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Frasi con whirlpool (in inglese)

  1. The whirlpool of my mind rose.
  2. I was at the end of the whirlpool.
  3. His head swirled like a whirlpool.
  4. A whirlpool dragged Sebastian under.
  5. The whirlpool reaches the top of the ocean.

  6. Before it rotates once around its whirlpool.
  7. And in the whirlpool of the war, the public.
  8. No one else was in the whirlpool at this time.
  9. Like I said, it was like I was in a whirlpool.
  10. The boat veered to the center of the whirlpool.
  11. She felt as if she was in a whirlpool of desire.
  12. The river led the fisherman to a raging whirlpool.
  13. The waves stirred around a newly formed whirlpool.
  14. He'll be at the centre of the whirlpool in no time.
  15. The eyes glowing within the whirlpool paralyzed me.

  16. I was sucked all the way to the end of the whirlpool.
  17. Warm bubbling water whirled about him in the whirlpool.
  18. A whirlpool spreads behind the ship in all directions.
  20. Seconds later she was dragged into the whirlpool and then.
  21. Amidst this whirlpool of activity came yet some more surprises.
  22. We live in a great whirlpool of suns, and that we are out here.
  23. A like fate awaits him and the two rages commingle in a whirlpool.
  24. I think a whirlpool would have been a bit gentler, said Ceder.
  25. I was sliding and slipping down the trough of a spiraling whirlpool.

  26. I pulled the paper out and spat into the whirlpool of running water.
  27. The sharks fall off one by one, and spin in the tidal wave whirlpool.
  28. This vision swirled above my head, as would a whirlpool, deep and wild.
  29. The ROIC at Whirlpool is 17 percent whereas the ROIC at Goodyear is 9.
  30. The scenery changed, and Harry was looking down at a huge whirlpool in.
  31. I refer to the whirlpool of events in which, at the time, I was revolving.
  32. Something big—something humongous—just pulled us out of that whirlpool.
  33. A wire arrived early one morning while Frank was relaxing in his whirlpool tub.
  34. And then came the whirlpool of darkness that engulfed Nero’s body and swept.
  35. The boat turned, lifted in the flood, and spun in circles around the whirlpool.
  36. The whole world looked like one giant whirlpool, spinning frantically around us.
  37. I wholly lost myself in the inner whirlpool; and could not stop my heart’s moping.
  38. With the whirlpool gone and the circle disbanded, I could make out what she was saying.
  39. It's a giant whirlpool they say travels the world, sucking down ships to their death.
  40. Now we are into a whirlpool of diagnostics, therapies, disease management, and what not.
  41. Jai grabbed Ceder’s oar to combat their acceleration toward the center of the whirlpool.
  42. The fisherman returned to his floating log, facing the whirlpool, his back to the children.
  43. Cross your fingers, said Jai, and he threw the compass into the eye of the whirlpool.
  44. It then recycles it into the shield whirlpool, which can be turned into a weapon for firing.
  45. Similarly, the conscious mind views the subconscious mind as a whirlpool of images, feelings.
  46. Carla was caught in the grip of a whirlpool and it pulled her off her feet, as she rounded the rock.
  47. Natural water is always best, but if this is impractical you can soak in your tub or whirlpool bath.
  48. Couldn't get sucked in by those eyes, so like a dangerous whirlpool, or that classically handsome face.
  49. You mean, like the whirlpool being some kind of magical portal? I laughed, unable to hold it back.
  50. After dinner, I helped her with the dishes and then decided to check out the whirlpool tub in my bathroom.
  51. Directly below the pink boat was a whirlpool, tamer than the one they had just escaped and half the size.
  52. Down there, where your line is hanging, Ceder pointed to the whirlpool, there are no fish down there.
  53. There was still time left for a whirlpool and sauna before Francis was scheduled to leave Kripalu the next day.
  54. Meagan’s eyes fell to her knees and she felt as if she was being pushed into a whirlpool of twisted emotions.
  55. The food kept coming and the wine flowed and suddenly he just saw flashing lights and felt he was in a whirlpool.
  56. Eat up! said the Dangler, sitting back on his log and casting his fishing line into the whirlpool once again.
  57. The Elder wrinkled his snout, considering the points Brokin had made, his old mind a whirlpool of jumbled emotions.
  58. Like a great cyclops opening its eye for the first time, a great iris of black opened at the heart of the whirlpool.
  59. To stop your ship in the maze is to assuredly be chomped by a monstrous minotaur or gravitate into a solar whirlpool.
  60. Round and round their heads their incantations went, as round and round the whirlpool they went went, faster and faster.
  61. Whoa…whoa! Joey said when the Oikumies formed a whirlpool of flying serpents and sounds of soft wind chimes around him.
  62. He surmised that over time, rocks swirling round and round in the whirlpool on the riverbed, had ground a hole clear through it.
  63. But where…where will I go, what will I do? Annie whispered, feeling as though she were being sucked down into a whirlpool.
  64. All of this, and more, create a maelstrom throughout her being, a typhoon within her conscience and a whirlpool within her person.
  65. He waded despondently to the whirlpool and dumped the mound of eggs into the swirling vortex with a dejected sag of the shoulders.
  66. There is just one way to leave this whirlpool of uncertainties that make us act as past actions: that is Act as the Children.
  67. One more wonderful whirlpool experience and a vegetarian lunch and then it’s on the road for a beautiful drive back to the monastery.
  68. Then he swung the fishing pole to one side of the small whirlpool and gently deposited the pink boat on the still waters of the lagoon.
  69. He dripped the yolks onto the flat stones that surrounded the whirlpool then cast the leftover shell fragments into the spinning water.
  70. The road was flooded with rain water and the underground rodents and ants were became homeless and drown in the whirlpool of flood water.
  71. The air within the circle of poles seemed to darken and then the air itself began to whirl violently, as if entering an unseen whirlpool.
  72. I was lost, lost in the whirlpool of sea- where I was swallowed by frustrations, fatigues and tensions; and I was drifting and drifting in it.
  73. When he reached the fallen man, who seemed smaller than before, Simon reached down to try to pull him away from the growing whirlpool of blood.
  74. Strangely the real sound rang out loudly over the pseudosound of the widening astral whirlpool that was forming in the middle of the great octagonal slab.
  75. Hanging onto it was the Lion Shaman, Dark Moon, screaming and raising his fist up against us until a large whirlpool caught the raft and dragged it down.
  76. Simultaneously, I lit the candle, caused the water in the chalice to spin like a whirlpool, ca small bud to grow within the bowl, and made the feather float.
  77. The room was huge with a built-in fireplace and cozy chenille chaise off to one side of the room, a private bathroom with a built-in whirlpool bath on the other.
  78. The waves of the whirlpool were right there and I continued to scream out horribly in desperation fearing that I was already too late in my plea for forgiveness.
  79. The room was huge with a built-in fireplace and a cozy chenille chaise off to one side of the room, a private bathroom with a built-in whirlpool bath on the other.
  80. I could see that the ocean around us had turned into a swirling whirlpool of turbulence, as water was sucked into the vortex faster than the ocean could immediately refill.
  81. Meantime, at the first tap of the boat's bottom, the Lakeman had slackened the line, so as to drop astern from the whirlpool; calmly looking on, he thought his own thoughts.
  82. Am I crazy? Was the ice nothing more than the stars seen from under the water? But how could that be possible? The water should be falling down to the first whirlpool far below.
  83. Tom gazed at his boss and began to sink inside his seat faster than a ship stuck in an inescapable whirlpool, while George proceeded to gaze at the perforated holes in the ceiling tiles.
  84. Although its net profit margins are comparable with Whirlpool (both a bit over 5 percent), Goodyear’s ROIC is much lower than Whirlpool’s, mainly because it has lower asset turnover.
  85. How they ever grew up alive in that whirlpool of boys was a mystery to their grandma and aunts, but they flourished like dandelions in spring, and their rough nurses loved and served them well.
  86. But speculation about changes in investment psychology can easily lead to a disruption of a collective wisdom equilibrium—to a situation in which enterprise becomes a bubble on a whirlpool of speculation.
  87. What if the impact from the giant meteorite explosion that happened sixty-five million years ago somehow created a parallel universe that sucked us in through the whirlpool? I shook my head and let out a sigh.
  88. Jai picked up Astray’s plate and stacked it on his own, handing the pile to Ceder; she handed them all back to the Dangler; he dipped the plates in the whirlpool to clean them, then slipped them back inside his bag.
  89. What is more, there was a tremendous waterfall halfway along the river — a steep cliff over which the water curled and rolled in a solid sheet, and then went crashing down into a boiling churning whirlpool of froth and spray.
  90. They were between her legs now, gently touching, stroking, rubbing, harder now, faster and faster until she was caught up in a frantic whirlpool of sensation that finally exploded inside her and she gasped his name and fell to the bed.
  91. Lying in the filth in the crack house, suffering the second blow to my head in several days, I felt the room swirl like a ship in a whirlpool as I begged God to end the pain, to take me back down into that blackness that had been such a relief.
  92. He felt that sooner or later he would have to re-enter that whirlpool of life, with its embarrassments and affairs to be straightened out, its accounts with stewards, quarrels, and intrigues, its ties, society, and with Sonya’s love and his promise to her.
  93. He felt that sooner or later he would have to re-enter that whirlpool of life, with its embarrassments and affairs to be straightened out, its accounts with stewards, quarrels, and intrigues, its ties, society, and with Sónya’s love and his promise to her.
  94. By this time, we had lost our foothold and were spinning round in the water, carried away by an irresistible whirl, for the water turned with us and dashed us against the dark mirror, which thrust us back again; and our throats, raised above the whirlpool, roared aloud.
  95. The Maelstrom! Could a more frightening name have rung in our ears under more frightening circumstances? Were we lying in the dangerous waterways off the Norwegian coast? Was the Nautilusbeing dragged into this whirlpool just as the skiff was about to detach from its plating?
  96. Meanwhile Ahab half smothered in the foam of the whale's insolent tail, and too much of a cripple to swim,—though he could still keep afloat, even in the heart of such a whirlpool as that; helpless Ahab's head was seen, like a tossed bubble which the least chance shock might burst.
  97. And I suddenly felt that I had not the strength to struggle out of that whirlpool; I had known how to control myself, to hold my tongue and not to question Darya Onisimovna after her tales of marvels ! An overwhelming thirst for that life, for their life, took possession of my whole spirit and.
  98. To what extent, at this time, was she really a victim? Whose prisoner was she? Into what whirlpool had she been dragged? He asked himself these questions with a cruel anguish; but even this pain seemed endurable beside the frenzy into which he was thrown at the thought of a lying and deceitful Christine.
  99. Soon the water rushes out of the scupper-holes like a whale spouting, the vessel gives a last groan, spins round and round, and disappears, forming a vast whirlpool in the ocean, and then all is over, so that in five minutes nothing but the eye of God can see the vessel where she lies at the bottom of the sea.
  100. From the deluge of webpedic pages referencing the query, “larger than me?”, we find ourselves treading in the same post-freewill sea of confusion: “What do I choose?” In this whirlpool of infinite information, we drown in endlessly reproducing choices, unable to swallow a single unlinked meme, incapable of uttering a solid conclusion.

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