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Frasi con vortex (in inglese)

  1. On the Santa Cruz vortex.
  2. Hillary within the maze vortex.
  3. And this is yet another vortex.
  4. It was as if it was in a vortex.
  5. In a vortex of dust, others see.

  6. That begins and ends In the vortex.
  7. Had there been a vortex activated?
  8. They waited for the Vortex to appear.
  9. Gradually the Vortex loosened its grip.
  10. A swirling vortex opened up behind them.
  11. We must beat her to the vortex of the maze.
  12. The vortex at the tail of the animal was quite.
  13. I spun on the vortex of man-made tornadoes, and.
  14. Death stepped through the vortex and walked forward.
  15. At times I seem still to be caught within that vortex.

  16. Dante knew the way to the temporal-spatial vortex and.
  17. The space around him distorted and then formed a vortex.
  18. Within each vortex, residing on the surface of the rela-.
  19. The rest left in some other way than water vortex travel.
  20. But they will not tell you what that vortex is made up of.
  21. A Chakra is a node, a vortex of energy at the conjunction.
  22. It sparkled like the vortex that Gary had appeared out of.
  23. It would have saved me the three-year slide in the vortex.
  24. Oh and one more thing in regards to water vortex travel.
  25. Garcia and Rand disappeared and the vortex of energy faded.

  26. A small colorful vortex appeared nearly at once above her head.
  27. Eventually, the negative energy vortex collapses in an.
  28. In a community that has a vortex of negative energy.
  29. That’s where your vortex of unstoppable momentum begins.
  30. She asked: Have there recently been any vortex sightings?
  31. This particular vortex is one which I have just now constructed.
  32. The alignment of the gate had created a time vortex of sorts, which.
  33. It was a vortex of no hope, no love…for herself or those around her.
  34. An epic-scale vortex was conjured just outside the orbit of the planet.
  35. While you are doing this, you are creating a new vortex to.
  36. The water began to boil, as it was sucked up the water vortex channel.
  37. The dish-filled hemisphere detached and drifted into the nearby vortex.
  38. I start spiraling down into the vortex, she said with a twinkle.
  39. So I Left the house, my family still asleep, and stepped into the vortex.
  40. The cosmic vortex was setting setting, the sands of time were running out.
  41. Just a cloud of dust as the bullock team stampeded about in a great vortex.
  42. It rose above the tree tops, disappearing into the vortex of swirling snow.
  43. Rupert and Samantha were far ahead of her in the race to the vortex of the.
  44. However it did not leave Earth, because no vortex travel beam was initiated.
  45. With the blood of the fish, the vortex was given some bizarre spirit of life.
  46. She is about to be pulled into a spinning vortex of glowing razor sharp teeth.
  47. As she desperately attempted to sort through her options, a swirling vortex of.
  48. The air behind Ash turned into a minor cyclone; pulling debris into its vortex.
  49. The paddle was ripped out of his hands at once and sucked away into the vortex.
  50. They have to avoid every one of them without using their matrix vortex shields.
  51. The sheer power of the events of the Great War almost pulled him into a vortex of.
  52. Soon in the midst of the vortex around me I was conscious of a certain loneliness.
  53. The ships glow while a larger vortex electromagnetic shield is created all around them.
  54. Astonished, the clear blue sky he had seen inside that vortex stretched out above with.
  55. I could use some of that energy vortex that collects there to speed up the transformation.
  56. Jacob looked as stricken as Monsieur Cordeaux, and I felt that vortex sucking me down again.
  57. Beyond her, Vortex and Firestorm had come to anchor and rigged springs to their anchor cables.
  58. Contained within these walls, they were still spinning within the relentless wind of the Vortex.
  59. With that, the jolly boat was pulled into the dark disc in the middle of the vortex and vanished.
  60. In the vortex of these two forces, the bow of our little boat had to stay centred dead on course.
  61. Before I could say anything else, Tyler burst out of the vortex and landed on the carpet by her feet.
  62. I could barely tell how much time had elapsed, when the cosmic vortex began to set in the crimson sky.
  63. The shields going around the UFO disappear and a vortex matrix shield forms 3000 feet in front of it.
  64. He knew he couldn’t look down at the spinning vortex tempting him, trying to pull him off the cliffs.
  65. The crackling Vortex marked the passageway and was magically held between the two great amber pillars.
  66. We have assumed the infiniteness of the fish for too long, and now ahead of us lies the vortex, the unknown.
  67. Now because of that water vortex travel is made much faster and safer because of those existing beacon arrays.
  68. If there is not enough water on the surface or in the atmosphere of a planet, water vortex travel can not work.
  69. As the vessel travels through the void the charged energy vortex collapses and the water is released into space.
  70. Water along with electricity are the essential ingredients that make up the process known as water vortex travel.
  71. Clambering out from his toppled conveyance the Devata king took to the air where he created a high-voltage vortex.
  72. Rain quested down into the heart of the vortex, churning the mist into a frothing broth that glowed and fizzed angrily.
  73. But the wisdom of Washington saved us from being drawn into the vortex, which has since devoured all who approached it.
  74. The next moment, the air began to whirl in wild patterns, the burning trees and the hawks swooping in a strange vortex.
  75. Now they are using a vortex to mass-murder as many living souls entering their realm, tempting them to go into the light.
  76. As impressive a display of Blok's talent as the vortex was, many of the dishwashers were still sceptical he could succeed.
  77. The main ship, Fishmael and the fish were now very close together, being forced into an ever-smaller circle by the vortex.
  78. When you train your spirit with form and breathe your way comes out OF the vortex and creates the light, the flower of life.
  79. The boat scaled closer to the center of the vortex, only a handful of rotations away from falling into the gaping black hole.
  80. When the old woman asked me if I was Katherine’s sister, it was as if a whirling, sucking vortex had opened on the doorstep.
  81. The nuts gave way, and ripped out of its socket, the skiff was hurled like a stone from a sling into the midst of the vortex.
  82. The next thing I knew, I was transported through the rainbow vortex and landed on my butt at Tyler and Rebecca’s home in Vail.
  83. This time Ulysses is saved thanks to a fig tree (see Chapter 45), which he grabs on to so he is not sucked down into the vortex.
  84. The instant his lips touched hers, Kathy was swept into a vortex of desires, the likes of which she’d never experienced before.
  85. He waded despondently to the whirlpool and dumped the mound of eggs into the swirling vortex with a dejected sag of the shoulders.
  86. If the fire swirls around in a counterclockwise vortex, then this is a good omen; but if it swirls clockwise then it’s a bad omen.
  87. All colors and contours vanished in a vortex and when she could see something again, she saw that all other beings but the humans left.
  88. It is, however, a common human failing to blame others for ones own mistakes, much more so when one is being swallowed by the vortex.
  89. Ash had met him often after that, and she’d liked him enough to keep her word when he’d called her bluff during a game of Vortex Six.
  90. It sounded like, it’s really hard to find words, insane, screaming noise, like a vortex, spinning in the eye of a huge, ferocious storm.
  91. The floating soul was next sucked inside the vortex, which then disappeared, leaving Jennifer alone with the dead man she still held in her arms.
  92. A great feast awaited him as he entered the Vortex and the Temple beyond, on arrival the familiar crimson sky replacing what was before a blue sky.
  93. Terrific winds screamed past Conan, tugging, tearing at him, striving to wrench him from his feet, to drag him into the vortex that spun madly before him.
  94. When Ulysses goes through the strait where Charybdis is found, he can defend himself from the impetuous vortex by grabbing on to the branches of a fig tree.
  95. For example, the stage of religious weakness which the sons of Israel had reached led them to the stage of horrible degradation within this dangerous vortex.
  96. The light dead people see when they enter that realm of undead ghouls is the light of untold human souls all massed into a vortex of evil negative dying filth.
  97. Before they left through the link we came through, they turned the bar-Seth’s engines on and initiated the first step of water vortex travel to run perpetually.
  98. When pressed for further explanations about the light: they will hem and haw… some of the more honest will admit that the light you are entering is called the vortex.
  99. For a few moments I stood still and admired the phantasmagorical cosmic vortex rising beyond the ocean; it was sparkling like a spectral spiral galaxy in the night horizon.
  100. Carl unleashed a stream of red fire that flew in a thick bar to strike the creature between the eyes, flames burst from its form, it collapsed in a vortex of smoke and fire.

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