’s okay! he charged with a hint of a twitch in his left eye.
  93. Slowly it slumped and fell over, pieces of it's body and organs continuing to twitch.
  94. Understood, my lord, and Gadsa saw the corners of her mouth twitch into a smile.
  95. He was pale and looked shaken, and every few moments his face would twitch nervously.
  96. First one hand, then another, probed out to niggle, twitch, touch, itch over the signs.
  97. When I came up, the boar was dead, and only here and there did his body jerk and twitch.
  98. He gave the little twitch as taught by Sim and spoke into the microphone thus activated.
  99. Jaron stepped back watching Ariella’s mouth twitch in anger, Leave me out of the this.
  100. They smiled in return with gruff untrusting glares that made their mustaches twitch a bit.
  1. Twitching of limbs is an.
  2. It’s twitching, it wants in.
  3. Her left eye started twitching.
  4. He sat with his mouth twitching.
  5. She lay there, fingers twitching.
  6. His nose was twitching, she saw.
  7. He too could not stop twitching.
  8. Rafael nodded, his lips twitching.
  9. Suddenly, my nose began twitching.
  10. Reflex actions such as twitching.
  11. He was blinking his eyes, twitching.
  12. He was twitching and acting strange.
  13. Her limp, twitching hand dropped it.
  14. His white lips were faintly twitching.
  15. Just a bit of twitching, that’s all.
  16. His arms were twitching involuntarily.
  17. Another round of twitching and jiggling.
  18. I could see his legs twitching, anxious.
  19. The golem stopped twitching, and when Mr.
  20. Some of her other legs were just twitching.
  21. Pinning of the ears or a twitching of the.
  22. The hand gripping the cane began twitching.
  23. By the time I disconnected Jon was twitching.
  24. The womans mouth was a tight, twitching line.
  25. A glance at Sally and my lips start twitching.
  26. The rat stared at him with twitching whiskers.
  27. More shots followed and the twitching stopped.
  28. If the spider was twitching, she'd smile: yes.
  29. They ended up in a twitching heap on the floor.
  30. Her skin was still twitching from recent slaps.
  31. A twitching facial muscle made a vein pop on Mr.
  32. Their hands hung down at their sides, twitching.
  33. She was silent for a moment, her nose twitching.
  34. He could feel the ends of his fingers twitching.
  35. His eyes were glittering, his lips were twitching.
  36. Harry was moaning, still shuddering and twitching.
  37. Ah, she raved, her body twitching alarmingly.
  38. Be constantly aware of that twitching mouse-finger.
  39. No, he said, sweating and twitching nervously.
  40. Help me, please, she said, her body twitching.
  41. They were still twitching days after they returned.
  42. He felt that his hands were twitching convulsively.
  43. The horse lay twitching in lathered exhaustion, its.
  44. Furthermore, my muscles were twitching and felt weak.
  45. His jaws were twitching, and his voice kept breaking.
  46. What did you say? he asked, twitching his ears.
  47. Can you take this? he asked, his mouth twitching.
  48. Bryony stirred, her pig ears twitching as she listened.
  49. Twitching all over, he even uttered a plaintive whine.
  50. He sat facing her, his face twitching with nervousness.
  51. The man hesitates, his hand twitching toward his jacket.
  52. Small black eyes lift, twitching, nervy, as a beat box.
  53. She tries to relax, but her limbs won’t stop twitching.
  54. On the road again and my eyes kept twitching over at Lea.
  55. The death bug was sitting inside twitching the Rome scar.
  56. Because of his nervous twitching, she guessed the latter.
  57. It settled on a twitching form slumped between two rocks.
  58. Sam restrained himself, though his fingers were twitching.
  59. She stretched out on the ground, tail twitching < just a.
  60. A slight twitching of his left cheek, hinted at his unease.
  61. She answered with her brow furrowed from a twitching fear:.
  62. He was still twitching, so she did it again, and he stopped.
  63. The soldiers stared at the twitching body in stunned silence.
  64. He grinned across the Colonel at her, his mustache twitching.
  65. He stared at me, a corner of his mouth twitching into a smile.
  66. His fingers began twitching and the children started laughing.
  67. He fell to the floor, dead instantly, limbs twitching slightly.
  68. Her face was yellow and distorted, and her lips were twitching.
  69. He glances up again, his lips twitching with a trace of a smile.
  70. The muscles in my thighs and calves were twitching awfully hard.
  71. Fion…? Kifter said, twitching his narrow, elongated ears.
  72. He began to look for the door, his hands twitching on his knees.
  73. I've taken a chill, thought Mitya, twitching his shoulders.
  74. Surely he's not betrayed me? (Her chin and lips were twitching.
  75. The animal lay on its side, one leg twitching, eyes wide in fright.
  76. Again went over every inch of her now tingling and twitching skin.
  77. His eyes were hard, feverish and piercing, his lips were twitching.
  78. The corners of his mouth twitching, Orthon pointed to Mike’s feet.
  79. The opponents circled each other, bodies poised, weapons twitching.
  80. The other humans in the room shifted as well, their hands twitching.
  81. The body crawled for days in the lab, twitching with the others who.
  82. Akenji stared at Brian dubiously, the corners of his mouth twitching.
  83. There is one way out, he stated quickly, his fingers twitching.
  84. Suddenly Yanath pointed to the ghastly relics with a twitching finger.
  85. The twitching became a violent jerking, the jerking regular movements.
  86. By the end of class, Colin’s muscles were twitching with exhaustion.
  87. He didn't blink much and kept staring at Peter and twitching his nose.
  88. The red-faced man was still twitching, but they did not carry him away.
  89. The tears rolled down her cheeks to the corners of her twitching mouth.
  90. Dave glances across at me and raises an eyebrow, his lips are twitching.
  91. Siamese cats twitching their tails, with their eerie gazes leveled upon.
  92. Stubby was already on the case, whiskers twitching as he sniffed the air.
  93. It was a furry little creature with sightless eyes and a twitching nose.
  94. Her left shoulder was twitching violently, but I didn’t see any wounds.
  95. Conal sat back in his chair and nodded, his lips twitching in a wry smile.
  96. Tyson was just below him, holding his twitching M60 and aiming down the.
  97. The nerve! said a large mackerel, his mustaches twitching with pique.
  98. It jerks beneath her hands, twitching every time they hit a patch of snow.
  99. It sat back again, twitching a long whip tail back and forth, considering.
  100. He had turned fearfully pale and his upper lip was twitching and quivering.
  1. His eye twitched a bit.
  2. His hand twitched at the.
  3. He twitched once more and.
  4. His head twitched a firm no.
  5. Her hand twitched in her lap.
  6. The dog twitched in his sleep.
  7. My muscles twitched in terror.
  8. His body twitched slightly at.
  9. His face twitched, as his lips.
  10. She neither twitched nor snored.
  11. Gollum's hands twitched a little.
  12. The corner of her mouth twitched.
  13. His lips twitched in a hard smile.
  14. He seized and twitched Dawes's arm.
  15. His body twitched, then lay still.
  16. Her face twitched at the last name.
  17. He twitched, then his air went out.
  18. His hands twitched over his knees.
  19. It was soft, but Wrigley twitched.
  20. She twitched again and then again.
  21. The knife twitched, and Annie froze.
  22. Again the rabbit’s ears twitched.
  23. He twitched an indifferent shoulder.
  24. His face twitched into another frown.
  25. The bag twitched and everyone laughed.
  26. His folded hands twitched on the hilt.
  27. Why, why,' Eckels twitched his mouth.
  28. This watch would know if you twitched.
  29. Jenks’s face twitched in apprehension.
  30. The corners of Donna’s mouth twitched.
  31. His white head twitched with the effort.
  32. His face changed, and his lips twitched.
  33. Malik’s eyes twitched in their sockets.
  34. She twitched in her sleep, stirring as.
  35. The Coralute’s fleshy whiskers twitched.
  36. My lips twitched into a ghost of a smile.
  37. The captain’s face twitched senselessly.
  38. Then he twitched his head to the southeast.
  39. Mondragón’s face twitched in irritation.
  40. Danny twitched and took a sniff of the air.
  41. It twitched a bit, and then stopped moving.
  42. It froze where it was and its ears twitched.
  43. Byron others twitched at every strange sound.
  44. I twitched my head at her, unsure what to say.
  45. She fell over; her legs twitched and she died.
  46. Her nostrils twitched as she skirted the pews.
  47. He twitched his head, indicating for them to.
  48. As if acting on their own, her hands twitched.
  49. She twitched but remained staring up in terror.
  50. He fell back and down, twitched, and was still.
  51. A nerve twitched in the arm that held his shield.
  52. Akstyr’s eyes twitched; he recognized the term.
  53. He twitched his shoulder as Juno twitches hers.
  54. Lezura’s ears twitched and she suddenly stopped.
  55. The captain’s head twitched but he said nothing.
  56. She slumped over and her body twitched a little.
  57. Nonetheless its ears twitched and tongue pulsated.
  58. The songbird shuddered and twitched involuntarily.
  59. A little smile of triumph twitched Sime’s mouth.
  60. His lips twitched in a hungry smile at the thought.
  61. Melodía twitched her bare shoulders in irritation.
  62. Harris twitched his fingers on the steering wheel.
  63. His lips twitched, his eyes fastened upon Alyosha.
  64. His imagination twitched away from the mouse hunt.
  65. His lips twitched as he tried to hold back a laugh.
  66. My nose has never twitched, saucily or otherwise.
  67. He watched as her skin twitched at this touch and.
  68. A malicious smile twitched the corner of his mouth.
  69. His lips suddenly twitched into an unexpected smile.
  70. The Jade Bear twitched its nose and turned its head.
  71. As her eyes closed a guilty smile twitched her lips.
  72. Her face twitched and her lips curled into a snarl.
  73. The corner of Van Thorn’s mouth twitched slightly.
  74. Junya twitched as he removed his jacket off of his.
  75. The boy twitched around so much that McLean thought.
  76. She twitched one corner of her face in his direction.
  77. The creature twitched once, twice, and then was still.
  78. Its nose twitched and it looked up at Smith’s face.
  79. Both eyes twitched with definite movements this time.
  80. From time to time his hands moved, twitched excitedly.
  81. His body twitched: the soul threw the Reaper in chains.
  82. A muscle twitched in his jaw as we stared at each other.
  83. His hands uncurled and twitched, but he made no other.
  84. I couldn’t have twitched a finger if I’d wanted to.
  85. Her hand twitched on his chest as she dozed peacefully.
  86. Her paws were dancing and her wings twitched playfully.
  87. Joe Elegant swallowed and his face twitched convulsively.
  88. The ragged ends of his beard twitched as his lips pursed.
  89. Savannah’s head twitched to the side and looked around.
  90. Then, he twitched in pain as his hands started to smoke.
  91. Grampa seemed to be struggling; all his muscles twitched.
  92. He had a big nose, and his nostrils twitched in surprise.
  93. His legs twitched for a while, then he curled up quietly.
  94. Aazuria twitched, moving suddenly out of her frozen state.
  95. Her lip twitched up and she gave him a soldier’s salute.
  96. His nerves twitched and jumped at every perceived motion.
  97. The eyes on the fleshless face twitched and looked around.
  98. The mule twitched his ears, but started off again at once.
  99. His leg twitched occasionally, the dreams of a street-mutt.
  100. But how to relax the mind? Her fingers twitched beside her.
  1. His face twitches.
  2. Vole or mouse twitches on.
  3. One of his eyebrows twitches up.
  4. They first appeared as twitches.
  5. The corner of Four’s mouth twitches.
  6. Ciere twitches one shoulder in a shrug.
  7. Only for a second he twitches his mouth.
  8. He was wracked with twitches and spasms.
  9. She spazzes and twitches about for a bit.
  10. One twitch, two twitches, and he was still.
  11. He twitched his shoulder as Juno twitches hers.
  12. See? Your whiskered nose twitches at your own lies.
  13. She twitches an eyebrow at me that seems to be a yes.
  14. You absorb the thrashing until it slows to twitches.
  15. One of his legs twitches just perceptibly, but rapidly.
  16. Shooting pains in every limb, tortured muscles, twitches.
  17. A full black beard camouflaged any twitches that were a.
  18. Your hand twitches on the accelerator, the other on the.
  19. I step on a Candor girl’s pinkie, and her face twitches.
  20. The man’s mouth twitches and a chill goes through Ciere.
  21. The corner of her mouth twitches towards what might be a grin.
  22. Kashtanka sneezes, twitches her nose, and walks away offended.
  23. His finger twitches on the trigger and he has a choice to make.
  24. If he twitches the wheel slightly through a turn, it makes the.
  25. Glacia rolls her eyes, and a strained smile twitches on her lips.
  26. It twitches, writhes, itches and generally plays havoc with my guts.
  27. At first it was just a few involuntary jerks and twitches in the limbs.
  28. The corner of Anthony's lips twitches and for a moment he appears self-conscious.
  29. He glanced over and saw twitches of movement occurring all over his grandson’s face.
  30. There weren’t any noticeable twitches or quirks that would have given him away as a liar.
  31. Tobias’s mouth twitches, as if in a smile, but if that’s what it was, he suppresses it.
  32. That's why, if you're a mum here tonight, and you have more than four children, your eye twitches.
  33. His hand twitches toward his shoulder holster; he touches the gun, as if to reassure himself that it’s still there.
  34. He shot down through the top of the tree, dodging the branches by pure instinct, ruddering with twitches of body and tail.
  35. Patience and long-suffering are important to develop through understanding the diamond in the rough, that is, life may have many twitches, inconsistencies, rough edges but underneath is a beautiful diamond, or the potential of our being and becoming.
  36. He resembled one of those lizards you see on the edge of a primeval forest, glinting his eyes around, terribly apprehensive, sniffing the air, touching the wind with probing claws, lashing his tail in little twitches, doom in all directions, no hope, only nervous response, ready to spin, rustle, run.
  37. On the sudden appearance of the murderer, she began to quake in every limb, and nervous twitches passed over her face; she tried to raise her arm, to open her mouth, but she was unable to utter the least cry, and, slowly retreating, her gaze still riveted on Raskolnikoff, she sought refuge in a corner.

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