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Frasi con vicious (in inglese)

  1. For though she was vicious.
  2. The vicious bird flung the.
  3. Thus a vicious cycle begins.
  4. William was not just vicious.
  5. That is a vicious practice.

  6. They looked hungry and vicious.
  7. It is a vicious, vicious cycle.
  8. Eponine and Azelma were vicious.
  9. His vicious breath suffocates me.
  10. Not the dynamic of vicious cycles.
  11. What a vicious little creature.
  12. It is an unchanging vicious cycle.
  13. What a vicious secret projectile.
  14. In this way, the vicious cycle goes on.
  15. On his face appeared a vicious sneer1.

  16. It’s a vicious network effect cycle.
  17. But he’s vicious for days afterward.
  18. Guy had always been a vicious character.
  19. His eyes narrowed into a vicious stare.
  20. In Asia, there will be a vicious tyrant.
  21. He was sick, dying from a vicious fever.
  22. She would become the vicious witch who.
  24. I gave the steering wheel a vicious jerk.
  25. It then becomes a vicious cycle of eat-.

  26. Destructive anger creates a vicious cycle.
  27. Another example of a vicious cycle is pain.
  28. Madame Thenardier was vicious with Cosette.
  29. He had been the victim of a very vicious.
  30. Cats that lose a vicious fight may end up.
  31. Marcos responded by unsheathing a vicious.
  32. Every vicious cycle is ultimately destroyed.
  33. It was a vicious fight and things got out of.
  34. Vicious hatred invaded and blackened his fire.
  35. A vicious tyrant called the Bird had just left.
  36. So vicious! And he picked up the broken.
  37. Left me flabbergasted by his vicious behaviour.
  38. The vicious thoughts will by themselves vanish.
  39. A sounder of boars in this region can be vicious.
  40. Susan covered her eyes against the vicious glare.
  41. The basic vicious cycles themselves never change.
  42. Surely you must have suffered a vicious attack.
  43. There is a vicious looking helicopter out there.
  44. The Vicious Cycles of Civilized Ease and Hardship.
  45. Vicious pleasure courses through me at the thought.
  46. Wolves are vicious beasts, I’d rather leave him.
  47. It’s a vicious circle that we are all trapped in.
  48. He was a ruthless, vicious prick, if truth be known.
  49. He stared at what was left of a once vicious person.
  50. It was a vicious series of strike and counterstrike.
  51. How long this vicious circle will remain active…?
  52. Goblins, were wolves, vampires, vicious gnomes and.
  53. Behind such acts, only vicious intentions are hidden.
  54. The Boss put down his phone and grinned a vicious grin.
  55. A hound from hell, snarling and slavering and vicious.
  56. Above the sound of steps there was a vicious crackling.
  57. So I might’ve called ‘er a tease - a vicious tease.
  58. It was a vicious ‘meal’ he was forced to ‘sup’.
  59. I jam the vicious twist of the corkscrew into his neck.
  60. George Mellis was a fortune hunter and a vicious sadist.
  61. This is how and why vicious cycles work in the Universe.
  62. So that music, like poetry, travels in a vicious circle.
  63. If he is not vicious, how will he have the ambition.
  64. His first realisation was that he had a vicious headache.
  65. He had struggled to match their vicious nature and failed.
  66. Greyhounds aren’t vicious, except when they catch hares.
  67. The reality of life for her was that it is a vicious cycle.
  68. Anti-German hysteria spread and became vicious and violent.
  69. Claire screamed, her bone breaking under the vicious blow.
  70. Kill her! demanded the Primagnon in a vicious whisper.
  71. What! Allegations and vicious rumors about herself?!.
  72. The Vicious Brothers for Grave Encounters win Best Director.
  73. In fact, they were even more vicious than those wild beasts.
  74. He was interrupted by a vicious ringing of the ship’s bell.
  75. The whole thing would be childish if it were not so vicious.
  76. His stylus moved in fast, vicious jerks as he wrote it down.
  77. But he could also get vicious and personal in debates on TV.
  78. Coombs rubbed his unshaven chin, glaring vicious darts at us.
  79. The basic unchanging structure is evidence of a vicious cycle.
  80. Christ! You haven’t seen a look that vicious in a long time.
  81. His fate will be brutal and vicious in the end, yours won’t.
  82. When the boom turns into a bust, virtuous cycles turn vicious.
  83. Turned that off, you nitwit, I said in a vicious whisper.
  84. The beautiful one was laughing and the vicious one was staring.
  85. You have to do your best to avoid entering this vicious circle.
  86. The only answer was the vicious slam which Murtha gave the door.
  87. But these vicious cycles never duplicate themselves identically.
  88. Her sister is one of the most vicious sorceresses in the world.
  89. I don’t blame him, Bridge said, she is quite vicious.
  90. It’s a vicious cycle really, but, thus is the circle of life.
  91. But they are vicious in their own propaganda when it comes to.
  92. And she’s smart in a vicious, clueless, stupid kind of way.
  93. It was as though she had not made that vicious attack earlier!.
  94. For two days, Louie saw nothing of Kawamura or the vicious guard.
  95. He was called that, because he’s always been a vicious little.
  96. Nemoidians, and then smashed into his foes with a vicious assault.
  97. Another vicious attack followed, this one ripping a hole in the.
  98. It is the same repeated, stupid vicious cycle with social revolts.
  99. The creatures there are far larger and more vicious than our own.
  100. That the animal eating it is not a brutal, vicious, savage beast.

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