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Frasi con uplift (in inglese)

  1. The house of Godunov, uplift a hand.
  2. All the glow and uplift went out of Faith.
  3. The subsequent uplift of mountains in the western.
  4. She even ventured to uplift her voice once more:—.
  5. Please uplift and heal all of us who are associated with.

  6. The God of Israel Has set His face To Uplift and To abase.
  7. Baby Squirrel, thanks for the uplift, we’re almost there.
  8. Look like me? she asked, with a slight uplift in her eyes.
  9. He made missionary uplift ideology almost mandatory in many HBCUs.
  10. And he that be humble before God and His Prophet, God will uplift him.
  11. Aaron stands facing west, rigid against the uplift of the wind and the.
  12. And with any tipped share, whatever its size, you’ll see bogus uplift.
  13. Look back over the results and see if it has maintained a consistent uplift.
  14. Each of them is a creature, so raising man up to the sky does not uplift his rank.
  15. There will be a grand uplift to them in grasping and endeavoring to realize this great work.

  16. May Al’lah enrich us with His Love and Reverence that uplift our hearts to the sublime Paradise.
  17. Therefore, like classic uplift ideology, Pastor Drew cast a negative image about the black lower class.
  18. And to uplift her spirits further, her parents wired their coming to the capital to watch the spectacle.
  19. If you wanted a neat parcel of uplift at the end it would take away the point of the unconfirmed tragedy.
  20. Look how all these men in authority uplift him, see how the world places him upon his mount, high and lifted up.
  21. He soon found that when he got close to the pad, the increased uplift, or rotor flare, stopped him from descending.
  22. Previously with uplift ideology, they determined status and judged manhood by one’s character and accomplishments.
  23. By identifying the poor with him that stole, he implied that, as a group, they were dishonest and needed uplift.
  24. For I know My own, and they shall surely stand up again, when I see fit to uplift them, ownhurt,whilekickingtheirfootagainstastone.
  25. I envision an America of the future bent on changing the economy to uplift the low end to give them purpose and hope, and put them to work.

  26. By blaming blacks for their low social status, uplift thinking created a class distinction between middle and lower class African Americans.
  27. Hills: Also see Tower, Mountain, Stairs, Upand Elevator: Exaltation; uplift high above the natural; arrogance through self exaltation; Throne of.
  28. I believe that previous missionary uplift ideology set up African-American leaders for the most spiritually destructive consequences yet to come.
  29. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes are processes initiated by Gaia (the Mother Earth Energy) to help clear and uplift the vibrations of the planet.
  30. The Almighty had brought him together with the angels and had let him attend that festival of prostration so as to raise his rank and to uplift him.
  31. Your desire for recognition would spoil the very purity of action and thus your action would loose any power to heal you inwardly and uplift you spiritually.
  32. These uplift values bundle together, in many middle-class and working-class African Americans, as a sense of dignity that comes with financial self-sufficiency.
  33. When we are the spies of each other, we truly become our brother's keeper, not out of love but in fear, not to care for but to capture in, not to uplift but to entomb.
  34. Ansari led a strong medical mission to Turkey and even the poor subscribed; money came more rapidly than for any proposal for the uplift of the Indian Moslems themselves.
  35. I usually just make a simple ‘long’ FTSE 100 spread bet, with a stop loss in place just in case it’s the one occasional year when the festive uplift doesn’t happen.
  36. But whether the sorrow was too vast to be embodied in music, or music too ethereal to uplift a mortal woe, he soon discovered that the Requiem was beyond him just at present.
  37. Whites can relinquish any sense of responsibility while waiting on the black middle class to mobilize itself and uplift the entire black race within missions structural barriers.
  38. She was the wife of a man of meager means who had big dreams for their twins, a boy and a girl; so he strived to improve his net worth through hard work to uplift their future.
  39. Christians upholding uplift ideology based one’s status on a hard work, high moral standards, fathers providing for their families as head of their homes, thrift, and property ownership.
  40. As I said in an earlier chapter, I believe that post-millennialism and missionary uplift ideologies were a part of Satan’s setup for his spiritual ambush that came after the turn of the 20th century.
  41. Strange to say very little of the latter could actually be seen, a few eagles and hawks overhead mainly following the uplift at the rampart edge, no rabits appeared in the grass clumps, the landscape seemed totally deserted.
  42. All of these practices will not only serve to raise your vibrational frequency, but will also create strong positive, empowering neural connections within your mind, so that you can achieve your goals as you uplift others around you.
  43. Its gladness flows into your chest which goes up and down as it (the slaughtered animal) pleases to uplift you to the Provider of the sky, because, by your pronouncing His Name over it you were both overwhelmed with happiness and bliss.
  44. Washington and other Christians founded Tuskegee to uplift African Americans, why would its black leadership collaborate with the government to harm them? How could African-American leaders at Tuskegee allow people of their race to be treated as laboratory materials and not as sick patients?2.
  45. On account of all these miseries, I am compelled to seek a friend in whom I can confide better than I can confide in myself, who will consider my pain and sorrow and want, who will sympathize with me, console and sustain me by his virtue and eloquence, and uplift me by his most wholesome discourse.
  46. Meg had an extra row of little curlpapers across her forehead, Jo had copiously anointed her afflicted face with cold cream, Beth had taken Joanna to bed with her to atone for the approaching separation, and Amy had capped the climax by putting a clothes-pin on her nose to uplift the offending feature.
  47. Moreover, even as the modern economy occasioned a fusion of the four varnas that helped the once segregated Hindu society shed part of its past caste prejudices, thanks to Gandhi’s crusade for their uplift, finally the harijans, nay dalits, too began to get under the shade of the Hindu urban socio-religious umbrella.
  48. By my life! That is the only way leading to refine the human spirits and uplift them to the highest positions of perfection and humanity; for the noble moralities are obtained from Allah and to Him, alone, the seekers of reaching virtue return as He is the Owner of Supreme Attributes and the Source of endless perfection.
  49. We are thankful for the government by which laws are made, based upon purity and uprightness, and that tend to uplift the greatest of Central African people; and for the wise administration which not only helps the Uganda native to work honestly for his living, but also keeps the country at rest from wars and strife that hitherto have made Africa so dark.
  50. Would you want to risk your life in Africa to earn whites’ respect only to be treated as a second-class citizen upon your return? Can you feel the demobilizing weight of hidden problems in uplift missions ideology? Obviously, unbiblical ideas about culture-evolution created this flawed missions ideology so uplift failed to mobilize African Americans extensively.
  51. Did He prevent African Americans from teaching demobilizing uplift ideology in Africa like white missionaries had done in the States? For instance, about the same time that white missions agencies stopped sending out African Americans in the 1920s, because of racial prejudice and to accommodate imperialistic colonialism, these agencies organized to instill missionary spirit ideology to uplift Africans.

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