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Frasi con elate (in inglese)

  1. Elate thy soul, and raise thy wishful eyes.
  2. Looms in the mist, with brow elate and governing hand.
  3. His eye, elate with happiness, was reading eagerly the tearful gaze of Haidee, when suddenly the door opened.
  4. First, I smiled to myself and felt elate; but this fierce pleasure subsided in me as fast as did the accelerated throb of my pulses.
  5. With your shoulders young and strong, with your knapsacks and your muskets; How elate I stood and watch'd you, where starting off you march'd.

  6. The soul of Nature sprang elate,.
  7. These, and such as these, I, elate, saw--saw with wonder, yet pensive and masterful,.
  8. A spiritual woven signal for all nations, emblem of man elate above death, Token of all brave captains and all intrepid sailors and mates,.
  9. But aside from these and the marts of wealth and the crowded promenade, Admitting around me comrades close unseen by the rest and voiceless, The slain elate and alive again, the dust and debris alive,.
  1. Even though the hall was loaded with family and friends, the success of the concert was an elating experience.
  1. She is elated to here.
  2. El Faya had been elated.
  3. In fact, I felt elated.
  4. I was elated and excited.
  5. The king elated on the.
  6. I was elated to hear this.
  7. Elated, I told my father.
  8. I was elated by this news.
  9. Shahu; I was really elated.
  10. She should have felt elated.
  11. I was elated after seen her.
  12. He should have been elated;.
  13. I came home in an elated mood.
  14. Charles was elated with the idea.
  15. An elated Brijbabu had marched.
  16. It’s a she? He asks elated.
  17. Said Evan feeling even more elated.
  18. He was elated that she was so happy.
  19. Even so he felt strangely elated.
  20. We become elated with our condition.
  21. I think I’m numb with elated shock.
  22. Elated, he returned home to put his.
  23. He felt elated and his spirits soared.
  24. Godwyn felt both elated and disappointed.
  25. I was elated, the explanation made sense.
  26. The weather was cold but she was elated.
  27. Elated by her success, she steps inside.
  28. We got him, Sandra announced, elated.
  29. She looked up with a wildly elated face.
  30. Since Mark's visit, she had felt elated.
  31. She should be elated at her husband’s.
  32. He had been elated when he had seen Takina.
  33. Tragus remained in an elated mood all month.
  34. Yuki controlled herself, but she was elated.
  35. Emily felt elated as she ran along the beach.
  36. Even though most of the gamers were elated.
  37. I was elated that they all finally had given.
  38. He was so elated he felt he was walking on air.
  39. I was confused and yet I was privately elated.
  40. We were elated but too exhausted to celebrate.
  41. It had worked! For a moment, Manda was elated.
  42. Anyway, old Hewitt Haskel was so elated with.
  43. Feeling elated that the nightmare was finally.
  44. The feeling at once confused and elated Eilidh.
  45. I proceeded towards the cabin of SP sir, elated.
  46. He was elated and overjoyed to see his Captain.
  47. He walked over to his equipment, and was elated.
  48. He was elated by the way his plans crystallized.
  49. I was elated at the news and then I saw the baby.
  50. He was elated, when the fighter said he knew Dam.
  51. I was elated and relieved, light-headed with glee.
  52. For a while business was so wonderful I was elated.
  53. Grimes watched from his office CCTV monitor, elated.
  54. His eyes were huge and elated and angry all at once.
  55. Helga was elated and immediately visited the doctor.
  56. Katy didn't know whether she felt terrified or elated.
  57. I liked this scheme, and Provis was quite elated by it.
  58. Carol could hear in Brian’s voice that he was elated.
  59. They had got the better of them and Steven was elated.
  60. Bridget was gradually becoming elated at this newfound.
  61. His lips were soft and I couldn't help but feel elated.
  62. I WAS ELATED WHEN Claire stepped down, but not for long.
  63. They also feel elated and better after the replacement.
  64. I was elated to know that my pregnancy had been confirmed.
  65. Carter grimaced but quickly became elated realizing that.
  66. Cooper and the goon squad were going to be elated about.
  67. Once it was done, Anderson was both frustrated and elated.
  68. I felt enthused, elated and excited, but when I glanced.
  69. Joshua will be elated! he added as he continued on at.
  70. I too very elated and excited to see him after a long gap.
  71. When I told him of the good news yesterday, he was elated.
  72. She would have felt elated, if she wasn’t so damn nervous.
  73. We were elated at the possibility and dejected at the same.
  74. After talking with the atmosphere control group he was elated.
  75. His parents, shocked at first, allowed his elated feelings to.
  76. When all had ended, then came those streaming tears of elated.
  77. I kissed Lucky’s forehead, as she smiled completely elated.
  78. Therese should have been frightened by this, but she was elated.
  79. He felt elated as he drove along like his life had value again.
  80. After I gave him the real data, he was so elated, he hugged me.
  81. Ava is elated, placing everything in its just appropriate place.
  82. Elated by these signs of life, Warren reached for the call bell.
  83. I rushed outside elated and brought in the suitcases with Salah.
  84. She was too elated to ponder the issue and went to the elevator.
  85. But somehow, instead of feeling elated, he felt almost depressed.
  86. I wonder why there is such an elated buzzing and what can it be?
  87. They are not altogether carried away by this elated modern spirit.
  88. The answer came quickly, with an elated female voice answering her.
  89. Reilly, so obviously elated says, I didn’t know you were here.
  90. Any ordinary young man in his place would have felt elated at the.
  91. He felt resplendently elated that he was worthy of such an emotion.
  92. He was elated and hyper, which stirred up my darker-than-dark mood.
  93. I was elated as he walked me back to my cabin and I kissed his cheek.
  94. When a crowd becomes either spooked or elated, prices begin to jump.
  95. Winners feel happy and elated, while losers feel depressed and angry.
  96. But through it all Brock remained elated, for he knew that he had won.
  97. When you get eggs of good quality from your hens, you will feel elated.
  98. Grose who first brought up the plumb with an almost elated "You see!".
  99. Barclay was not only elated, but drained to the point of near exhaustion.
  100. Halfshaft turned, his expression elated, at this sudden change of heart.
  1. The muscles in my arms are tingling from the strain of holding on for so long, but being this close to the top elates me.

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