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    1. Kara chuckled as her eyes prickled with nascent tears

    2. Her heart missed a beat, the hair on the back of her neck prickled … the water flowed over the edge of the kettle and splattered into the sink

    3. My ears popped the way they do on an airplane, and my skin prickled

    4. The flesh on Raven’s arm prickled as goose bumps ran across his skin

    5. On the beach the sun caressed my tired eyes and prickled my face, revitalising the skin and its drained pores

    6. My body prickled with heady anticipation, not the fear of harm but the expectation of pleasure

    7. He dipped his mouth even with my ear, and my skin prickled at his breath

    8. My body prickled with a glad awareness, my breath coming quicker despite my attempt at self-control

    9. As they grew and took form, fear prickled his skin from his testicles to his scalp, as he realized that what he was looking at was a roadblock across the highway

    10. Her skin prickled with its nearness

    1. ’ She said slowly, her voice has prickles on it

    2. Some had thorns, prickles, or a sap that stung and itched

    3. How could you possible know the truth of the cosmos? You still think of the stars as prickles of light, some of them falling down as they die

    4. I brush my fingers over the bump, and pain prickles over my scalp

    5. The cool air prickles in my lungs on the way in, and on the way out unfurls in a cloud of vapor

    6. The phrase “outside the fence” prickles in my brain

    7. Prickles ran down her back

    8. Nausea at the man’s closeness prickles at the executioner’s tongue

    9. It prickles against his skin like a field nettle before settling against his palm

    10. Nausea at the man’s closeness prickles at the executioner’s tongue

    1. Alone in her office, she felt her skin prickling, as if she were near a ghostly presence

    2. ” I felt the tears prickling in my eyes at this banter but I held them back for a brave lass who I loved dearly

    3. He saw hopelessness in their dull eyes and felt guilt prickling in the pit of his stomach, guilt that he was residing in such splendour

    4. The touch of his lips sent a hot surge through my brain, my skin prickling with acute sensitivity

    5. He could feel the excitement squirming in his belly and prickling his skin

    6. He felt the prickling of hairs on the back of his neck, and he clutched the bow more tightly

    7. His palms tingled with pleasure; the sensation crept along his arms and mingled with a soft prickling in his body and brow

    8. the same dry smell, the prickling cold;

    9. I hold it with both hands, my fingers prickling with warmth

    10. Carl shivered, partly with prickling terror, partly with real cold

    1. She was so fixated with Raven, feeling irritation prickle within her every time Millicent’s vulgar form flitted across her vision

    2. Raven felt a prickle of awe as he glanced at them in turn

    3. Raven tried to force down the uncomfortable prickle of fear in his throat

    4. It was one of those winds that made your hair curl and made your nerves leap and your skin prickle

    5. If I did, you could possibly distinguish a small prickle of light the size of a hairpin

    6. The well shot past him and now he was looking at a little bright pin prickle of blue light, like a lonely star at night

    7. I feel something other than fear—a prickle in my stomach, a bubble of laughter

    8. “You choose this moment to act like the Abnegation?” His voice fills the room and makes fear prickle in my chest

    9. She dabs my forehead with antiseptic—they are so careful about germs here—and I feel the sting and prickle of the needle, diminishing by the second as the numbing agent does its work

    10. The cook and her family, her mother, and her mother before her, have been the Tregannons’ servants almost as long as they have ruled this country, and that she of all of them who has stayed with him in spite of everything should do this thing makes his breath stutter and his skin prickle

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    tingle chill tickle sting smart prick cusp spur barb spike needle spine pin nick itch twitch

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