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Twitch in a sentence

shook with a twitch.
With a twitch of his.
Her eyes would twitch,.
the twitch of curtains,.
His eyes began to twitch.
A twitch and a low snore.

The statues did not twitch.
Ares got a twitch in his jaw.
I smile, and his lips twitch.
the nervous twitch of his lips.
I could see the little twitch.
The body didn’t even twitch.
Duval’s body ceased to twitch.
Her left eyelid began to twitch.
Blade did not twitch beside him.
A twitch, a flicker of movement.
Night…and the breathing twitch.
His face begins to twitch slightly.
the sand, her ears began to twitch.
His body began to twitch and his.
tighten and my face muscles twitch.
Twitch, and with e’en more Grace.
twitch of a shape behind thick bush.
Bolt smiles, faces begins to twitch.
And I saw his facial muscles twitch.
or pectorals that twitch on command.
His lips twitch to hide his smile.
Alex watched as their noses twitch,.
A nervous twitch, even though it was.
on my twitching lips.
His nose was twitching.
of his pants, twitching.
twitching, to the floor.
twitching more than ever.
Twitching of limbs is an.
its pointed, twitching ears.
Anup is twitching violently.
! Twitching! Groping! Hurting.
Her left eye started twitching.
or tubers, twitching, pushing.
It’s twitching, it wants in.
nose twitching the whole while.
He sat with his mouth twitching.
She lay there, fingers twitching.
His nose was twitching, she saw.
He too could not stop twitching.
Rafael nodded, his lips twitching.
Reflex actions such as twitching.
began twitching and shaking around.
’ I commented, my lips twitching.
Suddenly, my nose began twitching.
Her limp, twitching hand dropped it.
He was twitching and acting strange.
He was blinking his eyes, twitching.
he was twitching with anticipation,.
the edges of his mouth were twitching.
His arms were twitching involuntarily.
Just a bit of twitching, that’s all.
My legs twitched.
Her lip twitched.
the body twitched.
His cigar twitched.
His sword twitched.
His hands twitched.
Her mouth twitched.
His flesh twitched.
’ The girl twitched.
His fingers twitched.
His mouth twitched.
Fox twitched his tail.
His eye twitched a bit.
The craggy face twitched.
The lieutenant twitched.
mouth twitched in anxiety.
His cheek muscles twitched.
His eyelids twitched twice.
His hand twitched at the.
Mori twitched his shoulder.
He twitched once more and.
His head twitched a firm no.
Stubby twitched his whiskers.
Peter stopped and twitched.
His face twitches.
Vole or mouse twitches on.
One of his eyebrows twitches up.
They first appeared as twitches.
(He twitches) It is a funny sound.
The corner of Four’s mouth twitches.
Ciere twitches one shoulder in a shrug.
Only for a second he twitches his mouth.
He was wracked with twitches and spasms.
She spazzes and twitches about for a bit.
breath is shallow and his arm twitches a.
One twitch, two twitches, and he was still.
He twitched his shoulder as Juno twitches hers.
(His throat twitches) Slapbang! There he goes again.
See? Your whiskered nose twitches at your own lies.
She twitches an eyebrow at me that seems to be a yes.
You absorb the thrashing until it slows to twitches.
One of his legs twitches just perceptibly, but rapidly.
Your hand twitches on the accelerator, the other on the.
Christian’s mouth twitches with a small, sexy smile.
Shooting pains in every limb, tortured muscles, twitches.
A full black beard camouflaged any twitches that were a.
I step on a Candor girl’s pinkie, and her face twitches.
The man’s mouth twitches and a chill goes through Ciere.
me? His hand drifts close to his cell phone and twitches.
The corner of her mouth twitches towards what might be a grin.
is angry, the left upper corner of her lip twitches so much,.
His finger twitches on the trigger and he has a choice to make.
If he twitches the wheel slightly through a turn, it makes the.
one of the boughs, studying me with quick twitches of its head,.
Glacia rolls her eyes, and a strained smile twitches on her lips.

Synonyms for twitch

twitch twitching jerk nip pinch squeeze tweet twinge flip